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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 40


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 40

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
"Say yes.. " Paisley whispered and we heard a loud thud plundering down the floor the event was at the first floor so we could still hear what ever thud to the floor.

"What the hell was that? " Paisley gave the camera man her phone and runs up to find out with a few of the crowd, I followed to see the most horrific thing.

"Fuck, that's Regina." Paisley screamed in terror to see Regina dead and lying in her cold blood.
 Some passerbys stopped in awe and horror while a few took pictures and recorded it, a few people on the top floor muttered taking pictures and recording it.
I took a clear look at her face, she looked like she was scared someone in this building killed her.

√Back in Nashville

The death of Regina was a shocking one, it was all over the news, Albanian prime minister's daughter dies.

After the premiere Hunter insisted we flew back to Nashville probably it was an attack gone wrong and it happened when I was around so probably they wanted to kill me but sadly they killed Regina instead.

I know Regina isn't a good person and she was horrible towards me but she didn't have to die because of me, Paisley stayed in Romania for a while until she finished her contract and edit the shots for the video, she'll be back in a few days.
I was at home eating ice cream I know I'm not supposed to ear probably when my life is in danger but you ain't going to tell me not to stuff my face when I'm stressed.

I stride to the living room to see Hunter with Thiago and Kaleb, Hunter didn't notice me he was too busy finding out who was responsible for Regina's death and was worried they would come after me.

"What does the press says?? " Hunter asked folding his arms, there were a bunch of other men in black it made me feel frail as the only female here.

"The media presses the act as suicide after you confessed on live tv to Amirah, they assumed she couldn't handle the fact of not being with you and they know very well her scandalous obsession over you so she killed herself, if this is true then the risk of Amirah being in danger is deflated." Kaleb said I stood idle, Regina didn't kill herself if she did she wouldn't have to that look in her eyes.

Of course she would have been scared but the fear written on her face when I saw it someone killed her and me believing that fact is a high level of me being the next victim.

"What does her father say ?"
"Her father said you use the confession as a distraction so you could kill her as revenge for him hiding Aarav and for she revealing Amirah's identity and he knew his daughter would kill Amirah so you had to kill her first." Kaleb said and finally Thiago noticed me and walks up to me bored.

"You're back and you are eating ice cream when your life is in danger? " he arches a brow and I nodded.

"Just because my life is in danger doesn't mean I won't eat." I muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"I heard Hunter dicked you congratulations." I cringed and dropped the plate from my grasps, my cheeks heat up and if I didn't want attention before I got it now.

"Are you okay? " Hunter asked Thiago snickered at me while Hunter made his way towards me, all eyes followed Hunter's direction as he pushed my hair strand back.

"I'm.. I'm fine." I stuttered falling my face to the floor to glass plate that was broken.

"Don't touch that." he stopped me and looks back at Thiago. "Clean this up." he glares at him while I stuck my tongue out to Thiago, he rolled his eyes at me while I grinned in victory.

"Where is Regina's body? " Hunter asked Kaleb who was going through his tablet.

"They shipped it back here in Nashville, we have access to examine the body as far as now we know nothing." Kaleb said.

"What about hacking the satellites or the cctv cameras can't we get anything? " Hunter asked almost hopeless.

"Surprisingly they blocked all information about what happened that night, who ever killed Regina is good and got away with pretty easily." Kaleb said.

"There is only one person that can commit a crime and get away with it so easily." Thiago mummered picking up the glass.

"Correct, my guess is your uncle Caine." Kaleb suggested.

"Impossible my uncle is overseas hiding away from my wrath, he knows the moment he oversteps his boundaries I'll kill him." Hunter said and my thoughts landed on Alec, he killed 15 thugs without a trace, Hunter doesn't even know.

I tried to shake off the thoughts but it all landed at Alec, maybe he wanted to kill Hunter but killed Regina by accident or something.

"Do you know something? " Hunter noticed my worried expression and I froze at first and then shook my head.

"No it's just a stupid thought." I voiced as he nodded.

They went back to discussing while I thought more about Alec being Regina's killer.

"I want to find out who killed Regina and I want the person dead." Hunter told Kaleb and the rest of the men in black as they nodded, he walks up to me and kissed me on my lips, my cheeks mellows a bit.

"Take care of yourself." he says before glaring at Thiago who was done picking up the glass.

"Stay with Amirah for today." Hunter says and leaves.

"God I hate babysitting you." Thiago groaned throwing himself back on his chair.

"I think I have an idea of who killed Regina." I thought to myself quietly.

"Who? " he asked.

"Where's Regina's mom residing? " I asked

"London, why are you asking? " Thiago grew curious. "Good let's go to London." I skipped like a 15 year old spoiled brat.

"You wanna go to London, that will take 8 fucking hours." Thiago argued.

"I know but we can find who's responsible for the death of Regina we just need to talk to her mother." I said going up to pick my jacket, I was already wearing a dress. "Hunter Is going to kill me if I don't bring you back." Thiago groaned.

