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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 44


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 44

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

'Amirah think.'

My thoughts voiced internally while I stared back at the horror in front of me, it's all over the news Hunter's in jail for having a hand in killing his mother and his case will be upheld in a few days.

I sat in front of the tv praying this was all some nightmare I would just wake up from but no this was all real.

Kaleb was busy with something I didn't bother to care about and Thiago watched over me since Hunter was in the correction detention center waiting for his case to be handled in court.

It's been a week now and I've not actually visited Hunter. I didn't need to visit him when he needs evidences that he isn't the killer.

Thiago tried convincing me to visit him but I couldn't, I sat down replaying the evidence in my head.

Thiago walked in with breakfast, I haven't actually slept in a few days and it was affecting me really bad.

We both ate in silence while I glued my eyes to the television.

Thiago sighed picking up the remote and turning the it off.
"Hey I was watching that." I said exhausted as the effects from the lack of sleep started kicking in.

"Amirah, you look like a ghost bride, your eyes have dark circles underneath you look paler than usual and to crown it all you're exhausted everytime." he said initially worried.

"Hunter's case will be looked upon a few days from now and you're nagging me at least I'm doing something so that Hunter might not die in jail or get a lesser sentence." I said furious no body but me is taking this seriously.

"Amirah I do care but Hunter can take care of himself and we both know Hunter wouldn't kill his mother." he said. "Then who killed her? " I hoarsed already down and confused.

I heard a knock from the door I didn't bother to care who it was, I heard Paisley and Thiago whispering.

"Are you telling me she hasn't showered for a week." I could hear the horror in Paisley's voice.

"Are you going to help talk to her or not? " Thiago questioned sternly she giggly entered the living room and sat down next to me.

"Mama, I think your hair needs washing, I know a great place where we can fix it up infact we can go right now." she insisted pulling out a coupon from her bag.

"How can you think about getting your hair done when Hunter is in jail, do any of you even care what's going to happen to him? " I wanted to cry but I was infuriated.

"Amirah do you think Hunter killed his mother?" Paisley asked I only shook my head.

"Then Hunter is innocent, he's a billionaire he can get a good lawyer to win his case I know you're worried but that doesn't mean you have to look draggy and exhausted, Hunter will be fine." surprisingly she lamented while I nodded.

"But why would someone kill Hunter's mother? " I asked she couldn't answer that question and I didn't expect her to give me that answer.

"Cause, that dickhead probably thought he could tear you both apart and it won't because you guys are meant to be with each other so no matter what or how you guys try to stay away from each other you guys belong to one another." she said and I feel a bit better, she pulled me in for a hug.
"Thanks Paisley." i mutter.

"If you want to thank me go up and take a damn bath and let's go get out hair done, I'm thinking of getting our hair bleached." she said while I pushed her away.

"Keep your chemicals off my hair." I retorted.

"It's just a little bleach, geez." she said while I ran upstairs to freshen up.

Alec's Pov
I walked in the room Colt was done fucking one of the employees and the bitches actually give him their pussy to lick.

I leaned against one of the walls the female employee blushed when our eyes met, I looked away she confidently tried to impress me by swaying her hips I just disappointed her looking straight at a wall.

She left after staggering in humiliation.

"She wants you like every female employee here and you just give them the cold shoulder." Colt muttered buttoning up his shirt.

"They don't have what I want." I replied directly.

"They got a pussy that's the most important thing and I see the way they looked at you. I can't imagine being a woman and being denied dick because you're waiting for a girl who wants nothing to do with you." Colt said.

"Cause you don't fucking know anything about love." I said smiling to myself.

"What's with the smile on your face? " he asked.

"Hunter got arrested for killing his mother after Delilah killed her and he got framed for it. How did you quickly frame him like that? " I asked he shot me a surprised gaze.

"I didn't even know Hunter was arrested." he replied.

"It's all over the news, maybe if you stopped fucking every pussy that passes you by you would have known, this means if you didn't frame Hunter who did? " I asked.

"Maybe enemies who hate Hunter as much as we do." he said. "We have to celebrate and also use this to our advantage, Hunter won't be there to protect Amirah so at the mean time she's defenseless."
"If you are forgetting she has that bodyguard of hers." I chimed in. "Bodyguard or no bodyguard we can use this as an opportunity since we know who actually killed Esther we could trade it for Hunter's freedom, we just have to wait until everything is in knots." he said drinking a glass of whiskey.

"And what about those who framed Hunter how do we know they are on our side we don't even know what are their reasons for framing Hunter it's suspicious." I said he played with his glass ignoring my statement.

"it doesn't matter who framed Hunter they are after what we want, the downfall of Hunter Dominiquez and they just provided a stepping stone." he said. "Don't you think it's strange Hunter would have been out of prison by now, but he's just going with the arrest." I said, Hunter could just easily get out of jail and he chooses not to.

