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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 42


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 42

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Delilah's Pov
I woke up to see Derek next to me on my bed, I looked under my sheets to see Derek was still next to me and the image all came too clear, we had sex.

I facepalmed myself burying my forehead on my palms in the process my hair trapped my fingers while they combed down my hair.

Derek got up quietly while I looked daze in fury cussing under my breath.

"You're up already? " he whispered with that rapsy voice of his.

"We should never make this mistake again." I whispered sliding off the sheets and went to the corner of the room to get something comfortable to wear, this was my old room before I moved out.

"Having sex with me is a mistake? " the word slide of his tongue with a perplexed voice.

"Yes it's a mistake Derek, you had no right to walk in and have sex with me after my father's death in his own home ." I yelled he grew more confused than ever.

"You could have just refuse my offer instead of giving in and then I might have thought of it as a mistake." he said pulling up his jeans which were previously at the floor.

"Because you don't take no for an answer you bastard." I yelled he rolled his eyes sliding down the bed and walking up to me.

"Is that really the reason ?" his nose brushes slightly against mine.

"if this never happened I would still be happily married with Hunter not fucking the fuckface cheating bastard." I snarled, it intrigued him rather than threathen.

"You would still be married of course but you being happy? You can't be happy as long as you're married to Hunter." he states I felt I just got a kick to my stomach.

"What do you mean? " I asked.

"You don't love Hunter, you're just like Regina except you actually had a chance with Hunter, you confuse your obsession for love and at the end you just hurt yourself." he said while I cackled.

"What does a fuckboy know about love? " I asked with a confident smirk written on my face.

"Nothing, but I know your sudden unhealthy obsession with Hunter is bullshit, Delilah you're free you can get more richer and classier men who could die for you and you're just holding on to Hunter."
"I don't want anybody else but Hunter, I will die for him if it means getting him to love me because I love him if you see it as obsession then so be it, no one or thing will get in our way to rekindle our love." I said looking back at him with madness in my eyes.

"you will get hurt Delilah." Derek advised.

"I'm ready for the pain." I snarled and he nodded picking up his belongings and left.

I don't need the help of Alec, all I need is to cause Amirah so much pain or better yet eliminate her.

I'll kill her next if I have to.

Amirah's Pov
"Boating?? Doesn't that involve water? " I asked silently brushing my hair looking back at Thiago.
"Yeah, don't tell me you're scared of water? " he forced out a shock expression.

"I'm not scared of water, I can't swim and why do you need me risking my life just to go with you? What happened to Kaleb or Hunter? " I asked.

"They don't have what I need, you're the only one who is capable for this mission and it's not for Hunter it's for me." he stressed I let out a loud groan.

"Does it have deal with water? Can't you just do something else like the case of Regina and Mr Bennett instead? " I asked he just glared at me. "What's so important about this mission anyways, there is something more to it right? " I arched my brows.

"I better tell you because you're going to find out eventually." he grunted massaging the blinds of his eyes. "Three years ago after the death of your Uncle a russian dealer smuggled his body with a total of 5 others and dumped it somepart of the water bodies in the US."

"So? What does this have to do with me? " I asked.

"I think you might want to confirm if your Uncle is dead or not? " I looked back at him in confusion. "Dead or not, Thiago my uncle took a bullet to his fucked head and died right in front of me." I said with confidence.

"A few weeks ago when you were in Romania Kaleb ran a few data scan and found some transactions done under your Last name, you were in Romania we traced it to Iran but the account was hacked before we got to it.

whoever used it and unless you have a secret account set up in Iran I would like an explanation." he said and my heart sank down my stomach.

My Uncle can't be alive, he's dead I know I recalled correctly when I got my memories back, was that all a lie too?

"I don't have an explanation but a convinced proof of my memories Alec shot him." I half yelled his expression switched to a perplexed one and now I recalled I never told him about my relationship with Alec.

I looked down at the floor “6th ” a sigh.

"Alec and I were a thing, I don't want to talk about it right now but I'm sure my Uncle was killed." I said feeling uncomfortable he only nodded. "I know you are scared about knowing if your uncle is alive or not, Amirah you need to wake up there is something going on tear down that hallucinations this could be a big risk if your uncle is still alive." my shoulders shrugged.

'Be careful Amirah he wants you dead' I recalled the words of miss campbell.

"Why can't we inform Hunter? "

"We'll inform Hunter after we are actually sure it's your uncle, if we gather enough proof then we can somehow track the account to the source to know if it's him or not? "
"And if it's not him? "

"Someone wants you good as dead." he said and I nodded.

Thiago suggest we leave immediately he already booked us a ride, I could only pack my notebook and my purse and obviously I changed into something, a cute green jumpers and obviously sneakers and a jacket I band my brown hair in a messy bun.

"OK let's go." I held my phone in my grasps, Thiago looked away from his phone he drops the phone on my bed and takes away my phone.

"We don't need this." he said tossing my phone into a trashcan at the end of the room.

"Is someone going to track us down to the lake too? " I asked he chuckles.

"Nope, you annoy me whenever you're with your phone." he pushed a strand back I raised up my hand to slap the hell out of him but he held tightly to my hand.

"Weakling." and I was weak he wasn't even using that much energy, I was about to knee him at the balls but I heard a familiar interruption framed into a cough.

