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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 39


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 39

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Delilah's Pov

Hunter held tightly to my hand until I was wore out from slapping that little hoe in front of me. He stood in front of her shielding her away from my wrath all I could think of was stabbing that little brat, the doorbell rings again while Amirah goes to answer the door.

"Amirah? " I heard Paisley gasps as they made their way towards me and Hunter on shutting the front door.

"I thought you left with Alec I knew you stayed because of me... " Paisley finally lands her gaze on me with a snarl forming up her lips..

"What the fuck are you doing here? " Paisley growls ready to throw a fist, I rolled my eyes at her and hissed.

"I'm here to see my Husband." I snorted at her she was mad with anger for just setting her eyes on me.

"Oh you finally remember you have a husband after fucking my boyfriend." she hissed.

"It's your ex boyfriend and besides we both know you knew Derek wasn't loyal he sleeps with his strippers while you're busy with work you could never keep a man." she dropped her purse lunging after me but Amirah held her back.

"Paisley we need to leave." Amirah talked to her, she picked up her purse and lastly glared at me. "I wish you died instead of mom." she spat out venomously before she left with Amirah, those words hurts but I just shrugged it off, it was just mere words, I was left with Hunter.

"You should leave." he muttered.

"I'm not going anywhere until you explain." i voice. "Explain what Delilah? " he arched his brows.

"Explain why you didn't call, why you didn't care to know how your wife felt about you, why didn't you react when I cheated on you and why you think sleeping with someone else will get you over me , explain why you didn't want children, explain everything Hunter." a tear streaked down my cheeks muttering those words.
"I did care Delilah but you were the one who wanted us engaged, you were the one who wanted us to get married, you were the one ask us to separate, you were the one who admitted to cheating on me with my brother and you were the one who went haywire on and said you didn't want anything to do with me what's your problem in getting a divorce." he half yelled.

"We made an oath in the altar to love and cherish each other until the day we died not until one of us got tired and decided to get a divorce." I half yelled.

"Then why the hell didn't you talk to me when you felt like you weren't happy, why did you decide to have sex with my twin brother." my mouth went shut and I sighed.
"That doesn't matter, you're still my husband you don't have the right to sleep with another woman Hunter, I did everything just to be with you and I'm not going to loose it all because of some stupid mistake, I know I should have talked to you about it but you're not really the type to talk to easily." I said walking up to him.
"What do you want? Money? Power? What the hell do you want Delilah."

"I want my Husband, I want you Hunter, I want to have children with you." I said.

"I can't give you that Delilah." he stepped back a bit. "I can't put your life in danger and risk and think it won't affect you, I've already done too much, be grateful I don't want to put you in that situation, you don't know how it feels when that one person you love is prone to danger." he added.
"Then risk my life, scar me every part of my body make me bleed I don't care the love that I have for you will keep me going Hunter, love me too the way I love you, I will kill for you any soul that comes between our love will die in my wraths." I mourned and his expression softened.

"That can't work because I don't love you Delilah, I love someone else." my heart broke into a million pieces.

"Who is she? " I asked in a whisper. "Tell me who she is, is it that little mistress of yours if so then what do you see in that little home wrecker." I hissed.

"10 years ago we got married in favor of your father's wishes, he wanted a Dominiquez as a grandchild and you were his only ticket, did you ever ask him why he wanted a grandchild from you so badly." my mind went blank, I looked back at Hunter but I saw the figure of my father ten years ago convincing me to marry Hunter.

I wasn't a fan of arranged marriage but Hunter was the eye of every girl and the hottest guy in Nashville at the time and when I found out he liked me I knew all those times studying very hard, getting close to him at all cost paid off, I grabbed the opportunity and we started dating, my only mission at the time was to get pregnant for him out of wedlock, I tried but failed woefully and in the process I fell in love with Hunter discarding all the promises my dad made if I bore him a child.

But now I wanted a child so badly, I thought I could change his mind after we got married but I thought so wrong.

Now come to think of it, there has to be a reason my dad wants a grandchild from Hunter so badly and why Hunter doesn't want to have children.

