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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter4


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter4

© Emmy Okeke


Chief William’s walked around the sitting room angrily with his walking stick in his hand.

“So, what you are trying tom tell me is that the three of you can’t get a little girl??!!” Chief Williams barked at his thugs smashing the wine cup he had in his hand

“All you know how to do is walking around with little girls smoking and polluting everywhere” Chief Williams added

“But Sir, she escaped from the window Boss” Sir Whyte tried explaining further to Chief Williams

“Arrant nonsense!! Beautiful rubbish!! She grew wings and flew?? Because I know the height of Chief Wilson’s house!” Chief Williams said and sat down angrily

“Just get out of my sight” Chief Williams ordered

“We won’t fail next time boss” Patronizer said and Chief Williams nearly hit him with the walking stick in his hand

“I said get out!!!!” Chief Williams barked and Mrs. Williams rushed out hearing his voice from the inside

“What’s the matter honey?” She asked immediately she got to the sitting room and saw the thugs walking out

“I heard you shouting, what is it??” She caringly asked but Chief Williams snubbed her caring question and hissed looking at her

“Better get inside before I unleash my anger on you” Chief Williams barked at his wife as Prof. Michael kept on looking at him slowly sipping his glass of wine down his throat

“And you sitting there drinking all the wine I have in my house; don’t you have anything to say??” Chief Williams asked Prof. Michael who looked at him and dropped the glass of wine

“Before you sent those lousy men after that girl, I warned you about it. You are lucky enough she had no police officer in that house Chief” Prof. Michael said

” One thing about you of recent is that you no longer hearken to my words Chief” Prof. Michael added

“I have told you to wait for my words and actions but you didn’t listen! Mind you, the police are everywhere now, any slight mistake will lead to what you never wanted“ Prof. Michael said and stood up

“If you don’t mind Chief, I have some things to handle” Prof. Michael said and left the house of Chief Williams immediately leaving Chief Williams in a confused state.



“Sis, I actually don’t understand…” Dave began as he followed Linda down the stair case

“Why is this Stephen so inquisitive about this matter and how did he know?” Dave asked still following her

“See Dave, I don’t have time for all this now dear” Linda said turning around

“I don’t know how he knew or why he is interested in knowing more, all I know is that I don’t care what happens to me in this but that criminal, that assassin must not be arrested or killed… Of course, not while I am alive” Linda said and kept on walking

“Sis. What are you talking about?? Can’t you see where this is leading you to Sis. It might cause all we had even your life if the Stephen succeeds in his threat war case file” Dave said

“And I don’t give a damn whatever is up his sleeves next, thank God his second threat failed!” Linda said and picked up her car keys from the table in the sitting room and Dave stopped gazing at her.

“Where are you going to now?” Dave asked

“To save a life” Linda replied and walked towards the door. On getting to the door, she turned around and saw Dave looking at her with his eyes red in tears

“See Dave, I understand all that you are trying to communicate but I just have to do this no matter how or what it costs, that is what Dad always taught Us, that is what Mum trained me for, that is what our Parents died for and I am willing to die for that same cause. Saving a life is worth more than standing in a Docker examining thousands of guilty people” Linda said and Dave hugged her immediately

‘’I love You Sis.. Please take care’’ Dace said and disengaged the hug

“I surely will” Linda said and left the house immediately. As she left, Dave sat down on the couch with a lot of thoughts in his mind

“Well, I ain’t gonna sit here while she does all the work. If we die, we die together” Dave said and stood up immediately.


Linda drove into Spartacus’ Lair and as usual, everywhere was as quiet as a grave yard. She walked boldly straight towards the door and walked right into the sitting room but found no one. She looked around slowly and quietly but still nobody was spotted so she decided to walk around the house.


“I can see you are busy” The voice of Spartacus was heard from the door in his room and Linda shockingly stood up immediately looking speechless

“Actually, you have nothing to explaining. You are a Lawyer, so you need evidences to nail me down, I understand that” Spartacus said and Linda shivered in fright knowing that what she did was not right. Spartacus picked up some of his books that Linda threw on the floor

“I didn’t mean to do this, I am sorry” Linda said

“You don’t have to be” Spartacus said and grab held Linda immediately

“Whatever you saw in this room, you can do whatever you want with it. I deserve to die, but not now” Spartacus said and Linda looked at him in his masky face

“What do you mean by that?” Linda asked

“I Pity you my dear, because you live and mingle with friendly enemies that are ready to pin you down because of Me. I will advise you to stop coming here if you still Love your brother” Spartacus said and removed the mask in his face

“I still don’t understand” Linda said

“Just leave and don’t come back here anymore, forget about me, my destiny has been doomed the day I signed on revenge, save the life of your brother before he will choose the path I chose” Spartacus said and Linda stared at him

“This is the second time you have said this to me, why are you saying all this to me” Linda asked

“Because I have lived it. Save yourself the stress” Spartacus said and Linda stood in confusion as Spartacus walked towards the door

“I need a little favour from you dear” Spartacus said and Linda was shocked hearing an assassin ask for a favour so she hearkened deeply to hear it

“Leave this place now!!” Spartacus said and closed the door. Before Linda could open up the door and look around she could no longer find Spartacus, so she ran out in fear.


