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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter6


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter6

© Emmy Okeke


”This is total and absolute Nonsense!!” Chief Williams barked aloud walking around angrily in his sitting room

”Calm down and tell us what it is” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams as he and Mrs. Williams were sat in the couch gazing at Chief Williams

”Can you imagine that nicompoop that poses herself as the first Lady” Chief Williams began

”I will strangle her!” He exclaimed and threw away his walking stick

”Chief, tell us what it is” Mrs. Williams said

”She posed Cynthia as the top candidate in the election” Chief Williams let the cat out of the bag

”What??!!” They both exclaimed together

”Chief Wilson’s Daughter” The also said together

”Isn’t it ridiculous?!!” Chief Williams asked rhetorically

”That can’t be now.. It’s not done” Mrs. Williams said and Prof. Michael turned on the television.

”The Country is about to take a new leaf” The Press Lady on the television began

”On the return of our long gone First Lady Aisha, she took a bold action to make a difference” She added

”Miss Wilson Cynthia, the daughter of the Vice President, Late Chief Wilson has been made an anchor candidate in the Election that will take place in few weeks from now. So Sudden but fun to hear” The press lady said but before she could continue, Chief Williams turned off the television and angrily walked up the stair case..



”Now that is moving from frying pan to Fire” Natasha said and Spartacus kept quiet

”You are not saying anything Spart. The girl is too stubborn and now things has gone worse cause Williams will stop at nothing to take her life even before daylight” Natasha said

”We have explained to her.. Forced her, did all we could.. I think we should just let her die” Natasha said

”No we ain’t gonna do that” Spartacus said

”I have taken a lot of lives, I have beared the pain of death alot and this time, I would rather die than her to die” Spartacus said and Natasha looked at him

”I think I know who can help” Spartacus said and Natasha starred at her..



”Thank you for coming barrister” Cynthia appreciated Linda as she offered her a glass of juice

”Thank you very much” Linda replied

”I heard the news, it’s really exciting” Linda said

”Yeah, Lady Aisha talked me into it. I have to fill the gap my father left” Cynthia said

”That’s good.. Very nice, but hope you know the risk in it. This is the reason a lot of lives have been taken” Linda said and Cynthia looked at her

”I know, that is why I accepted. I don’t see any reason to live anymore” Cynthia said

”No, don’t talk like that. Life is irreplaceable my dear” Linda said

”Well, Since the death of my Father, I live each day like I won’t see the next second and I think I should leave it that way” Cynthia said

”It’s alright my dear. Just let me know if you need anything” Linda said and handed her card over to her

”Thank you Barrister” Cynthia said and Linda smiled

”Call me Linda” Linda urged her to stop calling her Barrister and they hugged each other. Linda walked towards the gate leaving Cynthia’s house and Bella walked in immediately eye jamming with Linda

”Hey” Bella greeted and walked past Linda. Linda stood and watched her and Cynthia for a while before she left. Outside the gate, she brought out her phone and dialled an unknown number

”It’s done” Linda said

”Thank you” An Unknown voice replied and Linda hung up the call immediately and drove out.



Linda walked in looking happy and Dave was surprised

”Hey Sis.. What’s up?” Dave asked

”Huh?? Shouldn’t I laugh anymore?” Linda asked

”No.. But it’s been long since you did” Dave said

”I just need to be happy.. I have to forget about all this rubbish and face the future” Linda said and Dave smiled

”Just as you want me to” Linda concluded and Dave hugged her

”Welcome back Sis” Dave said

”This is just the beginning” Linda replied and walked up stairs.. Dave didn’t read meaning to the last word of Linda as happiness overtook him..


”Now this is where we have to make our plans straight and forward” Spartacus said rolling out a wide sheet of paper.

”This is where our Lives begins and ends” Spartacus said and Natasha looked at him

”Let’s do this..” Natasha replied


”Yes.. Bella” Prof. Michael said on the Phone

”Prof. I told you that I can’t betray my friend because of Money.. Leave me alone” Bella said

”I’ll make it double, even triple my dear.. You and I know that you can’t run out of this” Prof. Michael added but Bella hung up the call immediately and a lot of thoughts filled her mind… She stood up and walke dout of her room..



