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Revenge-Episode 38


Revenge-Episode 38


Its the 9th day since anyone set their eyes on king Azaza, words have begun to fly round, that the Queen had done something to him, but the Queen cared less of whatever anyone said about her. Nina had invited her two faithful guards to come with a truck and wait for her at the back of the palace and they were already there waiting for her. She went into the room where the king was still tied up.
She opened the wardrobe and pushed out king Azaza was now very weak, he was rotten from legs up to his waist. He was so weak and could barely talk. Part of his hands was also rotten from his shoulder down. Queen Nina looked at him and untied him, because she knew he couldn’t go anywhere even if he wanted to.

Queen Nina: Look at you, oh mighty king Azaza

King Azaza: (softly) please, please let me go, I beg you. My son needs me, please dont let me die here.

Queen Nina: I thought you would scream, why ain’t you commanding and screaming anymore, why are you begging?

King Azaza: please, spare me, please. I dont want to die, please.

Queen Nina: I need two things from you,

King Azaza: whatever you want just say it and its yours, just dont let me die here please.

Queen Nina: Firstly, you will give me the Royal ring you collected from my princess the day you ordered her to be killed secondly you will give me the key to your treasure chamber.

King Azaza: yes! I will gibe it to you. As long as you take me to my son. The keys to the chambers is inside my crown, check inside you will see it.

Queen Nina: And the royal ring?

King Azaza: The royal ring is inside the chamber amongst other treasures

Nina quickly lifted up the crown and turned it round, and the golden key fell off. She waited for a while until it was a little bit dark, she knew the Prince had gone to bed, and she asked the guards to step aside and take a break. When they had left she went to the chamber and opened it. She was so surprised to see the riches of OKU. the land was indeed blessed by the gods with gold. She called in the two guards and asked them to load the trucks with the treasures. While they were loading, she spotted the royal ring and she quickly picked it up.

They made sure to take a good amount of gold from the chamber until their trucks were filled up and they could no longer carry. The treasures that was left was still very much but they couldn’t take more even if they wanted to. Then she carefully locked up the chambers and kept the key in her breast pocket. Then she followed the guards and they went straight to Ikenna and Chimamanda. Chimamanda started crying again when she saw the golds.

Ikenna: It was for these that my parents were killed. It was for these gold that my entire kingdom was wiped out.

Chimamanda: EKEH may not have golds like OKU, but we didn’t even need them. We were happy the way we were.

Nina: what do we do with them.

Ikenna: we do not have need for them, but we will keep them.

Chimamanda: Yes, we will keep them, from now in they are ours.

Nina: There is still more than enough in OKU, I saw them with my eyes.

Chimamanda: Let them be. We also have more than enough here.
(Nina brought out the ring and gave it to the princess.)

Nina: my princess, here is your ring. (She stretches it with a bow to the princess)

Chimamanda: dont bow to me Nina, how can a senior sister bow to her junior sister, you are my sister. And if not for you we will not be alive, and non of these would be happening. You are a princess and a princess does not bow for another princess, but a junior princess can bows down for a senior princess. So thank you (chimamanda knelt down before Nina, who was already filled with tears, she lifted the princess up and gave her a tight hug).

Nina: The king is almost dead, I dont think I have any more duty to do in that palace.

Chimamanda: dear brother, what do we do now. You are the king, so make the decision.

Ikenna: we return back to Ekeh, our fathers land, we build it and build our people.

Nina: what about Odogwu, the polluted rivers and streams?

Chimamanda: and the Prince?

Nina: yes and the Prince.

Ikenna: Let the gods deal with Odogwu, the way they are dealing with Azaza. As for their streams, if they need solution let them seek it. For the Prince, I can’t answer that. Nina that is a question only you have the answer to. But for now let’s go to Ekeh, our people are waiting!

To be continued!

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