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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 28


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 28

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

Do you have this weird gut feeling everything is so familiar but you can't just figure what it actually is.
I came home after the whole scenario with Alec, Thiago let me off the hook after noticing I was upset and running up to my room.

I laid on my bed lost in thought one after the other.

My door creaked open I glanced over to see Thiago who came in, I averted my gaze back to the ceiling while Thiago sat down at the end of my bed.

We were both silent and neither one of us bothered to speak up first.

"Hey." Thiago spoke out first bracing his nape down probably not knowing what else to say I stare back at him in a sigh.

"Sorry for spiking your drink, if you're here to gloat about I got what I deserve then go ahead I don't understand anything anymore." the incident was still fresh on my mind and right now I can't actually figure what is happening.

"Are you okay? " I looked back at Thiago who shared me concerned looks I didn't know if it was genuine or not but then again I don't know anything anymore.

"I don't know Thiago somehow I feel something is not right when I think I've gotten a hold on everything I just hit a dead end." I got up slightly arching my back we finally locked in a gaze.

"What do you mean? " he asked, I pushed my legs to the ends of the bed, sitting down.

"I think something is missing I can feel it, I know it but somehow it's buried away from my reach." I looked down at the floor lost in thoughts. "What do you think it is? " he asked.

"I don't know." I muttered back my answer.

"Maybe there are somethings kept away as a secret for a reason, and sometimes it's better we forget them." I heave a deep breath.

"I was at Derek's club to ask him about the outcome of his father's death, I got into a little trouble on the way but Alec saved me." I confess Thiago got up immediately in disbelief.

"You spiked my drink so you can meet that asshole? What the fuck Amirah did you know the danger you put yourself in by going to Derek's club, he could have taken advantage of you and I could have taken a bullet to my balls if that was the outcome." he ratted out, I let him and shut my mouth, he sighed upon noticing how quiet I was.

"I'm sorry." I muttered under my breath.

"Thankfully nothing happened to you but why did you go and meet Derek in the first place? " he asked soothingly.

"I wanted to know something and it was only a waste of time anyways." I said, he sat down next to me. "What is it? " he asked.
"I wanted to know if he knew anything about the death of his father but he said he knew nothing and the only person that knows are Hunter and his mother, I know it's none of my business but I think if I know what happened I can finally get back on track, I know Hunter won't tell me that easily and His mother she..."
"She left them when they were both 15." Thiago completed my statement.

"I don't know what the hell you wanna do knowing about Hunter's father but I think I can help you track down Esther."

The next way we both went to the court office, Thiago managed to talk the secretary In charge of keeping private information but she wasn't going to let us in like that.

"Come on Celina just this once." Thiago pleaded.

"The government takes record of those who look into the files if they find out I leaked out information I'll loose my job Thiago." he stated already turning down his offer for the fourth time.

"Can't you somehow encrypt the records for a limited time, I know you can do it I swear this isn't for Hunter it's for her." Thiago pointed at me, her gaze darted back at my hopeless expression and she softened up.

"You have fifteen minutes that's all I can do." she said bringing out a key and signalled us to follow her to a room, she first put her hand on the recognition device, it scanned her lens she finally typed a code and put in a key as the door opens.

"Your fifteen minutes start now, the system has been hacked so no one but me knows you are going through government sources set up your timer cause after the fifteen minutes I can't help you anymore." she instructed as we nodded, Thiago nodded and set up his timer she looked back at me.

"Thank you Celina I'm grateful." Thiago commented she grinned timidly and nodded.

"Thank me by coming to see your daughter she misses you." she grinned as Thiago nodded and she looks back at me with a wide smile. "Good luck sweetie." she muttered lowly all I could do was nod, we went into the room and the door was shut behind us.

Thiago walked ahead, I turned to face the room.

"Holy Shit." I muttered awing at the gaze of files that were store in separated cabinets. The room was as big as a ball room.

"We have 13 minutes now we have to be quick." Thiago commented, I flocked behind him the atmosphere was quiet just too quiet.

"You have a daughter? " I asked he was still ahead not sparing me a look.

"Yeah." he replied.

"So you and Celina? " I urged out the thoughts.

"She's my ex, things didn't work out the way we intended and she was pregnant with Kathy at the time I couldn't bring myself to break up with Celina and she wanted a child since I was never around and so we waved off the idea of abortion. She thought if Kathy was born I would finally spend more time with them." he sighed. "What happened? " I asked even though I knew how it ended.
"I couldn't be a great father and a great boyfriend, I couldn't put them at risk because of the job I do, I couldn't let Kathy know her father is a murderer so I disappeared and went into hiding, Celina found out somehow got my number and broke up with me I was never part of Kathy's life." he said silently.

"How old is Kathy? " I asked.

"She's 8, every year Celina sends pictures of her birthday, she wants me to be part of Kathy's life I want to but I think it's already too late." he said. "It's never too late." I stopped on my steps, Thiago noticed and stopped too and turned to face me.

