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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 36


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 36

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

Many things crossed my mind I was unsettled and confused as it was and the thing about it was I had to choose, Alec my long time boyfriend who claims to love me but is hiding something or Hunter the man who killed both my parents and is dangerous, needless to say they're both dangerous.

But the conversation about Alec and Hunter was still fresh on my mind after that Alec started acting all weird and possessive I can't normally do this job I hate anymore.

I'm the center of attention for the female staff point of view, for Hunter they could not normally chat with him but with Alec, they are always flirting and trying to be on my good side bitter about the fact I got two men in my favor..

One of them was hinting I say a word or two in her favor to Hunter since she noticed Hunter was more friendly towards me.

Alec came over more often trying to help but he suffocated me with less freedom like he was trying to cover up for something.

The shot concluded early, tommorow they are doing a shot in Hunter's pool and I had to clean it by the end of today but I had time to spare a few, the staffs were moving the equipments to storage.

Paisley was having a word with the director, Alec walked up to me while I helped in moving some stuff to the storage.

He helped me out with it, it was not even heavy but he did anyways.

we both walked quietly to the storage van.

"Since you concluded, how about we have a proper date here in Romania the city of love." I looked back at him my brows furrowed.

"That's Paris genius and besides you'll bail like last time." I kept bringing up the incident of a few days ago, Alec sighed exhausted I haven't quit the memory.

"I had stuff to take care of ? " he exaggerated but I didn't react I still managed to pull off a believing pout. "Like what? " I asked while his eyes left mine and I traced it to Paisley who was heading our way with Hunter for a moment they look awfully a lot like a couple.

"Amirah let's go you promised we would go shopping and try out some bikinis for tommorow's shot." Paisley had no shame saying it in front of both Hunter and Alec, I'm going to choke her.

"She is already booked for a date with her boyfriend." Alec snickered.

"So what the fuck do I care? She's my shopping buddy and I'm not leaving without her Alec Rhett." Paisley snarled.

"How about we all go shopping for me and Paisley first and later tour the city, it could be a great opportunity to know the city." I suggested, Hunter shook his head.

"I'm sorry to disappoint but I have something important to do I don't really think it's necessary to go with any of you." his glare was staring back at Alec.

"Oh please Hunter, it will be quick and besides Amirah is going to try out a few bikinis." my cheeks heat up and my eyes ran back to Hunter.

Please say no.

"Who would say no to that." Hunter smirked back at me while I try to figure what I've gotten myself into.

We took Alec's car, Alec and Paisley were in the front while me and Hunter were at the back, Hunter was calm scrolling through his phone, Alec was stealing glances at the rearview mirror while Paisley tried to bring the mood on.

"I can't wait for this shoot to be exhausted, Romania is frustrating." Paisley said.

"Be grateful you're famous in somewhere." Alec hissed at her from the rearview mirror I could see Paisley roll her eyes.

"what are you grateful for Amirah? " Paisley asked.

"I'm grateful my arms didn't fall off from holding the microphone all day." I hissed rubbing my arms it fucking hurts.

"A massage will fix that right up, I told you we should have gone to that massage parlor." she gloated while I rolled my eyes.

"Well I'm grateful I got to spend time with my girlfriend." Alec mentioned, Paisley scoffed pushing her head out so I could see her from the back while she mocked Alec quietly.

"I can still hear you? " Alec noted.
"I know, we get it you love Amirah and can't wait to be alone with her and rip her panties." my leg kicked Paisley's seat at the back while she giggled like a maniac.

"So when an I going to be a godmother Alec, I want babies." she pouted while Alec shook his head.

"Then get a sperm donor who happily would." Alec dissed while Paisley got burned and turned to the back again.

"Hunter what are you grateful for? " I looked back at Hunter who was still on his phone and he didn't just reply it was awkward.

"What's wrong with you? " I mouthed to Paisley.

"Amirah." Hunter called
"yes ?" I answered while he looked me deeply at my orbs.

"That's it, I'm grateful for Amirah." he said while Paisley tried to dial down her shock and sat down, I don't know if he did it on purpose to shut Paisley up because it worked or he was being sincere, the ride to the mall was quiet.

We got to the mall and Paisley pulled me right over to a boutique we quickly dashed in the changing room.

"What's with you and Hunter? " she asked

"Wait, that's what you pulled in here for? " I stared at her in disbelief.

"What's going on? Does Hunter have feelings for you? Do you have feelings for Hunter what about Alec? " she quickly bombarded me with questions.
"Nothing is going on, he just did that to shut you up and it worked." at first she didn't buy but then she gasped.

"That no good moody bastard, for a second I thought he had feelings for you." I arched my brows at her..

"What's bad about Hunter having feelings for me? Do you also like him? " I flare up.

"No sweetie, Hunter isn't my type he's too busy and mysterious I don't want guys like the Dominiquez I'm not getting into that kind of shit with Hunter I've had enough from dating Derek." she said. "So what's your deal? " I asked.

