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Reincarnation- Epilogue


Reincarnation- Epilogue

Theme: Death is not an option


"Leonardo!! "

"Leo please don't go! "

"I love Cecilia "

"Please Leo stay with me!!! "

"Leo!! ". She screamed a sprouted up from sleep, her breathing raged and heavy, beads of sweat tickling down her face...

With a sigh, she reached for a glass of water on the bed stand and gulped it down in one go.

The same old dream... Or nightmare.. Ever since Leo left, the same dream woke her up... That scene, Leo in a pool of blood, Alvarez hovering above with a devilish smile and chaos in the background... That scene, that very scene was tattoed in her mind.

She sighed and dragged herself off the bed. She flinched when her feet hit the cold floor and immediately walked to the other side of the bed to slip her fluffy flip flops on.

It was still very early in the, and an orange- purple color bathed the horizon, fitting perfectly with the early morning breeze...

'Something seems right today ' She thought as she strolled down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea... Maybe it was because the Black Malton brothers would be executed today.

They would have been killed since the very day Leo died but because of their vampiric mode, they had to go through the process of killing the viruses that was keeping them alive... It turned out that, theirs was more than Leo's, so it took a longer period of time to completely kill the viruses.

Her hands rested on her stomach as she took her first sip of the jasmine tea.

"Baby, today, the monsters who killed your father will breath their last. Great isn't it? ". She bellowed, with a sad smile... It was now her habit to talk to her growing stomach.... She completely shut everyone out and hardly stepped out of her house.. Even Moran wasn't aware she was pregnant, nobody was.. But she'd concluded to start a new life after today,, After the monsters kiss death.

She turned around and walked towards the back door that lead to the back porch, but just as she was about to step onto the porch, she felt the presence of someone around her.. And she sighted the silhouette of someone...

With a gasp, she hurried out, but when she got outside, no one was there.

'Is my mind playing tricks on me? ' she thought with a frown.

But her mind cannot continuously play tricks on her, for about a week now, she'd been having this same feeling, like someone was watching her, and sometimes she would hear footsteps but would always find no one....

"Maybe I'm just hallucinating, I haven't been sane for the last few weeks " she said to herself and walked back inside, shutting the door tightly.

By the time the sun was fully out, she was all dressed and ready to go to court... The B. M. Bs would be sentenced and prosecuted afterwards.

"As charged with the crime of murder, looting, smuggling of illegal drugs and gases, blackmailing and manipulation,, I hereby sentence Alvarez Stars, Alastair Stars and Alfred Stars a. k. a Black Malton Brothers to death by electrocution and his accomplice are hereby sentenced to 20 years imprisonment ".

The judge concluded.

Those words sounded like music to the ears of many, especially to Cecilia.

She was definitely going to rest her head with a smile today.
She got up and made her way outside.

Outside, she sighted Moran, Justin, Conan, Erika, Sawyer, Susan, Jamie and Silvia standing together.


Yeah, they were able to convince the court that she was manipulated but she would pay a fine..

She wore a bright smile as she walked over to them.

"Cecilia!!! ". Moran squealed and pulled her into a crushing hug....
"Moran please ". Cecilia choked struggling to to herself from Moran's grip.

" oh I'm sorry ". Moran chuckled releasing her.

"It's just, I missed you so much ". She added with tears in her eyes.
"I missed you too, but I'm back now okay? ". Cecilia replied and hugged her again.

"How have you been Cecilia? ". Jamie asked bringing her attention back to the others.

They all wordlessly stepped forward and each gave her a hug.
Silvia's hug was especially soothing, she passed many unsaid words through that one physical contact, and when she disengaged from the hug and looked at Cecilia, guilt was evidently spelt out... She felt so guilty and blamed herself for everything that happened, she didn't even feel worthy of being free, she herself wanted to serve a verdict but Jamie and the rest wouldn't hear of it... True she was manipulated but she still had a choice of doing good, now she was normal again and the viruses her brothers had injected in her were completely done for... But still it didn't feel right because, the one person who should have been living happily right now was gone.

