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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 33


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 33

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
The drive with Paisley was quiet since she was debuting in Romania she was now probably an ambassador, everyone took different rides to the welcome party they threw for Paisley.

I can't believe Hunter walked past me with the intention that I no longer exist to him.

'Isn't that what you wanted? ' my inner thoughts mocked, I just sighed and rolled my eyes, I unglued my face against the window and back at Paisley she was excited they pulled a lot of billboard about her brand or commercial.

Let's just say she's famous in Romania.

"I can't believe this, it's all happening." she breathes nervously and almost choked on her breath. "I'm going to be an ambassador." she squealed. "You are an ambassador airhead." I commented, she blanchly blinked looking a little bit dumbstruck.

"This is a big deal Amirah, they don't just make you an ambassador for no reason you have to show that you earn it and I got this, I don't deserve this." she brought herself down.

"Oh please you deserve it, you're smart, you're pretty and you're all over the billboards of Romania, you work hard for this." she lit up again with a smile. "I'm glad I brought you as my escort, you know after this we should really tour this place I bet I could scavage some things free since I'm famous here." she hummed sheepishly.

"You're either drunk or the fame has already gone to your head." Paisley chuckled on my remark taking out her compat.

"I'm all sobered and it hasn't gotten to my head yet I bet dad and Delilah are going to regret this when my magazines go viral." she snobbishly checked out her makeup.

"Yeah it's definitely gotten to your head." I replied looking back at the window.

We finally got to the welcome party, a red carpet lined to a building probably where the party is being hosted. Our vehicle stopped in front of the red carpet we both alighted from the car. Paisley got down waving at her numerous fans and posed for some pictures while I backed away as she shined in the spotlight.

A few people probably her fellow casts were taking shots together, a black BMW stopped in front of the red carpet, everyone looked in awe as Hunter alighted from the car, I quickly averted my gaze away from him and to the crowd.

He simply just nods his head at whoever dropped him off and walked past me and into the building.

"Amirah come on." Paisley pulled me in, we took a last picture before we went in the building.

The place was huge it reminds me of all the events I used to go with my parents.

Table were adorned with white cloth and served with probably different options I couldn't choose from, a set of chairs were drawn under every table.

A few people were weren't seated yet, they all were chatting with one another, there were a few paintings hanging on the walls of the building, I decided to check them out since Paisley was busy attending to her executive responsibilitie

I stared at a painting for probably 28 minutes, I tilted my head thinking maybe I'll be less bored of how confusing it was, it was just a blue greenish painting with scribbles on it who ever painted it was probably high on weed.

"You like it? " I turned to see a young woman, she was wearing a red dress, her blonde hair was neatly band into a bun her makeup was no different from that of a clown, her dress was clearly laced showing off her curves, a vision of her boobs were on display and the slit at the end of her dress was cut up her thigh.

She looked like trouble and I don't want any of it during my supposed vacation.

I turn back to the painting oddly trying to admire what the fuck is don't understand in the painting.

"I'm just bored I thought the painting could have killed my boredom, it just killed my will to see." she chuckled softly at my reply.

"This painting is one of a kind, they are giving it out for the Auction they are holding tonight, I guess you could attend." she nicely insisted but I can't help but get the feeling something was wrong.

"I don't have any money with me." I stated bluntly, she only smiled at my reply.

"You don't have to buy, you can just come and probably make friends or probably sell something." her grin grew wider.
"What could I probably sell? " I asked as she shrugs shoulders. "Why don't you come and find out." she smirked nefariously, I shook my head. "I don't I think can attend that auction I'm not a fan of watching people sell stupid fortune." I hissed she only nodded.

"It's a shame I would love to know you more." her smirks just creeps me out it's irritating.

"Sure.. " I eased shouldering past her, she called me out. "I will love to know you more Amirah." I froze on my spot I didn't want to see the stupid look on her face she could sense I was nervous around her. "Stay the fuck away from me." I didn't care to know who the fuck she was or how she knew my name, she wasn't worth my time.

With those words I stride over to Paisley.

"Paisley, I need to go." I folded my arms waiting for a reply she looked back at me silently finishing her chat with some of her fellow cast. "Are you okay the welcome party hasn't started yet." she sighed looking down.

"I'm fine it's just I'm not that comfortable right now, I have this strange feeling and I don't like it." I managed to stress. She held my hands gently squeezes my fingers.

