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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 43


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 43

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Alec's Pov
I walked into the room furiously, there he was sitting down probably feeling fulfilled.

"You killed her? " I yelled with anger and wrath shut up my veins.

"Relax I didn't kill her, I just taught her a lesson of minding her own business." he cocked clearly upsetting me. "You planted the bombs at her boat, she could have died, you have no right to touch Amirah." I hissed clenching both my fist.

"She didn't die if I wanted her good as dead I could have killed her bodyguard and bombed the boat as well besides he saved her." he gloated.

"All you've been doing is jeopardizing the agreement, this wasn't part of the fucking deal Colt." I spat out furiously. "She doesn't love you, she's head over heels in love with your cousin why do you still think you have a chance with her." he hissed.

"I made a promise to her that we'll be together no matter what and if it means going insane and forced to deal with you, I'll do anything for Amirah, it's not something you'll understand because you're worthless." I said.

"Soon you'll come to learn she's nothing more than an item with no knowledge about her surroundings I have no interest if she lives or not." he said.

"You are just a worthless piece of shit hiding from my cousin, using Amirah to draw out Hunter was one thing but taking her life is unacceptable, next time you dare plot something this stupid, I'll kill you with my bare hands before Hunter gets to." I threatened he only chuckled.

"Your father will be disappointed when he hears about your intentions towards me."

"Fuck it, when it comes to Amirah I don't give a damn if it means turning my father against me." I said and left before he uttered anything else.

Amirah's Pov
I coughed violently waking myself up, my body felt like it was in pain and my head freaking hurts, my stomach felt it was tight on knots and my nose felt like it was bleeding, my throat was dry my eyes were hot and blurry.

My mind thought back to the experience on the boat.

How the fuck did I survive?
"Good you're alive." Thiago heaved loudly I stared at him from my death bed.

"What happened? Where are we? " my voice was dry and a little bit inaudible.

"You went unconscious, I had to give you my oxygen mask so you could breathe and swam back dragging your unconscious ass back to mainland, I booked an hotel by the way Hunter doesn't know you almost died, I thought I was going to loose you." he said in pain, I just shot him a smile even though I knew I was in severe pain.

"Thank you." I muttered quietly trying to breathe. "I called some health care they said you are fine but they mentioned you'd be in extreme pain when you wake" no wonder my everything hurts.

"Does Hunter know about this? " I asked.

"Like I said he doesn't know, my phone is dead and he doesn't know if we are alive or dead." he said bracing his nape and I feel bad for him because Hunter is going to kill Thiago if he finds out.

"Kaleb knows about us though I called him with the hotels hotline, he said he was going to keep Hunter busy but I don't know how long." he said.

"My uncle is alive, but how? Did doctor Gael mess with my memories too, I saw him die." I said, Thiago walked up sitting at the edge of the bed. "Sometimes the mind wants us to believe what we want to see, I don't know about your uncles case but we know his body was not dumped and I already informed the government about the bodies so they will take it from there." He said.

"I don't want to live in fear about the thought that my uncle is alive I want solid proof not a blurred incident that was confused with another, it could be another person that wants me dead." I said.

"Amirah, you have to forget about this you need to move on knowing who wants to kill you won't help." Thiago advised.

"And living in fear on who wants to kill me without actually knowing for sure if it's a particular person won't help for sure I want to know." I said and he just forced a smile.

"You could have just rested for a while and try to move on, if you go deeper Amirah you're going to bring war are you ready for what your sister spent a few years of her life trying to protect you from? " I didn't understand what he meant but I knew something was coming I just nodded in conclusion.

"I'll go get you something to eat, we will arrive shortly back in Nashville after you rest." he said I just nodded and shut my eyes drifting away from reality.

Hunter's Pov
"Where are they? " I yelled at the top of my voice, I was trying to dial down the fact I was worried. Amirah didn't come back home and Thiago is out of reach.

"They are fine Hunter this isn't the first time Thiago has been off the grid." he reminded me .

"Of course but he wasn't with Amirah." I said as calm as I could.

"Sir." Hilary barged in my office gasping for breaths. "Sir... " I looked back at her, Delilah walked in with a smile, Hilary turned to see Delilah enter without my permission, she squirmed quietly.

"Sir, I told her to wait outside and book an appointment but she insisted." I halted my hands in the air insisting it's okay, relief was written on her face.

"Leave." Everyone but Delilah left.
Delilah had a huge smirk on her face I didn't know what it was but I knew it was trouble.

