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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 35


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 35

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
The bullet missed but after the bullet I backed up and slipped at the edge, my weight forced me down slowly embracing the harsh fogs until I made a big splash, I heard my name being called, I think I heard it but I was struggling to get to the top to breathe, I saw the hint of light from the lighthouse shining down on me.

I screamed no one could hear me and suffocated myself, I cried but the water envelope my tears and I coughed swallowing the water until I couldn't breathe, i tried struggling for my last breath but the waves of the water underneath dragged me down I was nothing but dead weight sinking.

I stop struggling and hiccup my last breath slowly sinking into the cold embrace of death.

My vision was dazed and I've already given up on the thought of surviving and for a few moments my life flashed before my eyes, I don't know how long it's been but I knew I was already dead.

I sank deeper looking back up as my vision deteriorated a figure dived in the water trying to pull me out but I was as good as dead, he forced himself deeper grabbing on to my arm and pulling me until he swam back up to the surface.
The person pulled me into a hug and thunder clapped like it was about to rain, I coughed violently reacting to the water I drank earlier, my nose felt like it was on fire and my eyes were watery and I felt this lumpy feeling in my throat.

I coughed more as the person patted my gently I held on to him tightly.

"don't worry help is on the way." I tightly gripped my hold on him on hearing Hunter's voice.

"I thought I would die." I whimpered feeling at ease hugging him tighter.

"Aarav's dead so are his men just lean on my shoulders for the moment." I coughed the more but found comfort leaning against Hunter.

Something like a ferry picked us up and the rest was a blur.

I yawned quietly turning from side to side on my bed until I quietly heard a voice, I turned to ignore it but I couldn't. I opened my eyes to see Hunter making a phone call studying my surroundings my hands fold the fabrics of the sheets I'm resting on, the tv is on mute as news from the lighthouse earlier streamed on the tv.

I slowly got up got up, Hunter went on with his calls, he noticed I was awake and starts whispering to who ever he was talking to.

"Just cancel my schedule till further notice, I don't know when I'll be back..." he went on and on I sat down comfortably leaning against the bed his stare landed on mine it was of relief and sincerity mixed.

"I have something important to attend to." he smirks at me, my cheeks blushed a bit, I bit my lip nervously he hanged up the phone call striding to the side of my bed.

"Where am I ? " I asked
"in my apartment where else." he ran his fingers through his hair, I nodded at his reply.

"What happened? " I asked trying to get up, Hunter climbed on the bed and pushed me down back on the bed.

"I'm only going to say this once, you need to rest you're not going anywhere." he instructed I just glared at him awfully. He pressed his forehand against my forehead and withdrew immediately.

"I'm not sick." I whined but he just ignores me.

"you can't keep me trapped here Paisley might be worried about me." I whined again he sighed staring back into my eyes.

"Yes I can, I already told Paisley you'd be staying with me for the night she already packed up some of your clothes." he said.

I look down at the red slip I had on, I looked back at Hunter who folded his arms probably waiting for a reaction.

He changed my clothes.

The thought of that made my skin crawl faster than normal, I quickly crawled down the bed flustered.

"Thanks for everything I need to go back home Paisley might need my help." he rolled his eyes at my lame excuse and pushes me back on the bed.

"Your risk of getting killed has escalated going home isn't an option somehow Aarav was able to find out who you are and almost killed you at this point you're a danger to anyone who has a beef with me."

"it's your beef not mine and I can't stay here." I mummered.

"Whether you like it or not I'll have to watch you until the attacks dies down even though you stay with Paisley you'd be endangering her life as we speak so until the wave settles I need to watch you." he said dominantly.

"This is like Thiago babysitting in Nashville all over again." I lamented .

"Whatever way you put it, you cannot stay out of my sight." he slurred at me and I sighed moving back on my bed. "Fine." I succumbed resting my head against the ends of my bed.

The atmosphere between us was quiet after that, I glanced around the master bedroom trying to avoid his gaze.

His phone rang again and he groaned in exhaustion.

"What? " I asked.

"Thiago and Kaleb wants to talk to you but.. " I swiped his phone it was a video call, I swiped the call button to answer it.

