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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 34


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 34

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Thaigo's Pov
"Why didn't Hunter let us tag in the mission how is he supposed to focus when Amirah is In Romania too, I have a bad feeling about this." I said sitting on Hunter's desk since he was in Romania carrying out a mission.

"You know Hunter he always have something up his sleeves who knows what's going in that devil's mind, it might all be an act no one could ever figure Hunter." Kaleb voice going through his laptop.
"You're on to something Kaleb but it's kinda odd I'm just worried Amirah doesn't kill him with words and jeopardize the mission, she practically put herself as Hunter's weakness at this point whoever finds out can just take advantage of Hunter, that would be bad." Kaleb chuckled at my comment.

"Hilarious right, Hunter the most feared by drug lords, Kingpins and Mafia overlords weakness is Amirah a confused adolescent girl." I said, it sounds cute and funny but dangerous.

"Amirah is really putting herself in dangerous situations I fear for her life, he could come back for her if they truly confirm that she's Hunter's weakness." I got up to face Kaleb who was glued to the work in his laptop.

"Who would come back for her? Alec? " I asked as he shook his head.

"I'm surprised Alec isn't dead yet, with all the power in the world you'll think Hunter would kill the bastard already, Hunter is planning something." I was intrigued at Kaleb's comment. "You're right Hunter could kill Alec in his sleep or make a phone call and he chooses not to." I confirmed and Kaleb nodded.

"Why is that so? " I stroked my chin thinking.

"Maybe Alec is the only thing left from Amirah's past and killing him might drive Amirah away from Hunter" Kaleb suggested
"or? " I voiced

"or Hunter is setting a trap"
"For who? It can't be his uncle, he would have killed his uncle years ago along with Alec I guess they are a pawn in his game" I thought.

"Maybe, my guess is someone working with them, he's being oddly calm until he traps whoever is his reason he hasn't kill them both, Hunter knows something and we have to be ready, I smell a blood bath coming."

Amirah's Pov
We cast were on a bridge, we had to set up and I had to help, Paisley was warming up for shooting while I was sent to get the caution tapes to alert the civilians we were shooting a commercial.

I already got the tapes and recklessly work my way to lift it, it's just tape but why the fuck was it heavy.

"You need help with that? " I looked up to see Hunter, I may have blushed what am I saying I did blush what the fuck is wrong with me, I let go of the tape it fell to the concrete floor.

"I'm fine." I stuttered, he watched me picked up the tape while I tried to lift it, I think I heard one of my ribs popped I relentlessly still try to lift it.

"You are stubborn." he muttered lowly deciding on helping me out without my say but I was glad he helped anyways.

"You're not still forgiven, you made me kiss you yesterday on purpose." he chuckled at my reply. "Yeah I made you respond to a kiss you willingly melt under." he smirked while I weakly punched him.

"Don't ever touch me again." he rolled his eyes at my reply we got to the set Paisley ran up to us wiggling her brows at me especially.

"Hunter you didn't have to move the tapes." she said.

"It's not a problem, she couldn't lift it anyways." Hunter mocked I just walked out on both of them and attend to the rest of the staffs.

"Hey, can I get a sun cream with a lower spf of 8." the male lead ordered while I nodded and got to the trailer to probably get this sun cream, I was busy searching under until I heard some whisper.

"Did you see that, Hunter totally helped that errand girl with the tapes and she didn't even ask and he was getting along with her." one of the familiar voices from earlier argued.

"I told you the there is something going on between those two, he straight up glared at me when I tried to just talk to him."

"He was still friendly with Paisley what's the difference? " I don't know but I found myself eavesdropping again.

"Maybe she has something with Hunter, they look cute together." my cheeks heat up on hearing those words.

"No they don't, she's the definition of ugly and bitch she's not even in Hunter's league he's only being nice to her because she seems like an easy fling, he'll just get under her legs and dump her." I don't know what kind of anger overcame me but I kept my cool.
"Someone's jealous she isn't getting attention and didn't end up on Hunter's bed like she planned to" one of the girls mocked.

"Shut the fuck up, you'll all see it when he just uses her and dumps her, she doesn't have what it takes to keep a man." she boasted.