"Look Amirah, I love you you're like my sister that's why I can trust you and you need to trust me Hunter isn't one one to be with, he's always secretive, busy and mysterious I don't want you to get hurt, like for example my sisters marriage." I wanted to say you're already too late for advising but I just kept my shit.

"I know Paisley, you're just looking out for me besides Hunter is just being Hunter."

"If he wasn't dark and mysterious I would have probably nabbed him, minus his dark auora Hunter is a pretty great guy and would do anything to make the ones he loves happy and even though he hurts you so much he'll be the kind to accept his mistakes not like his stupid twin Derek." Paisley said and it made me think.

"When did you get so smart? " I asked.

"They didn't make me Ambassador for nothing." she grinned. "Besides even if you and Hunter do have feelings for each other I'll try to have an open mind but if he he tries hurting you I'm getting my bazooka." she gloated while we both chuckle..

One of the female retailers drew out the curtains and started speaking romanian, god I wish I knew what the hell she was trying to say.

Paisley spoke back in romania while interacting easily with the retailer, the retailer nodded and left.

"She said we need to leave that other customers wants to try out their outfits." Paisley said as we both left the changing booth.

"you speak Romanian? " I asked.
"I came here as an ambassador and you think I won't learn the language? " we both giggled leaving the boutique and head to the swim swear boutique.

Thankfully we were alone trying different swim suit, actually Paisley was trying out everything until she was done and forced me into trying different ones until I landed into the perfect swim wears.

"Oh my God, you look sexy I bet this could get a reaction from Hunter." Paisley smirked though she was right I looked smoking but I'm not wearing this while cleaning Hunter's pool.

I turned around. "Damn that ass." Paisley catcalls while I rolled by eyes at her.

"you pull that off way better than me." she puts on her phone in the air.

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"Do a pose, I need to send this back to the directors in Nashville, have you thought about being a model ?" I walked up to her and pushed her phone away.

"Hell no you ain't getting me on camera." I refuse trying to look for my clothes.

"Just one picture at least let's send one to Alec I bet he'd be thinking all day how to get you naked after that." Paisley mouths.

"Paisley? " I hiss
"OK fine just strike a pose for me please." she pouted while I just sighed and probably posed for the camera with my back turn.

"Damn again that ass." she says again just to annoy me.

"I'll be spanking yours if you don't quit." she smirked at my reply. "I don't mind I'm tired of doing dicks." she wiggled her brows as we both chuckled and checked out of the store, she was still looking at the picture.

"I'm gonna tell my grandkids this was my lesbian lover before I married their grandfather who ever he is." I couldn't help but laugh at her insane suggestion.

We both went over to Alec and Hunter who were busy ignoring each other existence, Hunter got up quickly walking up to me.

"You guys got everything you need? " Hunter asked as Alec got up exhausted from boredom.

"I'm hungry let's go eat." Paisley suggested, I noticed a few people were looking at us when they passed.

"Sure, let's get pizza and beer." Alec insisted.

"No I don't want Beer let's get healthy options." we all looked at Paisley carefully in shock.

"Did you just say no to beer? " Alec asked first in shock. "Yes what's wrong? " she asked.

"Are you okay? " we looked back at her and she nodded.

"Guys, I'm an Ambassador I need to start taking care of my body." I was dumbstruck, this is the same Paisley who went to a club a few days ago and sneaked some alcohol back into her apartment, she's alcoholic crazy.

"OK then let's go to the food court we can order different options." Hunter said as we all got our orders and sat down at the farther end of the food court.

Alec got a beer and sushi, I got pizza and fries, Paisley suffered with her salad while Hunter only got a beer.

Again I noticed a few people were awed In amazement as they passed by our table.

"That looks like Hunter Dominiquez, Paisley and Alec Rhett who the fuck is she? " I heard some mummur, Paisley got something stuck on her teeth Alec tried helping her trace where it is.
Wait they could speak English maybe they were foreigners.

"it is, maybe she's the rumoured mistress of Hunter Dominquez." one of them mummered.

"She's so pretty, why won't Hunter wanna fuck her she's so lucky." I looked back at Hunter who was looking at me.

My cheeks heat up as Hunter smirked.

He heard

"Is something bothering you? " he looks back slightly, the girls murmuring squealed in excitement that they got Hunter to look at them.

"No.. " I stuttered quietly going back to quietly eat my food.
We were done eating and were all out of the food court.

"I'm stuffed and now I'm bored." Paisley said while we helped put her bags at the trunk of Alec's car.
"Let's go hot hair ballooning." Alec suggested.

"What's that ?" I asked.

"it's kind of a giant balloon tied to a basket big enough to lift two people or more they are setting a few, we should go check it out." Alec said and we were already bought, Paisley was busy on her phone the whole trip.

