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The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirty One


The Greek Gods-Chapter Thirty One

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.


   I sat at the pool watching Mimi's swim tutor teach her how to swim, she loves swimming and insist on learning more so she could be a professional swimmer in the future.

   'Pink berry!' She shrieked swimming out of the water. I turned my head and smiled at Savannah, she looks pale.  'Pinky!' Mimi squealed and jumped on her, she carried her gingerly.  'You look pale, are you okay?'

   'Yes, I'm fine,' she glanced at me. 'So, you are swimming?'

   'Yup!' She popped.  'How's daddy's girlfriend?'

   'She's fine,'

   'Cinderella!' I groaned, Hans. He bounced into the pool yard majestically, like he owns my house.  'My Cinderella!'

   'My Prince!' Mimi wiggled out of Vana's arms and ran to him. He carried her up, bad influential brother.  'I've missed you,'

   'I was busy....'

   'Too busy for me?' She pouted.

   'I was busy because of you,' he grinned. 'I got you admission into swimmer camp bash...' I covered my ears as she shrieked excitedly.

  'Oh my God! You are the best prince ever!'

   'Hear that prick face?' He asked me smugly. 'I'm her best prince.' He nodded proudly.

   'I said best prince, not best big or even younger brother, know the difference.'

   'Ha!' I laughed jestingly.

   'Your so called big brother didn't get you admission, I did.' He complained jealously.

   'Who taught me how to swim? You? Nigga you can't even swim yourself.'

   'Have I ever told you how ungrateful you are?'

   'Should I tell my daddy that you insulted me?' She asked smirkingly, Ace will punch his face off. Both of them are bad influence.

   'Fuck,' he muttered. 'Just get dressed, I need to take you there to complete the admission and don't come along,' he glared at me. 'I can handle the fucking registration because I'm responsible too.'

   'Responsible men don't swear in front of kids you annoying asshole!' Mimi yelled swatting his coconut head. 'Don't you know you can corrupt me with your fuck prick language!'

   'He can or he has,' I scoffed.

   'I don't fucking swear, you know I'm in.....oh! See what you've caused! How am I suppose to go to heaven now if I'm cursing and swearing like the nutcase carrying me!'

   'This is why I don't like helping you ungrateful little peanut! You are annoying, a brat and a squashed worm!' He yelled back, throwing her on the floor.

   'Ow!' She cried rubbing her bum. 'Is that how to treat a lady you motherfucking bastard!'

   'Mimosa!' I yelled.

   'I'm sorry,'

   'Apology not accepted,' Hans said coldly.

   'I wasn't apologizing to you in the first place. You are so unfortunate and bad mannered. That's why no girl likes you...'

   'Mace! Mimosa is insulting me again,' he whined. 'I demand an apology!'

   'I demand an apology,' she mimicked. 'Irresponsible single asshole. You will die single.'

   'Mimosa, stop that or you are grounded.'

   'I wasn't...'

   'Apologize to him, Hans is your older brother, not your little puppy.'

   'He can be my puppy since he's a dog already.' You're see what they do? They greet each other with joy and ends up fighting everyday. How does Hans even feel fighting with a kid.

   'That's it, the admission have been redrawn. You are not going to any swim camp until you are 16.'

   'What! You can't do that!' Hans yelled. 'Don't interfere in our business,' he carried her again. 'Come on Cinderella, let's leave this kill joy alone to think about what he have done.' Mimi blew raspberry and threw her face away saucily. And I was trying to help him.

   'Sir, I'll take my leave,' the teacher murmured before leaving with them. Vana wasn't there anymore, she went inside. That's odd. I stood up and walked through the glass door that led to the foyer leading to the kitchen and garden.

   'Bunny,' I called in a singsong, she was in the kitchen just sitting on the counter and drinking from a carton of milk with a straw. Double odd.  'Are you okay?' She nodded nonchalantly. 'You sure?' She nodded positively again. 'You are drinking warm milk from a carton? You are more of a cold and glass kind of person...'

   'I'm fine Mace, don't worry about me.'

   'Mace! Where's Mimi's fucking towel?!' Hans shouted from upstairs.

   'You idiot! Don't you know where towels are kept and don't use that fucking speech in my presence!' I heard her yell too. I sighed, Vana would usually laugh and join her in making him miserable but her silence was something else.

   'Tell me,' I whispered standing between her legs and wrapping my hands around her waist. 'What is wrong with the love of my life?'

   'Nothing,' she whispered back shakily. I took the carton of milk from her and dropped it on the floor.  'I'm fine Mace, I promise.'

   'What did we discuss about secrets? You made me vow not to keep any from you and I've been holding to my own side of the bargain, no secrets. It wouldn't be fair if you keep what is bothering you from me, okay?' She nodded, tears sliding down her cheeks. My chest tightened, I really hate seeing her cry.  'Don't do this,' I wiped her cheeks dry with my palms. 'Don't hurt me. You know I can't stand it when you cry....'

   'Macedonia! We are off!' Hans shouted.

   'Get out already!' I shouted back, the door slammed shut after that.

   'They are gone,' she said under her breath.  'Mace, do you think we will breakup anytime soon?' I certainly did not expect that question.

   'No, why should we?'

   'What about later?'

   'How would I know? I can't predict the future but I don't see myself hurting you anytime soon or even later,' did she hear something about me I don't know of?  'Savannah, can you tell me what is going on? You are making me uncomfortable.'

   'Not yet,' she buried her hand in the front pocket of the mini gown she wore. She brought a white envelope out, one with glitters and stickers. 'Sorry, I decorated it.' I took the envelope from her, racking my head to see if I sent anyone any love letter in the past. My weak memory failed me, my heart was beating very fast because it might be something bad. My eyes first caught the "EVEREST HEALTH HOSPITAL" written boldly at the top.

