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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 27


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 27

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress
©Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

It was the second day of Thaigo allegedly babysitting me and he walks in the living room on a phone call, my gaze left my notebook and back at him he leaned against one of the couches.

"She's fine." he glared at me with his stony expression.

He hangs up walking towards me, I passed my notebook by my side adjusting comfortably on my spot.

"What now? " he muttered clearly not over the moon watching over me.

"How about you go and I take care of myself." I suggested.

"You really want Hunter to shoot me at my balls don't you? " he curved his brows.

The doorbell rang we both glance at each other on who was
going to open the door.

"Aren't you going to get that? " I hinted darting my gaze directly at the front door.

"I'm supposed to watch you not turn into your maid." he slouched back on a couch, I only sigh walking slowly towards the door, I was about to scream at who the hell it was until my gaze landed at Alec.

"Alec? What are you doing here? " I stuttered but got my words together he smiled at me like he just wanted to see my face, his hands braced his nape nervously.

"Ummh can I come in? " I nodded as he walked in and I shut the door behind us his gaze landed on Thiago and both men glared at each other.

"I see you're not alone." Alec muttered bitterly, Thiago got up grabbing my hand and yanking me to the kitchen.

"What the hell Amirah, you invited him? " he spat in disgust.
"I didn't invite him, he just showed up at the front door and what's with this beef with Alec ?" I asked folding my arms.

"You do know that's Hunter's step cousin right? ".

"So? Alec is cool."

"Alec's father is Hunter's elder step uncle you're getting yourself involved with more than you can handle."

"Look I don't care what beef or feud the Dominiquez have with Alec, he hasn't killed anybody has he? " I asked as Thiago clearly shut up.

"Fine, just be careful and hope that Hunter doesn't find out." he said we both nodded, I took a tray filled with macaroons and headed out to see Alec with my notebook.
I quickly ran up to him and snatched it away from his grasp, hopefully he hasn't read it.

"Want some macaroons? " I gestured, he only smiled as I dropped my notebook away from his reach and offered him a tray.

"Thanks." he picked one and started eating slowly, I couldn't help myself I ate like three or five.
"Why the fuck are you here? " Thiago rudely interrupted the sharp silence between us.

"To see Amirah." Alec replied wearing a smug grin. "Why are you authorative around her, she doesn't belong to you." Alec gritted in between his teeth. The atmosphere was harsh and tense.

"So ummh Alec, what do you actually do? " Alec looked back at me slow in thought before he finally got it looking back at me.

"Nothing much I just attend to business my dad wants me to take care of but I sometimes do photography but it's just a hobby." he replied and sighed.

"I bet you and her took a lot of pictures." he looked back at me pained but hid it before me and Thiago noticed.

"Yeah, we did so are you just going to sit all day and do nothing." he asked.

"Seems like it, thanks for stopping by." I said picking up the trays of leftover macaroons.

"You better be leaving Hunter doesn't like the scent of his enemies." Thiago spat at Alec as I watched in silence. "He's right I better leave." he nodded and left, I looked back at Thiago in disgust.
"Happy now? "

"Very." he replied as I picked my notebook.

I looked back at Thiago and back at my note I needed to see Derek but that wasn't happening with Thiago around.

I needed to get rid of him.

I head to the kitchen glancing over the drink aisle, I picked a bottle of tequila and pulled out two glasses and dropped them at a counter.

I searched for a packet of pills and head out to see Thiago going through his phone.

He glanced back at me suspiciously, I ignored his stare and set down the tequila and and glasses.

"What's this? " he asked.
I slowly poured the tequila into the glasses slowly.

"Look I know we started off badly but I wanna make a deal let me go out just like an hour without you and I swear Hunter won't hear shit." I said sneaking two pills in as my hand concealed the reaction.

"Nice try.." he snatched the glass still and drank it in one ounce, I put on my pout of defeat watching him for a while as he slowly succumbed to sleeping.
I waved my hands over his face he was out.

I quickly changed into a tank top and a short denim skirt with a denim jacket to compliment it all, I quickly fix my hair in a high ponytail staring back at Thiago.
"Sorry Thiago." I muttered before going out.
Paisleys Pov

My father was invited to honor one of his success and as his offspring I were expected to attend with Delilah.

I wanted Amirah to come but I couldn't afford my two face bewitched hoe of a sister pulling Amirah's hair of her scalp.

She was busy attending and chatting with fellow supporters who my dad invited, I felt out of place and like a stranger in their midst all I wanted was to get the fuck out sooner the event was over.

I kept myself busy drinking until I overhear Delilah giggling with her so called friends.

"I can't believe that bitch think she can keep Hunter wrapped around her fingers." I heard a comment but tried to ignore it since it has nothing to do with me.

"What her name again, Amirah." I turned to see Delilah chatting with them, I walked towards them.

"What are you guys talking about? " I asked as they all turned to face me..
"Paisley? " Brittany one of them gasped.

"if you like to know we are talking about that slut and husband snatcher." Constance one of the girls rolled her eyes.

I looked back at Delilah with a glare.

"Did you also tell them how you sucked my ex boyfriend's dick behind your husband's back." I spat bitterly gaining more attention than normal.

"Paisley.. " Delilah feigned.

"You are such a fruad I can't believe I used to look up to you." I spat.

"At least I'm not adopted." I didn't have control over my my reflexes, I already slapped Delilah as the whole room gasped now all eyes were drawn to us.

"Paisley how dare you slap your sister? " My dad yelled I turned to face him with a glare.

