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Revenge-Episode 40


Revenge-Episode 40


Prince Ikenna, Princess Nina and Princess Chimamanda were all sitted on their well designed chairs in the palace of EKEH, a royal swat was also made for Ajuwe and Aguyi. They had been informed by the guards that they had visitors from Ekeh. And Ikenna asked the guards to bring them in. Prince Nnamdi, Odogwu, the chief priest and some of the villagers and some guards all came in.

When Prince Nnamdi saw Nina beautifully sitted on her beautiful chair, his heart skipped, he remembered when Nina had told him that her parents were killed by a wicked man, he quickly understood why she did what she had done. The guards dropped the king on the ground.

Prince Ikenna: what is this man doing in my father’s land?

Princess Chimamanda: what does this evil man want here?

Chief priest: (bowing to Ikenna) igweeeeee, may you live long, the first time I saw you, the gods revealed to me that you are a great king. Azaza has been rejected by the gods long before now, and its the same gods who has sent him here.

Princess Chimamanda: he has no business here, why has the gods sent him here.

AZAZA: (falls on his face to the ground creeping, he crawls to the feet of the Prince and Princesses) forgive me, please forgive me tour highnesses. Forgive me, the gods have punished me. Please forgive me.

Princess Chimamanda: your forgiveness is with the gods, so take your wicked self and leave here at once.

Prince Nnamdi: (to chimamanda) I knew you were special, from the moment you healed Nina. I knew you were special but i didn’t know, you were that little girl that was tied up that day, I tried to talk with my father to spare you, do you remember? Please Chima, please heal my father, forgive him and heal him.

Princess Chimamanda: I cannot heal him, his sickness was caused by the gods so i cannot heal him. I won’t even if I could. But fortunately I can’t heal him. Only the gods can.

Prince Nnamdi: But you can at least forgive him. Ezemoi has said if you dont forgive him, he will remain like this and not die. Please forgive him so that even if he won’t be cured he can die and rest.

Nina: Even death is too good for your father. Do you have an idea the wickedness your father did? The evil he caused?

Ikenna: do you know how many blood he shed? Do you know he would have killed my sisters and I if he had the chance, your father deserves to suffer a fate worse than this

AZAZA: Please forgive me am begging you. I dont even want to be cured. Let me just die and rest please.

Nina: Die and rest? Rest where? There is no rest for you anywhere.

AZAZA: Forgive me o, please forgive me o, it was ODOGWU o, odogwu came and lied to me o, and deceived me o, please forgive me o.

Prince Nnamdi: shut up father, just shut up. Odogwu came and lied to you but you took decisions on your own. He didnt force you to wipe out EKEH, did he? You didnt even verify his story to you, even when I asked you to. Did you? Whatever decision you made, you made them all by yourself, because you wanted to. So shut up and dont complicate issues for me.

Ikenna: Take him and leave our land, we have nothing to offer him. He seeks forgiveness from the dead, not from us.
(Azaza suddenly started crawling again, he crawled outside the palace from one door step to the other, crying and asking for forgiveness, the sand and dust filled his mouth but he didnt care, he kept on crawling even in the sun from morning till night, ikenna and the girls started feeling sorry for him, the entire village came out to see how the mighty king Azaza was creeping on his stomach on the ground. Aguyi and Ajuwe shook their head in pity for him. Even the chief priest was filled with pity for the igwe. finally he got to where the king and queen were buried.)

AZAZA: (tired and weak) Obama my friend, I know you are watching me, I know you are there seeing my heart, and you know how truly sorry I am, I betrayed our friendship, I betrayed the unity shared by our villages. I killed your people and almost killed your children. Such wonderful children you’ve got I must say. See how singlehandedly they’ve rebuilt your land.
My friend please forgive me. I am so sorry for everything, I do not want to be cured, I just want to die peacefully. Please let the blood of the people of EKEH whom i shed, let their spirits forgive me. (And the king remained there till night came, the guards wanted to bring him in but he refused. And Prince Nnamdi told them to let him be. By morning the next day, he was dead. Right in front on where king Obama and his wife were buried. The Prince wept for a while and told the guards to bring his body back home. But the chief priest stopped him)

Chief priest: my Prince, the gods finally let your father the king die, but he does not have a place in the midst of the ancestors. He cannot be buried on any soil. He is to be thrown into the evil forest to be feasted upon by wild animals and vultures. That is where his spirit belongs.

Chief priest: As for you Odogwu, you cannot remain in this land either, the gods forbid that you return to OKU or remain in EKEH. you are now an outcast in both lands. You are to go with your wicked igwe into the evil forest. If you survive there good for you. But you are never to return to these lands. The day you do, that day you will die. Now leave this place.
(Odogwu was wailing as the guards escorted him out of EKEH into the evil forest with his wife and two kids crying behind.

Nnamdi cried bitterly for his father, as the guards picked him up and carried him away)

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