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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter3


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter3

© Emmy Okeke

(Continued from Last Episode)

…”Remember me??” Spartacus asked looking directly at Cynthia

”I can’t forget that evil mask” Cynthia said

”Why did you kill them??” She asked as her voice turned sober and shaky

”What did they do to you to deserve that” She asked further az Spartacus starred at her

”You ain’t saying anything.. Are you?” Cynthia said further

”Oh. I guess you are here to kill me too..” Cynthia said drying her tears

”Go on.. Here I am.. What are you waiting for!!!” Cynthia yelled in anger and tears and Spartacus folded his arms

”It’s alright my dear” Natasha said from behind standing by the door and immediately Cynthia turned arounf and was shocked to see her

”You too.. I remember you saving him that night” Cynthia said

”Maybe I was bron for that night” Natasha said

”Give thanks to her because I was ready to shoot you that night!!” Cynthia said angrily to Spartacus

”I thank God you didn’t” Spartacus said and walked closer to her silently. He brought out his gun and handed it to Cynthia

”You can still do that now” Spartacus said looking at her

”You think I won’t kill you instantly with that” Cynthia said to Spartacus collecting the gun immediately and pointing it at Cynthia

”I have lived my life always knowing that one day I’ll die for the lives I’ve killed..I will be grateful to you if you pull that trigger” Spartacus said standing still in front of Cynthia whose hands began to shake for some seconds and the gun fell off her hands. Spartacus walked and picked it up

”I knew you wouldn’t do that” Spartacus said and Cynthia began to cry

”This isn’t time to cry my dear.. I have undergone same loss like you have” Sparatcus said and Cynthia looked at him surprised.;

Few seconds into her surprising mood, Spartacus unmasked himself and Cynthia opened her eyes widely



”They are really happy together” Chief Wilson said to Chief Maxwell and they laughed as Daniela nd Cynthia ran around the building happily

”They will make a good couple” Mrs. Wilson said dropping a tray of juice on the table where they sat. Just then Cynthia fell down, but before their parents could ran in, Spartacus has pulled off his shirt and covered up the blood gushing out from her knee trying to carry her up. Mr. Maxwell carried her up immediately and they rushed to the hospital

”I want to come too..” Daniel said but Mr. Wilson insisted on him staying back with Mrs. Wilson..



Cynthia shook her head vigorously to be sure of what she is seeing

”No.. This can’t be you..” Cynthia said

”It’s impossible” Cynthia said and Spartacus walked closer to her but didn’t understand why she was behaving that way

”no.. No… No..” Cynthia added

”Leave from here!! You are an Assassin!!” Cynthia said

”I know I have hurt you really bad but I am here to help you” Spartacus said

”We are” Natasha added

”What do you mean?” Cynthia asked

”I’m sorry I killed your Parents, but the killers of your Parents stillw wants your Life” Spartacus said

”And you want me to believe that trash right?” Cynthia said

”You have to” Natasha said

”And who are they if I may ask?” Cynthia asked again

”Not telling you that” Natasha said

”Then keep yourselves to yourselves” Cynthia said

”If you don’t mind, the doctor said I need a lot of rest” Cynthia said and dropped her bag on the bed. Natasha got angry and tried dragging Cynthia by force but Spartacus held her

”If you are done, you can leave, the door is open.. If you get angry you can shoot me cause I’m ready to die” Cynthia said not knowing that they have already left

”I can se….” Cynthia tried to say but turned around abd didn’t see anyone

”When di… Where are..” She stammered as she ran toards the window. She ran through the door but saw no one. She walked outside and called out on Musa the gateman

”Yes Madam!!” Musa ran out immediately

”Did anyone pass through this gate?” She asked

”Arhh.. Madam, I swear, no body Madam. The gate dey locked madam” Musa said

”Alright then” She said with a very low voice and turned back into the house forgetting about the flash in her head..




