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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 31


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 31

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

Like I've always wanted?
I don't even know what I want anymore.

Yeah I wanted to be with Alec but then my memories were hidden and I decided to get that back and now I'm too overwhelmed with different emotions to even think of what I want.

He was still down on me, our eyes yet locked in a gaze, Alec's hand travel up my face resting on my cheeks slowly was wiping the tears I didn't notice were still streaming down my cheeks.

He leaned closer we were both probably an inch apart, our breath radiates against each other in warmth.

"I don't even know what I want." I whispered quietly.

"What do you want now? " he asked as our lips brushes slightly.
"I want to forget everything for just tonight." I whispered looking back into his eyes, his brows furrowed in confusion.

I lift my head a bit crashing my lips into his slowly gnawing on his lips, Alec was perplexed like he never expected it but in a split he slowly kisses me back answering to the kiss.

His hands scaled up my cheeks as he cups them both, I on the other hand caress my hands from his arms up to his hair, my fingers combed his hair which supplied a thrill of sensation. Alec's hand trailed down to my bottom the mini skirt I had on favoured him as he feeled my thigh and caresses it with care.

A familiar feeling coarses through my body I felt jelly it was something I've felt before, something I was so used to as my body welcomed it.

Our lips connected in a perfect rhythm like it was made for each other, Alec parted lips a bit his tongue swoops down gliding down my bottom lip requesting for access I moaned softly granting him entrance his tongue searched for mine as our lips pressed against each other, his lips teased the skin of my lower lip till I brushed my tongue with his.

Our tongues blend in a swirl battling for dominance, he slightly teased my lips and again I let out a moan, Alec tilts his head down to the side greedily flicking my tongue, his hands encircled my thigh gripping tightly to it, inadvertently I laced my hands over his nape, he jerks me up while my legs encircled round him still enveloped in the kiss.

He carefully jerks me up again, his hands travel down my ass, he slowly walks us up to his bedroom, the door which was a barrier between us and his bed was shut, he pressed me against the door and finally we disengaged from the kiss breathing heavily against each other.

He butterflied my lips with little pecks which aroused me I couldn't take the insanity anymore so I lipped his bottom lip slowly nibbling on it, he moaned as my tongue brushes his lower lip, I felt his dick harden under his clothing.

He smirks against it and travel down the end of my lips and down to my jaw, he kissed my jawline down to my neck softly, he couldn't further because of the white wool top I had on.

Alec quickly unlocked the door knob, the door creaked slightly, he grabbed me tightly so I won't force my weight on the door.

He kicked the door quickly and shut it behind us leading to his master bedroom, it was dark but it wasn't that dark I could still see from the light reflecting against his window.

He tossed me on his bed gently climbing on top of me, he slides the wool top off me and tossing it at the end of the bed leaving me with my black off hand bra, resuming to kissing my neck down I was a moaning disaster.

Our lips intertwined again, his hands trailed down to my pink mini skirt as he pulls away from the kiss, he already got his fold on the fabric waiting for permission to rip it off.

He slowly kisses me from my forehead, then to my nose and back on my lips, he went down to my ear vibrating the lobe of my ear with his warmth.

"Amirah, do you want this? " he whispered mixed amorously.
I nodded sheepishly.

"Make me forget every other thing." I whispered back as again my tears slowly creeps back, he slowly gazes as me and wipe away my tear..

"I'll do more than that.." he clasp his lips against mine once again. "I'll make this a night I promised you would never forget." he whispered again sliding my skirt down and crumpled it to the ends of the bed.

He kisses my torso down to my abdomen, my body reacts and warms up to his touch he unclips my bra which stares back at him, he kisses the top of my breast I moaned when he lashed his tongue round my nipple and caresses it gently with his hand.

His hands travels down my black panties sliding it down and crumpled somewhere in his room.
I was unclad before Alec, my cheeks flushed up even though this isn't the first time I appeared nude in front of a man.

"You're always beautiful." he muttered again my cheeks flushed crimson, he massages my breasts while kissing my torso down to my abdomen.

I was freaking wet.

"Did I always make you this wet Dorothy ?" he teased swirling his tongue across my pussy, I was all tingling inside I felt I was burning up.

He quickly took of his pants he had on and climbed back on me again licking his lips, he slides a finger in my muscles tense up, he pulls it out widening my legs a bit and sticking his dick in my pussy, I clenched tightly the folds of my bed gasping, it wasn't even fully in.

It felt like his dick was tearing it's way in, he swivel his way in as that rapsy feeling in me burn.
I arched my back as it inch fully in, I moaned pressing my torso against him and dig my fingers against his skin.

I moaned all sorts of obscenity while Alec thrust me back and forth while kissing me wildly, my orgasm trapped his cock while I tried kissing him.

His dick was out of me as I breathe roughly we were both out of breath I didn't know about Alec but I was exhausted.

