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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 47


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 47

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"Wait you're telling me you haven't been on a date with Hunter? " Paisley questions why I try to think of what to wear and ignore my question.

"It's not like we had time." I muttered hastenly she watched me scavage for clothes.

After the death of her ex boyfriend and her sister, Paisley came over more often sometimes with Kaleb, I know it's been a few days after their deaths but she's been hanging out with me and trying to be strong to show.

We both know she feels sad about the death of Delilah, Delilah was her sister and family to her after her father died so it was normal she felt bad when they died.

I couldn't go on a date with Paisley occupying my breathing space, I finally gathered courage to tell her about my date and insisted on helping me plan my date, she was making me more nauseous.

"You better shave, you don't want Hunter to starve from not eating." I almost choked on my silava.

"That's it get out." I half yelled pointing over at my door.

"Oh come on I'm just helping." she muttered.

"Help somewhere else." I hissed picking up a blue gown, Paisley took it away from my hands and handed me a shopping bag.

"Wear that instead, Hunter won't keep his eyes off you." I didn't trust her grin it looked like a recipe for evil.

"I'll pass." I handed her back her shopping bag, she pushed it back to me.

"Wear it." she threatened with a snarl, I swear if I come out naked after changing I'll kill her.

I wore the dress, it was a red dress with a spaghetti top and the bottom hugged my lower body, my cleavage was popping out.

"Oh my God I could fuck you right now." Paisley said in awe while my cheeks heat up.

"Go fuck Kaleb, he's your boyfriend." I muttered. "I'm not wearing this." I whispered under my breath.

"What's wrong you look amazing, Hunter won't take his eyes off you and he'll be thinking of how to take off your clothes." she smirks at me while I rolled my eyes at her.

"It's a date, I need to look different not a sultry model." I said as she nodded. "I'm sorry about Delilah, I know it's hard." her expression changed and she nods.

"I can't believe she killed all those people, even my dad and Hunter's mom as much as I hate this feeling I miss her." Paisley said about to sob.

"It's okay Paisley, I understand you miss her." I said as she pulled me into a hug.

"Don't go leaving me too, promise?
 " she said in between our hug.

"I promise." she patted, Thiago walked in seeing the both of us, his eyes stuck at me, I blushed a bit while he couldn't take his eyes off me.

"Hey Pervert." Paisley greeted Thiago slapping my ass while I stepped forward.

"Ummh Hunter needs you.. "
Thiago stammered bracing his nape.

"Ummh I need to change." Paisley pushed me ignoring my statement.

"She is ready." I staggered towards Thiago who helped me balance myself.

"No I'm not." I voiced but nervously went with Thiago anyways.

He escorted me down the to meet Hunter who was busy talking with a few of his men.

They looked stunned not paying attention to Hunter and fully focused on me jaw dropped.

Hunter looks back staring back at me our eyes locked in a stare he tried so hard to not to stare too long, he licked his lips and again my cheeks flushed.

I'm going to kill Paisley.

Speaking of the devil she came down with her purse and winked at me before leaving.

Hunter walks up to me.

"Paisley made me wear this." I look at him in the eyes.

"You look amazing." he whispered, my heart accelerated I breathe in to keep calm.

"Thank you." those were the words that left my lips.

"Is everything ready? " Hunter asked Thiago who only nodded, Hunter was dressed with his dress shirt tucked in with his black pants.

He put on his jacket and I think I have Jacket phobia either way Hunter looks handsome with or without the jacket.

"Thiago, you're in charge if anything about Colt or Caine comes up take care of it." he held on to my hand, we both walked to one of his car, he drove while I mentally checked myself, didn't want to make a fool of myself on my date with Hunter.

We stopped in front of a restaurant, it looked expensive I got down clearly nervous clicking on both my heels.

Hunter led me to the VIP section he had reserved, a few of the employees had their eyes on me, I just ignored them this was my date not their problem.

I sat down rubbing both my arms nervously the waitress attended to us both she tried hitting on Hunter but he just ignores her.

"Where is everybody? " I asked it was only us and a few of the employees.

"I bought the restaurant and reserved us a private table." I wanted to open my mouth wide but I couldn't be surprised he's a billionaire after all.

"I'm sorry about the death of your mom, she was really cool, I remember when I first met her she pulled a gun to my head, I wish I could have been like her when I met my uncle." I said under my breath but Hunter could still hear me.

"I remember when I was 12 she pulled a gun to my head when I came home late to a mission, she shot a bullet to my leg." I looked back at him in shock.

"Seriously? " I asked he nodded clarifying his answer.

"That's even better, one time she forged my kidnapping and let me be kidnapped for three months after she told them to let me go she made walk back from New York to Nashville it took me two weeks." he said and I couldn't help but giggle.

"My mom wasn't hard on me but my sister once she reached the age to get a gun she threatened to shoot me dead if I didn't do her chores." I said while smiled.

"Your sister was nice, she told me everything about you back in New York." he smirked at me, I froze cause I don't know what she actually told him.

"Really?? " I grinned awkwardly
The waitress got our appetizers which was a salad dressed in cranberry juice I guess.

I started eating quietly.