"Delilah how can I help you? " I asked she only chuckled loudly. "Do I have to make it obvious I want you babe." I looked back at her as she flirtatiously pushed up her boobs.

"Sir, a young man may have information where Amirah and Thaigo are." Hilary informed me through the intercom on my desk.

I pushed the button and voiced "Have him come in after Delilah leaves." I looked back at Delilah signalling her to leave.

"You can't get rid of me Hunter." she scoffed.

"Delilah because of the respect I have for you and the recent death of your father I'll excuse that comment leave." I scowled at her.

"Why did you never tell me about the Dominiquez code? Why did you never tell me about who you actually are? Why did you tell a child instead of your own wife? Why did you marry me when you knew you didn't love me?

Why did you make me fall in love with you and now treating me like we are strangers it's not fair, I had you first Hunter, I loved you, I still love you." tears stream down her cheeks and to think after all these years I held her down and never talked about it to her.

"Who told you all these? " I asked I was curious.

"It doesn't matter, just why? "

"I did love you but not in a way I could love you as a lover, I never told you about the Dominiquez code because it felt wrong Delilah, I wanted to end the Dominiquez code that's why I deprived you of your happiness I'm sorry." I said and she gasped.

"Don't tell me sorry, tell me you love me and stop this childish belief that you're in love with a bitch, let's reunite and we can end that stupid code." she said I shook my head.

"I'll break you free from whatever spell she has you on, you'll love me again." she muttered before running out

Amirah's Pov
"I feel much better now." I said eating a butter cake Thiago bought for me, he just watched me eat it in a whole.

He just kept staring at me and my stomach.

"I'm not pregnant." I said he chuckled to himself like a maniac.

"I wasn't going to ask you if you were, besides your chances of getting pregnant are pretty low." he said while my cheeks heat up.
"Are you trying to say I'm infertile ?" I asked glaring at him, his gaze on me was mild and gentle. "No you are way more fertile at this age, Hunter is the kind of guy that has his dick on rubber." I almost choked on my silava.

"Fuckface." I hissed getting up and stretched my body felt way lighter.

"We are off grid in the mean time, it's impossible for anyone to track us even Hunter or Kaleb at this point." he said.

"Haven't you been communicating with Kaleb and don't you think your accounts can be tracked? " I asked.

"Kaleb no longer is aware of our location and don't worry I have an encrypted account that could support us financially for a few days so we don't have enough time before we actually figure out what is going on." he said and I just nodded.

"So what now? " I asked pushing the plate away next to me.

"Kaleb sent me some files on his tab he thought it could help us both." he brought out his laptop and connected it with the flash drive.

All I saw was perplexed programs and data, he clicked on an icon we were going through the files until my eyes landed on Rivera.

"@RiveraHolden2859 that's my father's name, someone forged my dad's account." I said.

"That account made a transaction a few weeks before your sister died." he said.

"What does an account have to do with my dead sister ?" I asked.

"This is the account of an hitman, the transaction made was $200,000 to kill your sister, Kaleb traced it to a few of his social media accounts hey made a deal to kill your sister and how to do it." he said showing me their messages.

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The more I read their messages the more my blood boiled he even made fun of her after, not caring for her life.

"That bastard killed my elder sister." tears rolled down my cheeks remembering how I found her stabbed to death, I felt like going back in time to shoot my uncle for good.

"Did he make any other transactions ?" I asked.

"He made another transaction with the account to bomb the boat we were in he's been monitoring your movements and reporting back to the account to know when to strike." I clenched to the folds of the sheets of the bed.

"If we meet him we can confirm if this information is legit and if my uncle is alive." I said with complete bitterness.

"We can hold on and let you rest for now." Thiago insisted.

"Take me to the bastard." I groaned.

Delilah's Pov
I went to Derek's club wearing a short dress, my blonde hair was bouncing beneath my shoulders, all eyes were on mine, I ordered some drinks to get in the mood and took two bottle and a glass.

I stroll over to his office kicking the door down, he was almost stripping naked one of his strippers, the moment our eyes met she hated me, I looked back at Derek who licked his lips on staring at me.

"Get out." I said walking over to Derek, she was in shock looking back at Derek.

"You heard her get the fuck out, we have business." he said, she left humiliated since Derek didn't let her finish dressing up.

