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Revenge-Episode 30


Revenge-Episode 30


Episode 30.

Chimamanda took Ikenna to a hut she had built in the bush, and showed him the gallons of chemicals that she had gathered in the hut.
The plan was to empty the chemicals into the rivers and lakes in the land.

Chimamanda told Ikenna it was his duty to pour the chemical into the rivers, she will go and set fire in their store rooms, where they keep and store their food stuffs.

Chimamanda: Are you scared? (She asked ikenna)

Ikenna: Never! I have waited all my life for this and now that the time is come nothing will make me sway back.

Chimamanda carried the jerricans of chemicals for Ikenna. She removed her royal clothes and wore her warrior clothes.

Ikenna: I want to accompany you to the king.

Chimamanda: No brother, I have a personal vendetta with the king. I have a score to settle with him. (She pulled off the gloves and showed Ikenna her finger.) You see this? The igwe has to pay for this. The revenge against EKEH begins tonight.

They both held their hands and prayed a shirt prayer. They asked the spirit of their parents and the spirits of all those who died at EKEH to go with them. They hugged themselves and went their different ways to perform their assignment.

Ikenna carried the jerricans of chemicals and went straight to the river. He emptied the jerricans into the river, then he moved to the stream, there he emptied all the chemicals into the streams, he moved from one stream to the other and from one river to the other and when he was done. He went back to Aguyi’s house to wait for his sister.

Chimamanda got to the palace where Nina was waiting for her. Nina gave her the different rooms to the stores, Nina had also gathered four guards who has sworn allegiance to her. She ordered them to go with chimamanda to show her the store rooms. When they got there, the princess had them load a quiet number of food in a truck. Then she ordered them to take it to Ekeh, when they’ve gone, chimamanda emptied the gallons of fuel around the store rooms, and then she struck the matches , she stepped aside and watched the store room, go up in flames.

The cries of people wailing and shouting and running around the store room filled the place. Chimamanda sneaked out of the place.

Chimamanda: this is just the beginning (she said to herself).

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