"Were you and Derek ever close? " I asked he didn't seem mad but I knew I overstepped my boundaries.

"We enjoyed being brothers, he's mom's favorite she was always trying to protect him and kept putting me in his shoes and taking his responsibility." he muttered I didn't get a single thing but I just nodded.

"We were close, we just grew up and moved on." he muttered again while we were done with the appetizer

They finally brought our main course while we quietly ate, a group of press started flashing their cameras at the window.

I looked over at the window they couldn't see my face so it was hard for them to take pictures.

"How did they find us?? " I asked, Hunter was going through his phone and showed me a tweet Paisley posted an hour ago about our date. We just ignored the attention until we were done with our food.

Hunter gave me his jacket our fingers intertwined with each other as we both held hands.

A group of guys in black walked in they nodded at Hunter, they guided us to the car we came with and went with another car leaving the press with no comment whatsoever.

We didn't go back home, we went to one of the beach house he owned, I changed obviously to a tank top and shorts.

My phone buzzed in my pockets
It was Paisley's number
Come down I'm outside the beach house.

I was confused Hunter was in the shower so I went outside expecting to see Paisley but instead I saw Alec.

"Alec? " I snarled at him, he's just so annoying ok the fuck what is he doing here.

"You have guts to show your face at Hunter's territory." I said as he nodded with a smile.

"I'm not afraid of Hunter Dorothy I just came to make a peaceful deal before you bring war, my father is coming to Nashville a few days from now and I'm aware Hunter knows and is waiting for him to arrive so he can kill my father." he started first. "My father is a very dangerous man more dangerous than Hunter and more insane than Colt, he doesn't give a damn about compassion he's as cold as stone. I like to make a proposal right now before it's all too late, hand yourself over and the war that has been on hold will surely come to pass." he said.

"And why would I do that? Give myself up so my uncle can kill me?"

"Your uncle doesn't want anything to do with you, your life is meaningless to him he wants the Empire your father left behind for you he thinks ending your life is the only way to get it but all you have to do is to come with me and pass the Empire over to him." he muttered.

"Neither me or the empire will be given to you, I will not give the man that killed my sister and planned my parents death and tried to kill me giving him power is what a fool would have done." I said with resentment.

"You are risking your life and those around you, my father will kill anyone that associates with you Amirah think about that."

"Think about this Alec, I lost my parents the same day, I lost my sister, I lost doctor Henry I lost Ariel the star In my life and I lost you the same day my parents died, you are not the Alec I used to love and I'm no longer your Amirah, I've lost everything I'm not afraid anymore but know this if you hurt Paisley, Hunter, Thiago and Kaleb I promise you I won't hesitate to kill you." I said with bitterness.

"You'll really kill me? " he asked probably not believing my threat.

"I dare you, I won't spare you." I stated as he nodded.

"You have brought war Amirah." he said tossing me Paisley's phone

"When it comes I promise you I'll kill you." I hissed while he walked away from me.

I went back into the beach house to see Hunter, I threw Paisleys phone in the water before going back though.

Hunter was on the bed making some calls.

I went up to him and climbed over when he was done with his calls.

He pulls me closer we made eye contact and made out.

we both pulled away from the kiss, he kisses my neck down softly I groaned, his hands slipped under my tank top.

We resumed to kissing as we both deepened the kiss.

"I'm still Hungry." I smirked mischievously massaging his shoulders.

"What do you want for Dinner." he grinned meddling with my nasty thoughts, I didn't give a reply I just crashed my lips into his kissing him like crazy, he gripped on to my thigh carefully flipping me, he dominated me, he kissed my neck down to my collarbone.

"I can never get enough of you." his husky voice whispered, he slowly took of my top leaving me with my bra and shorts, he kissed me softly I felt like I was loosing my mind and he was just teasing me for it.

"I Love you Amirah.." he said looking back into my eyes.
"I love you too Hunter." I whispered.

Hunter's Pov
"How was your weekend with Amirah? " Thiago walked in with a smirk not minding his own business.

"Anything about Colt or Caine? " I asked changing the topic.

"Nothing yet." he replied but stood in front of me. "When are you going to tell Amirah the truth? " Thiago asked.

"What do you mean? "

"She's going to find out what you did, you better tell her or else she'll find out herself."

Alec's Pov
I stood in front of the airport welcoming my father, Colt stayed behind I walked up to him and bowed.

"Alec.." he stated coldly and I nodded.

"Did she agree ? " he asked about Amirah.

"She refused and I'm afraid to reveal to you the Dominiquez stupid code has been broken." I whispered.

"What do you mean broken ?" he asked.

"It can only be broken when the first heir dies." he added.

"Esther pulled a switch claiming Hunter is the Heir but actually Derek is the eldest and the heir, Hunter was just a detour thinking she could end the code but as long as Derek was alive the cold still exist."

"We both know if the actual heir dies it's either first son carries on the legacy or if he doesn't have a child the code will perish, Derek died and didn't have a child after him and so the code is broken and now Hunter is more powerful than ever since he manages the business and no code can stop him." I said.

"Esther was smart she knew this would happen somehow and I commend her, code or no code Hunter will die so is anyone who cherishes."

~To be continued~

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