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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 46


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 46

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"Thiago, maybe I can request for another trial, I didn't even press charges on Hunter." I whined we were both heading to the car.

"The Judge hasn't left yet we can still request for another trial." Thiago just watched me trying to figure out the circumstances.

"Amirah?? "

"We can even call that assassin... What's her name all she has to do is to give a witness and clarify the proof that Colt is alive."
"Amirah ?"
"And he's the one responsible for the deaths and framed Hunter we need to.." Thiago pulls me into a hug, he pats me while my heart felt like it was dying. Why the fuck does life suck and decide to make me face anxiety the most.

"We could... " Thiago pulls away from the hug gripping on to my shoulder both our eyes locked.

"Amirah, we can't risk Noah's safety, If Colt found out Ally betrayed him he's going to kill her that would be selfish risking Ally's life just to get Hunter out of Jail." he advised I shook my head slowly but vigorously

"It wasn't my fault that she had to be an assassin, she killed my sister and now Hunter is going to die Thiago do something." I pouted.

"We are doing something, pack your bags because we are leaving Nashville and going in hiding since Hunter's verdict is already said, your uncle can easily come and kill you." He said, I backed away.

"If you think I'm just going to pack my bags and follow you like some abrupt bafoon you're wrong, we. can free Hunter and prove he's not responsible for all those load of bullshit framed up." I yelled, Thiago looked remorseful.

"Amirah this isn't my orders, you think I want to leave Hunter too we can't do anything about it." Thiago voiced

"Amirah, I know how you feel you don't want to loose him because you love him but that does not mean you're going to put your life in danger. This isn't my order it's Hunter's." he said and a tear escaped my eye lid and dropped straight to the ground.

"I'm not going, and I'm not driving with you I'll go with Paisley instead." I said walking out on him and went over to Paisley who received me with a hug before giving a hug.

Another tear rolled down my cheek recalling the stupid verdict the court concluded, Paisley offered yoghurt she thought we watch a movie, she noticed I wasn't down to the idea.

"You know what let's go for a walk." it was still light out even though it was 6:30 I didn't want to go but she dragged me outside while we just walked in silence.

"So when were you going to tell me you're royalty? " she wiggled her brows.

"I'm not Royalty.. " I muttered under my breath. "My parents just had connections with it." I said under my breath.

"if I found out my real parents were royalty I would have found my way to the UK, imagine if that happened I won't be only known as Romania's Idol I'll famous showing all those snooty politicians daughter I'm better than them." she giggled feigning an accent.

"Dear lord, how do I look in this madame Amirah? " I giggled faintly.

"You look dashing." I said with my accent spot on.

"All the girls are going to be all over when we step in the ball room." she snorted.

"Actually back when I was in the UK I had this crazy friend Amelia she's just like you except she's a total dick craze she fucked my uncle and... " I totally regret recalling that just remembering my uncle and how he's alive and Hunter is paying for his crimes.

"Colt? That dickhead I don't know who the hell he is but he popped your bubble gum and tried to kill you I wish I could kicked his jaw I'm so mad right now, thank god he's dead." she hissed.

"He's not dead." I whispered Paisley shot me a scary look.

"Wait so Alec lied?? But in court you said you saw him dead and the evidence proves he's dead." she said shocked like I was a few days ago.

"I don't know how to explain it, but you heard the recordings right before I started recording he boasted he banged me to Hunter."

"He what?? " she yelled looking like she wanna murder him.
"What the fuck is wrong with Alec? He's such a dick he's been acting strange ever since you guys broke up." she said I wish I could explain to her about everything but she'd be freaked out.

"It doesn't matter he won anyways, Hunter is going to die." I mutterer

"Maybe you can tell him how you feel tommorow when we pay him his last visit." she said.

"Thanks Paisley." I said as we head back.

"Maybe this is a bad time to introduce my boyfriend." I looked back at her searching through her eyes.

"Boyfriend? " she giggled walking ahead of me.

"You're not going to tell me are you? " I arched both my brows.