I saw both Thiago and Kaleb who were muttering to themselves.
"I'm not sure he's gonna let us talk to her." Kaleb muttered not knowing I already answered the call, I just kept quiet to eavesdrop before they noticed.

"That no good greedy prick he probably had his way fucking her right now, damn he's good." I looked back at Hunter who wore a shocking expression, I giggled giving away my cover as both Thiago and Kaleb looked back at me in shock also.

"Amirah.. " Thiago hymmed I only smiled waving at the both of them.
"You guys wanted to talk to me? " I asked as they both stuttered.

"How are you? " Kaleb started off with his smile. "I'm fine." I replied.
"We heard you almost died." Thiago snickered at me. "Seriously that's what you called me for? " I huffed. "Unfortunately you survived I already was preparing for the sucker who almost killed you. Seriously you should start defending yourself since you're prone to danger all of a sudden." Thiago muttered
"Ummh I did knee one in the balls I was about to poke the eyes out of the next one but they suffocated me with sleeping gas." I argued.

"When you get back I'm teaching you a thing or two about martial arts but we're glad you didn't die." Thiago said while Hunter came up to me.

"About protecting her can you both find out who leaked Amirah's identity, I'm afraid someone is after her but used Aarav as a set up." he said awfully close to me I could feel his breath.

Thiago noticed my reaction and smirks..

"Oh well we have important things to catch up on we better leave you two so you guys can have some alone time." my cheeks heat up, Hunter took back his phone.

"Before that, what's up with you calling me a prick earlier? " I wish I could see the look of Thaigos face now.

"We have to go bye." the call ended while I tried my hardest not to laugh.

"Dickheads." Hunter muttered before looking back at me. "Get some rest." he voiced.

"I don't feel like sleeping I'm already refreshed as it is." I mooned he gave me a side look.
"Is that so? " he cooed.

"Yes." again silence envelope the atmosphere.

"Your mother.." I started looking down at my thigh. "When I met your mother she told me I should tell you she's sorry, what happened? " I asked tired of the silence.

"I don't want to talk about it." he muttered.

"But? " he glared at me. "this conversation is over, goodnight." he said walking out of the room and shutting it behind him.

I crawled into the sheets of the bed and blanket myself in thought I didn't know when I slept off.

Paisley came to visit me the next day early she almost squeezed me to death, I had breakfast and changed into black jeans and a pale green top, I put on red a baseball cap to complement it all.

They were shooting the next scene at an old park, Hunter drove me there while Paisley took her car, everyone's eyes glued to me when I got down from Hunter's ride mostly the female staffs.

Paisley was practicing her lines while I was moving the props and checking the microphone since I was filling the spot as a mic girl.

My phone rang and it was Alec, I gently put down the microphone and answered the call.

"you look cute with that baseball cap." I scrunched up my brows looking puzzled.

"Wait how did you know? " I asked.

"I'm behind you." I turned to see Alec waving at the entrance of the park, he hanged up making his way towards me.

"Hey Dorothy." he pecked me on my lips, a few of the female staffs looked back in shock.

"How? Wait I thought? How? " I stressed in shock, what is wrong with these people I wanted a break and still they followed me.
"I excused myself from my father's meetings after Paisley called are you okay? " he asked, Paisley ran up to him and hugged him from the back.

"How dare you take a flight to Romania and not inform me bastard." she playfully choked him. "I came to see my girlfriend." Paisley looked back at me in awe with a smug grin.

"I knew it so when are you guys going to have babies." she murmured. My jaws dropped which she quietly snickered at me.

"Pretty soon." Alec smirked while I died in my heat of blushed shame.
"Perverts." I called both of them, they didn't care anyways Paisley was called back leaving me with Alec.

"Wanna sneak out and have some fun." as much as I wanted to get the fuck out I don't really think I want to.

"I'm not sure, I have a lot to do today." I sighed.

"Come on you won't hate it." I only nodded while his phone rang I couldn't get myself bothered with who was calling.

"I've got to attend to this later Dorothy." he said and walked away, I got back to picking up the microphone.