"So you better bring me back." I stuck my tongue at him.

I had to wear a black mask because apparently I'm a big thing In London, can you believe delulus dug up my past pictures claiming I'm the daughter of the late secretary after finding out Hunter proposing to me in Romania, some think it's fake because they claim I'm dead while others think I'm alive and are going gaga over the fact that I managed to get a billionaire.
Hunter doesn't know I'm going to London but he'll find out later we both boarded a plane to London to see Regina's mother.

She was staying in her multi million apartment, we rang the bell and she welcomed us in.
She had her eyes on Thiago which I cringed at.

"Thanks for having us Miss.."
"Call me Campbell I like being referred to my last name." she smiled hinting she was still single to Thiago.

"So what brings the heiress to my humble home." I looked at her carefully and confused.

"Heiress? " I asked confused.

"Don't be so modest don't you know your father was the heir to an empire before he died likely it was strangely on hold but since you came back you have the right to inherit everything." I thought about the properties that's what the lawyer was talking about an empire?

"to be honest I knew nothing about this." I said and she looked amused.

"I shouldn't even be surprised your father wanted to give up the empire and switch to politics, he didn't approve of the idea of running an Empire worth trillion of dollars, your family is filthy rich I must say I'm surprised you didn't even know about your origin, your sister was supposed to inherit it but since she died I think you are now the last heiress." I thought deeply about what she said.

"How do you know about all of this? " I asked as she shut me a wide grin.

"I just happen to get my sources from the right place." she said handing me some bowl of cookies.

"Then you can help us find out who killed Regina." her face turned sour on hearing Regina's name, she searched for her packet of cigarettes, she lit a stick and started smoking.

"I'm sorry about the death of your daughter." I thought of consoling.

"Regina had millions of enemies being tight with underground drug lords I can't exactly pin point who would kill Delialah, she mixed herself with the gore and followed her father's footsteps, she has slept with different underground mafia's maybe something went wrong and she was a pawn in their game."

"You know about the underlords? " I asked.

"Sweetie my ex husband was underground drug lord, I was a trafficker who found herself in Nashville and had sex with him even though he was married, I baby trapped him my only luck was that he loved Regina he divorced his ex wife and I married him after Regina was born, he was always spoiling her she was 8 when she started smoking." I swallowed back my shock as she puffed in another smoke.

"I lost my best friend the only one who cared about me to death, I tried mingling her with good people but at the end she had an obsession with the overlord of darkness, Hunter Dominiquez. What ever she did to get into trouble I tried my best to get her to live a normal life." she said and me and Thiago shared each other looks.

"So you don't have a slight idea on who killed Regina? " I asked.

"I don't want to point fingers, I didn't have control over Regina's life but she was always blinded by her obsession with Hunter I wanted her to live a normal life and I thought her previous marriage would contain, she is daughter and I will still weep for her but whoever killed her I wish wish them the same death." she said I got up.

"I need to use the bathroom please." she nodded and gave me directions to the bathroom while I locked myself in and pulled out my phone to call Alec.

I waited patiently until he picks the call both lines were silent none of us uttered a word.

"Have you heard the news that's going viral? "I asked breaking the harsh silence.

"Regina's death? What about it? " he replied coldly.

"Did you kill Regina Hayles? " I asked he went silent for a while.
"Are you going to assume I kill everyone now?" I could hear him snicker at me it disgusted me a bit.

"You don't want me to know who killed my sister and I want to hear it from no one else but you Alec." I said.

"I didn't kill Regina good bye." he hangs up while I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and head back to meet miss Campbell massaging Thiago, I took a pic to torture him later in the plane.

"Well thanks for your hospitality miss Campbell we'll be on our way." Thiago quickly got up and swiped my phone from my grasps probably to delete the picture.

Goodluck I put my phone on lock.

Thiago went out first and Miss Campbell picked up her tray of cookies, I was heading to the door when she pulled me and whispered into my ears.

"Be careful Amirah he wants you dead." my heart sank down to my stomach.

"What? " I muttered but she shoved me out of the house and shuts the door while I replay everything she said in my head.

"Who wants me dead? " I muttered to myself.

It's being three days since my worthless trip to London, I was filling out my form to be the librarian of a private college and I fitted the category so I applied for the position.

I like reading and studying and also I would be surrounded with a room of amazing books reading instead of doing nothing, it was a part-time job though since I hate being a pool girl and I cannot swim.

It was quiet and I get to read free books and probably I might apply for that same thing my parents wanted to to apply and start going to college probably.

I was at the college quietly filling my application, Hunter said he didn't want me to be alone ever so he strike a deal either his men watches me or when I'm going out I needed to go with a friend, I had to wait till Paisley came back before I could bag this opportunity.

I didn't like the idea of having 3 bodyguards follow me everywhere I go although I was more popular now I still didn't want to live my old life.

My parents constantly assigned bodyguards and it makes me sick and since Thiago is out on a mission, Paisley is my only hope.

