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The Heart Of An Assassin's2 chapter1


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter1

© Emmy Okeke


Linda was seen sitting on a cushion in the sitting room late that night. Dave who couldn’t find her in her room gently and quietly walked out to see her looking lost as her arms were folded and her head didn’t move around.

”Sis..” Dave called out

”You haven’t slept??” He asked walked closer to her

”Sis… Sis..” Dave called now touching her which made her to come abck from her long lane of thoughts

”Oooh.. Dave, you are stil awake” She said slowly looking at Dave

”Sis.. You are killing yourself” Dave said immediately not bothered to answer the question she asked him.

”What is it this time that you haven’t slept bu this time Sis… Just look at yourself, you are maciating by the day” Dave said sounding concern

”Dave, you won’t understand’a Linda said and Dave starred at her

”I won’t understand the fact that my Sis is killing herself for a Criminal or what can’t I understand Sis?? Tell Me!” Dave said now with a sober shaky voice which touched Linda

”Sorry I said that to you” Linda said but not looking at Dave who didn’t say anything either

”I just felt this pain in me.. Not just any pain but this one was hell real” Linda said

”How do you mean? You didn’t stress yourself alot today now” Dave said

”I know” Linda replied

”But it wasn’t just my own pain, I felt like I was suffering the pain of another person” Linda said and Dave starred at her speechless as she sounded more strange than she has been sounding before…

Few Minutes into the silent atmosphere, Linda’s phone rang and she immediately took out the phone. On seeing Stephen’s number as the caller she wanted to ignore it but she picked up the call

”Yes…” She said a bit rudely as she wasn’t intereste din the call..

”What???!!!” Linda exclaimed standing up from the chair she sat on

”This can’t be… No.. No..” Linda exclaimed

”What’s it Sis?” Dave asked as all his body shivered in eagerness to know

”Put on the television.. Now!” Linda said and Dave ran and turned on the television.. Their eyes cut the unending view and review of the death of Chief Wilson and the family..

”Only the daughter Miss. Wilson Cynthia survived with a lot of stories to tell the Police for immediate investigation” One of the News casters said and Linda switched off the television immediately

”This is impossible” Dave said with his hands on his head.. Linda ran upstairs immediayely with no one knowing what was rigmarolling in her mind

”Sis.. Wait.. Wait…” Dave called out running after Linda…



Spartacus slowly opened up his eyes, and gradually his sight became clear and then he discovered he was only on his boxers cover with a bed spread on the bed..

”Ooh.. Thank God you are awake” Natasha said with smile walking into the room with a tray of tea. Spartacus couldn’t recall what really happened to him

”What happened to me?” Spartacus asked sitting up a little

”Just take your tea, I’ll explain to you later” Natasha said and left immediately to allow Spartacus eat..


Natasha walked in again while Spartacus was putting on his clothes

”I only recall shooting Mr. And Mrs. Wilson and attempting to kill the daughter” Spartacus said with his face on the mirror

”Well, you almost got yourself killed” Natasha said

”How??” Spartacus asked immediately as this has never happened to him before

”In both ways” Natasha said and they both starred at each other very seriously. Natasha later explained everything to him which brought down the spirit of Spartacus.

”I have something to tell you” Spartacus said and walke dout of the room followed by Natasha..



Uncountable number of Doctors and Nurses were seen running around all to see if they can save the life of Mr. And Mrs. Wilson.. Cynthia was kept in a resourcitative room where she laid down under the watch of some Nurses to make her rest for a while.

Not too long enough, Natasha ran in exhaling heavily

”Cynthia.. Cynthia…” Natasha called out flinging her bag on the table and holding Cynthia’s hands

”How is she Nurse?” Linda asked

”She will definitely be fine Ma. She just need some rest so I think you should go and wait outside Ma” The Nurse said and Linda left the room with an unrest heart. So many Police Officers paraded the Hospital. Great Men of Different Timbre and Calibre all drove in with a large entourage.. No ordinary Person was allowed to enter into the Hospital.. The News of the Last Night Incident has fastly spread that even the deaf and dumb can hear and tell what happened.. Everybody had his or her own story to tell all in a different way…..



