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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 41


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 41

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Delilah's Pov
I stepped back a bit, my eye lid shut unnecessarily I looked back at Alec.
"Scared? " I didn't give him a reply I went silent he smiled. "Well that's all you have to do to free Hunter, imagine freeing Hunter he'll be all yours." he cooed into my ears my uneasy glare meets me, I shook my head.
"I can't." I stuttered replaying the horrible thoughts in my head. "She's not alive even if I wanted to." he smirked at my reply.
"Disappearing is different from death, she's very much alive and in hiding and the only person that knows about her is your fuckboy." he was talking about Derek.
"Why don't you do it yourself? " I asked.
"Derek doesn't give a damn about the family business and he sees the code as stupid but he knows very well the power his family has but yet choose to live the life of a casanova and with your connection with him you can easily get him to spill than we could." he said bracing his nape.
"And she knows we will be coming, unlike you she won't suspect you coming for her it's out of the book, it will increase your chances in killing her all you have to do is get her location." he said.
"I can't, I just can't." I retorted and he nodded.
"I understand you are still shocked on the whole thing but you know you are putting yourself in a huge risk if Hunter finds out that you killed Regina and your father, what will he think of his innocent ex wife, what would people think when you are behind bars." he hinted while I snarled at him. "get our of my house before I get the authorities." he just snickered at my threats.
"And what do you think they are going to do when they spot a bloody scissors in your apartment." his eyes orbed soulless like those of the devil, I peek in to see some emotions of pain he was hiding in those eyes.
What pain could he be hiding?
"Get out of my house." my voice amplified, he just scoffed and walked past me to my door.
"I know you will change your mind, you are just like me we do anything to get what we want till then we'll send you our contact, you can reach us when you are ready." he shut the door behind him, I back against a wall slow in my thoughts.
"What have I done ?"