He quietly kisses me my eyes barely opened they were slightly opened.

"I love you Dorothy."

I want to say what happened was a dream but no I had sex with Alec, I woke up flustered I didn't have any drinks so I knew what I was doing.

'What the fuck is wrong with you? ' I yelled while facepalming myself, I looked down at myself I was clothed with a hoodie which was totally not my size.

I got off the bed feeling a little light headed.

"Maybe it was the rest I took after" I muttered to myself.

'Lies it was the sex' my inner thoughts screamed while I tried to think of anything than having sex with Alec.

Come to think of it, he's still my boyfriend kinda we never broke up.

Guilt gripped me all this while he was looking for me and I was cheating on him with doctor Henry who's now dead.

I got up taking In deep breaths, my eyes were shut and then I opened them to see Alec leaning against the frames of the door.
Suddenly my cheeks lit up and I was mesmerized instantly just my the sight of him. My emotions were out of check bouncing back and forth at the moment.

This was what Doctor Gael was talking about

"You like my Hoodie? " he asked I tried to say something but nothing will come out.

I swallowed back my imaginary words trying to push my hair back.

"You're doing the same thing you did when we we had our first kiss." he walked up to me and my breath cease, I averted my gaze down to my fingers and sighed.

"I'm sorry, What happened last night I.. I don't even know what made me react like that." I wasn't making any sense, I couldn't look back at Alec.

He flicked my chin up as our gaze met..
"Are you afraid ?" he asked while I breathe.

"I'm not, I just need some time to know what the fuck is going on and figure this whole shit out, I'm glad you're okay and you came back but I'm not sure which Amirah I am at the moment and which Amirah I want to be." I whispered as he nodded pulling me into a hug.

"I'll wait for you even if it takes an eternity." he said pampering my hair in the hug, I only stumbled into him as memories of what happened earlier were fresh in my mind.

We both disengage from the hug and I later freshened up at Alec's, I wasn't ready to go back yet so I stayed over for breakfast.

Alec made pancakes.

"My favorite.. " I hummed while moaning in delight on the taste.

"Your favorites were brown biscuits." he curved his brows.
"Not anymore." I shrugged still munching on my pancakes, I swiped the syrup and pamper my pancakes with it all over and then sloppyly ate it.

"I guess one thing doesn't change about you." he smiled while watching me eat and mess up myself, my gaze lands back at him in a frown.

"Why are you staring ?" I growled.
"I love staring at you." he teased while I rolled my eyes at him.
"Then stop." I muttered.

"I'm going to stare at you till you fall over the heels in love with me.".

"As if." I scoffed. "I did it before." he smirked getting the reaction he expected with those dreamy eyes of his.

"I'm not hungry anymore, I lost my appetite." I said dropping back the delicious pancake.

"You're falling already that fast? " he cooed I so wish just my glare could have killed that smug grin of his.

I walked away from him to the living room to get away from him but he followed.

Alec beat me to his remote before I could.

"Let's do something together." he suggested.

"Exactly, give me the remote while you fucking get out of here." I said.
"Let's go out today it will clear your head." he said.

"Do we have to? " I asked in a sigh. "I didn't pack and you shredded my skirt and top to crumpled rags." I voiced my point.

"Do you want me to do the same to the Hoodie." my cheeks heat up, I looked back at him with a glare trying to bite back my blush.

"Fine, let's go but what am I going to wear besides your hoodie." I quarell arching my brows.

"We'll go shopping first before we hang out." I just quit, I couldn't abort the idea of hanging out with him at the moment.

I wore one of his pants and the Hoodie, it was freaking weird going shopping with them, I was freaking happy taking them off and trying out several dresses, but I picked a black short off hand dress, the bottom part of it had a dark green signature in depth of the black, I also got a white crescent moon sweater jacket, I nodded I liked it and Alec paid for it.

We went to the movies, then a football stadium and an indoor karaoke club, I had fun doing everything with him, he was just free and mostly creating a vibe not for me to be nervous.

It was weird we had sex and were just acting like crazy dorks.

I thought it was all over but then Alec decided to take me to the park, I didn't want to go because people would be there and people would kill if they found out Alec Rhett was hanging out with me.

We got to the park and it was empty, a chill crawl down my spine when a man probably an official walked up to Alec and whispered something to him.

"Thank you." Alec greeted while the man nodded and escorted us both to the garden of the park.
There were flowers which made the place enchanting, there was a pavement which lead to the middle of the garden, there was two chairs and a table to top it all, a music box and tulips at the middle with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Wait is this a date?

The man left while I try not to bombard Alec with questions.
"Don't worry it's not a date, you said you got some of your memories this is just few of the things I wanted to do for your birthday but that got tossed out of the window it's going to be casual but you can call it off if you want." I breathe and shook my head heading to the 'hangout'.

"What happened to everyone? this place is usually busy at this time"
"I asked permission to use the park, I know how nervous you are with people." he smiled popping the bottle of champagne and pouring it into both our glass.

