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Royal Fucker-Chapter 25


Royal Fucker-Chapter 25

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

I drove hapily to Mom's place I couldn't wait to break the news of my pregnancy to her.

I got her apartment shortly and parked my car before stepping outta the car.

Walked hastily towards the entrance door.

"Mom!! Am home!" I announced.
"Aww my baby finally remembered her Mom." She muttered dryly and pulled me into a hug.

"Am sorry Mom it's not like that. Just got choked up with work. " I defended.

" Hmmm I understand, come have a seat my dear." She said and led me to the living room.

I slumped on the couch tiredly. Pregnancy and fatigue are siblings.

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"Be right back." She said and rushed towards the kitchen.
She came back shortly with a glass of milk. Exactly how I love it.
"Thanks Mom." I mumbled and gulp down little.

"So tell me how's my son in law. Hope you ain't making trouble with the fine gentleman? " She furrowed her brows.

" Ofcourse not Mom. I always treat him with so much love and make sure he's happy." I said Calmly.
" Aww that's my baby. But erm May? Is it me or You looking kinda chubby , I hope it's not what am thinking. " She squeak.

" Yes Mom am twelve weeks pregnant! Can you believe that? " I giggled.

" OMG am so happy am gonna be a grandma soon. " She said with her eyes filled love and content.
I love seeing her happy.

Mom had already been informed about my wife's pregnancy.
But I didn't tell her how her son has been taken over by Mrs knights.

I married the craziest wife ever.
I lay down on my bed watching TV.

Yeah May had specifically asked me not to go the office.

She claims I don't have time for her anymore and it's not true.
She left me at home and went over to her mother's place and she nags alot.

One minute she's being sweet, the next minute she wants a foot massage.

Another time she wants churros, later ice cream and veggies.
Seriously pregnancy is annoying , maybe I should get pregnant too.
I stood up and walked to the window side , I saw her drive into the house.

It's time to see if she truly love me . She bullies me alot.

I quickly brought out the fake blood I once used to prank Mom.
She'll be in the room anytime soon.

I applied some on my lips side and emptied the content on my tummy making it look like I was shot.

I laid flat on the floor with my eyes closed like I was dead.

Soon I heard the door open.

"Baby are you....... Oh my goodness Jay Please wake up don't do this to me and our child. My love please wake up. ", She wailed .

Wow May you're the queen of all drama Queens.

She placed my head on her thighs as she wailed.

"Wow wifey I never knew you heard it in you. You should be crown the queen of wailers." I rolled my eyes stood up and move away from her. She stood up too.
" You're not dead?" She asked as she wiped off her tears.

"As you can see am not dead it's just a silly prank." I smirked.

" Gosh don't do that again you scared me. Come here. " She said with so much love in her eyes.

I felt guilty about making her cry.

I walked towards her if only I knew I was gonna be dealt with.
She acted like she wanted to hug me only to give me a kick right at the forbidden zone.

I made a funny face and fell down in pain. Oh no not again.

"That's what you get for pranking me." She spat and walked towards the bathroom.

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