Amirah's Pov
The news about the death of Mr Bennett spread like wild fire, Paisley woke me up with a phone call about the death of her father, she said something about him committing suicide, I was shocked it was all too much, first Regina, now mr Bennett I couldn't help but point my fingers at that it was more than a suicide, come on how can two people just succumb to suicide in just a short amount of time.
Something is definitely wrong.
Hunter wanted to check it out since the police were just dating out the evidence, I was at the back of the car with Kaleb who was going through his tablet probably texting someone or going through some files he was just smiling awkwardly.
Thiago was up front with Hunter, scaling the environment until we got to the mansion, we all alighted from the car shutting the door of the car, Paisley ran up to me in tears.
"Paisley.. " I muffled out breathlessly she squeezed the life outta me.
"He killed himself." she tried to word out her frustration but she almost made my pancreas pop out.
"I'm sorry, we will get through this I promise." she hugged me tightly the more and I'm sure I didn't feel my ribs.
"Hunter? " Delilah ran out of the mansion to meet Hunter and hugged him, I felt myself burning up for some reason, me and Paisley pulled away from the hug while I watched Delilah hug Hunter like her life depended on it.
Her muffled tears felt so fake to me I couldn't tell if it was the fact I was jealous that she's using this as an advantage or I just don't like her.
I don't like her.
"Hunter, I'm glad you came." Delilah mourned while I rolled my eyes in disgust, Hunter pulled away from the hug and just nodded but she still pressed herself on him.
"Can we have a look at the scene? " Kaleb asked as Paisley willingly took the lead with Kaleb to the Mansion.
"Shall we? " Thiago insisted, I looked back at Delilah who was mourning over the death of her father.
"My parents died I didn't throw myself at Hunter." I hissed under my breath but Thiago heard. "is Amirah jealous of Delilah? " he cooed and I scoffed dryly bracing my collarbone. "Jealous of her? " I scoffed again quickly heading in before Thiago teases me the more.
The Mansion was big and huge, but not as big as the Dominiquez's Mansion it was huge and classy, police officers were lining up searching the whole place, I twirled focusing my eyes on the black bag and I bet Mr Bennett's body is wrapped in there.
The spot he died was taped, the officers were busy polishing fingerprints to check if it was covered as murder, I walked up to the dead body, if only I can see his face.
I squatted down and looked if anyone was watching and stretched my hand to the bag.
"What now detective Amirah." I got up heaving a deep breath and weakly slapped Thiago.
"Are you insane? " I muttered. "I could have almost died." I whispered again he rolled his eyes and toss latex gloves at my face I took it off my face and shot him a confused look.
"If you want to have a look at the body at least don't make yourself a suspect." he said slapping on some gloves of his own, I wore my own gloves as we both squatted and unzipped the bag when no one was looking, the cops were distracted, Paisley was with Kaleb and Hunter was with Delilah.
He unzipped the bag revealing Mr Bennett's dead body, normally I'm supposed to be scared but I'm way too used to seeing dead bodies by now.
"What's the outcome ?" I asked.
"The cops suspect he committed suicide after getting drunk, earlier they found him with a knife and broken bottles, he must have gone mad after hearing Delilah got a divorce or something." I looked back at Delilah and back at the dead body, I unzipped the bag more to see dried blood from his thorax down to his torso.
My brows furrowed in felt like he was stabbed more than once but somehow it was cleaned or something, why would Mr Bennett of all people commit suicide.
"Where was Delilah ?" I asked. "He couldn't have gotten the news and decided to kill himself ?" I looked back at Thiago who arched his brows. "Are you insisting Delilah killed her father?" I shook my head sideways.
I zipped up the bag taking off the latex gloves and disposing them into a plastic bag that Thiago carried.
"She sure does love cuddling Hunter and doesn't feel a damn knowing her father is dead." I spat bitterly. "Delilah? She can't kill? She is easily scared and what reasons would she have to kill he father? " Thiago questioned.
"Maybe so she could get Hunter to feel bad and console his ex wife like right now, she practically did this so she could have Hunter wrapped around her nasty finger." I frowned, Thiago noticed smirking at me.
"Maybe you're just being dramatic and jealous that you're not the only one that can't tame Hunter." he gloated while I almost went red.
"Shut up." I hissed and he just giggled.
"Excuse me, this is a restricted spot, you shouldn't.. Thiago? " an officer called, Thiago squinted his eyes studying the face of the stranger, he didn't actually wear uniform just a plad shirt and faded jeans.
"Ezekiel? You're still alive? " Thiago called loudly reuniting with the stranger, he had gloves on and his mask pushed down he had white hair coming from the patches of his hair.
they both disengage from the hug happily while I stood lost.
"Men I thought you died at the pipeline." Thiago recited. "You thought I died, I'm alive you prick and I'm now the head chief of the police squad after years of paying for my crimes." I just looked back at them all the more confused.
"Fuck? Congratulations." they hand shook again.
"OK will you introduce me to your buddy here?" I asked.
"Amirah meet E-dog aka my weed buddy back in Mexico, Ezekiel meet Amirah my side chick." I kicked Thiago in his shin, he winced in pain while I walked up to Ezekiel.
"Like you'll get a side chick as Hot as her." Ezekiel commented and I blushed a bit.
"oh stop blushing he also thinks Delilah is hot too." I frowned at Thiago's comment.
"Don't mind him, I haven't seen your records before ?" he said.
"I an immigrant." I stated calmly.
"Well Amirah, why don't we get together sometime." he wiggled his brows, Thiago pushed me behind him. "She's off limit Ezekiel." he said like an elder brother protecting his little sister from a Perv.
"She doesn't belong to you, does she? " he arches his brows. "Nope, she's Hunter's." he looked like he's seen a ghost on the mention of Hunter. "oh, you're the mistress." I hate he referred to me as one. "Anyway what are you doing here? " he asked.
"We are here for the same thing you're after, we check the corpse it looked like the suicide was staged." Thiago said.
"well it isn't, we polished the body to find fingerprints we found none but his, and the knife had his fingerprints matched so it's concluded as suicide." Ezekiel muttered.
"it can't be a suicide, the body looked like he was stabbed more than once and definitely not with a knife something more effective." Ezekiel seemed amazed with my comment.
"And I should believe that statement? " Ezekiel question.
"She's right, Amirah is famous for being right on her instinct she's a natural." Thiago defended me. "Well I can't trust the instinct of a little girl who's known as the mistress of Hunter." he spat. "Watch your words Ezekiel, you can talk all bullshit but never talk to her that way." Thiago warned, Ezekiel laughed at his seriousness.
"oh I see, you're sharing pussy with Hunter, is her pussy wide enough for a threesome." Thiago didn't wait punching Ezekiel in the face twice, getting attention from Hunter and the rest of the cops.
"Did you know what she went through you fucking bastard." Thiago yelled, Ezekiel was bleeding through his lip, Ezekiel didn't expect a bloody punch from Thiago at all he was still in shock.
"Thiago? " Hunter called, Thiago expression softened when his eyes met with mine.
"You should have fucking died at the pipeline." everyone was confused, Thiago walked out without a word leaving the officers to assist Ezekiel.
The officers cleaned up and took away the dead body, I went out to meet Thiago who was brooding quietly he was standing at the steps leading to the mansion he made one last eye contact with Ezekiel before he left.
I stood next to him quietly lost because I didn't even know what to actually say.
"I can't wait to learn martial arts like that and punch guys like Ezekiel on the face." I voiced he smirked looking back at me.
"That wasn't martial arts and I bet you would faint on the first day." He hinted finally smiling.
"I bet I could beat you on the first day." I gloated.
"Yeah and get kidnapped, like Aarav's case." he dissed and I accepted defeat.
"Thanks for punching Ezekiel on the face for me and babysitting me and stopping me from killing myself and always being there when I thought you were just being a dickhead." we both turned and looked straight at each other, his eyes study my face and then my body, he bit his lip coming closer, I was just puzzled he just leaned pushing his face towards mine.
"Forget it." he retreated back to his position I was confused.
"Forget what? " I asked and he shook his head.
"Nothing important, so since I punched Ezekiel on the face I don't think we'll be talking to each other soon." He stated. "What do you think about the death? " he asked.
"like I proposed it can't just be mere suicide, something or someone has to have a connection with their deaths." I said.
"Like how? " he asked.
"First it was Regina and it was exactly proposed as suicide now it's Mr Bennett." I said.
"You think they share a connection? " he asked.
"No, I know they have a connection and one person is after them but I can't guess what the culprit will have to do with them, they are both rich, and were both influential and probably wanted something from Hunter, Regina wanted Hunter and Mr Bennett wanted grandchildren from Delilah and Hunter, they have to share some connection." I said.
"You have a point but the person who ever killed them just did Hunter a favor and killed them both but how could they both be a threat." Thiago said.
"And they are good at cleaning evidences, I bet it's Delilah." I said scornfully.
"Don't compare this with your jealousy towards her, Delilah can't kill and if she did she can't possibly think ahead and quickly clean off her tracks." he said.
"Then she didn't do it alone I guess she might had help besides Regina was previously close to Delilah before she married Hunter and stopped being friends." I said but Thiago shook his head.
"it doesn't make sense why she would kill her father." he said I already got fed up thinking.
"Well I guess you're right, we better head in I guess it's getting late." I voiced since it took us a whole day to get here it was already six on the dot, we both walked in to see Delilah yearning on to Hunter, I couldn't handle it anymore it was already childish, Thiago gripped on to my hand pulling me back pressing his lips on my earlobe.
"How good are you at passing out? " he asked while I pulled a puzzled look.
"What ?" I whispered.
"I know how to get you and Hunter some alone time but you have to hold your breath and bite the inside of your cheek and stagger back like you want to faint." he said.
"What? " I gasped. "Ready? " he whispered.
"No." I hissed.
He did something pinching my side and I staggered back doing what he said.
"Amirah?" Thiago feigned carrying me in bridal style, my eyes were half opened Hunter, Paisley and Kaleb ran up to me.
"Oh my god is she okay? " Paisley asked worried I feel bad already, Thiago pinched me again and I felt my limbs again.
"Let's get her a doctor." Delilah feigned being concerned I could hear it from her tone.
"No she's fine, Hunter you need to take her home she needs to rest." Hunter shook his head lifting me up in bridal style.
"Take care of her." Paisley voiced a little bit relieved. "Yeah take care of her." Thiago cooed.
Hunter left with me back home.

