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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 38


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 38

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

My eyes fluttered shut the moments out lips melted into each other, his lips were soft on mine gently kissing me, he mouths my upper lip, fondling it as his breath escapes and warms both my lips, I answered to the kiss he takes my bottom lip smashing his tongue against it and brushing across it while I kissed his upper lip.

He forced upper body weight on me slightly, lost in the kiss his hands trailed down to my waistline pulling me closer to him like he was afraid I was going to go.

The kiss tensed up, my hands scaled his arms up his muscles and to his nape pulling him closer than we were before.

Hunter smirks against the kiss, I moaned softly his hands went down my thigh gripping and fondling his grasps against my thigh I welcomed his touch and again I moaned as he jerked me in a yank, hands gripping onto my ass and my legs encircling round him.

My back presses fully again the tile wall, Hunter slide his tongue in, my mouth on my gasps exploring my mouth, symmetrically our tongue vehemently strive for dominance, stroking against each other and fondling over each others taste I let out an adverse moan riding my hands up Hunters dark brown hair relishing the feeling as we explore each other tongue.

We pulled away from the kiss, my cheeks were heated up, breathless from the amorous kiss.

I couldn't help but feel my cervix down wet from just a kiss, we looked at each other catching our breaths for a while.

Hunter's lips ride down my jawline meddling it down to the side of my neck with kisses, I gripped on to his hair, his tongue slashes my neck evidently and resumed to butterflying it with kisses down to my collarbone, my hands trailed down to his back, my nails dig through his skin, he was teasing me.

"Kiss me Vera." Hunter moans against my ear, my lips went back on his, Hunter's hands clamps against my ass greedily squeezing it, I moaned into his mouth, I sucked on his lower lip begging for entrance but he just teases me ignoring my request.

"Make me moan your name Vera." he said in between the kisses, I tilted my head sideways kissing the corner of his lips and teasing it down to his jawline, my lips ride down his neck nibbling on the skin of his flesh, I resumed to kissing it softly until I passionately kissed his neck back to his jawline, my hands relished in his hair.

"Ah.. " he moaned but I wanted to tease him as payback for making me wait, my hands trailed from his upper torso and slide under the tank top he had on and peeked to his abbs, my hands played with it while I roughly kissed his Jawline.

"Amirah.. " he moaned again, I smirked interested the kiss he pressed his lower body against mine, I felt his dick bulged against the cloth of his sweatpants he had on, my cheeks heat up.

"That's not fair..." he says kissing the insanity out of me.

"I need to teach you a lesson." I swallowed back my shock, he lifts me away from the wall kissing me without giving me air to speak.

He moves us over to the bathtub as our tongues mashes into each other greedily pleasuring for more.

"Tell me to stop now Vera." he cautioned we weren't that far from the bathtub, our eyes locked in each other a vivid stare he resumed said trailing his to the clips of my bra as he kisses the top of my breast, I moan immensely melting into to him.

I pressed my lips against the lobe of his ear teasing it with my breath, I snickered against the lobe of his ear as his palm rides my bare back and the other hovers under the clip of my bra.
"Make me cum Hunter." I moaned, my lips were still pressed against his earlobe while he kisses my neck roughly, he moves both his hand holding on to the clip of my bra.

"Last chance Vera." he whispered about to unclip my bra. "Don't stop." I whispered I felt him smirked finally unclipping my bra, it slips down to the floor of the bathroom as my breast fully fall against Hunter, he kissed the top part of my breast, I felt the tightness against the pelvic area of his sweatpants.

"I want you now Vera." he whimpers lipping both my lips in a kiss which escalated quickly to our tongues clashing.

"Take me to the bedroom." I whispered my mentality drowned with his kisses..

"No, I can't wait I'll mark you here."

he slowly sets me down against the bathtub, I gasped in shock as my skin contacts the water.

