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Revenge-Episode 37


Revenge-Episode 37


Obiageri woke up in the morning and didnt find her husband by her side. She wondered where he had gone to. She was used to him leaving the house in the mornings like that before, but he was no longer the warrior head, he had appointed someone else and since then she had always woken up with him by her side. When she didnt see him, she assumed he was outside talking with Odogwu who stormed their house yesterday seeking for help.

Obiageri didnt want the warrior head to take them in because the whole village was aware of how Odogwu had betrayed his own brother in EKEH and sold his land away. She was also award of his wicked plot to take away peoples lands in the village. She had told her husband that they can’t stay with them because if their wickedness, but the warrior head had said that it was temporary and the king would reward them and that was why she had accepted for them to stay.

She wondered what he might be discussing with Odogwu at this early hour and so she tied a wrapper to her chest and stepped out. When she got outside, what she saw almost made her faint. There he was lying very cold and dead outside his own house. Obiageri led out a loud cry that awoken both neighbours and people around. Odogwu ran outside to know what was going on, and then he saw the warrior head on the ground, lying dead. His body was swollen from the various stings and venoms fron the snakes that bit him

Odogwu: gods of our land! What is this? What is going on? How did this happen? What happened

Obiageri was still crying and shouting as people began to troop in to console her. Odogwu was confused. He knew there was trouble and he knew exactly where the trouble was coming from. He quickly ran inside and grabbed his walking stick.

Obiageri: and where are you going to? Where are you going to wicked man?
.I told my husband not of let u stay here but he would not hear me, I warned him about you that anywhere you go, tiu carry misfortune with you, but he did not here you. Where is he now? Where she shouted.

Odogwu: but I dont know what happened to him. I’ve been inside sleeping.

Obiageri: how would you know, how would you? Please I don’t want trouble, quietly take your wife and kids and leave my house. I dont want trouble.

Odogwu: please! Be merciful, I do not know what happened to him.

Obiageri: please leave, or do you want to kill any other person? Do you want to kill me? Carry tour bad luck and wickedness and leave. When you’ve not come here we’ve been living in peace but just one day you came here my husband Is dead. Abeg go go abeg. Leave my house.

Odogwu held his wife and two kids and left the place. He had no where else to go, nobody was ready to help him and the only person who would have helped him now is dead. He decided to go back to the palace and plead with the Queen , maybe she would let him speak with the king to show him mercy!

To be continued!

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