"I was afriad of meeting Ariel when I went back to New York, I was always bringing up excuses after I ran out of them I decided to see her after convincing myself."
"You didn't see Ariel for a couple of months, I haven't seen my daughter for 6 years Amirah it's different."

"Stop with all this nonsense of it's different, if you love her you would suck up that cowardly shit of yours and see your daughter she wants you to be part of her life now, you better take that chance before she shuts it down forever." I muttered as uneasy silence followed, Thiago looked back at his watch and sighs.

"We have 9 minutes." he said changing the topic, I nodded walking behind him as we reached a cabinet pulling out the drawer and going through the files, he shared me a few as we looked through them.

"Esther did travel a lot." I muttered going through her plane records.

"I can't find anything about where she may have went into hiding" Thiago confessed going through the files again. "She didn't want anyone to know she was in hiding it's not like she would have wanted to let anyone know not even Hunter." I stated looking back at the files.

"Her airplane records are high, she travelled way more than her Husband even Delilah doesn't even travel like Hunter does." I stated.

"So what are you insisting? "

"Somehow she knew her husband was going to die or she had a hand in it and according to this she travelled everywhere more than once except for Detriot." Thiago quickly collected the records.
Then it came to me Hunter's father died Detroit.

"Could she be in hiding in Detroit? " Thiago asked. "I don't know maybe that's why no one knows where she's hiding if we can get a copy of this record and access it we might actually know where she is." an alarm ringed it was Thiago's watch.

"We have 30 seconds to get the fuck out of here." Thiago muttered.

I pulled out my phone and snapped a copy of the following records and quickly putting them in the drawer like cabinet.

Celina came out of nowhere as she heaved a sigh of relief and signalled us to follow her quickly before we were caught.

The door quickly shut behind us as Celina removed the key.

"You guys were lucky, I hope you got what you wanted." she breathed heavily, me and Thiago nodded.

"Thank you." Thiago mentioned but still froze on his steps I patiently waited for him to deliver what ever he wanted to tell Celina.

"After this I'll come and eat family dinner sometimes." Thiago said while I stood awkward watching the two.

"Kathy and I would be delighted." Celina said heartily with a smile, we both left the court office.

We were in Detroit, the moment I got here memories of my last encounter ran on my mind and the one I couldn't figure out was what was Alec doing In Detroit in the first place..

We were driving through a pathway of trees, Thiago tracked the last place Esther would have wanted to have hidden after we looked through the records of earlier, I was going through my phone.

"Switch of your phone Esther might have gone into hiding to avoid trouble and if someone knew we were heading to her location we might bring trouble to her." I switched of my phone as instructed until we stopped at a thick wall of shrubs it was a dead end.

We both alighted from the car walking towards the wall of thick shrubs.

"A dead end? " Thiago questioned.

"I can see that maybe she's hiding in there." I said moving closer to the thick shrubs I placed my palm on it feeling how thick it was I couldn't push through it, I moved slowly to the side until I felt a side that my hand went through.

"I found the entrance it's camouflaged." I stated, Thiago pulled be back and handed me a gun.

I gave it back to him.
"I thought you said we don't want trouble how would Esther welcome me when I bring a glock with me." I whispered.

"I'm not going to follow you, Whatever you have to ask is between you and Esther you need protection." I moved back shooking my head in denial.

"I promise I'll be back, I don't need a weapon." I said moving towards the entrance.

"Be careful." Thiago muttered but I didn't bother to spare him a look I just nodded and through in the entrance, I was walking for a while though the paths of shrubs, I didn't know where I was going anymore and then I heard a gunshot.

"Thiago? " I yelled but did get a reply it was harsh silence that followed.

I fold my arms in fear taking a few steps forward, I ignored where I was going succumbing into a hole.

"Hello? Thiago? Who is there?" an object slide in the hole I was in, it was a gas bomb it started leaking gases, I held up my nose so I wouldn't inhale it but then again a dart went diving through my neck as its poison course through my blood streams.

I felt dizzy and nauseous that I couldn't plug my nose anymore and so I breathe in the deadly gas, I looked up faintly to see some one in a face mask.

"Help me." those were the last words I muttered before passing out.


I woke up still blurred, I was handcuffed to the bed I woke up in to see a matured lady setting down a tray of snacks on the table, next to the tray was a gun.

"Are you Esther? " I asked she was shocked at first but then glared at me to hide it, she took up the gun and pointed it at me.

"Did Caine send you? If yes you probably should think of yourself too young to die, how did you find me and who the fuck are you? "
"I'm Amirah, I work for Hunter your son." her expression softened up, she put down the gun at first finding it hard to believe.

"Proof? "

I searched for my phone in my pockets I saw it on the desk drawer close to the bed, she helped me reach to it, I switched on the phone and showed her the picture of me and Hunter from our trip to New Zealand that I crop shopped.

She took away my phone and softened up a bit.

