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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 30


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 30

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov


"oh my God Amirah, aren't you nervous? " Tiffany one of the the girls at the event squealed.
"Pfft nervous Amelia's done it." I whispered back to her as Amelia scoffed.
"Yeah because Amelia's always selling her cunt to almost all the officials I'm surprised she doesn't have Aids yet." Tiffany rolled her eyes.
Tiffany and Amelia are my parents associates kids, my mom is the Madam Secretary of the parliament of the UK while my dad is presently in the process of getting considered for being prime minister and you know what that means double security and few friends.
Tiffany's dad is our family's head of security so there's a reason we still communicate while Amelia's dad is my is my mom's advisor so yeah that's still a reason why we are friends.
Tiffany is the sweet and loving girl everyone loves since her dad is our family's head of security he's overprotective of us and mostly her for all her boyfriends, she's not a virgin she lost her virginity to Noah her first boyfriend but they broke up after he fucked Amelia.
Amelia by the way is a bitch she practically throws herself at any guy who's got a load of cash to spend on her and dumps them the next day, she fucks guys for their money, she does a bit of modeling, she's got a big ass and large boobs, no wonder guys wanna fuck her either way she's sweet and admits to something when she knows it's wrong.
Amelia lost her virginity when she was 13 to my uncle Colt my dad's younger half brother then he was 19, that dickhead will do anything for pussy.
He's no longer in the country anymore he just left and we never heard from him again.
I'm the only virgin in the clique and a couple of days from now was my birthday and Alec said he's planning a surprise I will never forget.
"What do you think it is? " Tiffany asked.
"Oh stop it, he's gonna give you dick Amirah you better shave." Amelia warned I was excited and worried.
"I don't know, how do I know I'm ready? What if after we have sex we won't feel the same way about each other." I panicked as both girls notice.
"Girl you better get yourself that dick, no one wants a virgin who doesn't know how to fuck this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to get some good fuck who cares if you aren't made for each other." Amelia advised as Tiffany shook her head.
"Yeah Amirah listen to the girl that fucks almost everyone and dumps them the next day." Tiffany eye rolls and Amelia sighs.
"You're just jealous because Amirah wants to loose her innocence and she won't be your little Amirah anymore for christ sakes let the girl go fuck." Amelia almosts yelled but brought down her voice as we continue our discussion.
"Look Amirah, don't listen to Amelia loosing your virginity is a big deal okay don't just go fuck someone for fuck sakes the person has to share a special connection with you it could be life changing." she advised like always.
"Young Mistress, your parents called for your presence it's time to go home." one of the guards said, a few people were already on their way to leave.
"I'm on my way thank you." I said as he nodded and left.
"I'm having a beach party tomorrow at the suite, you better make it or else I'll kill you." Amelia said.
"You know I have private lessons to attend and me and Tiffany have to pay our respects to the queen's briefing tommorow, you're supposed to attend the briefing too." I whisper still.
"Oh I hate those briefings besides I can't attend anymore my dad says I'm nothing but a spoilt brat and going on and on about how Cecilia Is better than me." she squirmed.
"Maybe because he's right." Tiffany coughed smirking at Amelia.
"The invite list is still open bye." she scoffed and left us both as we shook our heads.
"She so make me wanna cut her with a blade." Tiffany hissed as I hugged her.
"Remember think about it." she advised before letting me go back to my parents.
I put on my mask as the guards escorted my parents and I while I walk by their side they weren't wearing mask like me.
The reason I wear masks is because my mom can't risk me and my sister safety and she wants us to be unrecognized by the public and live a normal life, I don't know what her idea of a normal life is but mine ain't normal.
I wear masks everywhere I go to protect my identity, I'm with security 24 hours, 7 days a week everywhere I go, I'm being Homeschooled and taking private lessons In private universities after I was withdrawn from middle school, though as much as I hate it, it's a thumbs up for me I get to take a very important exam and skip directly to college.
I'm thinking going to Cambridge because that's where Alec is schooling, he's in his third year.
Finally we arrived home, it was a large penthouse with tight security no one can get in and no one can get out, except me I have my tricks.
