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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 32


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 32

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Hunter's Pov
Kaleb and Thiago walked behind me with some guards, we glide down the steps, down the private jet, the usual the press flashes their cameras and stick out their recorder and microphone.

"Mr Dominquez, what can you say about the rumors of your mistress? "

"Is it true you plan to divorce your wife just so you can move on to your Mistress."

"Who is your Mistress? "

"Regina Hayles is back in Nashville, any comments? "

Paying no attention I walked past them and straight to the black Lexus Jeep with Thiago and Kaleb.

"Looks like someone has been busy spreading rumors while we were on that mission to Mexico." Thiago muttered.

"Should I talk to the editors to take it down? " Kaleb asked, I shook my head.

"Let them talk I don't care if they make a big deal about it. Just drop me at the the company and have the year schedule at my desk." I sighed running my fingers through my hair.

'I'll forgive you when you die.' her voice echoed in my thoughts again, when I thought I wouldn't hear from her again her voice gets stuck in my head.

I picked out my pack of cigarettes and plugged one stick between my lips, I dug in my pockets and light the butt if it puffing out the smoke, I inhaled it once more and puff it out.

The day she said those words she left everything behind, her room was still the same as she left it untouched and locked.

I was mad, mad that she left and mad at myself because I wanted her back, mad that I felt this way for her, mad that every time I think about her I plug in a cigarette to just block her away from my mind but this was a dangerous step that would soon lead to addiction.

I may be alive but it felt she pulled out a gun and shot me straight at my heart.

It's only been two weeks, I once dialed her number it rang but I hanged up before she could pick up, I was afraid.

I'm not usually like this, I'm not afraid of anyone not when I've got a gun by my side but I was afraid, she was just a girl like the rest of those girls back in college who would want me to fuck them even though they knew I was engaged but no she didn't come back and she hated me.

I'm afraid because deep down, I was living in a stupid fantasy that she belonged to me but in reality making that phone call would have confirmed that she doesn't.

She was just different and it hurts.
The Jeep stopped in front of the company, I quickly mashed the end of the ciga after smoking, I got down from the Jeep as the rest of security that followed got down from their separate vehicle.

I walked into the company avoiding eye contact, every employee mind their own damn business doing their job while some female employees tried to get noticed. Taking the Elevator I pulled out another stick but Thiago snatched it away with the whole pack.

"Hunter you got to go easy on these I get you wanna kill your lungs and shit but you have a company to run." Thiago said sneaking it in his pockets I glared at him.

"Worry about your daughter's birthday not my health." I warned.
"Is she coming? " Kaleb asked making eye contact with Thiago.

"She hasn't replied to my text, maybe she changed her phone number or blocked me." Thiago muttered as we hit the top floor.

The doors to the Elevator opened revealing the hallway that let to the doors if my office.

"Sir.. " Hilary got up following us, I unlocked the doors to see my swivel chair backed against me.

Thiago pulled out his guns so did the rest of security that followed.
"Sir.. " Hilary caught my attention while I glared back at her to shut her up and back to who ever was sitting on my chair.

The fake blonde swaying behind the chair hinted me who it was.

I halt my hand in the air, Thiago and the rest of my men put their guns down.

"Regina what are the fuck are you doing in my office? " I heard a giggle from her as she swirled round to face me.

"Sir, Regina had an appointment scheduled four weeks ago." Hilary mentioned, I glared at her.

"Why am I just getting informed? " I snarled while she shrink back in fear.

"I did inform you, you asked all your appointment to get approved without being briefed about them." I hissed under my breath.

Fuck, I could have cancelled if I knew Regina booked an appointment.

"Leave." everyone looked confused. "All of you, leave me alone with Regina." I stated calmly they all left as Regina flirtatiously winked at me, if I could kill her, I would but her daddy is my client and he's got connections.

She excused herself from the chair walking up to me with her red high split dress, she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples poked through her dress.

"i thought you would be happy to see me." she grinned seductively.
"Why didn't you call me after I got married? " she asked. "What do you want Regina? " I asked getting tired of her shit.

"Isn't it obvious? " she encircles her hands pampering her breasts inching closer to me, she laced her hands round my nape.

"I want you..." she whispered sexily, I grinned at her bold attempt to have sex with me, my hands trailed down her waistline pulling her close to me, my lips trailed down to the lobe of her ear, breathing my warmth against her ear.