"It's okay Silvia, its not your fault, I guess it was meant to happen that way". Cecilia said to her with a sad smile.

"Thank you, thank you Cecilia ". She whispered with tears threatening to spill out.

They were all quite for a while before Moran broke the silence.

" Cecilia Is it just me or are you getting fat.? ". Moran questioned scrutinizing Cecilia.

"Off course yes... I've been doing nothing but sleep all day ". Cecilia replied with an eye roll and they all broke into laughter.

'Phew '. Cecilia heaved inwardly.. She wasn't ready to break the news to them yet... They might get angry when she finally tells them but that didn't seem to bother her.

She needed more time to rekindle the memories she had with Leo...
"Um.. Cecilia, we were planning to go for a drink or two, would you mind joining us? " She asked expectantly.

"Uhm ". 'Drink? '. Cecilia thought.. 'No its not good for my baby '. She almost blurted.

"No I'll pass maybe next time " she said instead.

"Uhm anyways, I need to leave, I'll see you all at work okay? "



"See ya". They answered and she tottered off.

Reaching home, she observed her lawn needed care and the surrounding in general needed to be tidied.

"Well there's nothing else to do anyways ". She said to herself and proceeded to unlock the door.

The instant she stepped into the house, she felt a strong surge of wave flow through her and the lounge was unusually cold... Her eyes scanned for anything unusual and something or rather someone, caught her breath.

Sitting in a lotus position, with his eyes closed and a gorgeous smile on his face... Her heart seized beating, her lungs stopped working and her entire system froze.... Leo?

She blinked rapidly and pinched a spot on her forearm to check if she was dreaming....

"Leo? ". She grouged out taking taking a step forward... The keys she was holding fell from her hand followed by her purse...

He slowly peeled his eyelids open still with a smile and his eyes met her teary ones.

'This is no dream ' her inner goddess whined at her.

"Leo? " her voice quivered again.
This time, he un crossed his legs and slowly rose to his feet.

"Leo... Leo is that you? ". She stuttered taking several more steps to where he stood.

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With shaky hands, she reached forward to touch his face, then his chest and arms,, satisfied that he was no ghost, her eyes darted back to his questioningly... With the smile he used a a response there was no doubt he was the one.

With bleary eyes, she buried her head in his chest and cried.

"Why... What.. What took you so long?? ".

"Was two weeks not enough for you to reincarnate?!! ".

"Why did you take this long!! Its almost two months ... Why,?!! Leo why??! ". She cried out like a child.

"I.. I'm sorry baby, I'm here now and I'm never going back ". He said for the first time wrapping his hands tightly around her..

Hearing those words she broke into more tears... She Cried, a cry of joy, a cry of relief and closure, a cry that said all her wishes in life have been granted.....

"Tell me how it all happened, how did you dig yourself out of the grave and you're àlive does that mean the viruses are still in you? "
 Cecilia questioned breathlessly... She was happy, very happy that he was alive and she still remembered him, but she still couldn't spike down her escalating curiosity.

"One question at a time Missy ". He answered adjusting his legs and pulling her closer.. They were sitting in the ground with their legs tangled together and Cecilia's head resting on his chest.

"Just answer me ". She whined in response.

"Okay first, I don't know how I managed to come back to life but I guess the viruses were not completely dead when Alvarez shot me... When I opened my eyes for the first time, all I saw was darkness and nothing else, I shouted but it was useless, I couldn't breath properly, I was suffocating so started banging the walls of the casket. Just when I thought that there was no hope and I would die for real, I started hearing voices and footsteps and moments later I was dug out.. It turned out that SSA kept security men on watch at the garden where I was buried,, its a good think I was the only one buried there.. "

"The garden was dedicated to you Leo".

