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Revenge-Episode 39


Revenge-Episode 39


Odogwu got to the palace with his wife and kids and met the place empty, he walked around for a while and then he sat down on a chair waiting for whoever will come. After waiting for almost two hours prince Nnamdi came from his room. Odogwu stood up when he saw him.

Odogwu: my Prince, welcome I’ve been waiting for a while.

Prince Nnamdi: where are the guards.

Odogwu: I dont know I met the place like this.
(Nnamdi called out to one of the maids and she came immediately)

Prince Nnamdi: where are the guards ?

Maid: The queen sent them home last night.

Prince Nnamdi: sent them home? Why?

Maid: I dont know my Prince.

Prince Nnamdi: where is the queen?

Maid: I dont know my Prince, she hasn’t been out of her room today.

The Prince stepped aside and went to Nina’s room. He knocked on the door a number of times and there was no response, he kept on knocking but no answer, and so he gently pushed open the door. The smell that came out of the room was so strong that he started coughing. He pushed open the door wide. And he saw his father the king on the floor almost unconscious. He quickly shouted for help, and the maids came running, including Odogwu. Together they carried the king and took him outside to another room.

King Azaza: wa…, wa…., water….water, I need wat…….er.

Prince Nnamdi: Get him water.

( the maid ran out only to come back empty handed)

Prince Nnamdi: Where is the water?

Maid: There is no water anywhere my Prince, the little water we had is finished.

Prince Nnamdi: go into the village, anywhere you find water, get water please…. And xalk the guards to come immediately. Someone also run and call me the ezemoi.

(There was a mix running in the palace. The maids were scattered around looking for water, while Odogwu and his family ran to fetch the chief priest)

King Azaza: Nnamdi, ge ge get me waaaterrr,

Prince Nnamdi: Father there is no water anymore, the land is sick, people are dying, no water anywhere….
(The king pointed to a cup that was lying on the floor and the Prince picked it up for him, he placed the cup in between his legs and urinated on it. It was very small urine that came out, and before the Prince could ask what was happening, the king drank all of the urine)

Prince Nnamdi: Father, you just drank your own urine…

Just then, odogwu returned with the ezemoi.

Prince Nnamdi: ezemoi, look at my father, it was a small nail that pierced him and now look at his whole body. Please do something.

Chief priest: Nnamdi, it was not just a small nail. It was the punishment the gods had kept for the king that he received.

Prince Nnamdi: Ezemoi how do you mean?

Chief priest: The king is receiving the punishment for all the evil he did, and the innocent bloods he shed.

Prince Nnamdi: please Ezemoi, do something you can’t let my father die, he is the king, please do something.

Chief priest: he seized to be the king a long time ago. The gods no longer recognises him as the king. My Prince, the gods have since chosen you as the king of OKU, your father was just a shadow sitting on your throne.

Prince Nnamdi: okay, I have heard you, but please do something and heal him please.

Chief priest: I can’t help him, he must go back to where it all began. He must go back and he kiss the soil with which he flooded with innocent blood. Only then can he find redemption. (the chief priest turns and walks away)

Prince Nnamdi: Ezemoi, please come back, dont go, come back, I still dont understand, where did it begin? I dont understand you Ezemoi.

Odogwu: Ekeh! He is talking about Ekeh!

Prince Nnamdi: And how do you know that?

Odogwu: Because it all started with me.

Prince Nnamdi: But EKEH is no more, there is no one in EKEH, how do we go to a land where there is nobody.

Odogwu: There is somebody in EKEH! ,your father’s new wife the queen is from Ekeh and I believe she has returned.

Prince Nnamdi: what? Nina? From Ekeh?

To be continued!

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