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Royal Fucker- Last Chapter


Royal Fucker-Chapter 26

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

Six months later.

So it was confirmed by the scanning results that I had twin babies.

I'm so happy on the other hand am scared. The reason why I never wanted twins was because of the stress involved and tales that have heard about twins giving their parents tough times.

I really don't want anything that we get my Jay troubled. I know how much he loves twin babies which is why have decided to suprise him.

Am almost due for delivery.

Laid down on the bed going through a magazine, when Jay Walk outta the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.
His body dripping wet.

Today he's gonna suffer for Depriving me of ice cream saying one useless doctor had advice against it.

I quickly put down the magazine and purposely lay on my side positioning my butt on his own side of the bed. I made sure my thighs were showing off.

He crawl into bed and sneaked his strong arm around my waist. Kiss my ear and bit my ear lobe.

" Baby are you awake?" Hr whispered into my ear.

"Don't baby me Jay , baby baby don't call me baby." I nagged like a child.

"Come on sweetie are you still angry at your teddy bear?" He asked Calmly.

Yeah teddy bear that what I nicknamed him.

"Yes." I pout and Rock my butt on his torso to punish him.

"Am sorry my love I promise am gonna make it up to you tomorrow morning. " He said still planting kisses all over my body.

" Not accepted besides am not in the mood." I added teasing him even more.

" Gosh but baby am so horny right now and doctor had advice that we have constant sex during pregnancy. " He explained but I wasn't done with him yet.

I rubbed my tummy and smiled to myself.

"Am not in the mood baby boy. Good night." I lied acting like I also don't want him.

" Fine then suit yourself Mrs knights. " He said angrily and stood up.

He went back to the bathroom.
Gosh my teddy bear is angry with me.

I managed to get outta bed and walked towards the bathroom.

He walk out immediately ok his bathrobe.

He wanted to ignore me and Walk pass me but I stopped him and hug him from behind resting my tummy on his back.

"Are you mad at me love?" I mumbled.

"No dear just go to bed I'll be fine" He muttered but I know Jay.

Whenever he's angry at me he always try his best not to show it.

Reasons why I love him so much.

"Yes you're baby am sorry okay? You know I love you right?" I placed a kiss on his neck.

He made me come forward.

" I love you too honey bunny. Go get some sleep or am gonna smack your tiny butt." He smirked playfully.

I encircled my arms around his neck and took his lips in mine.
He broke and peeked my forehead.

"Go to bed princess." He smiled.

I couldn't complete my sentence when I felt a sharp pain just below my tummy.

"Argh!!!," I wince in pain as my water broke.

Jay held me from falling.
" Look at me baby are you okay?" He asked with concern..

"I think my water just broke the baby is coming!!! " I cried.

Gosh I really don't know anything about child delivery and it's so late.

" Calm down deep breath dear let me go get the car ready . " I said and made her seat on the bed.
I wanted to walk away from her only to pulled back .

"No no don't go anywhere stay here with me." She cried in pain making me weak .

I hate seeing my wife in tears.

" You can't stay like this baby, it's risky relax I'll be back in a jiffy or I better give Alex a call. " I said and brought out my phone to call Alex but she shouted at me making me stop.

"Go get the damn car Jay!" She barked at me.

Seriously? I walked hastily to the door but her voice stopped me again..

"Get your ass back here Jay and give Alex a call." She wince in pain.

God this is so faustrating. I ignored her and rushed outta the room.

I went downstairs in a hurry and quickly got the car ready before running back to the room to get her..

I received two slaps from her...
"Please rub my tummy the pain is so unbearable." She cried.

"I did that only to receive one more slap. Jesus Christ.

" You caused this Jay !!! You couldn't hold your breath joystick now am suffering, take me to the hospital!! " She shouted.

I patiently help her downstairs on the way I still receive two additional slap.

This wife of mine is so violent..

Imagine if she's my mom , I would have died of slaps..

I successfully helped her into the car and drove straight to the hospital.

I pace back and forth the lobby as I could hear her screams from the labour room.

God this is so faustrating and painful too.

Her screams weakened my spirit.
I pray both mother and child are save.

Soon I didn't hear her scream anymore. The doctor came out shortly removing his face mask and gloves.

"Hey doc how's my wife and child?" I asked eagerly.

" Calm down sire both mother and her babies are safe." He smiled.

" Babies?" I asked confused.
" congratulations sir your wife just gave birth to twins a boy and a girl." He announced.

OMG OMG this is amazing.

" Oh my God thanks doctor can I see them now?" I asked unable to contain my excitement...

"Yeah sure come with me." He said and led me to her ward.
There she laid with her babies beside her.

She smiled weakly on seeing me.
"Hey." She mumbled.

"Thanks so much my love you made my wish come true." I planted a kiss on her forehead.
" I wanted it to be a surprise." She muttered.

"I love you so much baby. Be strong okay? " I rocked her hair at the same time tickling the two royalties laying down.

They giggled as I left their mom and focused on them.

" This little man here looks so much like you , am gonna call him kulture. Yes kulture that's his name." I announced.

" Woow I love it."

" And my little princess looking so much like her cute dad shall be called Kellie. Who's a good girl." I teased her as she made bubbling sounds.

Aww the names are special Kulture and Kel.

Welcome to the world Kulture and Kellie.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs knights.



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