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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 37


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 37

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

'I love you'

That word ring through my ears and what made it more shocking was Hunter saying it but before I could make a reaction Paisley already came with some of the directors, I went back to cleaning the pool while Hunter went to attend to the directors and Paisley.
Paisley came out later asking me if he's seen the pic but I told her not to get bothered.

The next day was the swimming pool shot, the staffs were having fun on set mostly, I wore a green crop top and white shorts, unfortunately I was the towel girl giving all the sweaty staffs towels so they could dry off.

Paisley was supposed to do a kissing scene in the swimming pool, she was still getting into character, the main reason I wasn't holding the mic today was they were supposed to kiss in the swimming pool and fortunately I can't swim.

I stood far away from the swimming pool giving those who went into the swimming pool clean towels.

'I love you' again I couldn't get what Hunter said out of my head, it could be a trick or he was drunk either way I've been avoiding Hunter ever since.

Paisley walked up to me in her bikinis and wrapped herself in a towel.

"Hey babe." she pulled me into a hug while I patted at gently. She pulled away from the hug noticing my puzzled stare.

"What happened? Are you upset because I sent Hunter that pic? " she asked while I shook my head.
"No, I'm still mad though but it's not that." I sighed.

"Then why is my baby upset." she pouted.

"Alec is going back overseas to see his father he wants me to follow him and meet his father." I said lowly and her eyes widened in shock.

"you mean he wants you to meet the Caine Rhett? his father? Amirah that's huge, I think Alec wants to get serious I can finally get those long awaiting godkids." she almost screamed.

"Keep it down." I whispered while she calms down a bit. "So? " she pesters.

"So what? " I shot her a puzzled look.

"Alec wants to take the relationship seriously, Alec must really love you, I wish I had someone to love me like Alec." she pouted with slight envy.

"What about the shot, what about me being here to support you." I objected.

"Fuck that, Amirah this is serious so who the fuck cares about that we are talking about love here, Alec loves you and you love him too." she voiced I heave a sigh.
"What if I'm not sure about this? What if I don't feel the same like before? What if I'm too afraid to handle the commitment? " I asked while she smiled. "Did Alec hurt you, cause if he did just tell me I can knee him in the balls for you." I shook my head and sighed.
"I'm confused I don't know if I should say yes or no." I said why she smirked.

"If you say yes we will call everyday being in a serious relationship isn't wrong and you don't have to be afraid as long as you know you feel the same for person who tries everything to make you feel special, there's nothing to be confused about it and besides if you say no it will save a lot of heartbreak and we could always turn lesbians." I chuckled at her reply and shook my head.

"Don't you already have a cock to suck on? " I asked referring to her Co actor.

"He's boring and he's got no ass." she hissed while we both giggled.

"Thanks Paisley, I feel way better now." I chimed. "Who wouldn't, besides if you say yes or no I'll still be right here when you're tired of doing dicks." she cooed I playfully pushed her away while she throws her towel on my face.

"bye bye.." she snorted walking away, I took the towel away from my face and turned to see Hunter, I froze.

His eyes study my body he smiles at me which melted my heart and walks up to me, my heart was beating.

"What's that about? " he asks, I bit my lip nervously the rate at which my heart was beating it could leap out of my chest.

"Oh nothing.. " I stuttered. "It's just Paisley being Paisley." I grinned awkwardly.

"Alec is planning on taking you overseas to see his father, I advise you leave with him if you want to but it will save you the trouble of always being at risk." he whispered, I looked back into his eyes.

"Aren't you worried you are leaving me in the hands of your enemy's son ?"

"I can't stop you if you want to go, I can't force you to stay, I don't expect you you to love me back after what I did to you, forget what I said yesterday I was drunk, I hope you'll be happy." he said before walking out on me, I don't know why but my heart broke.

The shot was over, Alec was busy attending to some stuff and I was pretty down and confused, Paisley was invited to one of the staffs bachelorrete party I think her name was Kailey. She was engaged a few weeks ago before she was sent off to Romania to assist in Paisley's promotion.