I quickly went to my room to change and had dinner with my parents, my dad was talking about in stakes of being in the position, though my parents are obviously rich and powerful people they are well mannered so I've learned a lot from them.
"So Amirah how are you preparing for the postate exams." my mom asked trying to start a conversation with me.
"Fine mom, I'm having another private lesson tomorrow and I'm almost done with the syllabus." I said as they smiled, my mom phone rings and my sister Anabelle walks in with a smirk.
"Hey dad." she ran up to dad giving him a peck and did same to mom quietly who was making a call and sat down opposite to me.
"Bitch." I mouthed as she rolled her eyes, oh did I forget to mention I hate my elder sister Anabelle, you'll soon find out why.
"Honey I have to take this there is an issue at the office." me and my sister kindly smiled innocently to each other.
"I can escort you on the way, Stan wants a word with me." with that both my parents left us.
"Be good to your sister Anabelle." my mom pecked her and my forehead before both my dad and mom left.
I got up carrying my plates.
"So bitch you sold your pussy yet ?" my sister smirked while I ignored her and head to the kitchen, I washed up and put it back in it's place, I went back to the dinning room to see her smug grin.
"Why are you back in England I thought you ran away with that fuck addict." yeah we don't get along well.
"Chill, I only went to that frat party in New York by accident doesn't mean you fucking have to bring it back, not everyone likes a snitch you know." I once snitched on her when she illegally went to New York just to fuck some guy.
"Then mind your own damn business." I hissed walking away from her.
"Oh yeah Colt is back so tell your friend not to throw her pussy at him." she hissed back at me I ignored her as thrills crawl down my spine.
Colt is back, does mom and dad even know?
It ain't my business anyways.
I went to my room I was studying at first then I got a text from Alec.
Hello Dorothy √
I picked up the phone and grinned timidly.
Stop calling me Dorothy √√
I met Alec when I was 14, Amelia convinced me and Tiffany to go to a party that was 18+ we faked ID's and dressed up the part I had way too many drinks and was dancing like a fish.
I caught Alec's attention, he asked me to give him a lap dance which I declined somehow and then he called me Dorothy saying I was innocent, he was 19 at that time and didn't know anything about me and neither did I.
Later we met at a party and asked me to dance, I told him my real age though but he insisted he get to know each other and then he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Well yeah because of me I've risked my identity several times, a picture of us making out went viral and surprisingly my sister made my parents believe it was a look alike but still my parents took it down somehow but a few of them that saw the pic now knows my identity still but it's all forgotten.
Yeah right √
I didn't see you at the black and white tie event √√
I know I promised I'd make it but I'm busy doing something here in the U.S. I promise I'll make it up to you on your birthday my love √
I hate it when he calls me that I can't stay mad at him.
So can I get a sneak peek of my present√√
Nice try Dorothy, I ain't revealing until your birthday, goodnight I'm off dream about me √
I put down my phone and think about what he would get me this year, I love Alec he's the best boyfriend ever and I'm going to loose my virginity to him.
'Are you insane? ' my inner thoughts screamed.
I ignored it I've already made up my mind.
A couple days later it was my birthday, my parents don't celebrate birthdays they don't think it's worth celebrating the only thing they do is get me a birthday cake and eat a card which was always in the kitchen when I got there.
I was with my phone going through all the messages.
@Bitch(Annabelle)~ Fuck you.
@Mom~ happy birthday sweetie get ready for today and go study.
@Dad~ hbd
@Tiffany~ Happy Birthday Amirah, Amelia is trending your virginity status on twitter.
@Amelia~ get that dick bitch.
I got nothing from Alec, I was a little down at first but then thought he was doing something important.
I got ready today, nobody was home so I decided to bake myself a cake after eating the cake my parents left for me.
Later I went to the mall to get something sexy to wear, I picked a black Lingerie and a see through white slip, I paid for it and went home to try it out.
I took some pictures without my face in them and sent it to Amelia, she freaked out and started sending me dirty lines I could whisper to Alec.
She's crazy.
I texted Alec, he didn't reply and now I was worried because he didn't pick my calls either.