We turned to see Hunter leaning against the door, Thiago immediately let's go of me bracing his nape nervously.

"Am I interrupting something? " Hunter asked.

"No, it's good you are here I'm taking Amirah out, not out on a date though we are going to the southern banks." Thiago said.
"She can't swim, and she's far away from my watch Thiago." Hunter scowled at him.

"I'll be watching her, I'm one of your best man on the field and I've been helping with babysitting her if anything happens to her it's on me." Thiago said and Hunter nodded.

"Please." I pouted, Hunter facepalmed himself.

"Fine." he muttered in defeat, he looks back at Thiago. "If anything happens to her forget my respect for you I'll kill you." he muttered to Thiago who only nodded silently at his statement.

The wind was slapping hard hard on my face, I was with Thiago on the boat trying to breath in the harsh air we were somewhere in the sea I didn't know where, Thiago was riding the boat while I tried not to get sea sick.

"You really are afraid of the ocean." he cooed I was folded up trying to keep my self sane and he was just making fun of it, worse of all the signal here is poor or should I say no signal at all, why am I even complaining I didn't even bring my phone because Thiago tossed it in the trash can.

"Just Kill me instead it's better to die in your hands than to be killed by water." I spat vehemently.

"Nah I promised Hunter I would bring you back alive." he gloated and slowly stopped the boat, I peeked round we were surrounded by water.

He brought me here so he can kill me easily and probably leave and run away.

"Get up will you? " Thiago said but I just shook my head, I rather curl up here and die than get up.

He walked up over to me pushing my chin up with his finger, wait damn Thaigo's hot, I mean when he's not being a dickhead.

"It will be fine you're not going to die, I need your help pulling me down into the water."he said getting up and taking off his shirt and changing into some water proof suit.

"You're going in the water ?" I asked, he nodded. "The bodies were said to be dumped here your job is to pull me down slowly till I can reach the bottom, we can communicate through these." he said handing me an head set with a microphone, they were modernized and looked waterproof. He wore his own pair and a camera was attached.
"What's with the Camera? " I asked.

"So we can have footage of the bodies." h said.

"Wait aren't the bodies compost by now ?" I asked.

"Yes but the body was injected with preservants that has no reaction with water so probably if the fishes haven't eaten his flesh then probably his body is still intact." he said wearing his mask and connecting it to the oxygen tank, he put on his goggles dangling at the end of the boat, he tossed me his phone.

"You can have a look too while the camera records everything." he said and I saw myself looking on the phone.

"Be careful." I said he nodded before jumping into the waters.

I was alone on the boat slowly lowering his straps as he dug deep in the waters, I could see from his phone it was pretty dark it went on like 15 minutes until I got bored as fuck.

My eyes stroll to the waters it felt like someone else was under the boat too other than Thiago, it was either my eyes were playing tricks on me or someone was under this boat, I was about to make sure of what I saw until I heard force breaths from Thiago from the phone.

"Thiago ?" I asked turning up my headset but I didn't get a reply, the straps were still rolling down. "Thiago?? " I voiced again worried.

"oh my god, oh my god what do I do now? " I panicked I heard him chuckle over the phone.

"Aww I didn't know you care about me so much, I'm touched." he said, I was relieved and mad while he chuckled victoriously for making my heart beat like crazy.

"Seriously? I was worried I thought you died, now I wish you were." I mourned I could feel him rolling his eyes.

"Are you seeing this? " Thiago asked, I looked back at the camera.

"What am I seeing? All I see is nothing." I hissed. "Exactly." he said.

"Is this the right place the bodies were dumped? " I asked.

"It is, a few bodies were dumped here along with drugs and if you noticed there isn't a single aquatic life swimming here." he said.

"The bodies are there ?" I asked I could see the image getting clearer and some black liquid coming out from something like a vehicle.
"Is that a car? " I asked.

"They probably stuffed the dead bodies in the trunk." he said swimming to the depths he could finally set his feet to the buttomof the sea and swam round the car.
"open it." I whispered and he quickly jacked the locks and opened the trunk.

The view was horrific and something I wish I could unsee, a black liquid was oozing out of everyone of those bodies, three men and probably two women, my heart dropped.

"There are five people Thiago." I whispered in shock. He went silent noticing the fear in my voice.

"Amirah calm down." he whispered back.

"Calm what down? " I asked. "My Uncle is alive isn't it obvious Thaigo, he's alive, he's the one behind the fake accounts behind all these deaths he wants me dead." I mummered in shock.

"Amirah." he whispered, I heard something ticking quickly, my breath ceased.

"Amirah? "

"Thiago I think we were followed." I whispered.

"What? " he muttered under his breath.

"Thiago, someone planted a bomb on the boat." Thiago went quiet. "Jump." he ordered.

"Excuse me? " I asked my pulse was already accelerating.

"Amirah Jump." he ordered lastly and I had no choice but I jumped into the water taking a deep breath, like I suspected bombs were planted at the bottom of the boat, I tried swimming away but ended drawing myself closer to the boat, I looked down at Thiago, I couldn't see him clearly again I tried pushing myself away from the boat.

The bomb went off and the blast had a huge impact on me as parts of the boat knocked me out.
My eyes went shut, I was running out of breath.

He sent someone to plant the bombs, I thought he was dead he was the man that wanted me dead is still alive, on my last breath I knew this time I was going to die.

~To be continued~

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