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Revenge- Final Episode


Revenge- Final Episode


It was a huge celebration as Prince Ikenna was crowned King of EKEH land. There was lots of food and drinks and lits of dancing.

Ajuwe and Aguyi have started a relationship that was leading somewhere. The kids pretended like they dont see what was happening between the two oldies but secretly they plan and pray that there would be a marriage celebration in the palace soon.

The king has declares Ajuwe as the KING’S MOTHER and AGUYI as the KING’S father. Even Nkechi was made a princess, everybody danced and celebrated, it was like the opening of a new house.

Ikenna had addressed his people and promised them a leading that was peaceful, friendly and supporting. The people clapped and cheered for the young new king. KING IKENNA OBAMA OF EKEH LAND!

Chimamanda dressed in her royal attire, danced, swaying to the rhythm of the drum. And then she notices Nina sitted alone looking sad.

Chimamanda: Princess, why do you look so sad.

Nina : sister, I can’t stop thinking of him, I can’ imagine what he is going through now. I wish I could be there for him and help him through his pains.

Chimamanda: you miss him that much.
(She nods her head), then go to him.

Nina: I wish I can, he hates me, after all that has happened between his father and I, I dont think he will have anything to do with me. He didnt even look back when he was leaving the other day. He hates me.

Chimamanda: well, I dont know how these things work, but I still think you should go to him.

Nina: princess what about their waters, have you restored it for them?

Chimamanda: Yes, I did same day the wicked king died. The people shouldn’t have to suffer anymore for their igwe’s sin

Nina: Thank you so much sister.

(A guard walks up to them and inform them that the king wanted to see them, they held their hands and walked into the palace. Nnamdi was there)

King IKENNA: Behold my two beautiful sisters.
(Nina stopped when she saw Nnamdi and the chief priest)

King Ikenna: sister, King Nnamdi is here to see you.

King Nnamdi: Nina, after everything that has happened, I do jot intend to wait any longer, I do not care what happened between you and my father……..

Nina: nothing happened between me and your father.

Chief priest: yes my king, nothing happened between your father and the queen. From beginning she has been destined to be your bride, and I married her to the king which to the gods is you and not your dad. So she is already your wife and the queen of OKU.

King Nnamdi: Nina did you hear that? You are already my wife, (he lifted her up and danced around the palace)

King Ikenna: I disagree, (eveyine was shocked as they turned to the king in surprise.

King Ikenna: my sister will not have that kind of a wedding. I disagree. There will be a proper marriage in this palace.

Chimamanda: yes o, I concur
(Everyone burst out laughing. Aguyi and Ajuwe walked in).

Aguyi: attention everyone, we have something to tell the house.
Nkechi: I think I have an idea of this announcement.

Aguyi: Well, I have decided to marry Ajuwe……(there was a loud sound of clapping and shouts of joy in the palace)

King Ikenna: sound the alarms, let there be rejoicing and celebration, there is going to be a double marriage celebration in the palace…..
(The sound of rejoicing filled the air) Alas, Ekeh is reborn and the Obama legacy is reclaimed.

Chimamanda: alas EKEH has gotten her REVENGE!


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