"That's none of my business, besides his case won't be handled by the mere cops they would be handled by the states so chances of Hunter getting out of prison easily is a zero." he said
"But.. "

"No buts, everything is now coming together you get your Amirah, Hunter dies and I'll once again roam the country without restriction." he said plugging a cigarette between his lips.

Amirah's Pov
I finally paid a visit to Hunter, I sat down nervously fiddling with my fingers trying to keep my mind from negative thoughts, I was checked twice before I actually got here waiting for Hunter.

The room I was in was said to be a white room, they could hear anything I was going to say and see through the room but I couldn't see out the room.

Hunter came in, they free him from his handcuffs the first thing I thought I acted on it, I hugged him because this was what I wanted right now.

"Miss me Vera? " he cooed.

"Don't make fun of me and shut up." I said as he ran his fingers through my hair, I buried my face down his torso.

"What convinced you to finally pay a visit." we both pulled away from the hug.

"I was afraid." I only said he knew what I was talking about and he knew they were watching us from outside.

"I didn't kill my mother Vera so don't be afraid." he said. I just nodded looking intensely at him. "But, I don't want you staying in Nashville." he said.

"I'm not leaving." I yelled at the top of my voice. "You're being blamed for a crime you didn't commit and you are telling me to leave it doesn't work that way." my emotions were flooded and my tears fail to hold back.

"Amirah I can't protect you and I can't risk your safety all I need you to do is to stop being stubborn and just comply." he said.

"Comply to what not being there for you when you get your verdict, I've lost way too many people I'm not going to watch you become one of them." I said my cheeks were flushed from crying.

Hunter resumed to saying "Amirah this is for your own good, we both know you're the one who's safety is at risk if you stay... "
"Then I'll stay, I'll take all the risk I'll get you out of here and prove you are innocent and you didn't kill your mother, I won't let you go." I interrupted his speech he pulls me into a hug stroking his fingers through my hair.

"it's not fair, you should want to get out of here, you should be free, you should not be convincing me it's okay you're here, you promised you would come back to me." I sobbed loudly.

"I won't force you to leave but after the trial and if my verdict Is not good then I want you to leave Nashville forever, promise me that." he said looking back at me in the eye.

"Then I won't let you be prosecuted after the trial."

It was the day of the trial, it wasn't held in a normal court room it was held in a more advanced setting, the room was brood only a few lights shone lighting up the room.

The case didn't start until a half an hour.

I was outside the courtroom reciting some mantra to keep me calm I saw Delilah coming my way but I ignored her.

I was waiting for Thiago go get the so called professional lawyer until I saw him with Celina she was dressed in a pant suit with her handbag by her side.

They walked up to me I glanced sideways.

"Where's the lawyer? " I asked.

"She's looking at you right back in the face" Celina sassed I looked back at her in awe.

"Wait Celina? You're a Lawyer? " I asked jaw dropped.

"I work in a court office and studied law so of course I'm a lawyer don't worry about anything I'll handle everything." she assured while my stare caught Alec.

"Excuse me." I dismissed from their presence striding over to Alec.

"You've come to watch Hunter go to jail? " I asked.

"Yes and to see how you want to get out of this." he cooed.

"I know you killed Hunter's mother and then framed Hunter somehow, the recent death of mr Bennett and Regina you are behind them too." I scowled at him. "I didn't kill them Amirah, what makes you think I killed them Dorothy." he said.

"I still have the evidence of you and Hunter's conversation and sent it to the court, proof that you and your worthless father are hiding my uncle and proof that he's still alive and sent an assassin to kill my sister they would be enough proof that you killed Hunter's mother." I said venomously he looked back at me in shock.

"I don't know what you're talking about Colt's dead Amirah I shot him remember, you have to believe me." he insisted
"Believe you? I don't know what to believe anymore. you keep lying and twisting the truth that I don't know what to believe anymore Alec, I don't know why you're doing this or what exactly happened that night or if you messed with my memories but I know deep down you have something to do with the everything." I said he looked back at me emotionlessly.

"I know my uncle is alive and I know you're working with that bastard but watch me I'll make sure Hunter is innocent." I said and Alec smirked.

"Even if your Uncle is alive how will that help with Hunter's case, Hunter is responsible for the death of many people and any of those would give him a verdict harsh as death, I'll just sit back and watch the verdict, there is no need for fighting Dorothy." my heart sanked depicting the truth of the situation.

"I won't let that happen I'll prove Hunter's innocent and Colt is alive and responsible for everything." I voiced even though I was frightened.

"Goodluck Dorothy you'll need it." he wished before walking in the courtroom.

Thiago walked up to me and we both head to the court room, my heart raced as my eyes landed on Hunter and the judge took his place.

"All rise the court is now in session."

To be continued

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