I looked back at the image of my father which later formed into Hunter again.

I clenched my fist tightly looking down at the floor.

"I don't give damn to know, I didn't come here to know why my father wanted a grandchild so badly, I came back here for you. You may have broken your oath but I made an oath to love you till I die and if your broken promises can keep this marriage together, I'm not getting a divorce and my daddy lawyers are ready to stop that from happening." I said confidently.

"If you want it the hard way I can't force you to leave Romania but you can't stay here, you can live in the other houses I'll send an attorney to give you the keys that's the best thing I can do in this situation." he said and I smiled nefariously. "I don't need your hospitality, I already booked a hotel I'll be staying until the premiere of your project I'll be waiting for you to come back, you will come back to me." I said.

"Do me a favor and don't make me despise you, I still care for you but stay away from Amirah that's all I ask for Delilah." he muttered coldly.

I picked up my bags with a smile manically stuck on my face.

"You won't get rid of me Hunter, mark my words the day I let go of you she'll be dead, if I can't have you then she won't either." I cursed before picking up my bags spotting Amirah and Paisley who were listening to our conversation.

I smirked menesely at Amirah before making my exit.

Amirah's Pov
After the final wrapping up Paisley was to attend a community college and hand out a few tickets and take a few pictures with the students, I stood mute handing out my own flyers, I knew I shouldn't have eavesdropped but my curiosity got the best of me honestly, Paisley didn't understand a shit they were saying but I did.

Paisley decided to have lunch with me after we were done and noticing how quiet I was she spoke out first.

"Were you the girl Hunter was talking about? " I looked back at her, she looked serious a look that scared me.

My silent reply was my answer.
"Is that why you didn't go with Alec? " she asked again in a mutter. "Answer me Amirah?" she begged.

"I didn't go with Alec because he was hiding something away from me and yes I'm the girl Hunter was talking about." I muttered quietly.

"Do you hate me? " I asked she went quiet for a while. "No, I just hate the person you've become." she noted seriously.

"You leave Alec for Hunter who is clearly married and you slept with him that's not freaking right Amirah." she half yelled.

"Hunter's getting a divorce and Delilah cheated on her with Derek, Hunter had every right to sleep with another woman." she slapped me while I held on to my cheek.
"Do you fucking hear yourself, you sound like a prostitute throwing yourself easily at men you left Alec for a married man and even though you both had issues you didn't have to straight up fuck him, at least wait for them to get a divorce, how does this make you different from Delilah ?" she said dissapointment written on her tone.

"So you think I'm a bad person, you slept with your co lead actor."
"He's single and I'm single and it was a night stand no strings attached it's different you're sleeping with a married man Amirah, and it's Hunter for godsake." she hissed disappointed.
"Why are you so against it, aren't you happy? "

"No I'm not, the last thing I want is for you to be with Hunter, he's married, he's secretive and he can hurt you, there has to be a reason Delilah foolishly turned to fucking my ex boyfriend and cheating on him, I don't want you to to end up be insane like her and get hurt."

"Didn't you say you would have a open mind if me and Hunter had feelings for each other." I recalled what she said to me a few days ago, she got up looking ghostly back at me.

"I guess I lied." she said. "I don't have an open mind to you throwing yourself like you're some slut and I don't have an open mind when you get hurt." she said and paid for both our orders before she left me in my thoughts.

The moment she left Delilah came in and sat down where Paisley was.

She wore a black blouse with a black and white vertical stripe skirt and a black chic handbag to complement it all, she ordered herself a drink while I watched her in complete silence.

"Are you here to lecture me about staying away from your husband ?" I asked quietly.

"My husband isn't the first man you've slept with right? " she looked back at me with a smug grin. "You've been sleeping with married men long before my husband, you had an affair with a married man and got pregnant and like the wretched slut you are, you aborted it." she said. "I didn't know doctor Henry was married." I sobbed, my voice breaks into cracks.

"How would you know, you couldn't keep clear and now he's dead, his lovely wife is now trying to look after her pregnancy while you are here targeting my husband next." she said taking a sip from her drink.