"Listen closely Hayles I'm gonna let you go because your daddy is on my good side try this shit again I'll make choke on your own blood, understand? " I felt her shiver at the mention of my words, I let her go as she looked embarrass but flicked her 22 inch fake extension behind her.

"One day, you'll be mine Hunter right now I guess you need some time to think and you'll love me the way I love you." she snarled feverishly back at me. "Is that what you call it? Your endless obsession over me? That's not love Regina forget in your wildest dreams I'll fall in love with you." I spat bitterly which infuriates her.

"What do you know about love? You're are as dark as coal and have the heart of a devil, you know nothing about love and you'll be the same, you know no woman would be ever happy with you but me as long as the code lives Hunter, I'm the only one that gets you we are made for each other." she shamelessly muttered.

I pressed a button on my desk.

"Hilary have security escort Regina." I let go of the button as the security came In standing behind Regina.

"I'll forget you ever lectured me on how to love and you never show yourself in my office again." I said as the security grabbed her, she chuckled to herself. "Hunter, you think you can get rid of me, you can't, I always get what I want no matter what, you think this would stop me, my previous marriage didn't stop me, getting pregnant didn't stop me, I always come back, I always will until you are mine, you belong to no one else but me not even Delilah." she said with this spark of madness in her eyes.

"Take her out." I ordered a they took Regina away from my office, I pulled out my drawer searching through my documents.

I looked through it twice it wasn't there.

The picture of me with Amirah was gone.

Amirah's Pov
@Thaigo~ Kathy's birthday is coming up she will love to see you so will Celina.

I switched off my phone after looking back at the text a thousand times, today I was meeting with my parents old lawyer.

It turns out my parents had a hidden account and will to inherit their property my uncle wanted but it was willed to both me and my sister, since Anabelle is dead I had the right to legally inherit everything that's what the Lawyer said after finding out I was alive.

I decided to meet up at a cafe, Alec is out of the country since his dad called him, I'm staying at Paisleys at the mean time, she was more than happy to welcome me as her roommate.

I pulled out my phone checking the time the Lawyer was going to be here, I was so involved I didn't notice someone already sat opposite me.

"Good to know you're actually ignoring me." I looked up to see Thiago and put my phone away. "Let me guess you're here to beg me to forgive Hunter?" he scoffed at my guess and picked up the menu.

"I don't give a fuck about Hunter's relationship with you, you can break his heart, curse him for all I care I don't give a freaking damn." he said with all seriousness.

"Wanna order? My treat." he grinned nefariously, to be honest Thiago is good looking he's just got shit on his lips and he's not my type.

I ignored him as he went ahead and ordered anyways as the waitress wiggled her brows flirtatiously at him and the fucker played along with it.

"Don't you get tired of being a flirt ?" I huffed, he only shook his head.

"Don't you get tired of being confused? " he smirked, I arch both my brows. "What's that supposed to mean? " I asked as he only shrugged.

"You tell me." he hummed softly as the waitress brought his order which was two cups of black coffee, no sugar no milk just black liquid of despair.

"Why did you order two? " I asked.

"I did? I didn't notice since you're here let's play a game, the first to finish drinking gets to do what the other wants, no take backs." I was intrigued so I put down my phone and picked the black coffee.

"if I win, I want you to stop communicating with me and leave me alone." I said as Thiago nodded but he didn't say anything.

"Aren't you going to make your bet? " I asked.

"You know what I want Amirah." he said as we both picked up the black coffee and pushed it to our lips, I've tasted black coffee before but that was a long time ago, I quickly drink, I didn't expect it to be bitter than it already was.

He was done with his coffee while I struggled to drink mine.

"I win.." he muttered while I glared at him.

He got up with a smug grin stuck on his face.

"Bring chocolates and a present, don't be late it's going to be at the beach house, better shave." he said the last part aloud, everyone in the Cafe gasped giving me shocking looks.

I'm so going to kill him.

Later that day after meeting with the lawyer, he requested I'll be patient till everything is being processed, I had to go shopping or in other words Paisley forced me to go shopping for a kid's birthday party.

I finally picked one which was a simple blue dress legitimate for a Kathy's birthday party, she didn't follow me thought she only dropped me off at the beach house claiming there won't be Alcohol at the party so yeah practically she ditched me for Alcohol.