"Seriously Amirah, why don't we date instead everyone will forget you're Hunter's mistress." she suggested.

"I guess this is what I get bringing you with me." I groaned. "Why are you applying to be a boring librarian you should consider being a model." she suggested. "Nope I like being a boring librarian, I hate the fame I'm gaining for being Hunter's mistress I just want this it's peaceful." I object.

"I have connections, you could be famous like me and besides Hunter doesn't only have to get a stare from your body he's being greedy." she wiggles her brows.

"This is my decision I don't want to be a model Paisley besides it's quiet I get to read free books and also I get to control anyone who doesn't adhere to the rules." I whispered almost done filling my form, she rolled her eyes picking out her phone and started texting who so ever, she was giggling so I got curious.

"Who's the dick? " I arched my brows.

"none of your business get back to filling your form let's get drinks." She hissed and I rolled my eyes at her.

Delilah's Pov
I was in the limo with my dad, he was disappointed picking me up from the airport he couldn't even look at me, I sat down quiet thinking about how I killed Regina.

I felt thrilled, I don't have any regrets all I could think was relish on the feeling that bitch was dead and surprisingly I wasn't caught.

I smirked to myself if only I could kill Amirah that way then my life would be a bliss.

The thrill of recalling Regina's dead body didn't bother me at all, I don't know why people felt guilty it just felt right.

My dad took us home, the home where mom never came back to and the home Paisley choose not to remember.

"I am so disappointed in you." my father spat the moment we walked in.

"I don't have time for this father." I hissed walking past him.

"Do you know what you have done? Your reputation is already going down the drain now that everyone is convinced you slept with Derek Dominiquez and you go all the way to torture an innocent girl." he said.

"That innocent girl slept with my husband." I hissed.

"When I told you to make up your mind and either give me children or divorce I didn't tell you to go crazy and drag the family name you nut, and of all the people you sleep with that Casanova? " he growled at me.

"Daddy.. "

"Save your daddy, you my own blood is busy fucking up herself and while my foster daughter is out there making a name for herself." he hissed in regret.

"You are now praising your little daughter?" I growled.

"I made a mistake, I should have put you up in the orphanage you worthless child you didn't only managed to get divorced you dragged your reputation to the dust, your mother always hated you and now I know why." I didn't know what came over me I picked up a pair of scissors and sliced it at his throat and kept stabbing him till tears run down my cheeks.

The anger died down, I dropped the scissors realizing I killed my own father.

I quickly broke some glass of whiskey and placed it close to him like he was drunk and placed a knife with his finger print and and blood after wearing gloves, I picked up the scissors and left right home to my apartment in fear.

Again I felt thrilled and no pang of guilt seemed to hit me it was just the sweet sensation of their deaths.

I opened the front door of my apartment to see Alec in my apartment, I dropped my purse as the bloody scissors escaped my purse.

"What the fuck are you doing here? " I asked.

"You're not even afraid I might write you off after murdering someone, you're getting better already." I looked back at him confused.

"You know I killed Regina? " I asked.

"We were the ones who hid your track after her death, we polished off the finger prints, we blocked the cctv cameras, we hacked the satellites and no one can actually guess it's you." he said.

"Who do you mean by we ?" I asked.

"As of now we is me and my father, there is another one but he's not interested in you, my father is very much interested in you Delilah." I stepped back a bit shocked.

"You mean Caine Rhett? " I asked and he nods.

"Do you know the Dominiquez code? "!he asked and I shook my head.

"What's that ?" I asked.

"It's a code for the wealthiest overlords of darkness, they have influences and power beyond what you can imagine they have old money and old connections, they can order you'll be killed in your sleep and it will just happen, you only get lucky when they share you a limited compassion." he said.

"What does Hunter not giving me children have a code."

"There were five family names who were called the overlords of darkness, The Dominiquez are the last, they wanted to control their power so there was a tradition or should I say a code, if a heir was to have a daughter he was to send her away with his mother, if he had a son he was to die that same day and the mother was to raise the son till they were old enough." my eyes widened in shock on wonder Elenora left Hunter and Derek and no wonder Hunter did not want to have kids.

No wonder my father wanted a grandchild I'll be giving him power but he's now dead.

"And do you think I'm stupid to fall for this? " I asked.

"Can you mention any reasonable explanation why he didn't want to have kids, while he has connections all over the world, why he was always on business trips he was attending to business and he is the family from the overlord of darkness." I couldn't believe this, I didn't even bother to know.

"Why the stupid code? "

"The families were too powerful and they fear one could use the power for evil of course they do illegal businesses and cover it up with some company as excuse they have their limits, the other families were wiped out because of the code the last heir is Hunter." Igasped..

"There is only one way of breaking the code though."

"And what's that? "

"Can you do it? " he asked.

"I'll do anything for Hunter."

"Kill Esther Pat, Hunter's mother if you kill her then you can set Hunter free.

~To be continued~

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