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Royal Fucker-Chapter 23


Royal Fucker-Chapter 23

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

Am way beyond happy right now. Finally am gonna start a family with someone I love.

It's time to let go of the past and focus on my future.

We're busy chasing ourselves around like cat and dog that we failed to see how much we have fallen for each other.

"So are you ready to make babies now?" She broke the hug and smiled sheepishly.

" Am always ready . Are you ready?" I raised her eyebrows at her.

"I'm ready now." She mumbled as she looked away.

"Are you sure dear? You understand that this gonna be painful and a lifetime bound between us .are you ready to take that step?" I explained calmly.

" I'm ready to be bounded with you but am still gonna kill you if I give birth to twin." She giggled.

" Oh please." I said in a lustfully and slowly took her lips in mine..
She responded to the kiss as she moved her hand around my neck.
I slowly made her lay down and rest was history.

We made love.

(Am sorry if I didn't write about their love making. Till after Ramadan I won't be writing any sex scene. I love you all )

I gave him my virginity with no atom of regrets about it.
We're seated at the living room watching Netflix.

He laid on the couch with his head on my thighs.

" I can't wait for you to get pregnant so I can be cooking for you. Giving you a massage and doing your make up too. " He said with a chuckle.

" Oh yeah? Then an getting pregnant asap .I can't wait to be pampered but you can still start now till that time I'll get pregnant." I giggled.

" I'll only do that if you pregnant with twins. I love twin babies I don't know why you're scared." He pinched my thighs.

" Ouch!! You're being a bully again. I'm not having twin babies but if you want I can get you pregnant so you can have your own twin babies." I said sarcastically and burst into laughter.

" You know it's not possible wifey. You're gonna get pregnant with twins I promise you just wait till I position it well." He did a demonstration.

" Jesus Christ you're so crazy and naughty too." I pulled his ear playfully.

" Yeah am crazy for you babe." He smiled. I chuckled softly as Alex walk towards us
" Young master , a lady is here to see you." He announced.
I became jealous at the mention of that.

" Lady? But am not expecting anyone. " He furrowed his brows.
" Send her in ." I said Calmly.
" Sir I should?..

"You heard my wife send her in." He said coldly and sat upright as we waited for this lady.

Only for Jordan to walk towards us.

She's the lady? What is she doing here?

"Jordan ? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"You know her?" Jay asked and I nodded.

"I came to claim what's rightfully mine." She glared at me and sat down on the couch proudly.

Is this girl okay?

Haven't asked her to seat down yet but she already made herself comfortable like it was her father's house.

"Excuse me?" Jay groaned.
"Let me go straight to the point prince knight. I came to tell you am pregnant for you!!" She said nonchalantly.

What?? I glanced at Jay who had straight face.

"You are okay? How's that possible ?" Jay said in between clenched teeth.

" Very possible baby so if I were you May I would go upstairs and pack my luggage and leave." She shrugged.

But why am I not moved by her words? I have this strong believe she's lying.

Now am just gonna catch her by her own words.

"How old is your pregnancy?" I asked.

"2months old." She glared at me.
Good the truth is already out. Let me hear from Jay first.

" How is that possible b*tch!! The last time I touched you was five months ago so how come you're two months pregnant."

"Do you think am a fool huh ? You know what just get the hell outta here before I do something we'll both regret."Jay angrily said.

" Enough Jay !! " I feigned annoyance.

Jordan's eyes said it all.

She's not just my colleague at work she's also a friend and I know her more than she knows herself.

I guess this was why Mom warned me about her.

Anyways am still gonna teach her a good lesson.

"Don't listen to her babe." Jay added.

But I ignored him and focused on Jordan.

" Fine I'll Leave." I said and turned towards Jay.

" Baby don't do this. " Jay pleaded but I winked at him as we did eye communication.

He already understand and play along too.

I didn't go upstairs . I went through the hallway to the stable at the back.

I took out one of the horse whip and the toy gun Jay and I use to play with.hid it behind before walking back to the living room.

"Where's your bag?" She asked.

"Don't worry you'll soon see my bag. " I smirked evilly and brought out my whip and the gun.

It looks so much like a real fun.
Fear grip her already.

"Alex lock all exits let's have some fun." I shouted and boom the whole place was locked down before she could make any silly move.

"Listen Lola you don't have to do this. Okay fine I'll leave. " She panicked.

" Only folks whom I considered family can call me Lola. And secondly am gonna decide your fate. Jay baby why don't you seat down and watch the show. " I blow him an invisible kiss.

" Of course my darling wife should I increase the volume? " He asked mockingly.

" No baby let's get down to business.

Which of this do you prefer?" I showed her the whip and the gun.
" N ..one" she shuttered.

"Okay then you'll answer my questions correctly. One single lie from you and am gonna blow your head off . " I said like a pro.

Have been watching a lot movies lately and have been practicing too.

"Are you pregnant?" I asked.
"N.. yes... No ... No am not pregnant." Her forehead had become sweaty.

"So you weren't pregnant but because your love for money you decided to lie thinking we are fools right? " I said like how cops do shout at their criminals in movies.

" Am sorry please it won't happen again." She pleaded but I wasn't done yet.

" Alex dear get me some chili pepper. " I smirked.

Alex came back shortly with a bowl filled with Chili's.

"Woa Alex you must really hate her." I giggled.

" What are you gonna do with the whip ? "She asked me but I ignored her.

" Lay down flat !!! " I groan and she did immediately.

I soaked the whip into the chili and took it out. All soaked in Chili's.

"Jay baby you might wanna close your eyes." I said and pulled up her gown revealing her butts.

To cut the long story short I gave her the beating of her life before chasing her outta the place.

"Good riddance. High five!", I giggled and did a high five with Jay.

"I never knew you had it in you dear." He lifted me up and swing me around.

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