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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 29


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 29

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

~It aches~
I am stuck in this dimension where everything In my life was nothing but ill luck.
A tear drop slide down my cheek and splashes down on my forehand, I was confused I didn't prepare myself for this I couldn't just believe it.
"No, it can't be her my sister name is Aimya Rivera not Avery, I saw the news when they announced..when they announced her forged death." my emotions betrayed me overwhelmed by the sudden news I couldn't hold back my tears.
"You were made to believe she was dead Amirah, from her perspective she thought that was the only way to protect you." he said remorsefuly I couldn't bring myself to believe it the more I thought of it, everything was unraveling itself.
I never knew her backstory, she was always trying to get close to me, the time I went missing she hired detectives to find me.
She tried reaching out to me everytime I shut her out, she was basically taking care of me and I didn't fucking notice she was basically next to me everyday of my life and I was so blind to notice her.
She was the first to come to the station when I was found, she always looked after me and she was trying to make me open to her.
When she died I cried so much my heart ached it was like a gunshot to my heart and now I know why, I felt some connection with her but I just ignored it and now I know she was my sister, I cried so hard because somewhere actually in my thoughts knew my sister was dead but I just shrugged it off.
"Why didn't she tell me? Why did she do all of that? Why? " I broke into a sob.
Vincent got up looking down at me, I couldn't feel anything anymore the person I love died probably because of me, they killed my sister and it's all my fault.
"Remember your first Therapist?" I looked back at him with my lifeless expression.
"Doctor Gael." I voiced emotionlessly.
"all those times you went for therapy because people thought you lost your mind and couldn't believe the fact your sister was dead you actually went for hypnosis sessions before you were deported back to your sister." he said
"I tried interviewing him about you but he wouldn't give me answers, the ball is in your court Amirah it's your choice if you really want to know what happened." he said as Thiago walked in seeing me in tears.
"I have to go, goodbye Amirah it was pleasure doing business with you." he said striding over.
"Vincent." I called, he turned as I got up and walked up to him.
"Thank you." I muttered weakly he only nodded as I walked up to Thiago.
"Amirah? What happened? " Thiago asked concerned, I only shook my head brushing past him and to the car.
He followed getting into the car as well we were silent for a while I was still processing everything in my thoughts.
Then what of Alec? What is he to me? Is he responsible for the death of my parents and probably Avery's and Ariel?
Who am I? Is my name even Amirah?
Maybe that's why Avery lied to me and did all this but why couldn't she just tell me instead.
"Amirah? " Thiago muttered.
I cleaned off my tears sobbing quietly I couldn't look at Thiago's I'm not ready to tell him anything yet.
"Please take me home." my words were breaking and my heart was bleeding.
"Are you okay? What happened? " he asked I went quiet I felt death and at this point I wanted death.
"Just take me home." I said coldly he only nodded and started up the engines as we drove home.
The next day I didn't eat anything, I couldn't build up any appetite the conversation with Vincent yesterday ran through my thoughts I was quiet and numb and probably thought about suicide at the time.
Thiago was worried I just sat down in my room in my thoughts, resentment and bitterness towards myself filled my thoughts, maybe if I starve myself longer I'll die and no one would ever be endangered by me.
Another day passed I laid on my bed empty not having any will to live anymore, I weakly got up from my bed, Thiago was outside making calls probably to Hunter.
I went to the kitchen, Thiago hid all the knives after I picked up one the other day and tried to end my life, there was a bottle of acid sitting at the far end of the Kitchen that he was supposed to put away, I picked it up and quickly got a glass cup and poured the acid in the glass then later put away the glass.
I picked up the glass weakly as tears rolled down my cheeks.
"I'm sorry Hunter." I said about to drink it but a bullet knocked it away from my grasp, I looked up to see Thiago who raced up to me and rushed me to the tap to dilute the acid that got on my hands.
"You should have shot me instead." I said lifelessly looking down at the waer subsiding the acid concentration.
He let's go of my hand looking back at me in disbelief.
"What the fuck were you thinking? What did Vincent tell you ? why the fuck are you trying to kill yourself ?" he muttered.
"As if you'd care." I scoffed.
"I do care if I didn't I'll let you die anyways." he said frustrated. "Then let me die." I yelled back at him he searched my expression, my eyes were empty, my skin was pale and I was weak.
He pulled me into a hug, running his fingers through my hair why I sobbed loudly.
A few minutes passed by after crying on Thiago, we slowly disengaged from the hug.
"Fine I'll let you do what ever you want you can kill yourself but before you do anything let's go on a mission if I can't convince you after the mission then you can kill yourself."
I was in the hospital in Denmark disguised as a nurse while Thiago as a Janitor, he didn't tell me about the mission, we were both at the hallway of the hospital.
We both took an elevator to a floor, I followed behind Thiago.
we both entered a ward I wasn't a fan of hospitals myself I just wanted to get over this mission already.
We both entered a room to see a woman holding dearly the hands of a girl attached to a ventilator, her monitor readings were poor she was barely clinging to life as we know it.
"We need this room ma'am, we need to clean her equipments." I said my lines that I practiced, she planted a kiss on the forehead of the girl gently caressing her hair before she left.
I walked up to the girl so did Thiago besides me.
"She looks beautiful." I muttered, Thaigo sighed nodding.
"We are supposed to disconnect her monitor once we do, you can carry on your thoughts of killing yourself."
I stepped back shaking my head in denial I'm already responsible for the death of few people I don't actually want to get involved.
"How will that make me feel better? " I asked.
"it won't, just disconnect her monitor and we'll be on our way." he said without emotion.
"Do you even know what you are saying? I could actually kill a human being here." I half yelled.
"She's being in a coma for 22 years, her Fiance painfully moved on her father died a few weeks ago all is left is her mother hoping for her to wake up, she's not reacting to anything, not making any movement she's good as dead these kind of people are disconnected from the monitor." my heart broke on hearing those words.
"Why can't we just leave her like this? "
"Her mother borrowed a loan to sponsor for her daughters treatment but she won't wake up like I said she's already as good as dead but she's being forced to managed with the ventilator sparking a nonexistent hope that she's alive, her debt is overdue and she hasn't paid back." I said.
"it's either you pay the price or pay with your life." I muttered sadly under my breath heading to her monitor.
"Exactly she has to die." Thiago muttered.
"What about her mother? The only person that wants her daughter back? The only person that wants her to live." I said gripping tightly to the tune connected to the ventilator.
"I don't know Amirah, whatever is the outcome we'll find out after you disconnect the tube." he said as tears dripped down from my cheeks, I closed my eyes quickly disconnecting the tube.