….Dave drove out of the house withhis heart not in order, his mind ran across alot of things

”What am I gonna do if anything happens to my Sis” He thought in his mind

”And she doesn’t want to listen to anyone concerning this matter” He added increasing the speed limit of his car

”I bet blowing down this country for her if anything would happen to her concerning this matter” He added and speedingly overtook a big vehicle diverting to a road that has not much traffick..


Natasha walked out of Prince Emmy Foodies and Spice restaurant with a bag of food in her hand, her eyes was covered with a dark glass. She stood a while on the door of her car looking around. Moments later, she threw the bag of food into the car

”Why are we doing this?” She asked herself throwing the keys up and down in her hand

”I can’t even tell who I am.. Flashes I can’t understand, dreams and sleepless nights” She added in thought

”Am I doing the wrong thing?” She asked further

”If what I feel and see is true, then I am foolish to be sleeping with my own blood brother” She continued in thought and an adverse mind came in

”That can’t be true, I can’t even recall anything, it might just be out of fear or something else” Her thought continued as she relaxed on the door of the car

”Madam!! Madam!!” The voice of the Car controller was heard as he touched Natasha on the shoulders and she shockingly ran out of her memory lane

”Madam, I have been calling you waiting for you to move your car here” The car controller said

”Oh.. I’m sorry” Natasha said and Dave who was the owner of the car that wanted to leave the arena walked out of his car towards them

”What’s the matter?” Dave asked removing the eye glasses he wore

”Ask her.. Better take it easy before you kill yourself with thoughts ooh madam” The Car controller said and Dave chipped in

”It’s alright, you can go now” Dave said and the Car controller left them

”What is the problem dear” Dave asked but Natasha kept quiet

”You can share with me, from your look, you are not feeling alright at all” Dave added

”Sorry, but I’m fine. Let me just drive out so that you can leave” Natasha said and entered her car immediately but Dave knocked on the glass of the door which made Natasha to wind down the glass

”You can call me, you can talk to me anytime” Dave said handing his card over to her

”If you knew who you were talking to..” Natasha thought in her mind and collected the card

”Thank You” She said and drove out. Dave stood and watched her as she drove out before he entered his car and followed suite.


Linda arrived home immediately and ran searched for Dave in the house as the words of Spartacus ran through her head

”Dave!! Dave!!” She called out aloud but the house was quie. She brought out her phone and dialled his number but it wasn’t going through and she becam heavily restless. On her estless behaviour, she flinged off her hand bag and a book she picked up from Spartacus’ Lair fell off. She slowly walked towards it and picked it up now gently reading the heading

”WHO AM I?” Was the first thing written at the top of the book. On opening the first page, she saw the same picture as the one she picked up earlier on and her mind began to run through a lot of researches which she sat down to carefully read and make.. On doing this, she forgot about the fact that Dave was not at home..



A loud car horn was heard outside the gate of Barr. Stephen and the gateman hurriedly opened up the gate. Stephen was outside with a lot of books around him as he was studying for evidences and proofs.

”Where is that Lawyer??!!” Dave barked as he alighted from his car

”Where is Stephen?” He added closing the door of his car and Stephen stood up immediately

”And what can I do for you young Man?” Stephen asked and Dave walked closer to him

”I see… Old men that can’t allow young girls to rest. Just because my Sister refused to open her legs to you, you are trying to force her into what she doesn’t know about right?” Dave asked rhetorically

”Anyways, I am not here to battle words or talk with you.. If anything ever happens to my Sis linking you into it. I bet to hunt with the last thing that I have Barrister” Dave said and turned around to leave

”You know I can sue you for trespassing and Assault” Barr. Stephen said standing on one place

”I don’t give a damn, go on ahead” Dave replied

”You and I know that your Sister is an accomplice of the Assassin but trust me, I will nail all of you down one after the other” Stephen said and Dave looked at him

”We shall see to that Barrister” Dave said not ready to talk more with Stephen so as not to stir up his anger. He entered his car and angrily drove out

”Little boy.. Let’s see who knows the dance steps to this Music” Stephen said and continued his reading..

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