Delilah Pov
Thiago, Paisley and Kaleb left leaving me in my father's place, the memory of me killing me replayed in my thoughts, I was no longer a suspect like Alec said, the news of my father's death brought him to me, if only not for that bitch he would have been all mine.
The bell rang I went to answer it, I opened the front door to see Derek.
"What the fuck are you doing here? " I asked in a growl.
"I came to see you." he said shutting the door behind him.
"get the fuck out Derek you ruined everything, my reputation, my marriage and my happiness." I yell as he cooed backing me against the couch while he laughed at my remark.
"What do you call Happiness Delilah? Is it this?" he said pointing over my father's mansion.
"You were the one who risked everything, why are you suddenly ashamed now everyone knows you cheated on your husband, you want him back that you are forgetting what actually makes you happy? You're forgetting why we shared the same bed on the first place." he stated.
"What the fuck are you actually doing here? " I hissed.
He smirked pushing me down to the couch.
"To give you what you actually want." he said pressing his lips on mine climbing on top of me, I didn't push him off his lips mauled into mine, his hands trailed to my back where my zipper was.
"I want you Delilah." he moaned in my mouth before taking down the zipper.

Amirah's Pov
I was in Hunter's room, yeah I still faked being ill but Hunter wasn't consoling Delilah anymore, I was on his bed change to my night gown, he was busy a minute ago talking to some guy on his phone, I was busy texting Paisley telling her that I'm okay and about faking my illness, she told me she's finally proud of me.
I felt Hunter was heading back so I reported back to my position, he had his shirt flying off if I wasn't pretending to be sick I would have been drooling.
"Are you okay now? " Hunter asked while I faked being hot, he walked over to me with a smirk, I swear my heart lept out of my chest.
"Let's take that off." he insisted on my gown brushing his fingers up my calves and you to my arm, a chill overcome me, the dress I was wearing was purplish blue and bad a design of ropes knotted together.
Hunter held on to the rope, I moved my arms up my boobs as my cheeks heat up.
"I'm not hot anymore." I half yelled my cheeks were heating up, why was I like this he's already seen me nude before.
"I know you pretended to get my attention." my cheeks blushed harder and I got up sitting on my butt still having my arms over my chest.
"Well goodnight." I tried to escape he pushed me laid back on the bed.
"You're sick, I'll take care of you." he got on top of me and lipped me In a kiss, tangling his fingers with my hair, I kissed him back as we we both deepened the kiss.

~To be continued~

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