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The Greek Gods-Last Chapter


The Greek Gods-Last Chapter

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   My car screeched on the ground as I drift down the rocky hills, the violent sound of the engine was like music to my ears as I escaped the idiots chasing me. So there I was driving from a wicked party in my beautiful dream car, my sweet nineteenth birthday gift from my beautiful boyfriend. The car was legit, my newly marked third love. Savannah is my first for life, then Ace, my car, mom, Jace, dad, my biological father that is, and every other minor things follows. Anyways, back to what I was saying. I was driving Savannah and Kiara to school when some crazy gangsters who have been after me started chasing me.

   Having Kiara and Savannah as friends is bad for my life, they have spoilt me beyond redemption. In college, we were fucking crazy bitches with no one to hold us. Ace³ went to another college, it's better that way for us because we just wanted us. It's so cool how we are still dating, don't be too calm, Ace cheated like five times but by then, I was already a crazy asshole so the girls and I treated their miserable fuck up. Presently, none of us are dating because Ace and I had a fight, I intentionally cheated on him (not sexually) so he would know how it feels. Jace dumped Kia for a sexy model so she started hanging around a rich actor to make him jealous and it was working like crazy. Savannah, she broke up with Mace because he missed their son's birthday and forgot to buy her candy. I don't even understand their two but at least he's not cheating on her.

   Oh yeah! They have a son, I didn't let her do the abortion, threatened not to be her friend anymore and preached for seven days before they found the courage to tell grandpapi who already knew by the way. That man is a creep, wizard. He knew even before Savannah herself knew and told her parents. They were waiting for her next step, if she had aborted the baby, that would have sealed her disownment but luckily, she has an awesome twin sister who's always mostly right, me. Their son lives with her parents who pampers him like they pampered her but made sure he doesn't get spoilt. Savannah can run mad for that sweet little Mace, he's so adorable with his beautiful big puppy gray eyes and rosy cheeks. He looks like a princess, eeeek! So adorable! Future heir to everything grandpapi owns.

Awwwn, Mimi, the stubborn saucy girl who has a huge crush on Salvador who don't care. That bad ass Ace junior finally grew up overnight, he looks sixteen when he's actually fourteen. If he wasn't younger than I am and also my boyfriend's brother, I would have thrown myself on him. Oh my God! He's so fucking hot! Hotter and much more sexier than Ace but I dare not tell him that or we breakup. We already broke up but you know what I mean.

   Again, yours truly and her blockhead twin successfully brought mom who's totally fine now and dad together, they are so cute. Mom made me heiress to everything she owns while Jace took dad's. I still talk to dad Rufus because he never maltreated me all my life, he took me as his daughter and never made me feel otherwise. Zachary, God will punish that stupid boy and his generation. We fight every single minute we are in the same room, like there is fire in our....no, his head, not mine. He eventually dumped Tia but got his ass whipped by Ace, reasons why they hate each other now. She's okay now though, not dating but fine.

Whose other miserable life should I talk about? Yes! Percy. I think that bastard is dead, don't know, stopped caring. I almost whipped Ace's head with a frying pan when he got caught, Ace wanted to kill him. I don't blame Percy, his slight madness came from whatever cure his father used, don't know what happened but he was taken by the government to cure him properly. Can you believe it? His father was the one who poisoned him for his evil scientific research. As for Berwyn, I dropped the charges against her, Quincy and Olivia but Melody is still in jail.

Yay! I'm a model!

   'This people aren't giving up,' I groaned swaying my precious back into the downhill road.

   'I'm tired of this fuck!' Kia shouted. 'I'll handle them,' she said cocking her gun.

   'Fuck Kia, do you want to get arrested? Secret gun,' Vana whispered.

   'See how this thing works, I have right to use this for self defense,' she said smirkingly, she was at the back seat.

   'Why shoot them when you can kill them,'

   'What's the difference?'

   'This,' I smirked. 'Precious, please stop those idiot from following us.'

   'What fun will that be if the car stops them and not my sweet mother B,' Kiara whined as she stroke her gun.

   'Simple, they won't know what hit them.' Metal pins spread on the ground, it burst the dummy's car tires, swaying them out of the road and into a tree.

   'Damn it! That's hot!' Kia laughed, I looked at the destruction through my rare view mirror laughing too. They weren't dead but certainly gonna get badly wounded and die from too much bleeding.

   'Hello, this is Savannah Delacroix,' yup! She's married and that is why breakup sound so weird for them. 'Some idiots were chasing my friends and I but we were able to divert them, the only problem is that they got involved in an accident... Why would I give the location of the niggas who almost killed us, find them out yourself through the rocky hills or they die of blood loss.....trust me, you can't arrest me even if you try.....whatever.' She hung up and grinned.

