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Royal Fucker2-Chapter2


Royal Fucker2-Chapter2

Theme: Life in Beverly hills as bad boy

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Kulture knights
I have the most annoying twin sister some times I wish we won't be Stuck together.

" Good morning Mom." I Mumbled and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Kellie was behind me as always.

" Morning baby hope you slept well." Mom Smiled.

Wait! Where's dad? He's late for breakfast? Mom is so gonna have his head on a stake.

You dare not show up late for breakfast.

That's how complicated my family is.

" Where's dad?" Kellie asked like she was reading my mind.

" Am right here princess." I heard his deep voice coming outta the elevator.

He was all dressed up and looked all handsome as usual.

" Good morning Dad." I chuckled.

" Morning bruh." He said and we did our secret handshake which all this girls probably don't understand.

Dad calls me bruh because we look so much alike and I've the coolest dad ever.

" Can we eat please!" Kellie rolled her eyes dramatically.

The maids brought breakfast. It was french toast and creame de la creame.

A particular maid got my attention damn she's beautiful and a temptress too.

Too bad he's not my type. I don't do maids, with my 14inches rode in her she's definitely gonna confess to her friends.

" Hey Kay you're driving your sister to school hope you know that? " Mom reminded me of my misfortune.

" Yeah I know am stuck with her for life. " I said sarcastically .

" Honey pass the salt please. " Dad said and winked at mom who in turn blushed heavily.

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" Hey pidge hope you ready cause am off." I pushed my breakfast away.

" See you later son." Dad said and did the sneaky look.

Mine was way hotter.

" Bye babies." Mom ruffle my perfectly made hair.

" Oh come on! "I whinned as I walked towards the front door.

You know highschool is all about competition and popularity.

Am the most popular dude in school and the most handsome..

Every bitch in school wanna have taste of my beast and also date me .
As a girl if you have tasted my beast everyone would wanna be friends with you.

That's the popularity my beast can get them.

I got outta my car and walked towards the hallway.

Kellie must have gone with her friends to gossip what else?
If it wasn't for the striking resemblance between me and Kellie I would denied knowing her.

" Guys Kay is here ." Someone announced and the whole students turned towards worshipping me .

Some were talking pictures of me and I made sure I gave them some killer smile to keep them going.

Just then Kimberly my latest catch ran into my arms.

She's the cheerleader's queen. Not that love her tho just wanted to have my own share that's all.

She rushed me with kisses in public and the students didn't fail to take a picture of that too.

"Relax baby am all yours." I reminded her.

" Yeah yeah just wanted to get someone jealous." She ran her tongue on my cheek.

" We can get them jealous in the locker room you know how we do it." I Smirked and smacked her butt.

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