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Revenge-Episode 25


Revenge-Episode 25


Nina’s marriage to the king was fast approaching and preparation was on going. The king was excited about his new bride. He had invited kings from other kingdoms to grace the occasion.

On this cool evening, Nina was in her room, arranging the clothes which the maids have given to her that she would wear on her wedding day, as she was there arranging, the door suddenly flung open and kung AZAZA walked in.

Nina was surprised to see him for he had never stepped into her room. she was furious and filled with anger.

Nina: what do you want igwe?

King Azaza: is that how to address the king? Your husband and your Lord?

Nina: husband to be, not yet my husband.

King Azaza: in two days. just two days.

Nina: yes in two days. But until then, please igwe stay away from my room.

King Azaza: what do you mean by that?/I am the igwe, and this is my house, I have right to any room and any woman I so please.

Nina: yes but not this woman.

King Azaza ignored Nina and pushed her to he bed, Nina struggled to kill away from him buy couldn’t and so she began to scream. The guards and maids heard her but they were too scared to go into the room. King AZAZA kept on tearing her clothes and she fought with all he might and screamed so hard until the Prince heard her voice and ran to her aid.

Prince Nnamdi: what is going on here, father are you trying to [email protected] her?

King AZAZA: how can you call sleeping with my own wife rape? (He said while standing up and arranging himself)

Prince Nnamdi: But that is what it is because she is not yet your wife.

King AZAZA: But she will be my wife in two days, what is the difference between then and now?

Prince Nnamdi: a lot father, a lot can change in two days. So please let her be.

(King Azaza walked out of the room angry without saying a word and prince Nnamdi sat by Nina to console her. The king left the palace and decided to take a stroll by the garden to cool off his temper. He shouted at any guard he saw along his path. He was still walking angry, he didnt notice the nail on the floor. He stepped on it and landed on the floor screaming and shouting. The guards ran to his rescue and helped him inside the palace as he shouted and cried out in pains.

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