Chief Williams walked to and fro in his house a bit angrily as Prof. Michael sat down gazing at him

”Why don’t you calm down Chief!!” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams

”Calm down!! You said Calm down!!! When the daughter of that Nicompoop is still walking alive with the Police??” Chief Willams angrily replied to Prof. Michael

”Do you know what that means??!!” Chief Williams added

”Let’s wait till we hear from Spartacus” Prof. Michael said

”Hear from the buffoon.. Fron that fool!!” He exclaim more angrily

”Haven’t you heard the speech of the little girl.. That she nearly killed him because he dropped his gun!” Chief Williams added

”That might be a Lie you know.. You can’t trust these people.. Let’s wait..” Prof. Michael said

”Wait??!! You said wait??! When my plans are about to be twarted by the mistake of that idiot??” Chief Williams said

”I paid him well, so why did he fail??” Chief Williams kept on barking aloud

”Mind your tongue Chief, Psartacus might be lurking around.. He is mysterious you know” Prof. Michael said

”And I bet he hears it, because he is a fool!!” Chief Williams said hitting his staff hard on the floor

”I will take that as a compliment from an Authority who has no faults” Spartacus said already standing inside with two briefcase in his hands and Chief Williams and Prof. Michaels was highly shocked

”How.. Ho.. How did you get in here?” Chief Williams stammered

”That doesn’t matter Chief” Spartacus said walking closer

”Whyte!!! Patronizer!!!!” Chief Williams called out on his thugs but none of them answered

”I guess they went out to get some drinks” Spartacus said and dropped the briefcase on the table

”I don’t have to explain to you because I guess you have heard it all” Spartacus said looking at the television screen

”What nonsense did you do?? You left her alive?? That’s nonsense!!” Chief Williams said

”If I had been on a very stimulated mind, I wouldn’t have killed any of them” Spartacus said

”Well, this is your money, untouched.. My deal with you is cancelled!” Spartacus said turning his back

”What do you mean by that??” Chief Williams asked

”You heard Me Chief.. It’s Off” Spartacus said

”You must be kidding, you ain’t walking out on me??” Chief asked proudly

”That’s what I’m doing Chief” Spartacus said not looking behind

”You dare not!!” Prof. Michael said standing up

”I’ll surely make sure I take you back to where I brought you from.. The gutters!!” Prof. Michael added

”I Laugh Prof.” Spartacus said

”You never picked me from the gutters, rather, I made you alive till today” Sartacus said leaving them speechless

”What does he mean??” They both asked together as Spartacus walked towards the door

”And let me warn you Chief, you dare not try think of taking on that little girl because I’m going to protect her with my life!” Spartacus said and they were more confused as Spartacus turned around

”You know one funny thing Chief” Spartacus said looking at the both of them

”I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I’m just doing it” Spartacus said and left the house

”This must be a dream” Chief Williams said touching the two briefcase to see that they were untouched

”We are dreaming right??” Chief Williams asked Prof. Michael who starred at the door

”Spart… You have just begun what you can’t finish” Prof. Michael said and left without saying anything to Chief Williams which made him more confused

”Why is everyone walking out on me….” Chief Williams asked himself

”Whyte!!!! Patronizer!!!! Sparkle!!!!” Chief Williams called out aloud and they ran in immediately

”You idiots!! Where were you when that buffoon came in and left!!” Chief Williams exclaimed

”Is it Prof Sir?” Whyte asked

”You must be stupid to ask me that!!??” Chief Williams said and threw his walking stick at them

”Get out!! Get Out!!!” Chief Williams barked at them and they walked out also confused..

”This isn’t happening at all…” Chief Williams said as he sat down tapping his foot on the floor hardly

”Amaka.. Amaka..” Chief Williams called out on his house help who ran out immediately surprised to see Chief in such an angry and confused mood…

”Get me my favourite wine..” Chief Williams said and Amaka tried romancingly asking him what happened but Chief wasn’t in the mood at all

”You better go and get what I told you to get before I unleash my anger on you!!” Chief Williams barked at her

”But.. Chie.;” Amaka tried to say

”Go away!!!!! Out!!” He barked more angrily and Amaka ran out in shock..

”Nonsense!!!” Chief Williams said and threw away the television remote controller on the floor angrily..


Story continues…

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