"And you have it? " one of them scoffed and the conversation ended, I just laid down a bit and thought to myself.

When I finally think I'm free from all this admirers topic, lord what did I do to deserve this.

My mind thought back to yesterday, I feel like a slut, ok yes I fucked Alec but that was because I was mad and wanted it as a way of payback I love him I guess but I've never told Alec I loved him but he always told me and now Hunter's making it harder for me to think, I just wanted a vacation to think about stuff and Hunter's making everything difficult.

I'm so confused.

I dug my fingers throught my hair, I don't care what those bitches who weren't taking their job seriously as staff get through my head I'm just going to try as much as possible to get much from this vacation.

I got out of the trailer heaving a deep breath, The male lead walked up to me.

"Where's the sun cream I told you to get." I totally forgot about that.

"We need you on set." a staff saved me dragging the male lead, I heaved a sigh of relief about to escape.

"Hey you errand girl we need you on set." my jaws dropped looking confused as I was.

Paisley walked up to me pulling me to the set I stood my ground yanking away from her pull.

"What the fuck Paisley I don't even know what I'm doing." she just smiled and clap her palms together ready to plead.

"The microphone guy just got pulled off please just take his place." she begged about to go on her knees. "I'm already an errand girl" I muttered. "please do it for me." I wish I could shoot myself because I just agreed to let the directors scrutinize me.

I know they will be scrutinizing the actors but Hunter was part of the directors and I'll be nervous.
"Fine." I mummered as she dragged me to the set and gave me a microphone with a long black end, I was supposed to put it over the air making sure what ever the fuck they were acting on set was audible.

The directors got on their seats and Hunter looked stunned for a moment, I just ignored his stare breathing since that was all I could do.

They started the set, I put the microphone over the air as Paisley and the male lead were saying their lines perfectly, my hands hurts so I looked over at everyone who were watching the interaction between Paisley and the male lead. I don't know why but my gaze landed back at Hunter, he wasn't staring at them, he was staring at me for some reason my hands got weak and I mistakenly dropped the microphone on Paisleys head, everyone gasped while Hunter chuckles quietly to himself.
The scene was cut short while everyone looked back at me.
"Who the fuck picked her as the Mic holder." one of the directors yelled, Paisley tried to intervene but I didn't let her.

"I'm sorry." I muttered, he didn't look satisfied with my apology. "You think sorry will help, we are trying to wrap up the shot and you're busy wasting our time, what would out sponsors.. " Hunter halted his hands in the air.

"That is enough, she apologized let it go." a few of the cast gasped.

"But Mr Dominquez ?" the director objected.

"I'm sponsoring the commercial aren't I ? Forget it and let the shots move on." The director was short of words and snarled quietly at me while Hunter picked up his phone and the shots went on.

After the shot concluded I couldn't feel my arms anymore, Paisley wanted to go to a party but I declined I was tired as it was already.

She decided to drive me back to our apartment but also I declined I wanted to tour Romania a bit, I got my things ignoring all the bitches staring at me.

"Going already, they are throwing a party later today." he started off a topic as the public stare.

"You shouldn't be talking to a female employees, word goes around." I said he just shrugs his shoulders.

"Who cares? I'm sponsoring the movie, I can do anything I want." he said

"Aren't you worried your admirers will kick my ass if they find out I'm being unprofessional with Hunter Dominiquez." I arched my brows..

"That's their problem, they won't touch you as long as I'm here next to you." he walked up to me while I bit my lip trying to hide the fact I was nervous but I was terrible at it.

I should be mad at him for god sake.

"Why are you here anyways, you can't just be here sponsoring a commercial there has to be more to it, you are on a mission." he just stretched his lips into a smirk.

"yes, I'm on a mission this is just my cover for the mean time." he said

"If you are on a mission aren't you supposed to be in the shadows, why did you pick this cover and actually spent some money into something that doesn't interest you." Hunter just studied me at my comment.

"Well because I wanted to fish him out."

"Don't tell me I'm bait??" I worried while Hunter shook his head.

"This mission is more than you could handle it would be foolish on my side if I risked your life for a stupid satisfaction of revenge." I packed all my stuff as we started walking together.