I decided to hang out with Tiffany as we both attended a theatre to see performing arts, I kept checking my phone until I gave up and had fun with Tiffany on my birthday.
I went home later, my parents wished me a happy birthday again, to be honest it wouldn't kill them if they bought me a car instead, I went to my room to see a text from Kaleb.
~meet me at the old abandoned Hospital at Cape Coral in have a surprise for you. √
Not even a happy birthday or I'm sorry, what the fuck?
~Sure you better have some explaining to do.
I went downstairs sticking my head out from upstairs.
"I'm going to sleep no one should bother come in my room." I yelled across the stairs they didn't reply so I ran back to my room and changed into something cute, a buttoned up sweater and a pink mini skirt.
I sneak out the window with my purse and phone quickly dodging danger from every security guard till I was able to slip past the gate and out of the house.
I took a cab to the exact location, the Hospital was abandoned after a patient was murdered and it went bankrupt, kids still come here to explore but there is a myth drug lords hold their meetings at night and of course it's not real.
I stood in front of the Hospital looking for Alec but he was no where to be found.
I pulled out my phone and texted him.
~I'm here, where are you √√
~come in √
A familiar chill crawl down my spine and I didn't like it, I froze looking back at my phone.
'Get the fuck out of here' my inner thoughts screamed and I couldn't agree more, I stepped back but someone claps his hands against my lips and the other at my nose, I tried struggling by kicking him in the shin, my phone fell from my grasp and I felt something sharp peirce through my skin, it hurts.
Distracted by the pain the stranger punched me in my stomach until I was defenseless and down on my knees, I collapsed later to the cold floor and my eyes went shut.
I wake up only in my lingerie I still had on chained down on to the bed of the hospital, I looked around, it was a little dark but I could still see.
I saw Alec barely chained, not do far away from me he was unconscious.
"Alec?? Alec?? " I called but he didn't reply he was still unconscious.
"He can't hear you." I gulped down hard on hearing the familiar voice I tried struggling as the voice approached me.
"Amirah, what a pleasant surprise." my eyes already well up in fear.
"What have you done? " I asked.
"Nothing, you should be worried what I'm going to do to you, you know I could never turn down a pussy." he smirked devilishly as I tried to break free but I can't.
"You can't escape, imagine you're still a virgin I thought Amelia would at least change you." he walked up to me scaling his hand up from my torso and down to my thigh.
He ordered some of his men to wake up Alec, they unlocked him from his chain and stood him up to look at me.
"Dorothy.." those were the only words that escaped his lips.
"What do you have against me I didn't do anything." I yelled.
"You didn't do anything yes, but this bastard was sent to kill me and he was foolish to think he would have gotten away with it now I'm going to make him watch while I ride you." he gloat.
"Don't touch her..." a punch came flying against against Alec's face.
Colt went down on me, he forcefully kissed me down to my collarbone, his hands moved down my boobs encircling it with his grasp.
He unclips the bra as he squeezed my boobs, I let out a cry and he lips one nipple and bites it all I could do was scream, I couldn't escape.
The more I screamed the more it triggered him, his teeth went down my panties as he teeths it down, he lowers his jeans down quickly as his dick budge in my pussy, he forcefully ride down, all I felt was pain at the moment as he ripped my hymen into threads, he moaned as I cried.
"Fuck I should have cum in you after I fuck Amelia." he mummered as my muffled screams fill the atmosphere.
I felt pain, soon he was done while I bleed in misery.
"Hey boss can I have a go at her." One of his men said.
"Help yourself, the more the merrier, after that call my brother let's tell him I had fun with his daughter"
The man walked up to me lustfully, the next thing I heard was a gunshot, I glanced over at Alec, he was holding a gun and the men that were holding him were unconscious. The man that wanted to sleep with me collapsed in a second.
He quickly runs to me and unlocked my handcuffs, I was already scared, he gave me his jacket as Colt pointed a gun at his head.
Alec slaps the gun out his grasp to the other end of the room while he shoot the rest of Colt's men dead.
Colt managed to pick a gun, I already wore the jacket which covered my body and again colt points the gun at Alec.
"Give up Colt and maybe I'll spare you." Alec spite bitterly.