We both made a toast and we slowly drink in harsh silence.

"Tulips were your favorites, I don't know if you still like them though." he said referring to the bouquet of flowers on the table.
I only smiled as memories of my dad plucking a tulip from the queens garden played, I giggled when he told me that for every tulip means more luck.

I thought it was true because my life was amazing but now my life sucks, I tried not to cry but tears rolled down my cheeks again, my heart which I thought was amending was breaking down bleeding my sobs caught Alec's attention.

"Amirah are you okay? " he asked while I stood up and ripped the tulips from their stems and crumbling the petals to bits and tossing them away.

My life sucked and knowing the truth kills me, I would have been better off living a lie or dead, Ariel would be alive and Avery would have but no, they were no more.

Alec pulled me into a hug trying to calm me down as I sobbed loudly, I wished I could just forget everything and move on but I've lost everything and I've lost everyone.

"Will I ever be happy again? " Alec didn't reply just to justify how miserable my life was meant to be.

"I want to go back." I muttered as Alec nodded in the hug on what I meant, we both pulled away from the hug leaving us both stagnant.

"Can I give you your dance before I take you back." I only nodded, he went up to the music box and pushed the play button.

He walked back to me as the songs freely dance through the atmosphere, he walks back to me and reached out for my hand.

I gave him mine, he slowly pulled me against him, his hands travels down my waistline and mine travels up his nape, we slowly moved to the step of the song playing.

The song sounded familiar but I couldn't really put my finger to it.
"You're a good dancer." I commented avoiding his gaze the moment I did. "I had a good teacher." he muttered back slowly spinning me in a twirl and right back to him.

"Let me guess me? " I snickered.

"Nope Paisley." he grinned nefariously while I rolled my eyes at him.

"Did she teach you when she was drunk because that girl does." I crookedly shot him a smile.

"Are you Jealous? " he smirked while I scoffed.

"Jealous as if.. " I spat in denial, the song was about to end while the sun was coming down.

"You did teach me something." he pointed out while I arched my brows. "What's that? " I asked as he grinned. "not getting over these." he said in a low deep voice leaning in to kiss me.

Alec dropped me off at the Dominiquez mansion, I sighed because I was nervous and I was not in check of my emotions like I said earlier.

Alec volunteered to escort me but I needed to face this alone plus Hunter could kill him too.

I bid goodbye to Alec and walked up the front door and let myself in, I saw both Thiago and Kaleb with Alec, they were all shocked to see me.

"Amirah.. " Thiago called but I ignored glaring directly at Hunter.
Hunter walked up to me and stopped an inch, the feelings were overwhelming, hate, anger, fear, regret, sadness and happiness, I acted on the one that overwhelmed me the most.

I lift up my hand and slapped Hunter both Thiago and Kaleb were overwhelmed in shock mostly Kaleb, I didn't care if Hunter was going to kill me, I was ready to die.

"Amirah? " Kaleb gasped as I shot him a glare and looked back at Hunter.

"I'm going to ask you this question only once and I want a direct answer, did you kill my parents? " I asked as he nods
My heart broke, I was expecting him to say he didn't, for him to just lie to me and make it easier but he did not.

"You took everything away from me, you killed my parents, Burnt them to ashes, you made my sister lie to me, you invited danger into my life in the name of protecting me, you took me away from my Ariel and you had the guts to lie to me, did you kill Ariel and Avery too? " I asked he didn't show any expression he was sorry.

"I didn't kill Avery and Ariel." he muttered.

"How am I supposed to believe you? " I teared up.

"I killed your parents yes, but I didn't have anything to do with the death of Avery and Ariel." he muttered.

"Why did you kill them ?" I asked.
"it was by accident, your uncle Colt borrowed a huge loan under their name their tenure was due, their banks were frozen and their account read bankrupt they couldn't pay back so I killed them and burnt down the house, I found out later when Colt was found dead in a hospital." he said and I backed away, my parents fell victim to my uncle's game.

"You killed my parents because of money you could not do a routine check, you just had to kill my parents, if they weren't dead I wouldn't be here, I would be in my third year of college planning my wedding with my boyfriend, my sister wouldn't have risked her life and got burnt, Ariel, Hunter and Annabelle would still be alive, I wouldn't have been looking for my sister who faked her death, I wouldn't have borrowed a loan and I would not have crossed parts with you ever." I yelled back in frustration.

"You know this isn't the first time I killed somebody." he said.

"I know but how would you feel if I was the one who killed your father, you would resent me the way I resent you right now"
"Amirah I'm sorry.. " he apologized finally feeling regret but I don't think I had the heart to forgive him.

"I can't bring myself to forgive you I've already been through a lot.
the only reason I would ever forgive you is when you die." I spat bitterly and from the looks of his expression, Hunter Dominiquez died right in front of me.
~To be continued~

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