We got to the field where a few people lined up, Hunter was up at front followed by me then followed by Paisley and lastly Alec.

Hunter got in and reached out to pull me in the big alike basket, Paisley wanted to enter but they didn't let her in.

"it's only a maximum of 2." one of the wielders said informing Hunter on how to ride the hot air balloon.

"Don't worry we'll catch the next one." Paisley said, Hunter pulled down a rope as flames heat up the balloon, the basket lifted up slowly with us, I looked down waving at both Paisley and Alec who looked upset.

We were far down from the ground, I looked round to feel the wind splashing against my face.

I pushed my hair away my eye to see clearly but I gave up turning to Hunter who wore a wide smile.

"That's unusual." I said holding to one of the ropes to get a balance.
"What? That I can ride a hot hair balloon pretty awesome." he grinned.

"You probably had training when you were young, or learned quickly from one of your missions." I gloated.

"Exactly, my mom taught me I was 13, she took me and Derek hot hair ballooning I was thrilled and also purposely tried to push Derek a lot of times" I giggled at his reply.

"Same thing with my sister we always went joyriding on one of my dad's boat's she used to gloat about being better than me because she knew how to swim, I pushed that crackhead into the water." I giggled thinking about all the fun I used to have.

"I used to have fun." Hunter smiled sadly.

"So you're saying all today you didn't have fun? " I asked.

"I did with you right now." he slowly leaned on to me holding on the the ropes, he was an inch away from me.

"Imagine we take this to anywhere we want to, you me and no one else, no worries, no past no future..." his breath warmed my face I looked him up in the eyes, I felt my heart pounding I wanted to look away but I couldn't.

"Let's be each other shoulders to lean on." he slowly leaned as the sunset strayed directly at us, we were about to kiss until the timer rang.

Did you know there is a timer for every hot hair balloon you take, cause I didn't..

We both withdrew from our supposed kiss as Hunter smiled why I looked away staring at the sunset.

What is he doing to me ?
We later got down from the hot hair balloon and the borrowing of Hot hair balloons was closed, we all got back to Alec's car and he drove us to home..

I couldn't hang out with Alec because I had to go to Paisley's to get clothes since I would be sleeping over at Hunter's and I was supposed to clean Hunters pool, I was already at Hunters place I went to his room and put on the bikini looking back at the mirror.

The thought of Hunter seeing me like this killed my self esteem so instead I raked through few of his buttoned up long sleeved shirt.

I picked a white one and wore it quickly, Hunter came into the room looking back at me in shock.
"Is that my shirt? " he asked.

"I'm not comfortable with what Paisley thought I'd wear."
speaking of the she devil she called. I picked up my phone walking out of the room.

"Remember that picture I took of you today in those bikinis." my eyes widened in shock.

"What did you do? I told you not to send them to Alec or your directors."

"I didn't, I wanted to send some pictures for Hunter to look at and I mistakenly sent it please forgive me." I felt like the devil was playing with my emotions.

"Paisley you've killed me." I whispered

"Look I'm coming over with a few of the directors to talk to Hunter about the sponsorship, maybe he hasn't seen it just start cleaning the pool so when I get there I can probably get his phone and erase it." she said..

"What if he's seen it ?" I asked
"Say your prayers." she advised and hangs up, Hunter was on his phone when he came down looking back at me.

"I'm off to clean the pool." he nodded looking back at his phone sharing no reaction whether he's seen the pic or not, I just heave a deep sigh, he hasn't seen it so I'm safe.

He was drinking earlier with his shirt on but came outside relaxing without his shirt with a bottle by his side.

I tugged the white shirt I had on down as he smirked, one of the bottles of chlorine was next to him so I had to walk up to him by his side and picked the bottle.

"Nice bikinis." I'm dead he saw the picture.

"Is that why you're wearing my shirt? " he questioned while I froze.

"you don't need my opinion but you look hot by the way, with my shirt or not." my cheeks flushed.
"I need to go clean the pool sir.." he takes away the bottle away from my grasp and puts it away and pulls me ontop of him.

"I think I'm drunk miss." he feigned looking into my eyes as his breath hypnotize me.

"Is that so? " I grinned I don't know what witchcraft got me to run my fingers down Hunter's torso down to his abbs.

"Can you make me sobber miss? " he said riding his hands down my ass and pulling me closer.

"Like how? " I teased playing with Hunters hair, he smirked lipping me in a kiss.

Our lips crashed into each other like they've been denied co existence for over a century, I brushed my tongue against his lower lip and gently bite his lips he moaned in my mouth leaving my tongue wondering into his mouth as our tongues battle in intense dominance exploring each others taste of tongues.

We both disengage from the kiss as Hunter looked be back into the eyes and teased my lips with kisses.

I kissed him back greedily wanting to taste his tongue.

"I love you." Hunter whispered in between the kisses, I pulled back from the kiss looking him back at his eyes.

"What? "

~To be continued~

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