Later we went on a break, Hunter insisted on paying for everyone's lunch while he took me out to a restaurant as we slowly ate our white rice.

"You don't like rice ?" he asked quietly while I shook my head, I looked back at my food untouched. "I don't think I have an appetite." he looked at me clearly before slowly dropping his spoon on his plate.

"Does it have to do with Alec coming back? " I was surprised he wasn't furious or yelling he was just calm.

"Partially." I said. "I followed Paisley just to get away to think and he just follows me." I muttered. "Isn't that the same thing I did." I looked back at him slowly.

"You were here on a mission." I argued the point.

"True, but I could have just handled it secretly and made it look like I didn't exist but that will just complicate things for me." I didn't understand what he meant by that.

"So? " I voiced he looked me straight in the eye. "I don't have any right to possess you, you already belong to Alec I presume and me being here complicates everything it's up to you who you're going to choose at the end."
"You're making me choose? "

"No, if you want me to leave now and go back to Nashville I will no but matter how many decisions you make to keep me away from you Amirah, you won't stop me from coming back if you keep getting yourself confused you're going to end up getting hurt." he said.

"Like you know anything about love." I scoffed

"I don't know anything about love but I'm aware of what I feel, around any other woman they are like toys playing with their emotions triggers my curiosity the feeling of getting any woman under your feet is eccentric until I met you, when I'm around you I'm afraid, I'm afraid you'll leave I'm afraid they'll take you I'm afraid my feelings for you will surpass normally than they already were and I hate it, it's like a weakness everything about you is different." he said.

"Let's end this here, I still will care for you and protect you but I almost lost you and I felt weak, I've cost more damage already Vera I can't keep endangering you." we both looked at each other quietly..

"Are you sending me away again? " I asked

"if you want, you can decide, this time this won't be a decision I'll make." he muttered before paying the bills and left.

I got a text from Alec to get ready for our date.

Regina's Pov
I moved back and forth seriously on watching the news, those bastards couldn't do their damn job and kill that bitch.

My doorbell rang, I went to the door to see Hunter who let himself in, I pushed up my boobs and pamper my hair on shutting the door behind me.

"Hunter what are you doing here? " I grinned.

"I found out your daddy was Hiding Aarav Advik the mafia overlord at the old recycling factory in Romania." he started off.

"So ?"

"Oh cut the crap, you leaked Amirah's picture to them so they got to her easily." he growled.

"What is that bitch to you anyways? She's just a meaningless brat."

"That girl is not a bitch, she is very special to me now hear me out carefully I've spoken to your dad about the issue and I no longer have any connection with him so get this Shit into your head as your final warning the next time you try anything, I'll burn everything you have under your possession I'll bring your father down from his position and then I'll slowly stab you to your death and toss your body into the gutters, stay away from Amirah." he said with madness growing into his eyes.

I just break into a laugh.

"You think I care about my father, he's the least of my problems if you killed him I won't even shed a single tear for that bastard after what he put me through even though you get him to convince me he can't because I have that fool wrapped round my fingers so kill him for all I care." I said walking up to him tugging at his collar. "Kill me, you've already killed me with that frown of yours baby? I wouldn't care dying for you if it means I get to suck on your dick hard." I trailed my hand down to reach out for his dick he pushes me away in disgust.

"You can't shoot me Hunter, even if I die I'll fight death just to be together with you." he put his gun down tsking.

"The day you leave a mark on Amirah, I don't care what we had in the past I will kill the only person that still has control over you, I will kill your worthless mother Regina." my heart skipped a beat at his mere threat my reaction was an advantage to back up his threat.

"You wouldn't dare." I gritted in between my teeth.

"Touch Amirah and your mother will end up six feet under." he cautioned before leaving.

Amirah's Pov
Alec said we should meet up at a restaurant I don't know what happened but he was taking an awfully long time Paisley dolled me up and even forced me to shave thinking we might get intimate after getting exhausted I decided to take a walk and breathe, I thought I spot Alec from the other side, to be sure I followed him, he stopped at a diner.

I pulled out my phone and called him, he saw the call and I spot him from outside the diner as he ignored my calls.

