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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 45


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 45

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

'"You all may be seated." the Judge slammed the desk, everyone took to their seat, The clerk went up to Hunter and told him to swear as the Bailiff called on the jury which is a number of 12 people.

The plaintiff lawyer sat down looking confident, I breathe quietly looking back at Celina who was scrolling through some of her files.

My eyes scanned the room and they landed at Paisley, she did a sign language for goodluck and I nodded holding dearly the pendant she gave to me.

'This is a good time to work now' I said in my thoughts then let go of the pendant.

The clerk handed the judge some papers, he coughed clearing his voice.

He was a middle aged man, he quickly put on his glasses reading aloud the case.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury this is a criminal case for Hunter Dominiquez who is found guilty for murdering Esther Dominiquez, guilty or not guilty." the judge said.

"Guilty my honour." The Plaintiff Lawyer stated, the judge slammed his gavel asking him to proceed with a slight nod.

"Your Honour he is guilty, Esther Dominiquez disappeared 13 years ago without a trace the government leaked information that she was in hiding and he was the only one who knew where his mother was, my honour what would come across your thoughts during those 13 years having lost his father the day him and his twin brother was born it was obvious after Esther's disappearance he despise his mother and haboured it into hate and tortured her until she died."

"That's a lie." I couldn't hold back any longer while he was speaking gibberish.

The judge ignored me and paid attention to the lawyer.

"Amirah let me do my job." Celina muttered quietly and stood up.
"Your Honor I object." she called the judge nodded his approval for her to speak.

"Your Honor, Hunter had a very close relationship with his mother unlike his mother's relationship with his younger twin brother, she went into hiding when they were 15, he understood why she had to hide and even communicated with her for two years before he completely cuts all connections with her, your honor if I may I would gladly show you evidence of the conversations between the two." the judge nodded and she played the text messages and audio calls between hunter and his mother.

The Judge saw enough, careful with the time spent and was looking convinced.

"So your Honour why would Hunter kill his mother when the conversation between the two filtered no threats at all." Celina stated.

"Your honour I object." the Plaintiff claimed and the judge allowed.

"I call to the stand Hunter Dominiquez." The Bailiff escorted Hunter who was handcuffed to the witness stand and the lawyer walked up to Hunter.

"Mr Dominiquez, you already swore an oath so you have no problem telling me any questions I might throw at you, Mr Dominiquez your mother left you and your twin brother when you both were 15, were you not upset?
 " he said as Hunter just only nodded.

"So upset that you haboured a hate for her for 13 years."

"My Honour I object we all saw the evidence through the conversation between both mother and son there is no excuse to bring it up again since it's been clarified." Celina muttered.

"Yes, but for only two years and after that he brutally cut all connections with his mother my honor it's stated mother and son shared a last phone call before cutting all ties, the clerk will play the evidence and phone call retrieved from Esther's cell." he said as they played the conversation.

'Hunter I'm sorry.'

'I hate you and dad also I wished you died when you put to birth, you should have died with him.'

Then my mind recalled when Esther told me to tell Hunter she's sorry but that could not be the reason Hunter killed his mother, I looked back at Hunter he was looking back at me remorsefully.
It couldn't be.

"Hunter Dominiquez this is the last conversation between you and your mother, you even wished her death which explains the grudge you hold against her and that you killed your mother."

"Do you agree to wishing your mother death." The Judge questions.

"I did." Hunter complied.
"I object." I stood up all eyes landed on me.

"He already complied." The lawyer said but the judge allowed me to speak.

I stood before the court. "Your Honor, Hunter did wish his mother death but he didn't kill her the evidence was that she was tortured to death and found by a good samaritan but if the bailiff can provide us the picture she was shot once." The lawyer was shocked on how I knew and as requested the picture was projected.

"As you can see she was shot on the chest, they said she was tortured? But if she actually was she would have sustained lot more than that because of the hatred. A man who said he wished she even died after having labour would have inflicted more pain, Hunter was hurt and said bullshit we all say it a do that all the time and I've been there but that doesn't mean we actually carry out our thoughts." I said as the Jury discussed with themselves.

Celina walked up to meet me.
"Your honor, she is right it doesn't make sense after thirteen years he finally made up his mind to torture and then kill her." Cecilia said.

"I object, Esther was trying to make peace by apologizing but instead her son was wishing her nothing but death." the lawyer argued.

"Order.." the judge said as we went back to our seats.

"What does the Jury think." the judge asked as the jury whispered quietly to themselves.

"Guilty." they choired
"Your honour I want to call a witness to the stand." Cecilia motioned and her eyes landed on Thiago. "Allowed."

"I call on Thiago." she said Thiago walked to the stand and swore, Cecilia walked up to him.

"Thiago how long have you known Hunter? " she asked.

"13 years, I started working for him after the disappearance of his mother." he said and I gotta ask how old is Thiago.

"So were you aware of the relationship between mother and son? " she asked.