"Please don't go, you're my goodluck charm and I need someone to make sure I don't get drunk and do something stupid my reputation to act like an ambassador is on the line." she muttered guiltriping me. "I hate you." I whispered over to her as she giggled.

"By the way you didn't tell me they were having an auction later." Paisley looked confused at my statement. "What auction? " she asked.

"That lady just told me about it, she said I should come later today to attend the auction." I said but Paisley grew more confused.

"What lady? " she pressed her forehand against my forehead checking my temperature. "you're not hot, maybe you're still sick from the plane ride, you are right you need to go." she stammered worried, I gently pushed her hands down. "Paisley I'm fine and I'm sure of what I saw, she told me there was going to be an auction." I voiced as Paisley looked more worried.

"I'll talk to the directors about that you get us some drinks okay? " I nodded and back a bit to the tables, there were a few attendants handing out some drinks accordingly.

"Two glasses of Champagne please." I ordered, they handed me my drinks.

"Thank you." I greeted and turned, Hunter stood in front of me I don't know why my heart was beating, I froze we stood four feets apart, his stare was emotionless and cold like the first day, I tried not to look into his eyes I sighed and walked past him heading towards Paisley who took her seat and saved mine for me.

The event started, my pulse were level and my palms stopped sweating, I cleaned my palms with the ends of the folds of my dress.
"Are you okay? " Paisley asked while I nodded paying attention to what ever gibberish they were saying, they called up Paisley to the front and a few of her cast.

She gave a lengthy speech which we all clapped after and put our drinks in the air and then drink.

Paisley came back to her seat grinning taking a sip of her drink, Hunter walked up the stage as a few people clapped for him, I nervously chug down my drink, I looked back at him he was looking at our direction but then took his eyes away.

"I'm pleased to work with miss Paisley and hope the few weeks to come will be enough to get to know each other." he said after coming down from the stage as the crowd applauded for him.

This is going to be a hell of a weak.

I was supposed to help out with Paisley but then I was filling the position of the errand girl I didn't want to at first but Paisley begged me telling me the previous errand girl flight got delayed and I already suspected Hunter had something to do with it.

I was busy fanning Paisley to cool her down while her staff tried to change her in her outfit and put on her makeup while she practiced her lines.

"Sorry I can't, I can't.. " she got stuck and frustrated. "Line? " she muttered while I sighed. "I can't go with you." she nodded rehearsing the line she was way more sweaty than usual and her breath was shaky.

"It's just a commercial." jeez what's so big about this it's not like she was starring in a movie. "Have you seen my co lead ?" she bit her lips while my eyes scaled the area to see the male lead he was getting his makeup on to look more manlier than he already was, yeah he looked handsome but Hunter's way handsome than him.

"What about him? " I asked as the staffs were done and brush off me and Paisleys conversation.

"He's one of the most famous actors in Romania, I'm going to be working with him do you know how big this is? " I just feign a gasps because I don't know what the absolute fuck is going on.

"Hol up, do you like him? " I asked as she shot me a snarl. "No." she refused while I shrugged and chuckled at her pretentious habits.

"I'm telling the truth." she breathes. "guilty much? I didn't say you were lying." I chuckled while she rolled her eyes and smirked.

"At least I didn't fuck with Alec thinking I wasn't going to find out about it" I looked back at her in shock. "How did you? "

"I found used birth control pills and a fresh batch of negative pregnancy test lying on my bathroom zinc." she smuggly grin in victory.

"Bitch.." I mouthed as she giggled. "So how was is did you like it?" her hideous grin plastered on her lips.

"I don't kiss and tell." she rolled her eyes at my reply. "meaning you don't fuck and pray you don't get pregnant." she cock.

"You feel so confident about my awkward sex life don't you." I said. "I'm surprised you have one, but damn how did you get Alec to eat your pussy."

"Paisley? " I yelled infuriated as she giggled gaining attention from the other casts.

"OK I'm done I guess you are confident enough to start shooting." I said giving her back her fan..

Hunter appeared talking to the directors Paisley looked at him and back at him.

"I've been meaning to ask what's your beef with Hunter? you guys are acting weird." she muttered looking back at me for an answer.

"Nothing, he's just being a dickhead." I answered as she looked back at me in shock.

"Dickhead? If we are going to judge here you moved into my apartment with the excuse Hunter was off to Mexico for a business trip and when he comes back you didn't bother to meet him at the airport, you've been avoiding him and anyone close to him and you guys start giving each other the cold shoulder like it's normal and now you're calling him a dickhead, something did go wrong with you both." I try to ignore her point.