"you are pathetic, worthless and stupid you put yourself in a position in which society downgrades you, you have nothing to live and nothing to be known for other than a slut, you're just a little girl who's confused and needs money so here." she pulled out a cheque from her bag and hands it over to me.

"It's a cheque of 10 billion USD, do whatever you want with it, go into hiding and stay away from my husband, no one can ever have this opportunity I'm giving to you, you can leave right now I've arranged everything, start a new life and leave this pathetic one behind." she said, I looked back at her holding up the cheque and tore it up in front of her.

"I don't need your money, your stupid offer is worthless I'm not a slut because if I was I would have taken the money and I didn't sleep with your husband because of money either, if you knew what he did to me you would be afraid of who your husband really is, you don't even know him." I said
"And you know him? " she arched her brows.

"We are both at wrong here, I cheated on my husband with his twin brother and you slept with my husband since he's still legally married to me, let's make this right for once, stay away from my husband this is my last warning." she said quietly picking up her bag and leaves.

I went straight to Paisley's I couldn't face Hunter after meeting Delilah, she was laying on her bed but got up to meet me.

"I'm sorry about what I said earlier I was mad about what you did to Alec I was also mad Hunter claimed to love you, I was just jealous about it that Derek never told me he loved me I'm really sorry." she muttered hugging me tightly. "It doesn't matter anyway." she pulled away from the hug and noticed my tears.

"Amirah? I'm sorry I apologize, you can be with Hunter." she said but I shook my head.

"You're right he's married and he probably lied about loving me Paisley and I shouldn't have anything to do with him." I cried again as she pulled me into a hug again.

Tonight was the premiere for Paisley's endorsement, I only attended because I wanted to support her, I've been ignoring Hunter for the past few days but I knew I wasn't going to ignore him during the event..

My plan was to wait out through Paisley's speech and we both leave, Delilah and Regina walked in Paisley clinged to me pointing at both of them.

"We already are in hell." she whispered, I scrunched my brows to grasp her meaning.

"What? " I asked.

"Those two are a match made in hell, when they're both in the same room something is definitely going to happen and I can bet they're both after your man." I looked back at her in a snarl.
"Seriously ?"

"What I did not know about your intimate relationship with Hunter until a few days ago so let me make fun out of it."

"You're seriously fucked up." I hissed at her.

"By the way I need to know, how long was Hunter's dick is it bigger than Alec, did you give him a blow job by any chance did you guys use condoms, how many times did you you moan."

"Jesus Christ, Paisley!! " I exclaimed as she grinned wickedly.

"What? " she asked while I rolled my eyes at her and walked out on her with my cheeks heated up, I stride over to a corner to get a drink, I looked over the table to see Hunter I nearly choked.

He walks up to me, I tried biting my lip to ignore eye contact but I couldn't help but look back into his eyes.

"You're avoiding me? " he asks but I just froze.

"Did Regina or Delilah threathen you? " he asked, his eyes trailing on my figure I wore a milky white short gown and my hair was knotted in a messy bun.

"If I said yes will it satisfy your curiosity? " I said tapping my glass slowly. "Delilah found out about my affair with doctor Henry and it's all my fault because she might have probably bought it from detective Vincent, it made me think about what I did I don't want my mistakes to repeat themselves." I said finally looking back at him in the eyes.

"I want to stay away from you and I don't want you to end up dead because of me, I'm probably your weak point, I'm vulnerable I can't protect myself and I put everyone at risk most importantly you." I said. "Let this be the night I no longer exist to you." Paisley ran up to me while I was talking to Hunter..

"Amirah, they want me to give my speech now after that we can leave." she whispered loud enough for Hunter to hear pulling me away from Hunter as we both silently took our seats.

"How was it? " she whispered a tear slide down my cheek and she wipes it off.

"Terrible." I whispered while she pats me, she was called up to the stage to give her speech.

She looked back at me with a smile while I gave her a thumbs up..