"No, I had no information was not the kind to talk to he was always keeping to himself he wasn't even close to his twin brother." Thiago stated honestly not helping.

"Your Honor if I may? Mr Thiago where were you when the crime took place in Detroit." my heart skipped a beat. "I was with Amirah." he replied quietly.
"Where exactly? " he pester.

"We went boating that day and I went diving and unexpectedly someone blew up our boat almost putting us in critical condition so I guess who ever wanted us dead also planned to kill Hunter and frame him." Thiago said as the Jury gasped.

"Proof? "

"Amirah sustained a lot of injuries and has a bruise sore at the back of her head, she sustained the injury after getting knocked out with parts of the boat." Thiago said as a clerk walks up to me and escorted me to the Jury and showed my injury, they all gasped and the lawyer came to have a look for himself.

"So you are trying to say the same person who almost killed you also framed the murder ?" the judge asked.

"Yes your Honor." Cecilia said and the Juries whispered again I went back to my spot breathing quietly.
They let Thiago go back to his spot and the jury were stuck and gave the judge no comment.

"Do you have evidence ?" The Judge asked.

"Yes your Honor I call to the stage Alec Rhett, Hunter's cousin." everyone turned glancing back at Alec who came up to the stand and was asked to swear.

"My honor my client will interrogate the witness a few questions in my place." I got up walking to Alec.

Our gaze locked anger build up in my eyes as my fist clenched tightly I breathe calmly so my fist won't break his throat.

I walked up to him closer and whispered. "I have nothing to lose anymore so back down now and I'll save you the embarrassment. confess you killed Esther." he smiled painfully obvious on how much my hate grew for him.

"I didn't kill Esther and I would love to see you loose the last thing you care about." my heart dropped but I smiled masking how freaked out I was, I backed up a bit looking straight at Alec.

"Alec you already swore an oath to tell the truth but either way you'll still lie, do you confess you have a hand in the death of Esther? " I asked and he grinned.

"Nope, why would I want to kill my aunt? " he coos.

"Because your father killed Adam and he sent you to kill Esther and frame him so the law can kill Hunter instead and make him look like a bad person." I said with confidence.

"Isn't he a bad person? He killed your parents and took you away from me." The crowd mummered at his uproar. "I don't belong to you." I yelled as Celina came and backed me up.

"Alec, what's your relationship with Amirah? " she asked. "She's my girlfriend." he gloated.

"Ex girlfriend." I corrected.

"How long were you two in a relationship and why did you two break up? " she asked.

"We dated for four years, we parted after some family issues, we resumed dating and broke up last month." he said.

"I will like to play a conversation to the audience and you have to answer after that." she said.

They played the audio : "One, you mean a lot to Amirah and it will be selfish to kill you for my satisfaction, secondly you are hiding him, I know he was the one who killed Anabelle, the flash drive was solid proof and you know I'm right, you're working with him.

You and your Bastard father are hiding him, the moment Amirah finds out who the fuck you really are I'll kill you all"

"Mr Rhett you listened to the audio miss Amirah provided after recording both your conversation." she said and he nodded.

"Thiago earlier commented that someone was after them, that someone forged an account and asked about assassin to bomb the boat and kill her sister Anabelle, that same person is Colt Amirah's uncle, he is after Amirah and responsible for raping and almost killed her is that right Alec? " she said.

"Colt died he's not alive." Alec lied again.

"Your honor I would like to call Amirah to the stand." the lawyer said as he granted his request.
The clerk walked up to me and I put my left hand up in the air and recited after him.

"Do you Amirah Rivera swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth??" he says.

"I swear." I recited as he walked up to me.

"If none of you know about the young lady before me, she is Amirah Rivera daughter of ex madam secretary of the UK and Holden Rivera, they both died mysteriously with their property and themselves burnt along it was reported she ran away and went mad after she found out and was having mental problems."

"I didn't have mental problems my memories were being tampered with by my sister." I said like a maniac.

"You see my point, she had a roommate named Avery who was killed isn't that right? " he asked and I nodded.

"She was taken to Nashville to pay her debt, taken away from her roommate who later was revealed as her sister and later came back to New York but was killed the moment Hunter came back for her, Ladies and gentlemen he killed her sister and manipulated with her emotions." he suggested why I looked back at him.

"Miss Rivera did you ever meet Esther? " he asked and I nodded.

"Did Hunter approve you meet her? " he asked and I shook my head.

"When you talked about Hunter what did she say? " he asked. "She told me to tell Hunter she was sorry." I muttered.

"When you told Hunter, what was his reaction? " he asked.

"He said he didn't want to talk about it but that doesn't mean he killed his mother." I said and he nodded.

"Miss Rivera on your 18th birthday what happened? " he asked. "Do I have to answer that? " I sighed. "I was celebrating my birthday my ex boyfriend didn't show up and he texted me to go meet him and when I got to the hospital I was knocked out and when I woke up I was chained to the bed with Alec and my uncle raped me after Alec shot him." I said as a tear streaked from my eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear about that but when Alec shot Colt how many times? " he asked.

