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Royal Fucker2-Chapter1


Royal Fucker2-Chapter1

Theme: Life in Beverly hills as bad boy

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry


"Wake up sleepy head you gonna be late for class. " I heard mom's voice in my head.

" Oh come on mom wanna sleep alittle longer." I Mumbled and used the duvet to cover my head.

I felt relieved when I didn't hear her voice again maybe she got the memo and left .

I never knew she was going to get re enforcement.

My heart almost left my chest when I had gun shots. I fell off my bed hitting my butt hard on the floor.

" Do you still wanna sleep alittle?" She Smirked evilly.

" Mommmmm!!" I whinned rubbing my butt.

Turns out it's no gunshots but fire crackers.

Just so you know I've the weirdest family , even though we're royalty they don't act like one.

They're always on each other's neck.

" You should go take your shower you don't wanna be late." She smiled going through my clothes.
" Come on mom am a grown up now I can my own clothings." I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" Shut up Missy and go get ready. Make sure you fetch your brother before coming downstairs. " She said before exiting my room.

I'm Kellie knight the fourth princess of xandria. Me and twin brother who's always the odd one.

He's Kulture , the ever handsome prince of xandria. He looks so much like dad.

Let's just say my brother is the number one player in college. Funny enough girls gossip about it with their friends whenever he fucked any of them.

They breaks up with their boyfriend and Chase after Kulture popularly known as Kay.

I took my bath and slide into one of the gowns mom had picked out.
Mom insisted I dress more like a woman than a girl.

I parked my hair in a tight bun and slide my legs into a black stilettos.

I picked up my phone and my purse before walking outta my room.

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Kay's room is just beside mine but you can't imagine what's going on in all the rooms because it's soundproof.

I didn't bother knocking , I used my hair clip to dangle with the locks and boom the door clicked open.

Just as I thought he brought a girl home and they probably spent the whole night fucking.

" What the heck Kel !!" He half yelled.

" Good morning brother." I Smirked and walked towards his closet.

I picked out his clothes and throw them at him.

I did the same with the girl.

" Get outta my room Kel as you can see I'm in the middle of something important." He groan softly.

" Play time is over , get dressed and get lost bitch. And you too young man get dressed you're late for classes. " I rolled my eyes at him.

" And so what I'm a prince it doesn't matter if I come late to school." He said using his bad boy tune on me.

" Get your ass outta this bed Kay or am gonna get mom over here now. " I threatened.

If there's anything Kay is scared of is Mom.

" I hate you." I cursed underneath.

" I love you too brother and don't worry you'll be stuck with forever . " I Smirked playfully and gave him a playful punch on the arm.

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