The monitor that was once reading dropped and went into a thin line, she was dead.

The mother came back in to see her daughter dead, she ran up to her crying profusely.

"Wake up Steph, come back to your mother, why did you kill her? Why? If it was possible I could have given my life to her, she didn't even get to know how it felt to be married, she didn't get to experience having kids like she wanted, Steph, my little princess come back to mummy." she violently shook her daughter crying on top of her while I watched the heartbreak.

"I'm sorry.. " I muttered silently, some doctors came in to see the issue.

"Please bring my daughter back." she begged in tears.

"I'm sorry but she's gone." the doctors said, Thiago nudge me back to reality as we both left the heart breaking scenario.

The scenario of the mother-daughter relationship was over, we were both in the car after accomplishing the mission, Thaigo was reporting everything while I was quiet the entire minute of the time.

Soon he was done and handed me a gun which laid on my laps.

"You're done you can kill yourself and I won't stop you." Thiago said, I looked back at him in shock.

"What was I supposed to learn back there in the hospital? " I asked.

"Nothing, you just did the job so go ahead and quench your desires of ending your life since that's what you've been trying to do." he stated.

"I killed someone."

"You shouldn't feel bad beside if you're dead you won't actually feel guilty about it so it's a win on both sides." I couldn't point out if he's actually being sarcastic, I point the gun over my head about to click the riffle.

"The mother, how did she feel when her daughter died?" Thiago asked.

"She was heartbroken, she loved her daughter" I answered
"How would those who love you feel when they find out you're dead Amirah, how would your elder sister feel when she finds out you are dead ?"

"She's dead." I muttered lowly
"What?? "

"Avery's dead, she was my elder sister she tried to get close to me but I was cold to her and I brought whoever killed her to her , I led them to her but why? I deserve to die Thiago." I sobbed.

"Then did Avery die so you could feel guilty so you can die Amirah? How would Paisley feel? How would Hunter feel? How would I feel? "

"is there any more reason to live? The people I both love are dead to me."

"There is an end to every story you're just at the beginning, if you end your life now you end literally just stopped your story, you're the author of your life Amirah, finish the story." he said I only sighed and tossed away the gun.

"You would have saved yourself the trouble and just told me not to kill myself." I muttered faintly.

"Where's the fun in that Vera? " he cooed, we both smiled timidly. "Will you be okay?" he asked. "Yeah." I replied.

He started up the car driving out of Denmark.

A few days later me and Thiago actually got along and he took me out to have dinner with Celina and Kathy she was actually sweet and though wary of me thinking I was seeing her dad till Thiago explained.

Hunter wasn't back yet and I was getting worried, Thiago said he hasn't heard from him a few days after the Denmark scenario.

It was already late I was waiting outside for Hunter to drive in, I've been doing so for the past few days.

"Amirah? " I looked back to see Thiago.

"Come in its late." he muttered quietly he's been silent not telling me what happened to Hunter.
"Is he coming back? " I asked, he didn't give a reply.

I got up mournfully heading to my room as instructed, a few hours later I hear voices echoing downstairs.

"She's asleep." I hear Thiago's voice downstairs and sneak down to see peek, Kaleb and Hunter were back and down with Thiago.
"How is she? " Hunter asked, I ran down the stairs they didn't notice until I ran up to Hunter and hugged him.

Kaleb was snickering at me but I ignored.

"I was worried, I'm thrilled you're back." I muttered lowly, his hands trailed down my back slowly caressing my back.

"Hey where's my Hug? " Kaleb mouthed.

"Oh shut up let her have this moment." Thiago glared at him, I didn't let go of Hunter still.