"So what's this mission about? " I asked intrigued.

"An Indian mafia overlord wants me dead, he purposely killed few of my men after previously doing some business with him a few years back and went into hiding I heard he was in Romania so I took up the mission." I didn't know what to say but I know something is going to go wrong my supposed vacation is now a life threat.

"He doesn't know you so don't be scared." he assured while I nod.

"Well, thanks for keeping me
company and for making sure the directors didn't kill me." I low-key muttered, I already find myself stuttering.

"Well I gotta go." I whimpered turning the other way Hunter gripped a hold on me before I could easily run away.

"Where are you going? " he asked
"I'm thinking of touring the city, what else do you think? " I muttered.

"You should tour the city another day, you look tired and exhausted." I was tired and exhausted but I didn't want to go home yet, yesterday after my make out with Hunter I came home to see Paisley fucking her male lead and now I needed time to clear my thoughts so touring the city might clear my mind.

"I really wanted to tour today and I have plenty of energy." I persisted honestly.

"Should I drive you around town? " he asked.

"No, I'm fine I just need to do this on my own and think." he only nodded. "Call me when you need anything." I just nodded as a reply turning back to walk on my own.

I went to a shop not two far sitting at the farther end, I only ordered some green tea then paid for it after drinking it I buried my face into my arms and succumbed to sleeping.

Hunter's Pov
She was tired and exhausted and needed to get away from me and she went to a cafe instead and dozed off, if she was this tired she would have gone home.

I walked over to the far end she sat at and sat down close to her, she must already deep in her sleep because she wasn't aware of her surroundings.

I ordered only a bottle of Japanese whiskey drinking from it slowly while watching her sleep, I stretched out my hand to push her hair behind her ear but stopped when she started muttering gibberish.

"Ariel.." she muttered quietly the last words, I breathe hard looking back at her.

"I will keep to my promise." I muttered, my phone rang, I got up paid for my drink and paid for whatever was going to order the sooner she wakes up.

Regina's Pov
There is an old recycle factory that was abandoned 20 years ago, my father bought it for the land purposes but actually to hide Aarav Advik India's mafia overlord, the kingpin of 400 alleged crimes under his name and one of my old flings.

The thing about being Albanians prime minister daughter is having close connection with all the underground overlords.

Well back to the overlord, he and Hunter got some beef so he's hiding in the meantime In Romania since Hunter already froze his transportation privileges so he's stuck in Romania, he's already arms dead man as we know it because sooner or later Hunter will find him.

The reason my daddy hides him is because of the unlimited drug money he sends to my dad to get on his good side.

I walked in the main room he was smoking on a cigarette I stride over him and sat on his thigh, he puffs the smoke at my face lowering one hand down my ass.

I unplugged the cigar from his lips tapping it before I put it back on my mouth and puff it back on his face.

"Regina, got any good news from your father?" he asked, I shook my head smoking.

"My father doesn't give a shit about your dick Aarav sooner or later Hunter's gonna find you and glock you in the balls." I said smoking all the men shared me dirty looks.

"What the fuck why don't you make yourself useful princess and go back to daddy." one of his men mocked they all laughed to their satisfactory delight, I got up away from Aarav pulling out my gun as the laughter died down.

"Oh daddy's girl got a gun what are you..? " I fired the bullet at his dick and he went cold on the floor, the rest of the men went silent and Aarav smirked.

"I don't give shits about any of you, I know how you guys can stop hiding in the shadows, instead of wasting your life here." I said tossing the butt of the cigar at the blood of the man I just killed.

"And how do we do that? " Aarav arched his brows suspiciously licking his lips.

I pulled out my phone and show them a picture of Amirah.

"If you kill her, Hunter will be out of your way." he laughed at my suggestion.

"What will the almighty overlord of darkness have with this little girl, stop wasting my time Regina Hunter doesn't care for anything" I looked back at the picture filled with resentment.

"For some reason, he does care for her, if you point a glock over her head Hunter would be begging at your feet." he grinned nefariously taking my phone.

"Who is she? " I asked
"Amirah Rivera."