Linda picked up her bag already dressed up early that morning. As she was checking out herself on the mirror, Dave walked into her room and saw her already dressed up. He checked the time, 7:15am and he was surprised

”Good Morning Sis” Dave greeted and Linda turned around noticing his presence

”Morning Love.. How was your night” Linda caringly asked

”You are ready for work?” Dave asked not replying her question

”Yes dear, your breakfast is already on the table.. I need to go to work early today” Linda said and walked towards the door, she pecked Dave

”Bye Baby Boy” She said and left leaving Dave surprised

”Thank God My Sis is back” Dave said with a low voice smiling as he walked downstairs only to hear the wheels of Linda’s car rolling out..


”Hey Baby Girl” Bella greeted Cynthia holding her phone in her ear

”Hey Bella, how are you?” Cynthia asked with a low voice

”Arrhh!! Babe, why the voice nah” Bella asked

”Just feeling lonely my dear” Cynthia replied

”House Girl…” Bella said and both laughed

”Anyways, I called to know if you can come pick me up let’s go out to have fun at least to kill your boredom” Bella said

”Oooh.. Thank God, someone to laugh with today” Cynthia said

”I’m on my way already” Cynthia said and dropped the call. Bella exhaled deeply as she dropped the call.

As Cynthia rushed to dress up and drive out to Bella, she heard a car hoot outside the gate.. Musa hurriedly opened the gate and Linda drove in. Cynthia sighted her from her room Window and walked downstairs to meet her. Before Linda could knock on the door, Cynthia opened up and Linda smiled

”Like you saw me coming” Linda said

”Of Course I did” Cynthia said

”Good Morning” Linda greeted and hugged her

”This one you came to my house this early, hope no problem.. Any News?” Cynthia asked

”Not really my dear. I can see you are preparing for somewhere” Linda said and Cynthia looked at herself

”Ooh.. Yes, I want to go out with my friend, at least to kill some boredom” Cynthia said and they smiled

”Anyways, we all are doing our best to keep everywhere calm, but you also have to be careful my dear.. Friends might be Foes unknown, Friendly enemies” Linda said and Cynthia starred at her

”I will have to take my leave now my dear. I’m late for work” Linda said and shook hands with Cynthia who still thought on her last words

”Have a nice time my dear” Linda said and walked out

”Friendly Enemies?? What does she mean by that??.. Damn it, it’s just over protection. Anyways I appreciate it” Cynthia said to herself and continued preparing to go out.

Linda drove out of Cynthia’s house and stopped her car, she brought out her phone and dialled another unknown number

”Yes, It’s done” Linda said on the phone

”Hope you are sure this is going to work?” Linda asked but the unknown person dropped the call.



Cynthia and Linda arrived at one of the expensive restaurants in town, they walked in and started eating. Bella was busy with her phone as they chatted and laughed while eating

”You and your phone, what are you actually doing there” Cynthia asked

”I go chat with friends nah” Bella said and they laughed but then Cynthia’s face changed

”What?” Bella asked

”Why is your face like this” Bella asked further and Cynthia dropped her spoon

”Are we still the Sisters we are?” Cynthia asked Bella and Belaa was shocked at her question

”I don’t understand” Bella said

”I take you as part of me, hope you ain’t gonna break that?” Cynthia asked

”C’mon dear, you know I can’t do that. You can trust me” Bella said and Cynthia forcefully smiled

”Thank You” Cynthia said and an unknown Lady walked towards them

”You have to leave here now” The Lady said and Cynthia and Bella looked at her

”Why? What for?? Do I know you from anywhere?” Both of them asked at the same time and the Lady looked at Cynthia

”If you Love your Life, leave here now” The Lady said and left

”What does she mean by that?” Cynthia asked

”How could I know” Bella replied

”Who the hell is she anyways” Cynthia asked but before she could dilute the word that came off her mouth, the same lady with a race of her life from behind screamed

”Get down!!!!” The Lady screamed and a bullet broke down the glass that separated them from the outside. The Lady dived on Cynthia immediately but before they could lay low, a bullet shot her at her shoulder. On that continous gun shots was heard and everybody ran for safety

”Hurry up…!!” A guy drove in immediately with a car shouted using the car to block them from the bullets. The Lady struggled and dragged Cynthia into the Car and they speedingly drove off..

”Gosh!! Go after them!!” An order was given from the cell phone to the gun shooters and they went on a road race..

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