Thaigo and Kaleb left afterwards while Hunter freshened up after getting back from his mission, I was busy holding my notebook.
I was going to tell Hunter about my discovery.

He came down the stairs wear sweatpants and a white turtleneck sweater.

His eyes set on mine.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed? " he asked I heave deep breaths courageously getting up to face him.

"I found my sister." it felt like time froze because none of us took a step after that.

"have you contacted her? " he asked

"No she's dead, she's was my roommate back in New York so my roommate who died was actually my sister, she somehow erased my memories and made me believe she disappeared." I sighed.

"How do you know all these? "
"Vincent, he told me everything."
"How did you get enough money to buy information from Vincent." he asked..

"I didn't, he asked me to find out how your father died, I did but I didn't tell him "

"You met my mother? " he said coldly all I could do was nod.

"She told me about the Dominiquez code, why is that a thing and is that the reason you can't give Delilah children." I said as his expression changed abruptly.

"If I say yes will that satisfy your curiosity? " he asked furiously.

"Your father almost put your mother in danger and nearly damaged her womb she was lucky to give birth to you without loosing the pregnancy, why is this code taken seriously? " I asked.

"Don't say shit about my father, you had no right to find my mother and know anything how were you able to find out anyways, why are you so stubborn? " he asked.

"So it's true why didn't you just explain to Delilah that instead of purposely denying her privileges of having children." I yelled.

"You won't get it Amirah, only one heir stands it's either the offspring or the father dies, I couldn't possibly explain a stupid tradition to Delilah." he half yelled and we were now raising our voices.

"And so you admit it is a stupid tradition."

"Yes I think it's stupid but I'm not stupid to risk Delilah's life or any woman's life for that matter if I can't protect my child and Delilah it would be foolish of me to die and leave them the way my dad left me and my mom with Derek and putting us in this condition, you think I like running my father's business, I started making decisions at the age of 10, I got my first gun when I was 11, I've ended everyone who comes as a threat, I grew up having the thrill to see people die, it was none of your business,why do you care? we are not even together." he muttered harshly.

I felt something break into pieces, Hunter softened after noticing my expression.

"I'm sorry if I invaded your privacy, I shouldn't have pokenose into your business, I won't bother you or your life anymore." I said coldly picking my notebook and running upstairs.

I shut the door behind me and locked it, by now I expected to be dried up but somehow I could still cry.

I went over my bed and picked up my phone and called Thiago.

"Amirah? Is there anything wrong? " he asked.

"I need you to help me with a favor tomorrow."


The next day Thiago was outside with his car, I went downstairs to see Hunter and Kaleb discussing I ignored them trying to sneak out.

"Amirah... "

'Oh god'

"I'm not running away, I just need to do something in London, I need to go see a doctor." I said lowly.

He got up and walked up to me.
"I'm sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean to anything I said, I was just frustrated and I fucked up." he said his gaze was begging me to stay.

I only nodded.

"I didn't have the right to find out anything, you are right." I muttered lowly we both heard a loud horn coming from outside.

"I shouldn't keep Thiago waiting." I said about to leave but he gripped tightly to my hand and I stopped.

"What ever you find what you're looking for promise me now you'll be back." I turned to face him.

"I promise." I said, he let's me go while I ran to the car with Thiago.
We first drove to the airport, then boarded a plane Thiago booked and spend probably more than eight hours before landing in London.

We took a cab after to one of the Dominiquez houses in London before going to an apartment to knock on a specific door and waited.

Someone was busy trying to answer it yelling he was coming.
"How many times have I told you I don't do interviews... " he froze when he saw me and then put on his glasses which was attached to a rope swinging round his neck.
He was a matured man probably in his 60's, he had grey hair but lost most of his hair having a bald patch. He wore slacks and a buttoned up shirt.

"Amirah? Is that you ?" he asked while I nodded.

"What are you doing here?" he said letting us both in and gestured us both to sit down.

"Doctor Gael, I know you are responsible for messing with my memories I want them back." I stated.

"Does your sister know about this? " he asked.

"Avery's dead, I need my memories back I need to know why Avery lied to me and made you erase my memories, I need to know probably I could find out who killed her please help me." I said in a whimper as he sighed.

"I didn't erase your memories, they are still there but locked away I can help reverse it by using the mantra I used to hypnotize you, but you can only remember what happened 72 hrs before your memories were hidden, and possibly after that every memory your sister was trying to lock might reveal themselves later but let me ask you a question."

"Do you love your life now? He asked.

"How? " I asked confused.

"You've made new memories and so they may clash with your old ones and possibly trigger your previous emotions towards some people if I reverse this mantra probably your emotions before may be stronger than now." he said.

"I don't really care I want to find out who really I am. " I said.

"Your sister hid your memories for a reason Amirah, if I unlock your memories everything she tried to protect you from will be in vain, you can back out now if you want"
"Do it." I ordered, he nodded and laid me on a desk.

"Close your eyes, you will be trapped in a deep sleep the moment i snap my fingers you will remember everything that happened the last 72 hours, good luck Amirah."

He snapped his fingers and I was out cold.

~To be continued~

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