Amirah's Pov
I got up shaking my head and yawned softly my vision was blurred, I looking back at the waitress as she kindly spoke but I had no idea what she was saying.

Clearly because she's Romanian we both got frustrated lacking communication she tapped her finger and did a sign language that she wanna go, I clearly nodded probably understanding what she said and got up picking up my purse, I slowly walked out as she waved me goodbye.

For a nap I just feel drowsy at least I got enough sleep but how long did I sleep, I pulled out my phone to see dozen texts from Paisley.

Where the fuck are you? √
This isn't funny I'm worried √
I'm sorry I lost it at you call me back please √

I stopped at a bus stop waiting to catch the next schedule, there wasn't anyone around me at the moment, I tried dialing Paisley's number.

It was ringing until two men suspiciously walked to my direction I noticed and decided to act calm until I saw one trying to get hold of his gun.

"Amirah? " I heard Paisley finally reply, I hanged up pressing the phone to my ear hurrying to get away from there and to somewhere with more people at first I was walking to see if I was just paranoid but they were following me and then I broke into a sprint and they followed, I took some turns to lost them but they focused their energy on me.

They finally got hold on me, I struggled with them they would let go, I kneed one of them at the balls, he let me go and winced in pain, I was about poking the eyes of the second bastard but he masked my face with a napkin with some kind of sleeping gas, I knocked out in their grasps.

Hunter's Pov
I was about heading home until Paisley ran up to me scared.
"Paisley? What are you doing here? " she was breathing heavily like she just ran here.

"Amirah.. " she breathes. "She won't answer her calls and when she finally calls back she hangs up and her signal went dead I'm worried I want to call a search party." she muttered as my phone buzzed in my pockets.

Unknown~meet me at the banks of lake if you ever want to see Amirah again and come Alone.
"I've got to go." Paisley stopped me.

"if you know where Amirah is take me with you." she said but I shook my head.

"go home I'll bring Amirah back." she didn't look convinced. "Promise ?" she asked
"I promise." I said as she lets me go

I went to the banks of the lake of Romania alone as instructed, a few men stood in rows waiting for me with a ferry at the end.

"Aarav request we should ride the Ferry, no tricks." the men said and I nodded getting on the boat, the boat rode to probably the middle of the sea it was almost midnight and it was foggy I could barely see only the White House was our only guide in the night.

We stopped at the whitehouse there was another boat knotted to the deck, I got up from the boat being escorted to where they had Amirah, they were holding her she was weak and looked like she wanted to die, anger built up in me.

"Where's Aarav? " I asked.

"Right here old friend." I turned to see the bastard smoking the pint of his cigar.

"So she is of importance to you, this insignificant stupid toy." he walks over to Amirah pulling up her chin.

"Who could imagine that Hunter Dominiquez the overlord of darkness has a weakness and it lies in this little new toy I got." he said press the end of the cigar butt at her the side of her neck and she screams.

"Don't touch her." I yelled and they pointed a gun over her head.
"Try anything Hunter and I'll blow her brains out." he licked his lips.

"What do you want Aarav ?" I asked he laughed manically.

"Revenge, you burnt down all my goods and made me run into hiding." he hissed at me.

"You killed my men when they assisted you in claiming back your goods burning down your goods and making you hide in the shadows isn't a lesson enough." I hissed at him keeping my gaze on Amirah.

"Then watch me kill her. " he spat venomously ready to ignite the riffle.

"Let her go and kill me instead, you don't want her you want me I will willingly surrender if you spare her." I offered he shook his head.

"Killing you is overrated, watch her, look at her face when she is alive this innocent and disgusting specie and always have the thought you killed her." he said about to to fire the gun but I shot his hands and he drops the gun, the two men holding her backed up, Amirah was still the edge almost about to dive in the rough waters near the lighthouse.

She was on her knees frozen in fear, then it came to me she was afraid of the waters that she might fall.

"You imbeciles cease her." Aarav hissed I pointed my gun at both men threathening to shoot if they touch her, it became more foggy and I could barely see Amirah I tried to keep my focus on the two men.

I heard a loud gun shot and traced it to Amirah, she fell into the water.

To be continued

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