"Thank you for accepting me, I've not really been accepted into many things in my life.
Highschool, College and sadly my family I wasn't acceptable but a few people accepts me the way I am and I wouldn't be here if I didn't keep believing or if my Amirah didn't always nag me, she looks like my mom by the way so I call her mama." I giggled at her terrible speech, there was a Romanian interpreter who help translate it for those who didn't speak English.

"Thank you mama, I want you to be happy like you always made me happy, I'm sorry about what I said a few days ago." she finally said coming down some people got up from their seats and clapped. "finally let's go." I whispered over to her. "Not yet, let's stay for a while and hear Hunter's speech." she insisted while I took my seat.

Hunter walked up to the stage looking back at me, I ignored his gaze breathing quietly he was supposed to have a male interpreter but he dismissed him.
"I may not be the best man, I'm cold, I'm ruthless, I'm vile I don't have a reason to make you stay and I can't force you to stay but I want you to know no matter how hard you try to get away from me I'll still come back for you." everyone was confused so was I, I looked back at Paisley who winked at me.

"What's happening? " I whispered into her ears but she denied having any idea what so ever.

"Amirah Rivera please come up to the stage." I felt my blood run cold, Paisley encourage me locking arms with me as we both walked to the stage, I looked back at Delilah and Regina.

"You got this one camera? " Paisley whispered to the camera man while he record what Hunter was going to do.

Hunter walked up to my froze figure.

"I know you are scared, I know want the best for me but I want you, even though you deny it I know you want me as bad as I want you right now." my heart skipped a beat as his lips crashed against mine, my heart fluttered and immediately I answer to the kiss.

I felt the crowd gasps until we pulled away from the kiss, everyone was dumbstruck.

From the corner of my eye I saw Delilah growl and walking up the both of us with an angry scwol.

"How dare you cheat on me with her, after everything I've done, after everything I sacrificed, after I told you to stay away from him you wouldn't listen, she's slept with married men in the past she's disgusting and a brat."

"Stop spreading lies Delilah, and I'm aware about her affair with doctor Henry so it changes nothing." Hunter said.

"I'm still married to you.. "

"I already filed a divorce in the states while you were busy looking for ends to maneuver the court already out ruled your statement, we're legally divorced with or without your say under the violation you cheated on me with my twin brother." Delilah was in a state of shock on hearing the news.

"You can't do this to me, how is that even possible." Delilah teared up and I knew it had to be one strings pulled.

"I could show you the papers it's already stamped." Hunter said and she looked back at me with hate.

"You think you have one but I will still fight for you in my heart Hunter, I'll win you back and you will regret ever taking my happiness away from me you little brat." Delilah left leaving me with Hunter and Paisley, Paisley pushed me up to Hunter we were an inch apart.

"Umh, well Amirah will you be mine? " Hunter stuttered awkwardly.

"We are in front of a crowd" I answered

"oh shut up say yes and let's go eat." Paisley gloated pulling out her phone to record my answer.


Delilah's Pov
I lost everything all because of that stupid bitch, I went up to the top of the building to receive some fresh air, my tears washed down my mascara, I pulled out my napkin wiping away my mascara.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk, Delilah how does it feel to lost everything, your mom, your sister, your reputation, your fathers approval and your happiness." I turned to see Regina who was smirking.

I was at the edge of the building and my hate for her just build up.

"You always thought you could keep Hunter away from me, we used to be so close and everyone was right we are the same person, we are after the same goal, our fathers try to cover up our mistake and at last we both have failed marriages." she cocked.
"We are not the same, you had a chance to be pregnant and have kids but you threw that away for a man that doesn't give a damn about you." I spat at her and she growls.

"He doesn't give a damn about you too and you resulted to cheating if you knew the reason why Hunter didn't want to give you kids you would have hold on to him, but you just can't be satisfied." she scoffs at me.

"you're just this little miss perfect following daddy's orders, you are stupid and worthless and that's why your fucked up mother died you bitch." anger coarse through my veins and I pushed her over the edge, she screamed but the atmosphere swallowed her screams before she thud to the floor and broke her neck.

I calmed down a bit and then I realized I killed Regina Hayles.

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