I went to see Hunter, tommorow he was going to go through his punishment we were only allowed to have a phone call, a glass separating the both of us.

I picked up the phone he did too.

"..." nothing came out from my mouth, it was just silence I tried talking but it felt my tonsils were pierced and my throat died.

"You are not supposed to be here." he came out cold and sad.

"Same goes to you, you're not supposed to be here either." I said our gaze were locked.

"I'm being serious here Amirah, I'm doing this for you, you are supposed to leave."

"Leave? I should leave you to die for the crimes you didn't commit if you think you are doing this for me you're wrong I don't want this, I want you out of here." I said.
"I'm not there to protect you, the best I can do is to make sure you're safe and you are happy I've caused you much pain Amirah."

"if being in love with you is what you mean by Pain you're wrong I'm not happy, I'm worried and I want you out but you are being selfish." I said over the phone.

"You promised you'd come back, but now you want me to abandon you."

"If you die I'll never forgive you, you lied to me and I know it's not your fault but Hunter, I will never bring myself to forgive you." tears didn't seem to come running I was dried up.

"Then let's say our final goodbyes." he whispered, I could heart the chorus of my heart breaking, I slowly looked back at him with his charmed smile.

"I love you." he said.

"Good bye." I said my time ran out an officer walked him out while I sat down lost in my thoughts, I couldn't do anything.

Delilah's Pov
I was used and now Hunter was going to die because of my mistakes, I walked to and fro in my apartment, Hunter's verdict was to be carried out tomorrow.

I needed to do something, someone knocked on the door I went and unlocked it revealing Derek.

"Derek ?" I asked stuttered.

"How could you do this to your ex husband and my brother Delilah ?" he asked backing me against the wall.

"what are you talking about? " I asked.

"You drugged me to get information about my mother then you kill her and frame Hunter for it who put you up to it I bet it was Caine, how much did he pay you? " he interrogated I pushed him away backing up a bit.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I feigned in a stammer.
"You know exactly what I'm talking about, you should confess." said

"Why are you so worried about that? Hunter and you were never in good terms so it wouldn't make a difference if he dies." I said.

"It will make a big difference Delilah." he said

"How? "

"Hunter isn't the original heir to the family name it's me."

"What? "

"My mother tried to end the code switching Hunter to be the Heir, if Hunter dies the code doesn't end, the code ends when when the first child dies." he said looking back at me in shock.

Hunter isn't the actual heir and isn't the eldest no wonder Hunter hasn't killed Derek yet.

"You don't even care for him you don't want him to die so you can avoid responsibilities." I argued almost yelling. "At least I didn't cheat on my ex husband and seduce his brother so I can fuck up and kill their mother, you're going to confess you killed my mother and somehow framed Hunter." he said and I scoffed.

"Well fine I'm going to tell the cops... " a bullet went through his head and he dropped dead to the floor.

Derek struggled in pain but again he got shot more than once, I facepalmed myself processing the shock, my eyes landed back at Alec and a handsome man probably in his late 30's he looked a bit familiar but I couldn't figure it out.

He pointed the gun at me with a crooked smile.

"Don't shoot her that's Delilah." Alec warned leaning against the door not giving a damn about my existence.

"I thought she would be more feisty, she looks bland for a person who killed her husband mother and framed him." He said unplugging the butt of his cigar and tosses it on Derek.

"Who are you? " I tried to sound confident but it drowned in my shaky voice.

"I'm Colt, now if you don't want to die you better listen and do everything I say, understand? "

Amirah's Pov
I was packing up my stuff, Thiago insisted we leave tonight, I mourned at the idea I didn't even get to do anything with Paisley or even tell Hunter I loved him, I was hurt he wasn't doing anything.

It's strange he had the power to get out but he chooses not to it's not fair.

I left packing my bags and went to looking round the house one last time I wish I explored a bit with Paisley before I was leaving.

She doesn't even know I'm leaving.

Thiago was talking to Kaleb, Kaleb looked way handsome than usual he was wearing a denim jacket and jeans his hair was gelled back smoothly as he ran his fingers through his hair.

