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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter2


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter2

© Emmy Okeke


Spartacus walked into through the gate slowly looking so downcasted.. He walked a little bit further getting to the small stairs that leads into the house, he sat there placing his hands on his head. Soon enough, Natasha walked out and saw him there

”I have been waiting for you inside since I saw you from the gate” Natasha said touching his shoulders

”What are you doing here sitting all alone?” She asked but Spartacus kept silent

”C’mon talk to me Spart” She said and sat besides him

”Is this how doing the right thing feels like??” Spartacus asked raising his head and unmasking himself

”Actually, am I doing the right thing?” He asked again without allowing Natasha to reply the first one

”My mind seems divided.. I just can’t comprehend the battle going on in me” He added further and Natasha exhaled knowing how he feels

”It’s alright Spart, you have hidden the Daniel in you for a Long time now and now bringing it out to act along side Spartacus won’t be easy.. You are doing the right thing.. It’s time to show the good part of being an Assassin” Natasha said

”Really?? Is it?” Spartacus asked

”It is Daniel” Natasha said raising up head

”Look at me Daniel, I believe in you” She said and both starred at each others eye balls for a Long time and it resulted to a passionate kiss..

Moments later they disengaged the kiss and stood up to walk inside the house, but they were interrupted by the Voice of Linda

”Why did you kill him??” Linda asked aloud walking hurriedly towards them

”Why did you kill them???!!” She exclaimed more loudly walking more closer.. Natasha brought out her gun immediately and Spartacus not knowing that he wasn’t wearing his mask turned around and Linda’s eyes jammed with his. Linda stopped immediately starring at him so closely. Just then, Spartacus discovered was she was starring at and he hurriedly wore his mask

”So, that is the real you” Linda said and they were Speechless

”The Person I saw now can’t hurt a fly! You are being deciaved by this devil you wear on calling it a mask..” Linda added

”Why the hell did you come here?” Natasha asked pointing the gun at her

”You want to shoot me.. Alright, go ahead, shoot” Linda said opening up her hands and Natasha looked at Spartacus surprised at her action seeing a gun pointing at her fore head

”Put it down” Spartacus said and walked slowly towards Linda, so close enough that no space was between both of them

”Why did you kill them?” Linda asked as her eyes turned red in tears. Spartacus shifted a little backward

”Why can’t you stop all this and make out for something new” Linda continued

”This isn’t you.. Stop being deceived by this mask of yours” Linda said and a great tears flowed down her cheeks

”Please…” Linda pleaded

”Why are you not afraid to die here” Spartacus asked

”Because I know that the Person behind that mask can’t kill” Linda said and Spartacus removed his mask again and Linda stretched out her hands to touch him on the face but Spartacus held her hand

”Leave now..;” Spartacus said with little tears dropping from his eyes

”No need to tell me that, I’m already leaving” Linda said and turned around

”Remember to watch your back” Spartacus said putting back on his mask and his voice changed but Linda didn’t say anything but often looked back as she left

”You let her go that way.. This must be a Spy or a way to track us down” Natasha said and Spartacus walked towards her

”No she isn’t..” He said and opened his hands showing her a record trandmitting device

”Someone else is playing a game of cards..” Spartacus said and walked inside immediately



”That wasn’t so hard..” Stephen laughed aloud jumping on his bed

”Now Linda, it’s your time to choose which path to follow” Stephen said and placed his record player in his car

”You ain’t gonna have a choice” He said and left


Cynthia has regained a bit consciousness, but still laying on the hospital bed with Bella sitting besides her

”You don’t have to kill yourself babe” Bella said

”Life goes on” Bella added

”Why my Parents, why now?” Cynthia asked

”Let’s wait till we hear from the doctor” Bella added

”I saw them die in my arms, what else is the doctor going to say that I haven’t seen myself” Cynthia said and Bella exhaled

”It’s alright my dear, I am always here for you” Bella said

”We can make a family together.. I will always stand by you” Bella added

”Thank you very much for you care, you are such a good friend” Cynthia said holding her hands crying silently

”It’s alright my dear” Bella said and just then the doctor walked in

”I’m so sorry my dear” The doctor said

”We couldn’t hold them long enough” He added and Cynthia bursted out in more greater tears..

