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Sisters- Episode 1


Sisters- Episode 1


Evelyn's P. O. V
"Ma'am, you're delaying me" I heard the waitress say after a long time of waiting for me. Seriously I don't know why I can't find my purse, Am sure I kept it in my bag, I can't even ask whether they make use of "POS" because my ATM card is not with me either.

"Whats happening there, Lola?" I heard someone say and I saw a middle age woman coming to my table. She was dress in Nigeria native wear(Ankara) but she had her apron on, mere looking at her, you'll know she's the owner of the restaurant..

"Madam, it this lady o. She ordered for fried rice, chicken and 5alive pulpy.. All together N2500,she has finish her meal and for her to pay me now, she's acting like a Dumbass" The waitress who the woman addressed as Lola said rudely looking at me like she's gonna strangle me anytime soon and fear flush through me at the thought of that.

"Young lady, what's your problem?It seems you dont know me at all, this must be your first time.
Nobody mess with me o, the last person who tried this is in hospital presently laying unconscious in the hospital, Just wait let me call my boys" The woman said and brought out her phone from the apron.

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" Am so sorry ma, I swear I thought I kept my purse in my bag, I dont know why I can't find it please" I Pleaded as hot tears ran down my cheeks.

Everybody in the restaurant were murmuring and making bad comments about me, I even heard a guy say"Just look at how classic and beautiful she is, who would believe she's a begged, fraudster, scammer. Am sure she dont have a dime on her. God don catch her today" Hearing all this made me cry the more and I wish the ground should just open up.

Brought to you by Authoress Khalee

"How much is her money? " I heard someone say and I turned to see who it was OMG!

I turned to see a handsome looking guy, he's tall, fair, round pink lips, his hair fell on his face covering half of his face. His hair was so smooth and I wonder how it will feel like touching it.. I need no soothsayer to tell me he's an halfcast.

"N2500 sir" I heard someone say jolting me out of my thoughts. I saw lust in the woman's eye as he handed him clean notes of naira to her. I saw greed in the woman ey as she counted the money, the money was more than 2500 but I dont know how much it is.

"Thank you so much sir, I bet you want me to keep the change, right"She said grinning from ear to ear.

" Nah, not at all...... Am here to eat, i'll be at that table there" With that he left and walked to a table near the entrance.. All eyes were on him.

"You should thank your stars someone bailed you, you ungrateful animal.. You can't even thank him. Nawa oo" The woman hissed and left my side while the waitress went to him.

I stood up, picked my handbag, looked at the guy for a secs then walked out of the restaurant.

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