I had a small box which was ornamented with a ribbon and some chocolates, I ringed the bell and waited patiently until Thiago and Celina shows up at the door.

"Amirah, glad you made it." Celina pulled me into a hug while I glared at Thiago who wore a smug grin, he took away the present and the chocolate still on the hug after we disengaged as Kathy ran up to me, I picked her up.

"Happy birthday Kathy.." I greeted as she hugged me, I took a glance round there wasn't a single soul.

"Where is everybody? " I asked.

"Kathy wanted a girls only party they are upstairs getting ready for a slumber party." Celina said taking Kathy away from me.

"Come see my birthday pyjamas Amirah it's the same color with your dress." she tugged on me but Thiago picked her up.

"Amirah has somewhere to be sweetie." Thiago said with a smug grin.

"She's leaving ?" Kathy quivered.
"of course not." I muttered as she smiled again.

"Good, a few friends are on their way, the kids are having their party upstairs while the adults are going to watch a movie with drinks, you wouldn't mind tossing away the boxes on the counter would you? " Celina asked as I nodded and picked up the boxes and head out the back and tossed it at the trash pile.

I decided to take a look at the beach, I took off my sandals letting my legs dig through the sand, I found It relaxing until I stride to the depths of the waters, I inhaled the smell of the beach and turned to see Hunter.

His eyes were darker than usual and his lip was plugged with the butt of a cigarette, he took it out and tossed it away, his eyes never leaving my gaze.

I heave a deep breath shouldering past him but he pulled me back I only stopped as he gripped tightly to my arm.

"You still hate me? " he asked I shut my mouth not sparing me a look.

My emotions were flooding back like a stream that was once dried up.

"How long are you going to keep up with it? " he asked, I flinched from his grasp and turned to face him.

"Stay away from me." I spat venomously once again I backed him. "The problem is I can't do that, no matter how hard i try to get you off my mind you are everywhere, I can't stay away from you."

I turned to face him with tears welling up my eyes.

"Then kill me, so I wouldn't see your face anymore, at least when I'm dead you wouldn't worry about me anymore." I breathe roughly as he pulls out a gun and slapping in the bullets.

"It's shown as a sign of weakness when you surrender yourself to be killed, you said you'll only forgive me when I die." he muttered lowly and tossed the gun at me.

"Kill me and let my death be the ransom for what I put you through and let me be forgiven, I surrender myself to you Amirah."
I threw the gun down while he looked back at me with those lifeless eyes of his.

"Just stay away from me do yourself a favor and forget me, forget what what we had, forgot what we were and forget what we will ever become." I muttered running back to the beach house.

Regina's Pov
It disgusted me the picture of Hunter with a girl, I snuck it out of his office and I've never seen her before.

Was this a sibling I never knew about or some wannabe that was trying to get close to Hunter, whoever she is she doesn't stand a chance.

Hunter belongs to me and he loves me he just doesn't know it yet and I'll make him aware of it even if it means killing this bitch.

I picked the picture, tearing out Hunter's part and tossed the girl's part at the furnace as it burned.

She'll burn exactly like paper when I'm true with her.

Amirah's Pov
Another week and it's been hell, Paisley invited me with her on an escort she was busy yapping about some big client sponsoring her commercial and invited me to tag along it was in Romania, I only followed because I wanted a life without boys.

We got down from the airport as Paisley signed autographs of some fans while I held her bag and looked unimportant as usual.

She was debuting as an actress for a commercial so it's a pretty big deal for her she could get scouted for few roles and be more than a model.

Some people were jumping in excitement and it was not for Paisley, I tried to sneak a peek but I couldn't see anything.

"Paisley, who's that? " I asked.
"It's our sponsors, they may be a big deal in Romania." she grinned as they were coming closer but I still couldn't see who it was.
I glanced round the airport bored of finding out who it was.

"Thanks for accepting our proposal to sponsor Paisley." The director thanked whoever it was. "of course." I looked back up to see him looking back at me.

Of course the sponsor was Hunter
"Hunter you're are the sponsor? "Paisley asked in shock as he looked back at me, we both glared at each other.

"Yes I am I decided to do something new for a change." he said while I quietly snarled at him.
"This is going to be exciting." Paisley clapped.

"It will..." he gloated back with his uneasy glare at me, he shook hands with Paisley and walked passed me like I didn't exist.

What the fuck was that ?

~To be continued~

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