"I took away her virginity, maybe I'll take her life too." he fired the bullet but instead Alec took the bullet and quickly shot Colt in the head twice as Colt falls down and dies.
Alec stumbled to the floor, he was shot in the chest.
I tried to pull him up, he was already bleeding.
"I'm sorry Dorothy, I should have protected you." he muttered intertwining his fingers with mine.
"Will you be OK? " I asked but he didn't reply.
"Go home, I promise I'll come to you, I'll find you." he muttered while I shook my head.
"What about you? " I asked as he smiles.
"I'll be okay go home I'll be fine." he said.
"Promise me you'll find me no matter what and we'll be together." I said.
"I promise, now go." he whispered and I nodded running not looking back.
"Dorothy, I love you." my heart skipped a beat but I didn't look back I ran out of the Hospital.
I walked home in tears, my uncle took away my virginity, he's dead and Alec is going to die, I wanted to turn back but Ignored, I climbed back up my window to my room.
The house was quiet.
"I searched the entire house only the parents are home." I heard a strange voice and sneak to see my parents who had guns pointed to their heads.
"Kill them." a voice commanded and my parents were shot dead, I bite back my screams all I could do was cry, I looked clearly at the man who killed my parents.
"Burn everything down." I gasped and ran back to my room and hid under the bed before they noticed, my door was opened I could see them pouring liquid and then they light the house on fire.
I coughed under the bed as the house burned, I crawled and tried to run downstairs to see my parents who were burning to ashes.
The people of earlier were gone.
"Mom, Dad..? " I could hear sirens as I broke down.
"Amirah?? " I heard my name being called but the thick black smoke trapped me while I coughed, the last thing I saw was my parents being burnt to ashes.
I woke up tears slide down my cheeks, I remembered everything, I got up to see Thiago and Doctor Gael, Thiago pulled me into a hug.
"Are you okay? " Thiago asked.
"No, I got some of my memories back but Avery didn't look like she was before." I stated.
"She went through surgery after risking her life to save you from the fire, she got burnt and begged me to lock your memories, you were traumatized and you would not talk, she thought replacing some of your memories and faking her death would help so you both could start a life in the U.S." he said.
Now it explains why people saw me familiar.
They didn't know me and they knew Avery because she revealed her identity.
"I remember, Avery's real name is Anabelle not Aimya, I saw Alec and he killed my parents." I sobbed.
"Alec killed your parents? " he asked.
"No, Hunter Killed my parents."
Everything was out of balance my emotions were scattered as I tried to put everything together.
I was the daughter of a Madam Secretary and supposedly Prime Minister but they were dead and I wished I never knew who killed them.
I had Thiago drive me to Alec's place after we returned back to Nashville.
I couldn't go back to Hunter, I needed to confront Alec first andi couldn't face the fact Hunter killed my parents.
I bid him goodbye and ringed Alec's doorbell, he let me in shutting the door behind him he looked shocked to see me.
"What happened? "he asked.
"Take off your shirt." he looked at me confused.
"Why? " he asked
"I just want to confirm something." I stated he only nods and takes off his shirt and behold the scar from the gun fight a few years ago was still there.
"I got some of my memories back, what happened back in England? " I asked.
"Don't lie to me." I added.
He sighed walking up to me.
"That night I told you to go because if they found you they would have killed you." he said.
"Who ?"
"You don't wanna know Amirah." he said.
"I don't wanna know what, do you want to hide that too till I find out ?my sister died and lied to me my whole life, my parents were killed which happened to be Hunter, my uncle raped me because of a stupid beef he had with you, I'm confused as hell right now." I slumped back into one of the cushions.
He sits down next to me.
"After you left my father's men came and took me back I kept my promise and came around the next couple of weeks but you were gone, when I first saw you in Detroit I tracked you down to Nashville, I came back to Nashville because of you Amirah ." he said.
He climbed on top of me as his eyes locked with mine, my heart beat faster as he leaned closer.
"I still meant what I said, to you back then I love you and this time I promise no one will ever hurt you I'll protect you Amirah, let's leave Nashville."
"We can be together like you always wanted"

~To be continued~

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