"Nothings wrong." I spat.

"Then go say hi to him." she arched her brows while I shook my head.

"Something did go wrong, damn did you fuck him too?" my cheeks heat up at her reply.

"No, we didn't have sex and we never will besides he's married to your sister."

"Correction, he's getting a divorce to that two faced bitch and she cheated on him." she growled under her breath.

"She wouldn't have cheated on him if it wasn't for that stupid code." Paisley looked puzzled but didn't have time to figure it out since they called her out to act her shot.

"Hey errand girl go get me some water." one of the staffs ordered I only heave a deep breath and went to get a bottle of water when I came back with the bottle Hunter was standing next to him discussing I wanted to abort and run away but Hunter saw me and the man took his water.

"do you want anything else? " I asked politely, the man looked back at Hunter.

"I would like some water too." Hunter requested, I went back to get a bottle of water and back to Hunter and the staff.

"Here is your water." I reached the bottle out to Hunter, he looked back at me insignificantly.

"I wanted bubbly not still." he smirked while I glared at him. "Sorry there isn't any left we are all out." I said.

"Then go buy some." he said.
"I don't have any money with me sir." I hissed under my breath holding down the urge to murder him with a bottle of water.

He dig down his pockets and threw a wad of cash about five thousand lei.

I picked it up looking back at him he was enjoying this.

"Buy like two bags and be quick." he ordered.

"but how would I bring them back? " I asked.

"That's your problem I think you have enough amount to go about your problems I'm parched so be quick about it." he said and I was this close to murdering him.
"drink your sperm." I muttered under my breath while both the staff and Hunter looked back at me. "What's that? " he asked while I just breathe. "I'll be back with your water just be patient." he grinned nefariously while I walked out of the set to a shop to get the bags of water.

I only picked the bags and thank goodness the retailer spoke english, I just paid for my order and my phone rang.

"Hello..? " I voiced.

"Hey Dorothy having fun in Romania? " I sheepishly quirked knowing it was Alec.

"Yeah, Paisley is so excited we might tour go to a club later today after Paisley finishes her scence I'm just getting some water for the staff." I said as the retailer got me back my change.

"Don't they provide water at the set ?" he asked.

"Yeah but some dick wanted bubbly." I scoffed ignoring Hunter's name.

"Should I come over?" a chill just coarse through my veins. "You know maybe I could put a smile on your face or keep you company." he added while I scoffed quietly.

"I don't really think I want you taking a 22 hour trip here is worth your time." I softly declined.

"I could use a private jet and make it 12 hours." he suggested, the bags of water were already packaged and a customer waited his turn to be attended.

"hmm I don't really think it's necessary, I gotta go I need to get these water back to the staff." I hangermd up sliding the phone in my purse and lifted the bags with both my hands which were heavy.
I carried the bags back to the set, I took out a bottle and reached out to Hunter.

"Here the water is bubbly." I breathe like I wanted to die.

He looked back at me folding his arms, my throat dried up shrinking back in fear what he was going to do to me.

"Your water sir.. " I repeated handing him his water.

"I don't need it, it's warm I wanted it cold."

'Murder him' my inner thoughts screamed but I breathe and try to get a hold of myself, he found it amusing.

"Get it for me cold and have it delivered to my apartment after the set." he walked past me while I cursed the day I decided to get myself involved with this.

Paisley ran up to me after finishing a scence I was so exhausted I didn't listen to all the gibberish she was saying.

"I don't think we can go to the club anymore I have to practice my lines." she said bottling down her drink of water.

"I have to deliver a bag of cold bubbly water back to Hunters apartment which is on the other side of the scene, I didn't think I would be energetic going to a club anyways." I said getting some of her stuff.

"really? Maybe I should cancel and help you out."

"No, I can take care of myself I'll call if I need help, you need to practice your lines." she nodded and pushed a strand of my hair back.

"Don't be late and watch out for strangers." she warned and skipped back to the lead actor.
I was busy picking up some of the used plastic bottles.

"I wonder if Hunter is going clubbing like the rest of us." I heard a female staff mummur.
"Did you forget he's married? " another voice bounced in.

"Umh he isn't wearing a ring and he's getting a divorce since his wife cheated on him, duh when he sees me in my outfit tonight he's going to forget being professional." I just wanted to puke.

"As if he's been avoiding all female staff except for Paisley and that errand girl."

