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Royal Fucker-Chapter 24


Royal Fucker-Chapter 24

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

" Please doc what's wrong with my wife?" I asked as May walked back to her chair.

She looked grumpy as usual . For the past few months she has been acting all strange and more crazy.
Always having mood swings.

" Erm you see Sir knight in times like this , all she needs is alot of care and attention too." He said getting me more confused.

" What are you talking about doc?" I asked as May ran into the bathroom for the fourth time again. God puking again?

" Your wife is twelve weeks pregnant. Congratulations sir." He smiled and took my hand.

Omg OMG this is wonderful.

" Wow doctor are you sure?" I asked super excited as May came back and took her seat beside me looking all pale.

" Yes am very sure sir , congratulations ma'am." He chuckled softly and glance at May who in turn looked at me too.

"What is he talking about?" She asked.

"You're pregnant baby ,and it was confirmed by the doctor to be twins ." I smirked and glared at the doctor who immediately played along.

"Twins!!!????" She shouted almost breaking my ear drum.

" No no I refuse to believe this doctor. How can I be pregnant with twins?" She barked at the door.

I really wanna enjoy this drama. Get ready to be beaten doctor Fitz.
".erm it's true ma'am. You should be happy." He added.

May stood up and grabbed his shirt.

" What are you saying doctor how can I be pregnant with twins ? Or you were the one that added the other one. Am gonna beat the hell outta you if you don't tell me the truth." She groaned and removed her shoe.

I looked at the doctor telling him with my eyes not to say anything.
"Am telling you ma'am. Am a professional ma'am I can't lie to you." He said scared to death.

Am dying here

" Oh yeah? " She scoffs and smacked his bald head with her shoe.

"Ouch!!! Please spare me ma'am ." He pleaded as more trashing was given to him.

My ribbs hurts so much from laughing.

"You will have to take out the other one and get pregnant or am gonna kill you." She added as she gave him another smacking.

" Fine ma'am I'll say the truth just stop hitting me." He gave up.

I better get ready to run cause May won't spare me .

"Speak up now or get ready to loose a tooth. " She smirked.

" Erm you have only one fetus growing inside you. Sir asked me to lie to you." He spilled the beans.
She left him and turned towards me.

Uh oh Jay run for life now.
"Oh so you decided to play dirty huh?" She raised her eyebrows as she walked towards me slowly.

"L... listen baby it's not what you think. Fitz is lying to you." I lied. To be honest am more scared of my wife than my Mom.

"Stop lying sir you were the one that asked me to lie to her." He defended .

" So you decided to play a fast one on me and you call me baby? Am gonna kill you! " She spat and grab hold of my ear.

Oh gosh that hurts so much.

"Aw aw aw" i hissed in pain as she dragged me along by the ear.
Somebody should save me else she's gonna kill me once we get home.

Two questions Does pregnancy make a lady stronger?

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