I settled the bottles and glasses on the table, I needed to be smart.
I picked up a bottle and a glass walking seductively over to him finally I sat on his thigh popping the bottle open and pouring a glass.

"Why the occasion? " he asked finally puzzled.

"You made me realize something." my face inch close to his, I handed the glass over to him while I gave him a lap dance and he drank slowly, I kept giving him a glass until we had a hot make out session.

His hands trailed to down to my thigh.

"Baby you want this." I pushed up my boobs he nodded drunkly.

"Then tell me where she is and I'll show you all these bitches are nothing compared to me." I purred in his ear lobe.

"What? " he asked.

"Your mother, Where is she? " my kisses trailed down his neck as he moaned.

"I can't tell you." he confessed.

"Baby tell me please don't you want this." I pulled up my dress a bit revealing more than my thigh.
"She's, she's... " my lips locked with his, our tongues amorously begged for each other contacts.

"Tell me or else I'll keep teasing you." I said after the kiss looking into his eyes, it was pure lust.

"She's in Detroit, in Macon." my grin grew wider, I picked another glass and put in some pills before giving him a final glass.

"Sleep tight." I whispered and he dozed off to sleep.

I picked up my phone and contacted the number I got a few days ago.

Amirah's Pov
Me and Thiago stood in front of the bland house, it didn't look like the house of a Hitman, I expected it to be more dark.

The thought about him killing my sister feed my thoughts, I took the first steps before Thiago.

Thiago stopped me before I got to the door, I turned to face him.

"What will you do if you meet the man that kill your sister." I free away from his grasp heading to the front door and ringing the bell, the person who answered it was a young woman probably paisleys age but she looked more matured.

"Can I help you? " she wore an emotionless expression.

it was she who killed my sister.
"Good afternoon ma'am we are doing a survey and we are asking our neighbors just a simple question." she stared back at me coldly and back at Thiago.

"I don't have time for this I have work to attend to." she stated about to shut the door, I forced the door open with my foot she stopped before she breaks my leg.
"This question is very important and I'm sure you might easily pass this survey." she looked back at me with a frown. "What question exactly? " she asked while I kicked the door opened.

"How do you sleep at night after you killed my sister." she shared a shocked expression.

"But.." before she could reply I punched her at her nose, she was already bleeding, I didn't even know I had the ability to do that and it felt so good punching something.

"Fuck, how dare you bitch." she tried to punch me but I dodge. "Did your nose break, because I wanted to inflict more damage than a broken nose." anger coarse through my veins.

She started pulling me by my hair, and I elbowed her at her chest twice, she backed down in pain.
"I waited for three years to find my sister when she was right in front of me do you know what I've been through." she twisted her neck in pain, I lunged at her but she threw me down to the floor breaking a picture frame, she took the glass picking it up.

Thiago tried to intervene but I punched him at his throat while I was struggling.

"Colt should have just let me kill you when I had the chance." she hissed.

"So you admit, you're working for my uncle and you killed my sister and Ariel." I yelled.

She stood up wiping her blood from her face.

"I don't know who the fuck Ariel is but she'll be happy to see you in hell with her." she muttered about to stab me with the glass, I dodge her and picked up a wooden chair and whacked her till she was defenseless.

I picked up the glass and squatted towards her.

"I waited every minute for this day I thought you'd be a man but either way I'll slide this glass down your throat until you know what I've been through, I almost did suicide, taking away your life won't teach you what I've been through, I'll make sure you pass through hell." I said about to stab her.

"Mommy." I saw a little boy coming down the stairs with tears in his eyes.

"Noah go back upstairs." he looked like he was 4 his eyes were wet from tears.

"Don't kill my mommy." The boy begged in tears. "Your mommy killed my sister is that right? " I asked with tears running through my eyes, the boy came down from the stairs walking up to me.

"Noah go back." the lady cried.

"Don't kill my mommy she's sorry, she's doing it so the bad man won't kill us, my mommy is the only one that I have after daddy left her please she's really sorry, I lost daddy, I don't want to loose mommy too." The boy said standing in front of me and I let go of the glass.

He walked up to me and hugged me.

"Thank you for not killing mommy." he muttered I glanced at the lady she was crying and I couldn't help but cry too but my tears were louder.

Thiago recovering from my attack went to help the lady up.

"Tell me what's your relationship with my uncle." I asked as she nodded.

Delilah's Pov
I walked up carefully to the front door of Esther after escaping the traps she set up she's a smart old woman but I ain't stupid, I let myself in it was dark and quiet.
"You are stupid child." I turned to see her sitting down not giving a damn about me.