She was supposed to her bachelorrete sending off party with a few of her friends back in Nashville but she was already in Romania.

Paisley found out and decided to sponsor it and invited me, I only went because I was bored and curious to see how Paisley would make a fool of herself.

We went to a strip club and the girl Kailey who claims to be engaged was squealing excitedly.

"Congratulations Kailey." I muttered as she nodded.

"Now guys drinks are on me." I looked back at Paisley with a brow arched.

"I thought you quit drinking? " I asked.

"It was hard and besides who's going to film me in a strip club I can drink and fuck all I want."

"Hypocrite." I hissed at her.

"So back to Kailey I hope you brought condoms because this is your last night of freedom to taste all the dicks in the house." Paisley grinned as Kailey and two other girls grinned, they were nice and not like the rest of the staffs who talked behind my back.

"Yeah we could always try experimenting with lex." I looked back at one of the girls who was poking Kailey.

"I don't need Pussy, I need dicks I'm straight y'all." she said as we all giggled.

"Don't be boring like Amirah Kailey." I slapped Paisley wrist, she winces in pain.

"Anyways I'm paying for the drinks so let's order the most expensive alcoholic drink that can get us drunk." Paisley squealed calling one of the bartenders.
"Hey we would like to have the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the house and something that can get us trashed." she pulled out a black card while the rest of us stared at her in awe and the bartender nodded to get our drinks.

"Oh my god, you have a black card? " the girls gasped.

"It's my dads, he had a few of them, took it when he wasn't looking." she flicked her hair back in power. "Paisley that's stealing." I hissed.

"it's not stealing, I worked my butt hard to plan the exact time to snatch it when he wasn't looking." I looked back at her in disbelief.
"What you exactly said is called stealing."

"It doesn't matter it pratically it's hers now besides it's her dad's card not a total stranger." Kailey said and Paisley gave her a high five.

"Besides we are going to run this card down till we are fucking drunk, so you in or out? "Paisley arched her brows.

Hunter's Pov
I was studying some contracts, I heard a loud knock on my door which was strange because it has a code which only I knew and someone had to get through past the gates unless the staffs of earlier forgot to lock the gates, the knock got louder I looked at the time it was 11pm.

I hissed briskly striding towards the door and unlocked it to see Amirah, she was slumping back and forth.

"Amirah? " I arched my brows while she walked in.

"Wanna tell me where you're coming from? " I asked folding my arms as she giggled.

"I don't know." she giggled like a maniac while I studied her closely. "You are drunk." I sighed.

"I'm not drunk, I'm sexy you can't just admit it." she muttered, how many drinks did she have?

"How many drinks did you have? "
"Why do you care? You don't love me, Alec loves me you bastard." she threw her purse at me putting on a puzzled look then tears stream down her cheeks.

"Let's get you sober up." I said about to grab her but she flinched from my grasp.

"I don't want to be sober if I'm sober you won't love me anymore." I'm going lecture Paisley with a gun pointed over her head if she ever takes Amirah drinking.

"Let's go to the showers I wanna show you something." I cooed she only stick out her tongue, I had enough of her shits and lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom.

The bathroom had a glass shower, I opened the door and pulled her in shutting the glass door slowly. I pushed her against the tiled wall where the shower was.

"Let me go Bastard." she yelled struggling to break free.

"Stay still." I forced her back against the shower and turned the cold knob on.

"It's freezing." she cried I rolled my eyes at her I was getting wet too.

"This will get you sober up just stay still." I argued.

"Let me go you dickhead, I'll knee you in the balls if you don't..." I locked my lips into hers, immediately she melts under me and kisses me back, she pulls me closer getting me completely wet but I didn't give a damn she moaned into my aggressively trying to swirl her tongue in my mine, I gently lifted her up and she wraps her legs round me while we made out in the shower.

She pulls back away from the kiss I couldn't tell if she was drunk or sober anymore but her vivid stare pierced into mine, they were exhausted.

"I'm tired." she leaned into my shoulders yawning, we were still under the shower.