We both pulled away from the kiss, he put one leg in and the other carefully crawling up to kiss me, he cupped both my breasts massaging it, my breast felt heavy in his grasp he squeezed it gently flicking it playfully with his fingers, his lips trailed down the the top of my breast until he lips one swirling his tongue back on forth and sucking it, I moaned when he gently bites it, he does so to the other as the warmth of the water makes the skin of my pussy clasp.

His hands trailed down to my underwear which was already wet due to water in the bathtub, he slides it off gently, my cheeks hint a blush of crimson my panties were off and I was naked in front of Hunter..

His eyes studies my body, he smirked pushing his face against mine as he stared into my eyes with his grey cowlick orbs.

His hands moved up to my chin tilting my head up slightly.

"Show me your face, i want to look into those beautiful eyes of yours when I mark you." my heart fluttered, the insecurities about Hunter ridiculing my body dies down. This fuzzy heat overwhelmed me and my cheeks blushed the more.

He kisses me again but for just a short period, he kisses my neck but this time he took his time amorously caeressing my skin down to my collarbone, he kisses my breast again fondling with my breast I groaned intensified by his touch.

"You are fucking beautiful." he exclaimed quickly plugging the drain of bathtub the water drained revealing my wet figure he resumed kissing my torso down to my abdomen, he kisses my navel which shot out a heated pressure across my abdomen.

"You're freaking wet Amirah." he cooed raspilating at the wet mixture of my pussy, although it could still be the water from the bathtub either way I was glad Paisley talked me into shaving a few days ago.

I was stunned when his tongue slide in between my clits, my cheeks heat up, my legs parted a bit he flicked his tongue in my pussy he later wraps his tongue across the pelvis my lips were parted while I cursed and swear all fuck of profanities.

"You taste so fucking amazing." he says sultrily going back to teething the flesh of my pussy, he pulls back sticking a finger in uncontrollably fingering me while I beg for mercy. "You fucking tight." he teased pulling out his finger and licks it.

I breathe effortlessly.

His gaze landed on mine I was blushing uncontrollably he climbed on top of me pulling my chin up.

"Your turn baby girl." he teased, my hands ride down to his sweatpants he slowly massage my thigh teasing me with Kisses, his budge tightened against me, I took off the tank top and struggled to take off his sweatpants.

We were making out as Hunter's dick bulged against my skin, he encircle his hands under my ass licking his lips.

"Are you ready for it Amirah? " he whispers kissing my torso.

"What about condoms? " I asked in a gasp.

"Weren't you on pills? " he asked and I nodded.

"Good, it makes it better to feel you." a blush creep on my cheeks, he pecked my forehead and then slides his his dick in me.

"Oh my go... " I moaned as Hunter slightly lifts me up and inching his dick in, my back arches as I moaned against Hunter while kissing his neck.

"Hunter..." I moaned softly digging my fingers through his skin. Hunter's dick wasn't in fully yet he grips tightly to my ass slowly thrusting his dick in my pussy.

"Damn you're tight." he moaned again, my body was rasped with the intensity of the moment, I wanted more but Hunter still was teasing me.

"Hunter, I want more." I shamelessly muttered I felt my eyes were about to go underneath.
"Beg me." he teased again while I felt myself reaching my climax.

I kisses his neck roughly and up to his jawline I felt him smirk as he deprived me but kept thrusting it back and forth.

"Fuck me harder Hunter." I muttered "give me more." I begged and he inched his dick farther into mine, rocking it back and forth, I was a moaning siren gasping hard as Hunter's dick longed inside of me.

"Fuck..." I mummered gripping on to Hunter flipping him over gently as he laid face up looking back into my eyes, I thrust my hips back and forth in a rhythm, Hunter closed his eyes which I rocked on it.

"Fuck, Vera you're killing me." he moaned adverntly, I felt my body get goosebumps on hearing him moan, he gripped tightly to my ass cursing all shits and fucks.

I resumed to scaling my fingers against his upper body and kissing him passionately I didn't want our lips parting.