”Good day Sir” Linda greeted the Lawyer’s Director as she entered the office immediately with her heart bouncing vigorously that she didn’t recognize the presence of Stephen in the Office

”I ran out of my house immediately I dropped your call Sir, hope I’m not late” Linda said walking closer to his desk

”No Linda, please have your sit” The director said and Linda calmly sat down and saw Stephen on the chair opposite her but she ignored him

”Linda, Earlier on, Stephen will I say accused you of knowing the Assassin that murdered the President, you denied it!” The director began

”Do you know what level of crime you are into now??” The Director asked her and Linda looked at Stephen and back at the Director

”I have told you Sir, I know nothing about the Assassin, I am still trying to figure things out and instead of Stephen helping me in it, he derives joy in spying me!” Linda said and the director barked at her

”Shut up and keep quiet!! I think you have to hear from him” The director said and Stephen brought out his tape recorder

”Thank you sir” Stephen said and began to set up his tape

”What is the tape for?” Linda asked

”Just keep quiet and wait” The Director said and Linda kept on watching. For few minutes Stephen was unsuccessfully working on the tape

”We are waiting for you Stephen” The Director said

”Please wait Sir, there is some little problem Sir” Stephen said and checked his tracking device and saw that it was not working and he began to scratch his head

”Errhhmm.. Sir, I think there is a little problem Sir” Stephen sluggishly said

”What is it Stephen?” The Director asked

”Sir, I think my devices aren’t working Sir” Stephen said

”Stephen! This is the second time you have been placing false accusation on this Lady with no clue at all.. I blame myself for falling to your pranks again” The Director said and looked at Linda but before he could speak Linda interrupted

”It’s alright Sir. I understand. Thank you for wasting my time” Linda said and left immediately

”Do you see the insult you have given me now!! Now leave my office immediately!” The Director barked at Stephen

”But Si..;” Stephen tried to say

”You better leave before I loose my temper” The Director said with red eyes and Stephen angrily left the Office. Before he could come out, Linda has already drove out of the arena

”She thinks she is smart, I will surely make her pay for the insults” Stephen said and left..




Cynthia was seen in her pyjamas carrying a cup of juice in her hand. She walked to the cushion and sat keeping the cup on the table. Beside her was a phoyo album of her family, she picked it up and began to look at it.. At times she smiled and at times tears ran down her eyes as she viewed the photo album

”I Love you Mom.. I Love you Dad” Was the last word that came out from her mouth as she dried the tears in her eyes. She turned off the Television, picked up the cup of tea. As she turned around to walk into her room, she saw a shadow that carried her away from the Sitting room immediately

”Shhhhh…” Spartacus said as he uncovered the mouth of Cynthia in a very dark hidden place in the house

”What is this for??” Cynthia asked in a low voice

”Keep it down” Spartacus said and made a hand sign to Natasha..

”Where is she?,” The Voice of two men was heard from outside lowly

”Search the room.. Search everywhere make sure she doesn’t escape” The voice of a third man was heard again

”I’m sure she’s in here” He added and Spartacus hid very well with Cynthia. Natasha tip toed around the house using some t hiactics to distract the men

”I think she jumped out from the window Sir” Two of the men said running out

”What??.. Get her!” The third man said and they ran out immediately leaving two gunshots in the air

”Who are they?” Cynthia asked in a low voice

”This is just the beginning, they will stop at nothing till they kill you” Natasha said and dragged her up

”Please follow Us, you are in great danger” Spartacus said and Cynthia looked at their masky faces

”How can I tell if you are not lying?.. How did you know those men where coming here?” Cynthia asked

”This might be your plan to drag me to whatever you want to drag me to..” Cynthia added and Spartacus became tired of her words while Natasha got angry

”Thank you for saving me but I think it’s time to leave my house and don’t come again.. I am ready to die. I am not worth leaving” Cynthia said and walked to the cushion in the parlour

”And you think I can’t pull this trigger on your fore head and walk out her happy, huh??” Natasha angrily pointed a corked gun at Cynthia’s head. Cynthia got shocked but swallowed her fear

”Go on.. Shoot Me.. Kill Me. That will make things easier” Cynthia said and Natasha got more angry…

Story continues…

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