I stared at him suspiciously but shrugged, Thiago and Kaleb were done talking.

"Done packing? " Thiago asked when he spotted me.

"Almost." I said looking back at Kaleb. "You look nice." I complemented, I actually thought I'll be more close with Kaleb than with Thiago but oh well the universe fucked that up.

"Thanks I'm going on a date." he said my eyes widened in shock so did Thiago.

"Damn even Kaleb has a girlfriend Thiago." I dissed him. "Who's she, is she hotter than Amirah perhaps, does she have a sister? " I rolled my eyes at Thiago.

"Yes, she's coming over right now." the doorbell rings and Thiago goes to open it to see Paisley.

"Wrong person." He hissed and left the door, I went over to the door. "Paisley? What are you doing here? I can't hang out right now I have.."

"I didn't come here for you.." she walked past me and went over to Kaleb and kissed him.

"Hey babe.." Kaleb called they intertwined both their hands.

"Babe? " I shot back at her.

"Remember when I said I got a new boyfriend it's Kaleb." I looked back at the sneaky devil, if I thought Paisley was going to end up with someone it would be Thiago.

Because he's more matured, hot and her ideal type and she always kept whispering how hot he was, I should stop assuming.

"We'll hang out later OK." she hugged me and went out with Kaleb I wanted to tell her this may be the last time we meet but I couldn't.

"I'll be upstairs if you need anything I need to make sure of some caertain arrangements." he said, the moment he left my phone buzzed in rolled my eyes maybe it's Paisley texting she forget something.

I checked my phone it was an unknown number.

@Unknown~ I know how to free Hunter

I ignored it, I'm not going to be fooled by a dumb text, he texted again.

@Unknown~ I have Evidence on who killed Regina and the rest, let's meet and discuss.

@Me~ Who are you?

@Unknown~ it's Derek

@Me~ why should I believe you? You couldn't even appear in court and defend your brother with that information so I'm thinking this is a trap, you don't care about Hunter.

@Unknown~ I do care about him but I couldn't say it in court, he could kill me, we need to meet.
@Me~ text me instead the evidence there is no need for us to meet.

@Unknown~You can either pass out this one time opportunity or meet me at the old parking come alone 10:45pm and leave your phone behind.

The number then blocked it's ID and location, this was a trap it was already 09:45pm and it takes probably half an hour to get to the parking lot.

I went back upstairs and changed into a top, Jeans and a knitted trench coat, I band my hair into a bun with a rubber band I crept down putting my hand under my bed, I reached out for a gun.

It was Norah's I snuck it from her dorm room back in Anthem U.

I hid it in my back pockets and snuck out to the parking lot, I was scared but I didn't care anymore I was scared of loosing Hunter, whether he likes it or not I'm getting him out and if this is a trap set by Derek or Alec I wouldn't mind shooting them both at the balls.

I got to the parking lot early and waited a few minutes, it was cold and empty this side of town was mostly roamed by teenagers but somehow they weren't here.

I saw a figure walking up to me, I couldn't see the figure it was dark out and the clouds cemented the moon.

A figure dropped to the ground and the lights were on I stepped back in shock glancing at Derek's body.

It's a trap.

I stepped back about to reach out for my gun then I saw Delilah step out, she looked miserable.

"Delilah? " I muttered under my breath backing up a bit.

Alec came out and just seeing him motivated me to pull out the gun and point at him.

"I wouldn't try that Dorothy." a chill crawl down my spine, when I thought I was over it, when I thought it was way behind me seeing him breathing made my heart dropped.

I don't know why? Maybe somewhere in my heart I hoped he was dead.

I froze I couldn't move, I was hyperventilating and almost having a seizure.

"You died.. I saw you die." a tear rolled down my cheeks, he smiled and giggled faintly.

"Well I'm alive Amirah." I wanted to run away but I was frozen in fear, why can't I move. He walks up to me with his perverted smirk hugging me from behind and pressing his lips against the lobe of my ear.

"Did you miss me." he whispered I wanted to throw up.