   'We are so screwed,' I laughed.

   'We are graduating tomorrow, no sweating.' Kiara shrugged. I increased the volume of the sick song playing, I opened the convertible rooftop and stepped on the gas. We shrieked laughingly as we sang to the stupid song.

   Life is lit, I parked the car at our apartment, it was late already but no rules. I closed the rooftop back, turned off the music and engine before we stepped out laughing like psychos. The house door open, Savannah's baby ran out screaming "mommy!"

   'What the absolute fuck,' Kia muttered.

   'My Prince!' She carried and twirled him around. 'I've missed you so much.'

   'Mommy, are you fighting with dad again?'

   'So he brought you here to beg,' she scoffed.

   'He bought a big gummy bear and giant chocolate bunny,' he whispered.

   'No way,' she gasped. 'Chocolate!' And off she went with the cute boy. Hmmm, I don't even know his name, I always call him gummy bear.

   'Sis,' Jace called jogging out of the house with a giddy grin.

   'Great, alien invasion,' Kiara murmured and I giggled.

   'Hello ex, still alive,' he scorned.

   'Hello stupid, still have your dick,' she smirked.

   'And still uses it to fuck better puss.....holy cheese stick!' He exclaimed falling to the ground as he held his goody. She smashed him good.

   'Oops, don't know how my knee got there,' she said sweetly.

   'Cursed twat,' he cursed curling himself up on the ground. She kicked the back of his head, causing another form of feminine scream.

   'Too bad you can't use that again and for the record, you fuck like an impotent mosquito. My new boyfriend screams me better than ya ever did and he's richer.' She taunted.

   'You didn't know that when you were busy riding on my impotent dick,' he gasped out in pain.

   'It's like buying a dress, you wear it thinking it's the best until you see a brand new one and realise that one is better. You're old news Jace, hope your model still wears her dignity.' She laughed along with me as she walked to the house.

   'You couldn't even help your brother,' he cried.

   'I'm sorry, let me help you,' I helped him up but kneed him again.  'Love you too bro.' I laughed skipping into the house. I could hear his wailing from outside, Savannah and gummy bear's squealing and Mace's groaning. I skipped up the stairs to my room, I could hear Kia's huffing in her room. I opened the door to my room, shut the door but the light turned on itself or by Ace. I smiled innocently.

   'So, you are really serious about the new guy, right?' He asked jealously.

   'We've been over this Ace, we broke up so I'm free to date whoever I want.'

   'You shameless ugly idiot! You cheated on me and is brazen about it! You don't feel any regret at all! When I cheated unintentionally, I apologized, I begged, I admitted....'

   'And then you unintentionally did it again,' I scoffed walking to my bed, he followed me.

   'I've apologized!' He cried. He grabbed and turned me around. 'I know you can never cheat on me, I know you want me to get jealous and you have succeeded just please, stop hanging around that lowlife, stop declining my calls and ignoring my emails and texts, please.' He pleaded desperately like he's going to cry.

   'I'll think about it,' I brushed his hands off and walked to the bathroom. He whimpered, following me like a puppy, he knows cuteness weakens me.  'Fine, I won't ignore you again.'

   'Yes!' He shrieked and hugged me from behind. 'Thank you,' I could feel his tempting boner poking my ass.  'I've missed you so much,' he whispered huskily.

   'Seriously, we just got back together and you are already burning your shit into my core, no.'

   'But it has been five weeks already,' he whined.

   'We broke up not even up to two weeks ago,' I stated.

   'But you last let me touch you for five,'

   'I broke up with you the very moment I caught a scrawny broom humping on you, don't tell me you haven't gotten laid.' I pushed him off.

   'Yes, I know but sex with you is always better, it's different. Genny please,'

   'N-O,' I walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. My bathroom had a music box, I turned it on and stripped. With a smile on my face, I stepped under the shower, counting the seconds it will take him to join me. I closed my eyes smiling widely, memories skipping into my head.

I was just an average introvert dummy, got bullied so much before I met my angel, Savannah. She helped me, built me. From afar I dreamt about meeting the all cute Greek gods, like every other stupid teenage girl but I was lucky. I met one, fell in love with him, had him finalize my change and before I knew it, things in my life fixed itself. One became my twin, one my in-law, isn't that a life changing story? I'm rich, different and what else? I have a great boyfriend and family and I'm not trading that for anything.

I'm no longer Magenta Vanilla McNair, I'm the new Magenta Vanilla Lawson, a girl better than the other.

   'You are ten seconds late,' I whispered as his lips braced my neck.

   'I love you Gen, please always know that.' I smirked, I won't reply him.

   'Urgh! Magenta! Come get your stupid double off me!!!' Kiara shouted. They will be fine.


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