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Reincarnation-Final Chapter


Reincarnation-Final Chapter

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter.....

"Leonardo!!!!! ".

Cecilia Immediately dropped to a crouch beside Leo's body.
"Leo! Please stay with me!! Someone please call an ambulance!! ". She cried.

"Ce... Cecilia ". Leo managed to choke out with blood slowly oozing out of his mouth.

'You never know the value of what you have till you loose it ' they say. For the last 100 years all he'd wished for was death and now, death was staring mockingly at him. Death was painfully reaching out to him but he didn't want to go, yet he was slowly drifting away....

If this had happened a year or two ago, he would have welcomed death with opened arms but what changed?

He found purpose. He found a reason to live, he found his missing rib.

Life, Life is truly unfair....
Death is now an option, This death is real and there's no coming back... No coming back.

It was as if he knew how much breath he had left because he took every breath like a precious gems, he forced his eyes open and drank the face of the only person that mattered the most.

"I love you Cecilia! "

Feeling like I'm breathing my last breath

Feeling like I'm walking my last steps

"Leonardo!!! Please open your eyes, I love you, l love you too.. Please don't leave me... Please open your eyes Leo!! ". She wailed painfully....

She felt like a sword is slowly being throated deep into her chest..

What pain could be more than this?!

Look at all of these tears I've wept
Look at all the promises that I've kept

"I love you Cecilia, please don't forget me ". Were his last words before the agonizing darkness of death engulfed him.

I put my heart, into your hands, here's ma soul to keep
I let you in, with all that have, you're not hard to reach
And you've blessed me with the best gift, that I've ever known
You give me purpose
Yeah you've given me purpose
"I love you Cecilia! "

"What meaning does life have when you didn't leave your footprint on the sands of time?
Leonardo Perez Freeman left his footprint on the sands of our time, he was a soldier, a scientist, a detective, a fighter, a friend and a savior, he left a mark, he played a big role in saving us from destruction... It pains me to the core that he had to leave us at a time like this... His demise will affect a lot of lives just as his presence did, he touched lives, mine was not excluded.... And for that, he will forever be remembered by us and many generations to come... His footprint has been planted in this life and the next to come ". Allan (General) concluded his speech and stepped back so Leo's body could be lowered into the ground.

A gargen adorned with only white roses, a grave in the middle and dozens of people in black looming about.

The atmosphere was heavy and everyone's heart bore grieve... Out of everybody standing there, one person was more devastated... Standing like a statue, staring at his gorgeous face for the last time... Cecilia felt as though this was all a dream,,,, she wished he was just asleep and he would wake up the next moment.... But he didn't, he never opened his eyes since he closed them..... Pain... Raw pain was all she felt, but not a single tear dropped... She felt empty, completely lost, she felt like her life had been snatched from her.... Well that was the reality, death had snatched her life from her....Her purpose was lost... Nothing would ever go right, her life would never be the same..

But she was proud of him, like Allan said, he'll always be remembered.

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And despite the pain she felt, a small smile found it's way to her lips as she stepped forward and fetched a handful of sand to pour on his casket.. With tears pricking, she watched as more sand was poured till he was completely covered...Though somewhere deep down in her heart she hoped that he would reawaken again, even if it meant that she'd forget him... There's already a fact the even if she forgets him, she would still fall in love with him all over again...
I wanna leave, my footprints , on the sands of time
Know there was something that, meant something that, I left behind

When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets, leave something to remember, so they won't forget..

I was here, I lived, I loved,
I was here, I did, I've done , everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be

I will leave my mark so everyone will know
He was here...

Seconds had ticked to minutes, minutes had ticked to hours, hours clocked to days, days had turned to weeks and weeks had turned to a month...

It was exactly one month since Leo passed away... Though it seemed like yesterday to Cecilia.

She sat crossed legs on a sofa in her lounge, her eyes were fixed on a paper that her hands clutched tightly on, with tears slowly cascading down her face.

She started feeling different about a week ago, she would sleep longer than usual and she threw up almost everyday. After much self assurance, she mustered the courage to go the hospital for tests and it turned out she was pregnant..

It didn't really surprise her because she stopped taking birth control pills after she broke up with Wilson about a year ago.. And with all the B. M. B saga she didn't remember to use them after she had unprotected sex with Leo.
What caused her pain was the fact that he wasn't alive, she was left alone to face everything on her own..

With a sigh, she stood up and walked out to the back porch of the house.. Her hands slowly traveled to rest on her stomach.. It still felt like a dream to her and she didn't really believe a life was growing in her.

"I miss you Leo, I wish you'd come back ". She sighed with tears and memories of their short time together replayed in her head .
She got lost in thoughts, she didn't feel the presence of someone near her .. All that mattered to her was her baby and the memories she had with his/her father.

Leonardo... That name was etched in her heart.

Like a bullet in my chest, you're written, bound and etched forever in my mind

We are fading in our hands, lost somewhere in wasteland, not knowing up from down

When the walls are caving and the world keeps turning we gat the love, we gat to love

Now I will never let you go. All the words won't make me fold. It is never easy, I'll follow you Apollo!
I will never let you go, give it time and we will grow, ain't no fun in easy, I'll follow you Apollo!
I'll follow you Apollo, I'll follow you


All love stories are not meant to end happily ever after.... Maybe some are just meant to end in tragedy.

Maybe #Celeo 's love story was not meant to end happily ever after...


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