'Shoot the bastard already.' my inner thoughts and I have never been so right on a conclusion but I couldn't move.

He sniffed and played with my hair, I flinched a bit he smiled realizing I'm gaining control of my body.

"How are you alive." I finally broke the silence and he pointed the gun over my head as mine fell from my grasp.

"Thank Alec, he's the reason you're alive."

"What do you mean I should thank him ?" I asked.

"I survived after undergoing 13 surgeries, I started working for Caine after realizing we share one thing in common which is our burning hate for Hunter Dominiquez, now Hunter is going to die because of you, if you didn't ever meet him he wouldn't be in his state now and I wouldn't reunite with my lovely niece." he said holding tightly to the gun.

I look back at Alec with pure hatred.

"Dorothy, I'm sorry." Alec said with guilt.

"Your Dorothy Is dead, I wish you the same." he breathes and steps back finally getting the hint that there will never be a reality of us.

I turned to Colt. "What did you do this for? That you had to make me go through hell and take away everyone I love." I said.

"Your stupid father took the what belongs to me, the Empire I worked so hard to and he decides to hand it over to his daughters." he spat out. "All this for an empire? You're worthless and an abomination, you raped me, detoured Hunter to kill my parents, killed my sister and framed Hunter." I breathe effortlessly putting my hand in the air and slapped him.

He laughed holding on to the riffle.

"Colt this wasn't part of the deal.. " Alec yelled

"You'll join your worthless family in hell, I bet your pussy even taste better when you are dead." he said about to shoot me, I back up before he could fire the bullet I heard a loud gun shot.

I glanced round to see Hunter, his eyes furrowed and he was pointing his gun at Colt.

Alec and Colt's reaction were both priceless they looked like they've seen a ghost.

Hunter's glance landed back at me which softened as we both locked glances, I acted on my reflexes running up to him.

"You didn't think I was going to leave you Vera." he muttered I didn't want to pull away from the hug but we had to.

I got behind him as he points the gun at Colt.

"Isn't it disrespectful to take her away without the consent from her uncle? " Colt teased.

"Colt we have to leave." Alec yelled but he didn't look like he cared.
"You finally come out to play and want to leave? Give up Delilah and surrender." Hunter questions.
"I don't know how you got out of Jail but I'm not leaving without Amirah, she's my niece after all, give her to us and we'll spare Delilah." he said pointing the gun at Delilah.

"Hunter save me." Delilah mourned rubbing both her arms but we were both confused.
"You have guts to tell the man to save you when you killed, your father, Regina and his mother you think he will save you ?" Colt hesitated at first and laughed.
"We'll meet at the final battle Hunter." he fired the two last bullet at Delilah and the at light, Thiago ran up to us with a flashlight out of nowhere.

"Amirah are you okay? " he asked, Colt and Alec were gone and Hunter went up to Delilah.
She was dead.

Hunter took me home, he was down a bit Delilah died I don't even know how Paisley will react but I was mad too he staged the arrest while I cried my eyes out.

We both got home finally, I was ignoring him until he held on to my hand.

"Are you still mad at me? " he asked smittenly I forced a frown.

"I thought you were going to die, if you wanted to lure my uncle at least I should have been informed." I voiced my thoughts
"I didn't die did I? " he said while I backed up he smirked.

"Next time I should at least be aware... " I slumped back into the couch, he leaned towards me.

"Aware of what? " he arched his brows taking off two buttons.
'oh Jesus'

"Aware... Aware.. " I lost my words as he pressed his lips against mine, I quickly answer to the kiss, we greedily deepened the kiss, I moaned which aroused him he gripped on to my thigh, I encircled my legs round him he turned and sat down resuming our kiss.

We pulled away from the kiss, my cheeks blushed, Hunter pushed a strand of my hair back.

"Let's go on a date."

Alec's Pov
"I told you it was a trap but you wouldn't listen what made you think Hunter could willingly stay behind bars." I yelled at Colt.

"He's not even the original heir it's Derek and Derek is dead." Colt hiss furious.

"That means the code is broken."

~To be continued~

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