Like a flash, the confrimed death of Mr. And Mrs. Wilson spread out in the Country…



”Sweetheart… Sweetheart” Mrs. Williams called out aloud running into the Parlour

”What is it Woman?” Chief Williams asked with a dull face

”Chief Wilson and the wife has been confirmed dead.. This is a good news darling.. Now we have the space to be what we have alwaus fought for” Mrs. Williams said but Chief Williams said nothing

”You don’t look happy” Mrs. Williams said looking at him

”Tell me, what’s the matter” Mrs. Williams asked further

”It’s nothing” Chief Williams said

”You can’t tell me it’s nothing when you have drained yourself in thoughts” Mrs. Williams said

”I said it’s nothing.. Please allow me to rest” Chief Williams said and Mrs. Williams hissed and left

”I am trying to be caring but I guess I’m not needed.. Mtcheew, nothing can spoil my mood now ooh” Mrs. Williams said and left laughing.. Few seconds as she left, Prof. Michael walked in.

Immediately Chief Williams saw him, he stood up immediately and curiously

”Any news??? Any new improvements??” Chief Williams asked immediately not allowing Prof. Michael to even sit down

”I have told you that I’ll handle everything Chief” Prof. Michael said

”I don’t know why you are killing yourself with thoughts” He added

”Why won’t I think, when things have started to fall apart” Chief Williams said

”When things fall apart then move in an oppsite direction and make things fall into Place” Prof. Michael said

”What do you mean by that?” Chief Williams asked

”Spartacus has just started what he can’t finish. He has thrown the wrong dice..” Prof. Michael said

”Let’s see where he learnt to dance Surugede. He’s going to know that Suruged is the dance of the spirits” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams starred at him

”All these proverbs, won’t solve anything Prof.. Do something” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael whispered something into his ears and Chief Williams smiled

”Serious…! You ain’t joking right?” Chief Williams asked

”Does my face ^look like one?” Prof. Michael asked and Chief Williams laughed louder…



Cynthia has been discharged from the hospital, her Parents being taken care of in a grand style.. Cynthia was escorted by a large tight number of escort so as to protect her. More soldiers, Police officers and armed men of great skills were assigned to her as guards. They blew their sirene as they escorted her home..

”Geting her out of there won’t be easy” Natasha said as they viewzs them from a hidden place with a Viewing Periscope

”I know, when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going” Spartacus said

”What do you mean by that?” Natasha asked

”Some blood might be spilled in order to save hers” Spartacus said

”But we…” Natasha tried saying

”You want to save her right?” Spartacus interrupted

”Of course” Natasha said

”Then forget about Daniel and follow Spartacus” Spartacus said and wore his mask

”Let’s go..” He said and they left

Cynthia got into her compund and her escorts stood in sensitive places all around the house both inside and outside by the order of the Minister of Security and Defense

”You will be safe, I promise you that” Minister Dankaki said to Cynthia as she looked around

”I guess I have my choice to make here right?” Cynthia asked

”Yes you do my dear” Minister Dankaki said

”Now, discharge all these men, not one should remain.. I can take care of myself” Cynthia said and Minister Dankaki was surprised

”What?? You are kidding right” He asked

”I meany every word I just said” Cynthia said

”And I want it to be carried out now” Cynthia said but the Minister tried to insist

”I said Now!!!” Cyntia said aloud and he discharged all the officers immediately

”Are you sure about this??” mInister Dankaki asked as he was about to leave

”Yes I am Minister, thank you for your care” Cynthia said and higged the mInister before he left..

As they left, Cynthia looked around the house

”Musa, close the gates, don’t allow anybody in without mu consent” Cynthia ordered

”Yes Madam….” Musa the gate man said and closed the gate.

Cynthia opened the door and walked in. The house was so lonely and she exhaled

”I miss you Dad and Mom” She said and walked into her room wanting ro undress herself

”That wasn’t a good decision you took out there my dear” A Male voice said from behind her and Cynthia shockingly and fearfully looked around her room but saw no one

”Who are you?” Cynthia asked

”Someone you never expected to see standing in front of you without a gun pointing towards your head” The male voice said and Cynthia looked by the window shockingly

”You???…” She exclaimed angrily as she recalled the gunshots from the night of her parents death…

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