I walked up to her and pointed my gun at her.

"You're the one stupid old rat, you're the stupid curse in this family when I kill you Hunter will be free and he'll be mine." I said as she shook her head.

"Leave now Delilah before you make the biggest mistake of your life." she threatened.

"You teamed up with that witch Amirah and turned Hunter against me, it's all clear now you never liked me and now you go into hiding and send a little witch to tear down my marriage." I said.

"You tore down your own marriage with your own hands and blame it on anyone you despise not knowing what you married into, you married into Hell Delilah." she said while I held on tightly to my gun.

"You should talk, you witch aren't you afraid of me pointing a gun over your head." I asked.

"That's a stupid question, your job is to kill me not ask me stupid questions." she said unafraid.

"You knew about the Dominiquez code, you're the evil that needs to be eliminated after that it will set Hunter free." she just laughed at me.

"Shut up." I shot her straight to her chest accidentally, she only smiled, my eyes widened in shock she was smiling knowing very well she took a bullet.

"You think killing will end the Dominiquez code? I am nothing but a pawn set up you were just being used, the only way to set Hunter free is for Hunter to die with no offspring or choose to have children and be a father without having to die but that will be impossible because every enemy will come for him." my eyes widened in shock and the gun escaped from my grasp, she looked lifeless.

"I'm sorry I didn't know." I apologize.

"You will die the same way I was killed stupid child, you will die alone with no children, husband and relatives by your side then you'll know at the point of death life isn't a game to play with when it's gone." she breathed heavily while tears ran down my cheeks.
"It's gone." she whispered quietly before she died.

Amirah's Pov
"Colt is someone I owe, I was an assassin for the government I made a mistake murdering one of the government officials when he tried to rape me, I was 18 I was sentenced to death but Colt saved me for only one condition that I eliminate anyone who is against him." she whispered, I know she's somehow a victim but I can't help to hate her.

She killed my sister, Noah was on my lap busy with his imagination.
"I wanted to back out after I gave birth to Noah, I want Noah to live a normal life but he holds me to that debt that he rescued me, he says he owns my life, I don't care about that I care about Noah." I looked back at Noah.

"What happened to Noah's father? " Thiago asked.

"He left, he couldn't keep up with being a father and a casanova." she said as I brushed Noah's hair.

"I know you feel, you want the best for your kid and if you quit he'll kill you both." Thiago said.

"He doesn't know we are here, we are off grid." I assured her.

"He will send me to kill you one day, I can't wait before that time he's planning something." she said worried.

"Why do you think so? " I asked.
"If you worked with a mad man you'll understand." she said and I got up.

"If he sends you I'll be ready for you." I said coldly, Thiago didn't like my tone but I'm fucked up right now.

"Can I get your number so I help, we have a relief where you and your son can stay until the water settles." he said as she wrote him a piece of paper.

We both got up and waved goodbye to the both of them, we got into the car and drove off.
We were back in Nashville but heading to Hunter's place.
"I didn't know you could fight like that? " Thiago said trying to lighten the mood.

"I didn't either." I replied coldly.
"I think it was kinda sexy." I cringed at the word.

"Are you crazy " I yelled and he chuckled lightly.

"I'm proud you didn't kill her, you're not a killer Amirah, you are a fighter no matter what the fuck is the challenge you fight and that's what makes you a great fighter." oh my god I blushed, I'm so glad he did not see that.

"Can I ask you a question? " Thiago said I only nodded.

"Yeah." I said refusing to face him.
We were almost at the mansion I saw a few cars ahead which was odd they looked nothing like Hunter's.

"What will you do when you see your uncle? " the question rolled of his tongue I couldn't reply as we got down to our destination and the place was packed with police cars, i rushed down from the car digging through the crowd to see Hunter Handcuffed.

I ran over to him his expression softened when our eyes both met.
"What are you doing to him? " I asked.

"Amirah please leave." Hunter advised.

"Leave? They are arresting you." my lips quivered.

"Move out of the way miss."
They weren't answering my questions.

"I'm not moving until you tell me what you're arresting him for? " I said almost in tears.

"He's been arrested for the death of Esther, Dominiquez after torturing her, her body was reported found by a good samaritan." I looked back at Hunter who was smiling at me painfully.

"I'll come back to you Vera." they took him away and I broke down.

~To be continued~

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