Amirah's Pov
I wake up and find myself at Hunter's place with my clothes gone and I'm wearing one of his shirt and the biggest question I wanna ask is what the fuck happened yesterday.

God tell me I didn't have sex with Hunter, I'm going to kill Paisley.

I got off the bed and head to the living room to see Hunter escorting some of the directors out, I patiently waited until he did and walked up to me.

"Good morning." I grinned and he nods.

"Ummh, thanks for picking me up from the club, how did you find me? " I asked and he shot me a puzzled look.

"I didn't pick you up, you surprisingly showed up at my house drunk and so I let you in." he said coldly my cheeks heat up while I looked back at him courageously.

"Did I say anything stupid or did I do anything stupid? " he softens up a bit.

"Like you love me? " my heart skipped a beat, wait I told Hunter I love him?

"Did I? " I asked.

"What are you going to do if I say yes? " he questioned.

I was astonished with his words, did I really say I love him?
I was frozen in my thoughts, after a while Hunter sighed.

"You didn't say anything and nothing happened between us, you puked on your clothes so I changed it they are down the hall." he said coldly and I nodded and thanked him.

Later that day I met with Paisley and Kailey who were busy giggling to themselves, I walked over to meet them since it was our break.

"Congratulations on getting engaged Amirah." Kailey hugged me while I pulled away from the hug confused.

"Engaged?? I thought you were the one getting engaged? " I wore a shocking expression trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

The other staff who went with us yesterday clapped bringing out a cake.

"What the fuck is happening? " I glared at Paisley who was grinning nefariously.

"Paisley said you were engaged to Alec Rhett and you were down and she decided we act like it was my bachelorette party to boost your self confidence."

'Jesus Christ !!! ' my inner thoughts screamed in shock.
"Wait, so you're not engaged? " I asked to clarify.

"Hell no I'm not into commitments yet but I was so happy when Paisley broke the news." she hugged me again as few of the staffs came to celebrate my 'engagement'.

"Let's get a pic of this guys I wanna look back at this moment." Paisley said bringing up her phone to take pictures.

All I heard was congratulations from fellow staffs while I thought what kind of spade I was going to use to bury Paisley.

"So how do you like your
engagement ?" she asked.

"You got me drunk and drove me to Hunter's place didn't you and for what? " I hissed at her.

"Oh please, isn't it obvious I knew how nervous you were of making the right decision so I set this up to make you feel better besides you were down, if you prefer going with Alec then you can go but you ain't leaving without me pulling one of my stunts on you." she said and hugged me.

"If I get married you are totally not invited." I said patting her back.

"If I don't get invited I'll switch your kids." she threatened and I gulped down as we both giggled.

"So are you going or not? " she said as I only nodded.

I wore a black dress, it was 8pm and I was about to leave with Alec, Paisley came to see me off again so did Hunter I didn't carry anything because most of my stuff were in Nashville if I had? But most importantly I didn't feel like bringing them along, Paisley promised to ship it.

I only carried a purse with my phone in while I hugged Paisley, Alec was outside with his car waiting for me.

"Call me." she hugged me to the point she flattened my pancreas I guess.

She went in leaving Hunter at the door.

"This is goodbye again, I guess this time you won't kiss me." I muttered under my breath as he nodded sadly.

"I don't have to, I already kissed you yesterday in the shower when you were drunk, you said I didn't love you that Alec loved you, I know I told you to forget it but I can't lie to myself and lie to you, I love you Amirah, I can't help myself and I don't want you to go but you've made up your mind but just know no matter where you go, be the sea or air, be countries or continents I love you, I was wrong when I said you weren't going to win anymore."

"You won again Vera." he said I stood in front of him lost and confused, the blasting horn from Alec's car brought me back to reality
"bye Hunter." I said running up to the car and got in and glued my face against the window.

"Ready? " Alec hymmed I only nodded.

We got to the airport, it was raining already so the flight was delayed I waited in the hall as all the things Hunter said flashed across my mind and the conversation he had with Alec.