"Who are you to my son? " she asked giving me back my phone.
"I work for him." I stated as she unlocked my handcuffs.

"What are you doing here? You were putting yourself in danger when you came unarmed I would have killed you." she stated handing me some snacks. "I came for answers and probably you're the only one who can answer them." I stated calmly.

She nodded sitting down.

"Hunter told me Adam died here in Detroit on a bridge, he brought me to the bridge and I can't help but want to know how did he die because recently a few people important to me lost their lives when I started this job, can you tell me what happened it may be my only lead." I exaggerated a bit of the truth but she nodded.

"The Dominquez Code." she stated while I scrunched up my brows.
"I was 38, a senior nurse at the time posted in Detroit I met Adam Dominiquez, he came to receive treatment after getting involved in a gun fight like a love story the good girl falls in love with the bad boy I thought it was like the stories my picture perfect life and nothing goes wrong but fuck I was damn wrong."

"My husband and I got married I was not getting older and I was stupidly in love not noticing the hell I walked in. My husband work was dangerous he wasn't a drug lord or a kind of mafia but I knew he used the company to cover his dirty crimes I didn't think it was going to affect us." she sighed

"What happened? " I asked.

"I wanted children but he refused to have any but then again on our fifth year of marriage I fell pregnant, I was excited to finally be a mother, he wanted me to abort it saying he wasn't ready yet and I did all for the sake of love, a few months later I was pregnant again but I didn't tell him until it was ripe he was furious he didn't say anything but when I was ready for labor I had a miscarriage."

"I kept having miscarriages till a total of 5 miscarriages I was heartbroken I then found out my husband was responsible for them, I fell pregnant again but that time I left for three months I kept moving back and forth avoiding my husband with the money I saved up but then again he found me and explained to me his reasons."

"The reason why you travelled a lot was to avoid your husband but why did he do all of that shit ?" I asked.

"The Dominiquez code, if I were to bore a daughter, Adam was to send me away with her as we both hide, if I bore him a son he was to die the same day my child was born, Adam didn't want me to leave him and he wasn't ready to leave me either." she said.

"What kind of rule is that? " I asked in disgust.

"It's a messed up one infact the same rule that killed my husband and trapped Hunter till this very day. Millions were after my husband even his close relatives the only opportunity they got to kill him was when the first male was born."

"it must have been very hard to have watched him die." I said as she nodded.

"I was heavily pregnant and I was stuck here in Detroit, we were trying to cross the bridge until we were attacked they made my husband choose it's either me or his life, he sacrificed himself and ordered one of his loyal men to take me to a hospital, I watched a bullet dive through him and I watched him die. I gave birth in a matrimonial clinic later and had twins, Hunter looked so much like his father and I knew I couldn't save him I stayed with my boys till they were fifteen and left after or else they would kill them."

"Who killed Adam ? " I asked.

"Caine Rhett, Adam's elder step brother." she said.

And he's Alec's Father, no wonder Hunter pulled a gun to Alec's head one time.

"I'm sorry about your husband and what you had to go through, I need to leave thank you." I bowed getting up.

"In that picture I've never seen Hunter that happy, you must really be special to him and I should know I'm his mother, promise me you won't betray him." my gut kicked my stomach.
It was guilt, even though I know how Adam died I couldn't possibly tell detective Vincent.

I only nodded as a reply.

"Also tell Hunter I'm sorry." she said with remorse another mystery but I wasn't interested in finding out but not today.
"I will."

I went out as she escorted me out of the place and back to where the shrubs were and again I met Thiago.

"Did you find what you need? " he asked as I nodded and we drove back to Nashville.

On the way I pulled out my phone and called detective Vincent.

It was the same scenario of a few days ago, Thiago was outside in his car while I was inside the diner detective Vincent asked for us to meet.

He walked in the diner spotting me and walking towards me and sat down.

"Miss Amirah, I didn't think you'd be bold enough to do this." he smirked.

I looked back at him with a bitch resting face.

"I know you haven't investigated about the death of Ariel but I want to reveal that I can't tell you about the death of Adam Dominiquez but I have another information." I said he didn't look disappointed but intrigued. "I had an affair with a well known doctor back in New York and aborted the child, I have the documents and source here, Norah killed him." I said pushing the files to him he scanned through it.

"You can sell that if you want, I can't tell you about Adam Dominiquez and even if you sell that against me Hunter will protect me." I said with confidence.

"You sold yourself instead of Hunter, impressive but I won't continue the investigation of Ariel Dallas." I fell my head cause I knew I was expecting this.

"But I think this information is worth value for something you want badly also, you borrowed 11.2 billion dollars to find your sister and every detective answers were the same the same they didn't think she exist and it's kind of funny because she was with you all along." I furrowed my brows at him.

"Excuse me? "

"The reason you can't find your sister is because your memories were tampered with after your parents died, your sister needed to keep you safe so she made you believe she was dead through hypnosis." my eyes widened in shock.

"Your sister is Avery your ex roommate."

~To be continued~

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