Hold up are they talking about me?

"More likes he's been friendly with Paisley because she's his sister in-law and torturing the errand girl."

"What does that errand girl have that I don't? "

"Hunter's interest, I think there is something going on between them the way they are awkward around each other, besides she looks familiar." I try to act like I'm minding my own business.

"Whatever it is she should leave Hunter to someone in his league not some broke ass errand girl."
"Like your broke ass can't relate." I heard a chuckle outburst from the mocking.

"Besides I hear Regina is in Romania, that woman would do anything at this rate now she's aware he's getting a divorce." I got up struggling to get my bottles I picked up.

Who is this Regina? And what the fuck does she want with Hunter.

I was hoping to eavesdrop but the trio of female staff left me curious.

The weather was bad, I hurriedly bought a cooler which was packed with iced and the bubbly water from the change of earlier.

I took a bus and sat down at the back to clear my mind, I received the text to one of the apartments the Dominiquez owned.

'Just give him the water and get the fuck out'

I got down from the bus and entered the neighborhood where there were huge houses and mansions and his apartment was at the top.

The weather was deteriorating, the clouds grew dark and heavy in a matter of moments it was going to rain, I was already at the top every where was dark probably because it was 6 in the evening and the clouds added more darker effect.

It was chilly, I dropped the cooler standing in front of the gold pained gate, there was a tree which seemed to stretch out a bit as the breeze battle with the leaves.

I pressed a button.

"Who's there? " Hunter's voice ringed through the intercom, I just breathe nervously.

"It's me." I managed to find my voice it took a minute before the gates opened, I dragged the cooler in and up to the front door, I ringed the damn bell waiting.

Hunter showed up at the door.

"Here's your water goodnight." I said rudely..

"I don't need it anymore you can take it back to the set." he said reading my expression.

"The set concluded about an hour ago, I just decided to waste my precious time to deliver your water." I said but he looked like he didn't care.

"You're an errand girl, that's how it's supposed to work."

"You are rude and an arrogant prick, you just decide to have your fun with me and mess me up to your advantage dickhead, you don't even feel guilty that you killed my parents." I was about to leave but he took me by my hand and yanked me in the apartment, he shut the door behind.

"Then why the fuck are you here? You could have just ignored me and have nothing to do with me but you walk back in here yelling all bullshit, I killed your parents and I am sorry and you want me dead and you don't even have the guts to kill me talk less stay away from me." I don't know how my fast my throat dried up but I knew I've dug into what I shouldn't.

"Tell me Amirah? What's your excuse? If you hate me so much that you wanted me dead why the hell did you come and see me anyways."

"I was doing what I was being told to do." he chuckled backing me against the wall with a smirk.

"Face the fact Amirah, you can't get away from me even if you erased every memory we had you'd still come back." he said pulling my chin up, my heart was beating as his breath splashed across my face.

His eyes looked into mine, I didn't have control over my thoughts anymore.

"Forgive me Amirah." he whispered before connecting his lips on mine, he kissed me softly and tenderly my lips were numb, I tried pushing him away but the more I tried the more his lips maul on mine, I found myself kissing him back tugging the folds of his shirt. He caressed my lips with care urging me to respond quicker to each movement he moaned in my mouth as my body reacted to each touch hungry for more, greedily I tilt my to my side sliding my tongue down he gladly grant me entrance as we both pressed on each other, Hunter lifts me up grabbing my ass while I slide my shoes away from my grasp he walks over to the couch slowing sitting down on the chair as he pulls me closer to him.

My hands tugged to his top he had on, he caressed my ass I playfully bite down his lip as he moaned again in my mouth, my hands roamed through his dark hair I had this eccentric feelings lavished all over me as we kissed.

My lips went down his jawline, I churlished it with kisses down to his neck as he moaned softly gripping tightly at my ass.

The doorbell rings as Hunter ignores it, he was lost in our make out sesh he pulled me closer sliding his hands under my top, kissing furious the skin of my neck.

"Hunter? " we both looked up, the woman from earlier expressed her shocked expression.

"Regina? " Hunter growled, my cheeks heat up and I quickly got off Hunter combing my hair with my fingers.

"I have to go."

"it's going to rain." Hunter cautioned but I didn't care, I just made out with Hunter he just got into my head like that.

"it doesn't matter I'll take a bus, bye." I replied grabbing my purse and left as Regina glared at me.

Something tells me that trouble I'm avoiding is coming.

~To be continued

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