I got up running out of the airport and outside the rain, Alec followed but with an Umbrella.

"Amirah? " I stopped, I got wet because of the rain, he walked up slowly towards me mixed but puzzled.

"I can't follow you Alec, I can't follow you all the way overseas to see your father." I sighed.
"Then let's go somewhere else." he suggested.

"I can't." I looked back at him in tears.

"it's time I end this relationship." my voice cracked and Alec looked broken.

"Does this has to do with Hunter? "
"It has nothing to do with Hunter, all my memories you told me you love me but I never told you back, I thought because I was a kid and you were way older than me but I still haven't told you I love you, I don't want to keep feeding you lies." I muttered.

"it doesn't matter Amirah, you'll learn." he said.

"No I won't, I'm no longer your Dorothy who was happily over the heels for you that girl died the same day her family died, she was happy, she had great parents, a nosy ass sister best friends and an amazing boyfriend, that girl is gone the day her I learnt what pain is, your Amirah is no longer here, I've been trying to know which Amirah I am and I know I don't want to be that old Amirah remembering her life was so perfect I don't want to remember anything from my past I want them all dead." I sighed.

"So you want to be with Hunter? He killed your parents Amirah? "
"Yes he killed my parents, but it wasn't his fault it was my Uncle and he showed regrets, and I forgive him, if he didn't I wouldn't have been close to my sister, I wouldn't have the freedom I have now, I wouldn't have met Ariel, I wouldn't have met Paisley, everything happens for a reason and although it's tragic there were few beautiful outcomes" I said
"besides you're still dangerous too, I know your father killed Hunter's father and my uncle used you to lure me so he could rape me and if that didn't happen I would have died too so thank you, even if I followed you my life is still in danger." I said.

"I heard your conversation from a few days ago with Hunter, who are you hiding and who is responsible for the death of Anabelle? " he looked shocked at my question.

"What are you talking about? " he lied.

"I have the recordings, you knew who killed my sister and who probably killed Ariel, tell me who and don't lie to me." I glared at him under the umbrella.

"he didn't kill Ariel but he killed Anabelle." my heart bled while I tried to hold back my tears.

"Who? " I asked.

"I can't tell you Amirah he'll kill you too, I don't want him to touch you that's why.. " I stepped back out of the Umbrella and he stopped.

"if you don't tell me who killed my sister, I'll assume you killed her Alec, until you are ready to confess, I don't want anything to do with you." I hissed backing out walking in the rain.

I walked in the rain until I got to Hunter's place, I only walked because I wanted to cry out my eyes first before knocking on his door I hesitated at first thinking of what to say.

I froze as drops of rain dripped slowly down my body, I knocked on the door waiting until Hunter opened the door revealing me, I came in and he kept silent.

"Did you walk in the rain? " he asked while I nodded.

"What about Alec? "he asked.

"I'm cold." I said looking back into his eyes, he walked up to me picking me up in bridal style and carrying me to the bathroom he just prepared a warm bath at the bath tub.

I took off my shoes, and squeeze my hair dry while Hunter checked the Temperature of the bath, I took off my dress leaving me in my black bra and panties.

Hunter turned for a moment he was surprised but this isn't the first time he's seen someone half nude before.

"Thanks.." I stuttered but he looked away immediately.

"You're welcome." he said about to leave.

"I know this isn't the first time you've seen a woman in her panties why is your reaction towards me different." I cursed myself the moment I uttered those words.

He turned giving me a smirk and almost immediately my heart sank, I back up again the tile wall of the bathroom trapping me with a smug grin on his face.

He slightly forced his weight on mine, our eyes locked as his mouth warmed my cheeks.

"Do you want me to touch you Vera? Do you want me to kiss you manically until our tongues blend with each other? Do you want me to show you what pleasure is ?" I choked on the last words.

"I want you Vera, I can take you on right now, right here all you have to say is don't stop, then I'll mark you the way your body begs ."
With that his lips smacked against mine softly.....

~To be continued~

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