"As usual you didn't waste time when your legitimate favorite is in trouble. I'm not surprised." he looked shocked at my words.

"Do you forget I'm your father I picked you up from the orphanage and raised you and this is what I get." he lamented.

"You never did raise me, you were never my father you were just this man who wanted nothing to do with me, you despise me, you loathed me, I did everything I graduated, I portrayed this little angel and still I was nothing but a thorn in your flesh all because I wasn't your actual daughter." I hissed.

"Don't you dare disrespect me Paisley." he warned as I scoff.

"I do anything wrong you condemn me but your daughter fucked my ex boyfriend clearly cheating on her husband and spread rumours about an innocent girl to appear relevant, I'm done with this shit, I'm tired of you stirring my ship." I said as all eyes glued stuck on me.

I walked out as the audience mummered to themselves.

"Paisley get back here and apologize to your sister, I am still your father." he spat and I stopped, I turned to face him.

"I don't owe that hoe any apology and she's no longer my sister neither are you my father or were my father as of now you are both dead to me."

Amirah's Pov
I was at Derek's club I spotted him smoking from a distance as a bunch of strippers were clinging tightly to him, I walked towards him the girls shared me scornful looks as Derek gaze was stuck on me.
"Amirah, why don't you join us." he gestured I shook my head in denial.

"No thanks I'm good." I replied as one of them got in front of him giving him a lap dance, it was disgusting to watch.

"Suit yourself." he said as the bitch thrust her ass against his groin area.

"I want something and I think you can give it to me." I muttered as he glanced around his eyes landed back on my figure.

"What do you want? " he cocked his brow licking his lips.

"It's private if you may I want to discuss with you in your office." I said he nodded as we both stride to his office and he shut the door behind him backing against the door.

"You came alone? " he asked licking his lips again.

"Wouldn't you like to know" I stated folding my arms.

"Yes I would, I guess you finally gave my offer a second thought." he smirked walking up towards me, my heart skipped a beat I forced my face deadpan serious to drive away the the feeling I was terrified..

"It never came to my mind, I want to know something and you can give it to me."

His gaze was amused on how I handled the situation, probably he expected me to cower before his stupid ass.

"What possibly do you want to know? " he asked curious.

"I want to know about the death of Adam Dominiquez, your father."

He looked back at me slightly amused by my words his gaze avoided mine and then went back on mine.

"Why would you want to know about my father? " he asked.
"It's private do you know or not? " I asked.

"I never knew my father, he died after I was born the only person that possibly knew about his death is Hunter." I already lost hope and already in a dead end.

"And Esther." he added
"Who's Esther?" I asked.

"My mother." he muttered lowly. "But you'll never find her she disappeared long ago when I was 15" he said

Now I know who knows about the death of Adam all I need to do is to find her..
But how?.
"Thank you."

He only nodded shouldering past me to get his glass as he slowly chugged it down.

"I hear Hunter is away, why don't you stay let's have some fun." a chill crawl down my spine and I shivered in shrewd disgust.

"I'll pass, I need to get home." I grabbed on to the door knob.

"It's getting late don't you need a ride ?" he gestured and once again I refused his offer.

"I rather walk." I said slamming the door open and running out.
It was already dark after I left the club I picked up my phone to see a dozen missed calls from Thiago.
He already woke up.

I paced on my steps after figuring out something or someone was following me, I ran into a dead end.

"I saw her run in here."

from the looks of it I was a gonner, I stashed my phone in my purse as the mumurs got louder.

"Hey are you lost ?" one of them cooed.

"No, I gotta go." I tried to play along but they were three and all laughing.

"Don't go yet, let's have some fun." one of them chuckled as they gang up on me slowly.

"Stay the fuck away from me." I yelled but they already trapped me as one pulled out a knife.

Two of them gripped tightly to me as my purse fell down to the earth.

"Let me go." I cried they threw me down hard on the floor, my eyes widened in shock as they came closer and the next thing I heard was a gunshot.

It was familiar, I looked up to see one of the guys stumbled down to his pool of blood, I breathe in sharply as the other guys brought out their weapons and place it against my neck as a threat.

Another gunshot dived through the skull of the other as he dropped like dead weight, the last guy dropped his knife getting on his knees.

"Please don't kill me." he pleaded as the figure walked up slowly to us to a light.

My heart dropped when I saw it was Alec.

"You shouldn't have touched my precious one." he muttered before firing the last bullet before my very eyes.

Alec just killed three human beings, I looked back at him there was still this spark of crazy in his eyes, he picked up my purse slowly walking towards me, he tried to push a strand behind my ear but I flinched.

"Don't be afraid of me." he requested trying to touch me but I backed up, my heart was pounding I just witnessed three murder.

"Amirah?? Say something." he insisted I was still shocked recovering slowly from the incident, the gunshot were familiar I could feel it and this wasn't the first time.

My thoughts flashed back to when I was drunk, it was him who killed those 15 people when I was drunk.
Why the sudden did I just remember when I've been trying to recall it.

"You lied to me, you killed those 15 thugs didn't you? " I asked, he sighed.

"Yes, I did they were going to hurt you."

"Then why did you lie to me? " I asked.

"Aren't you afraid of me now?" he asked and my expressions couldn't lie.

"I don't want to loose you again Dorothy."

He's been calling me Dorothy for a while now and somehow it's familiar.

"Stop calling me Dorothy I'm not Dorothy I'm Amirah and stay the fuck away from me, you being around complicates everything." I said snatching my purse and running far away from him.

Who really is Alec ?

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