"okay that's it." I was about walking in and slapping some sense into him but he got up probably to use the restroom, I let him go first and sat down at his seat waiting for him to come back and give me an explanation.

My eyes darted to the glass window I spotted Hunter making a call and heading in, I got up and went behind the seat and picked a menu burying my face into it and sinking down so as to hide away from him.

"I need to go I have a very important meeting." he muttered, my heart beat so hard I prayed he didn't see me.

"I didn't think you'd come? " I heard Alec's voice and something tells me I'm not supposed to be here.

"I don't think I would but here I am." they both sat behind me while I died in silence.

"I'm so glad you honoured my invitation, so I'll be handling the bills order whatever you want." he gestured.

"I don't spend the money of the same blood that killed my father, in other words keep your bloody money to your self." Hunter hissed getting me more tensed up.

"You're still bitter after all these years? "

"Why did you call me ?" Hunter growled.

"I don't usually have anything to do with you but I'm worried about Amirah keeping contact with you, you're dangerous, cruel wicked, cold hearted and especially you're the murderer of her parents." Alec cockily voiced.

"I don't see any reason I should stop contacting Amirah, I can't do that even if I tried it's her decision if she wants me out of her life if you want me to leave her I'm sorry to disappoint you but I won't." Hunter reacted.

"I don't get it why you are pretending, Amirah is in love with me she has a boyfriend who's here to protect her not a selfish bastard who keeps risking her life." Alec laughed

"Then tell me what kind of boyfriend are you? Why did it take you three years after Amirah got raped and her sister hid her for you to find her? Where were you all those times, why is it when you somehow came in contact with her you come back into her life and give her a reason to remember everything that happened to her, her sister wanted her to live a normal life." Hunter said.

"She's been living a lie, she needed to know you killed her parents, no matter what you say or do to get she'll never forgive you." Alec said as a few tears stream down my cheeks.

"She doesn't belong to you Alec and you're not going to be the one to decide if she stays away from me or not." Hunter said..

"She does belong to me, the night she found out that you killed her parents, why didn't she come running back to you? She came back to me the only ones that loves her, your emotions are a fraud you just want her and then you'll dump her." Alec said
"That's what you think you guys don't share anything." Hunter said.

"We had sex that night." I don't know why but I wanted to slap Alec. "She let me taste her just by my touch she gave in and let me taste her something you can only dream about." I cringed at Alec gloating..

I was praying so hard Hunter didn't act immature and admitted that I made out with him a few days ago almost leading to having sex if Regina didn't intervene.

Hunter wasn't silent but I felt his anger building up.

I decided to silently turn on my recorder to record something.

"Don't be so confident about you having Amirah, she hasn't decided yet." Hunter builds up confidently.

"But Amirah loves you as you proved, she doesn't belong to me and I know and your only reason for meeting me here is because you're concerned about her safety if she goes on with me we'll both loose her." Hunter said slamming something to the desk.

"in this flash drive is the information about the death of Anabelle, I haven't looked at it but I know you know who kill Amirah's elder sister I could easily turn Amirah against you by just showing her but that would be exposing her to more danger and loosing that trust she built for you Alec." I felt Alec tense up. "No matter who she ends up with her life is still in danger but she doesn't trust me after the mistake I made so I'm trusting you to make sure you don't break her trust Alec Rhett." Hunter added.

"How did you get that information? " Alec shakingly asked but kept his cool.

"I have my ways, if you make Amirah loose hope in trusting you I'll kill you." Hunter said getting up, I sink deeper into the chair so he won't see me and tossed the flash drive to the floor and steps on it.

"Why haven't you killed me yet? " Alec asked.

"One, you mean a lot to Amirah and it will be selfish to kill you for my satisfaction, secondly you are hiding him, I know he was the one who killed Anabelle, the flash drive was solid proof and you know I'm right, you're working with him.

You and your Bastard father are hiding him, the moment Amirah finds out who the fuck you really are I'll kill you all." Hunter hissed and walked out while Alec sighed I silenced my phone and he called but I ignored, he left the restaurant while I sat down confused.

Who was Hunter talking about?

~To be continued~

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