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Royal Fucker-Chapter 20


Royal Fucker-Chapter 20

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

This prince is so dead today.
"Hey you!!! Get back here Jay!" I yelled after him.

" Catch me if you can."

He ran towards the garden and hid somewhere.

"You better come out now so I can kill you slowly." I chuckled softly.
I searched around but he was still not in sight.

"Jay?" I called out but there was no response.

Okay this is getting creepier than I thought.

"Come out Jay it's not funny anymore." I yelled but still no response.

The thing is the garden is so big and wide I don't really know where to start from.

Am scared I might.....

"Boom!!!" He startled me I almost Jumped outta my skin.

"Ahh I got you on this one." He giggled.

"If I don't kill this prince then I won't have peace of mind.

I gave him a kick on his manhood . He groaned in pain and fell to the ground.

"Don't scare me like that again." I barked at him and walked towards the house.

He should find his way in .

I went back to my breakfast and dug on it angrily.

Ahh I just got the silliest idea right now.

I need to get back at him for everything.

When I was nine I was master boggy trap maker.

I went upstairs to his room and set a trap there then another one in the bathroom.

I went over to the water system leading up to his bathroom and disconnected all of them and connected a pipe containing slime to it.

Let's see how you excape this.
I placed a big bag of slime at the top of the room and tied the rope holding it to the door.

Once he turns the knob everything is gonna come down on his head.

I sat down happily enjoying my crackers. He walked in shortly.

"Seriously May you gonna get me killed or probably not able to make babies again." He whinned like a child.

" Oops sorry dear. Here have some crackers." I smiled evilly he raised his eyebrows and observe the crackers first , probably thinks I poisoned it .

"Why are you smiling all of a sudden? I no you did something." He furrowed his brows.

Prince knight
I don't trust her , she always smile whenever she has done something.

"What have you done May?" I asked observing the whole place but everything seems normal.

" Come on baby I didn't do anything." She defended.

Hmmm why am I finding it hard to believe?

"Anyways have something you might wanna hear." I sat down opposite her.

" What is it?"she asked with Kin interest.

"So I thought about you working at the fashion house under madam Arie which is totally not cool so I decided to buy the whole place. You're now the new owner of the fashion house." I explained calmly.

She gasps and jumped into my arms excitedly.

"Oh my goodness is this for real?" She asked excited.

" Yeah it's for real, news flash madam Arie is gonna one of your employees too." I smirked playfully at the last part.

" Oh this is so cool I still finding it hard to believe this." She giggled.
"Well everything is true except for the part when I said madam Arie is gonna be your employee. I was just kidding tho, she can't work for you." I scoffs.

" Am more than satisfied." She squeak excitedly and planted kisses all my face.

" Thank you thank you thank you so so much." She exclaimed happily.

"Hey it's nothing ,am just tryna perform my daughter as your husband." I pulled her nose before moving away from her.

I wanted taking the stairs but she stopped me.

"Wait!" She shouted.

"What ?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Nothing." She replied immediately.

I rolled my eyes and wanted going away but she stopped me again .
"What's the problem May." I groaned .is this some kinda game or something?

" Ermm...I...." She stammered.
I shrugged and went upstairs to the room.

I stood by the door and twisted the door knob only for a large quantity of slime to land on me.
"May!!!!!" I yelled angrily.

I walked slowly to the bathroom and turned on the tap and try washing the slime off.

Is it me or is the slime getting worst.

I couldn't see clearly as I tried walking towards the tub.

Unfortunately I tripped and fell on my butt.

"Am gonna kill you wifey!!!!!!!" I growled and tried standing again.
The floor was slippery because of the slime.
I tried holding on to something and walked slowly.

I got to the tub but before I could do anything I tripped and fell again.

Ouch?!!!! I think I broke a bone in my butt.

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