"Two." I stated. "My honor, two bullets and to where?" he said to the judge before focusing back on me. "To the head." I said.

"Two bullets to the head, who would survive after that? And you confirmed he was dead? "

"I thought he was." I muttered.
"his body was bought and said to be dumped in sea, his body wasn't there and I have proof." I said looking back at Thiago.

Some clerk whispered to the lawyers ear as he smiled victoriously and my heart sank.

"An Anymonous have provided full evidence that Colt is dead and his body was retrieved by the government and sealed away." he said showing proof of another dead body that looks exactly like my uncle.

"Is that your uncle miss ?" I went silent and I was horrified.

"Your Honor, Hunter is responsible for the death of her parents he had a beef with them since they didn't comply with him their powers he killed them and wanted to do more than that."

"After that Amirah lost her mind and was deported to New York with her sister for therapy, he took her away from her sister and killed her and manipulated her and the effects from her abandoning her therapy is kicking in, she's l lost everything and is convinced if she saves this murderer she'll be happy again everything she's experience is just illusions of her conscious mind because she can't get over the fact that her sister died." The judge said.

"I object." Celina called but the judge denied.

"In conclusion Colt is dead and is not responsible for anything but however Hunter is responsible for more than one death, he wanted Amirah dead too to explain the bombing because Esther told Amirah to tell Hunter she was sorry, he was furious about the situation and planned to kill her and she stands here defending a murderer who is responsible for the death of Regina Hayles and his father in-law, he shouldn't be Scot free he should die for manipulating a young woman's emotions and for the their deaths." he said.

"I object." I said. "Denied." he said and hit the gavel twice and ordered for us to take our seats, I sat down in full confidence the judge were not going to believe this bullshit.

They called Hunter to stand in front of the judge.

"I would like to ask you a question myself? Would you hurt her like claimed? " he asked.

"I will never Hurt Amirah because I'm doing this for her." he answered and then it came to me, was Hunter playing along because he felt guilty about killing my parents, tears stream down my cheeks, I looked back at Hunter who was smiling back at me.

"Is there any other witness ?" the court was quiet.

"Lawyers your closing argument?
" The judge asked. "I have made my point and I'm sure with my statement and I hope the jury will make a wise decision." he said and sat down, Celina got up.

"My honor, Hunter may have hurt a lot of people but I know he won't hurt those he love, he had an argument with his mother it doesn't mean he would kill and want to hurt Amirah he loves her." she said and sits down.

"Juries, Hunter Dominiquez is guilty for the death of Esther Dominiquez from the concluding arguments and statements decide, you have five minutes." The judge said giving us a 5 minute break.
Paisley went up to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry Amirah the plaintiff lawyer statement was loads of bullshit you are going to win this case." she encouraged.

I saw Hunter talking to Thiago so I walked up to him and Thiago left.
"Paisley said we'll win the case and you'll come back home." I said.

"If I don't come back after this Amirah, listen to what ever Thiago has to offer." he said and I didn't like his tone.

"We've not even heard the verdict yet." I said and he smiled at me painfully.

"Promise me? " he repeated and I nodded, I wanted to hug him so bad but the bailiff won't let me.
I walked out and bumped into Alec.

"You lied like your useless excuse called existence, how did you frame the body or send the fake information I'm sure you sold the information to the lawyer." he only shrugged.

"Surprisingly I didn't even meet with the lawyer if I did Hunter wouldn't have any hope of still going on with the verdict and I told the truth anyways, just come with me and I'll make Hunter free." I looked back at Alec coldly.

"Tell Colt that well done and he's going to pay if anything happens to Hunter." I said walking back to the court room as everyone went back to their seats.

"The court is back in session have the Jury reached their verdict." The judge asked they nodded handing a lady their letter and handed it to the bailiff to give to the judge, he looked over it and signed it and nodded and gave them their letter back.

"My honor we have reached a final verdict"

"Will the defendant stand up please." The Judge called and Hunter stood up.

"You may read the verdict." he ordered as one of the Jury stood up.

"Mr Dominiquez is found not guilty for the death of Esther Dominiquez." a few of us heaved in relief and a sudden mummer bounced back and forth, the Lawyer hit the gavel ordering for silence.

"The Verdict is not complete." he stated

"He is not found guilty for her death but he's guilty for the death of Amirah's parents, her sister, Regina Hayles and Cross Bennett and so will have to pay and therefore is sentence to death."
The Judge hit the gavel.

"Hunter Dominiquez you will pay for the lives you took and pay with your life the court is now adjourned." he hits the gavel and they took Hunter away.

Thiago got hold of me before I could run to Hunter.

"No Thiago, there is a big understanding, maybe I could just, maybe, maybe.. " tears rolled down my cheeks I could not accept it.

~To be continued~

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