My eyes widened.

   'Are you sick too?!'

   'Just read it,' she sobbed. I nervously ran my eyes through the paper, my blood becoming colder with every confusing words I saw.

   'Savannah, what is the meaning of this?' I asked out in shock.

   'I forgot to take the pills the first time because of Genital's illness, I forgot the rest time too,' she cried. 'My mom's gonna kill me, she will disown me.' I took in a deep breath, walking backwards, far away from her like she was a disease. I sat at the door, trying to process everything.

One, I was yet to handle Mimi as a big brother, suddenly an actual baby.

Two, we are both still too young with dreams and ambitions.

Three, even if I marry her, it will affect her mom than me. I'm the guy, my parents who are still trying to sort out their issues wouldn't care one bit but hers will freak out. Her grandfather, a very strict man might redraw her from her inheritance.

Four, I don't want her to face emotional trauma with how disappointed they will all be with her. Her family is strongly against child bore out of wedlock.

Five, we are both not ready for a child.

   I stood up from the floor and walked back to her, she had obviously cried too much. Her rashes were back. I stood between her legs again and clasped our hands together.

   'Hey, stop crying,'

   'You don't get it Mace, a child conceived before marriage in my family is a huge form of disappointment and shame. I can't handle it and I'm not ready for a child, I really don't want it.'

   'Then will you accept to abort the child?' I asked softly. 'It's hard for me to say but we both know keeping a baby right now will stress our relationship, life, love and everything. It can't work but killing a soul before it even existed is also bad, what do we do now?'

   'I don't know, I can't lose the trust my family have in me, the trust and faith grandpapi have in me, I can't keep this baby Mace, I can't. I love you but I....'

   'Then stop crying before you become too obvious. Try to keep calm and don't overreact, we'll go to Greece or Asia this weekend, somewhere far for the abortion so no one will know. Is that okay?'

   'Yeah, it's fine.' I wiped her face clean and  pulled her into a warm hug.

   'It's okay, everything is going to alright.'


   I sang loudly as I pushed Kiara's wheelchair around the hospital building, she hates it when I sing but I love annoying her. She's cute whenever she gets mad, her face always swell and it makes it puffy and bally.

   'Jace! Stop singing or I will kill you!'

   'Oh! She's beautiful
   She's my beautiful
   Dunno what she did to me
   To make me fall head over heels
   She's my Angelina star
   My beautiful....'

   'Jace, please in the name of whatever you hold dear, stop singing!'

   'My wonderful baby girl
   She makes me horny as hell...'

   'Jace,' she whined. I laughed and sat on the grass. 'Why do you like annoying me?'

   'I don't even know, maybe because I love you.'

   'Look at your mouth like love, do you know what love is?'

   'You don't need to know it to feel it,' I smirked, resting my back on the grass and staring at the clouds.

   'How would you know if it's love?' She asked rather curiously, I shrugged.

   'I have no idea, I just know it is.'

   'Why are you so sure?'

   'Because it feels different from what I felt for my sister when I had no idea she was my twin, it feels better.' She pushed herself down with little difficulty and laid beside me, copying my exact position.

   'Is that your assurance?' She whimpered, I sat up and helped her stretch her bent leg. 'Thank you,' I returned to my previous position.  'How do you feel? I will love to know.'

   'You can't because I don't know, all I know is that I feel different. Here,' I carried and adjusted her body gently so her head would rest on my chest. 'Listen to it.'

   'Listening won't help but whatever,' she sighed softly, snuggling into my arms. 'Are you and Magenta still planning to matchmake your parents?'

   'Yeah, they are both single so it's not bad, right?'

   'Yes but how will that be achieved?'

   'We already know what to do,' I replied with a smile, replaying the plan in my head.

   'I wish my mom will never marry again,' she said drowsily. 'Men are all annoying. From my dad to my stepfather and...'

   'Me.' I completed sadly.

   'You are definitely annoying in so many ways but unlike theirs, I kinda like your annoyance. They disgust me, you don't but you have the one thing I fear in men,'

   'Loose libido,' I muttered loud enough for her to hear. She chuckled.

   'Silver-tongued, you are a cute sweet talking demon, one that have completely manipulate my vow.'

   'Do I get a reward?' I smirked.

   'If I'm not good enough of a reward for you, then you can hit the grave.' She was asleep, I chuckled, her harsh words is why I love her. One of the reasons though. My phone vibrated from my side pocket, I carefully bent my body so I won't wake her up and get the sass of my life and brought out the phone. I checked the message from Magenta.

Her: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I got laid!

I maneuvered my other hand which was supporting Kia's waist out so I could text back.

Me: idiot.

Her: jealous much. My boyfriend loves me, you are single.

Me: are you trying to mock me?

Her: trying? I already am. Ha! Kiara don't love you! 😂

Me: she just told me she does :-P

Her: really? 😏

Me: 😫 no.

Her: ha!

Me: I hate you.

Her: 👊👊👊

Another message came in, from Ace.

Ace: Percy have been caught but don't tell Gen yet.

Me: why? Wanna treat his fuck up first?

Ace: until his nose breaks beyond repair.

Me: if you don't want to get dumped, better leave him alone. You are dating Miss No Physical violent, be careful bit if you still decide to, save a punch for me.

Ace: fool.

I resent Ace's message to Magenta with a wicked grin, now she will preach salvation to him. Ha! I love myself.

Brought to you from BB's Story Ambry.

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