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Royal Fucker-Chapter 22


Royal Fucker-Chapter 22

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

I just knew somehow I had to make my feelings known to her.

"I love you May." I said and kept my fingers crossed.

" What???" She asked as her eyes widened in shock and boom!! She fainted.

Like seriously???

This wife of mine is one hell of a drama queen.

How can you just pass out when I just confessed my feelings for her.
This is so unbelievable.

I stood and carry her in bridal style upstairs to her room.

I made her lay down and went to the bathroom to get a bowl of water.

Came back shortly with the bowl of water and splashed it on her.

She gasps and opened her eyes immediately.

I stood infront of her with a smirk on my face.

"Gosh what did you do that for!!!" She growled at me.

" To wake up what else? " I shrugged.

She relaxed Abit and looked around for a sec.

" You won't believe I had a very crazy dream." She beamed.

" And what was the dream all about. " I was trying so hard to hold my laughter cause I know what she's about to say.

"In my dream we were seated at the dinner and all of a sudden you kissed and told me you love me. Weird dream right? " She asked with so much naivety..

Gosh this is hilarious and crazy too.

"Look wifey it's not a dream so snap outta it." I rolled my eyes.
" Huh? If it's not a dream then .... Oh my gosh ! Oh my gosh?! " She was trying to breath.

" Hey hey relax and don't you come fainting on me or am gonna smack you hard. "I warned.

" But but .... "

" Calm down dear calm down there's no need overreacting. And it's true when I said I love you May. " I reminded her.

" No I don't believe this princey it's obviously one your pranks. Seriously it's not funny anymore. " She jokingly said but I still kept my straight face.

"Maybe this is gonna make you feel better." I said and crashed my lips on hers.

Taking her unaware. Slowly she opened up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me even close.

I'm still trying to gulp down the whole thing.

Jay is in love with me?

And I thought it was a one side thing.

He broke the kiss and looked at me with loving eyes.

"Do you believe me now?" He whisper audibly.

I nodded not breaking eye contact with him.

" I..I.. love you too jay." I buckle up and said.

He smiled sheepishly and pulled me into a hug.
" Thanks for making my life meaningfuland colorful princess." He kissed my hair and stayed that way.

I guess this is a new beginning for us.

Finally am back to LA, I miss this city so much.

I dragged my luggage Along as I walked outta the airport and boarded a taxi to my apartment.

Had May got married to my Prince knight?well it's not gonna end well.

I Still have a trick of my own that will leave the prince no other option than to divorce her and come to me.

Clever right?

The cab came to halt infront of my apartment.

I paid the cab driver before walking towards the entrance of my house.

Got in and dumped my luggage on the floor before bringing out my phone..

I dialed Alex's line. He picked up on the third ring.

Hey Alex." I said immediately he picked up.

Woa Jordan what a pleasant surprise.where have you been all this while?" He asked.

Been around. Actually I went over to seettle for some urgent work but am back now." I simply said.
Okay cool."

Yeah i called because I wanted to be hooked up with the prince ,tell him Jordan is available to give him what he wants." I smiled at my thoughts.

Am sorry Jordy but young master doesn't do that anymore, as you know he's married already." He stated.

I know Alex but I still need to hook up with him .it's important." I pleaded.

I wish I could help but I can't."
You have to help because am pregnant for him." I lied.

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