"You're going to make me cum Vera." he moaned in between the kisses, I just smirked as I felt my self almost reaching climax, I continued teasing him with kiss and he squeezes my ass again.

He flips us both over kissing my hair.

"I need to make you scream Vera." he says humping on me and I felt this knock against my abdomen.

"Hunter, oh my god I'm gonna cum." I yelled.

His hands tangled with my hair I was breathing effortlessly, he ran his fingers untangling my hair.

"I wanna cum." I moaned roughly but again he humped again even harder. "Hunter.." my legs spread apart as I reached my climax, my body felt numb after that and my vagina felt sore, I have never had orgasm contract that hard before.

My abdomen down to my vagina felt sore, Hunter smiled lifting me up from the bathtub, he pecked my forehead striding us both to his room.

If I could probably use my legs I'm hundred percent sure I'm not gonna walk because Hunter's dick was huge and clasped in my vagina.

we got to his room, I couldn't keep myself awake anymore the only thing I heard before I could sleep was :

"Goodnight Vera."


The next morning I was up, I felt like I was in some kind of hangover but instead I was trying to felt pangs all the way down then I recalled having sex with Hunter, my cheeks heat up and I slapped my forehead.

"Wait why do I feel naked." I quietly muttered to myself looking under my sheets to see my nude images, I felt a hand pulled me over, it was Hunter's.

I looked back at him as he yawned slowly opening his eyes, I felt my heart beat faster the moment our eyes met.

I froze and Hunter smiled back at me stealing a kiss.


'Hey?? You just had the best sex maybe ever and all you could utter was hey' my inner thoughts counselled while I cringed at my nasty thoughts.

"Hey." he said leaning closer pushing my hair out of my face. "I'm sorry about yesterday." I mummered, why the fuck did I say that.

"I'm not..." he smiles getting on top of me with a smirk. "I don't regret anything." he said kissing my neck. His phone rings but he ignores, I just woke up for god sake.

"Hunter you have to attend the the wrapping up of the set today." I moaned shamelessly.

"Why only me? " he said kissing my neck down to my collarbone.
"I can barely walk after yesterday." I said as both our eyes met, he smiled and stopped.

"Are you afraid I'll take you on right now." he smirked I went mute and he pushes my hair away from my face.

He got off me and picked one of his knickers he had in his closet and tossed me one of his shirts, I quickly put it on, Iooked up to see him biting his lips.

"What? " I asked his eyes darted at my figure.

"you look hot with my shirt on." he complemented I only shook my head, he crawled up the bed with a smirk.

We were both an inch apart, I smiled biting my lip as our eyes met.

"Aren't you going to get ready? " I asked.

"I lied." he said locking his lips with mine I didn't obliged as I let him kiss me.

The doorbell rings interuptting our hot make out session, Hunter breathes furiously.

"Who the fuck wanna get killed this morning? " Hunter gasped in between the kiss pushing me down.

"You have to answer it." I muttered as he slowly kisses me. "I don't want to." he whimpers. "Maybe it's Paisley or one of the directors." I moaned softly as we both pulled away from the kiss.

"Fine." he said planting a kiss on my forehead before taking out a shirt and putting it on, I struggled to get up and make use of my legs and followed.

Hunter heads to the front door and unlocks it.

Silence followed I stride to see whoever was at the door.

It was Delilah, she looked back at me in shock.

"What the fuck are you doing looking like that in my husband's house? " she growled pushing past Hunter over to me.

"Delilah? " Hunter called but she ignored putting her hands in the hair and slapped me.

"Haven't you learned anything, you're not ashamed sleeping with other people's husbands, you harlot." she said with anger in her eyes I held on to my cheek.

I sway my hands across her cheek slapping her.

"Coming from the pussy who cheated on her husband with his twin brother." I said

"Call me a pussy again you little brat, I dare you." she hissed.

"Pussy." I cocked, she raised her hand about to slap me but Hunter held her hand before she could.

~To be continued~

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