"I know, and I'm really grateful for that, the watchmen were surprised, so surprised that they refused to come close to me, I had to assure them that I wasn't a ghost,, they were still doubtful because I was supposed to be dead, I was at the morgue for a few days before I was buried so I had to be dead... When I finally convinced them I was real, I begged them to keep it a secret which they gladly agreed to.... So there you have it". He finished with a smile.

"When did it happen? "

"Two weeks ago"

"Two weeks ago!! And you're just showing up now?! "

"Don't get me wrong Cecilia, but I couldn't come out in the open at that time, the news of my death was still fresh at the time and it would only stir up more questions "
"And you think it won't stir up questions now? "

"No it won't "

"How? ". She questioned with a frown.

"Just as I was always forgotten every time I died and reawakened, my death has been forgotten " he replied with a smug look.

"What do you mean? ". Cecilia asked sitting upright this time.

"When I left the garden, I went in sought for answers, I confirmed that the viruses were dead and I got to know that the reason why I was always forgotten was due to the reversal of time, my memories were always wiped out and the B. M. Bs were behind it,, I wanted badly to come to you but I couldn't, I only watched you from afar.. I couldn't bear to be away for any much longer, so I used that method to wipe away the memories of my death, no one remembers that I died or was ever buried, except you though.. ". He finished and tilted her head up to plant a light kiss on her lips.

"But Leo, I.... I.. Met the guys before coming home and they remember ". She stuttered confused.

"When you stepped inside, did you feel something? Something like an invisible force? ". He replied.
"Ye... Yes? "

"Then it worked baby, they don't remember ".

"But how... ". She wanted to ask but was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell... Almost immediately the door was pushed open and Moran and the rest of the guys entered,, chattering and laughing... They all halted on their tracks when they saw Leo and Cecilia sitting on the ground... For the next few seconds, silence ensued but Leo broke this one.

"What the hell are you guys staring at? '. He asked casually as if they'd been together since forever.

"I don't know about others but I was just wondering what happened to the sofas and bed that you chose to cuddle up on the ground. Susan answered as if nothing like death ever happened and she'd been seeing Leo since the B. M. Bs were caught.

"I was also thinking the same thing ". Moran added and slumped on a nearby sofa.

Cecilia gasped and looked at Leo surprised..

"Anyways, carry on, just don't try to strip naked like you did the last time we were here". Justin said joining Moran on the couch, while the others released a low laugh before resuming their chatter.

"See I told you they don't remember ". Leo said to Cecilia who was busy gaping at him..

He stood up, pulling her with him, he quietly let her through the kitchen to the porch, pausing to pick a newspaper which was carelessly lying on the counter..

"Look at this ". He said pointing at a fashion company ad on the first page of the newspaper..

Cecilia gasped and covered her mouth with both palms to stop herself from screaming... Just this morning, on that same page, an article about his death was encrypted there... Now it was replaced with an Ad.

"It really worked!! " she exclaimed happily and threw herself on him.
"Yes, Astor, it worked " he soothed rubbing her back.

Her happiness knew no bounds, why or how he was reawakened, she didn't understand but that wasn't her concern, all she wanted was her man and he was already in arms...

She grateful, grateful to nature and whoever created the time reversal or whatever he called it...

The father of her child is alive and well... Nothing would ever come between them.. Not even death.

"Uhm.. Leo ". Cecilia called taking a step back so she could look at him... She fidgeted with the hem of her blouse , with a nervous smile.
"I.. I'm... "

"Pregnant " he completed holding her hands.

"I know, I've been watching you remember? ". He added when she shut a questioning look at him.
A beautiful smile broke on her lips and she rested her head on his chest with tears in her eyes...

"Cecilia, the first time I said this, I was in pain and I thought I would never get the chance to say it again ". He started tilting her head up to look at him.

"But now here I am, whole and hearty, in my happiest moment, I want you to know that I love you and you and my child are the only purpose I have of living, you're my the beginning and end of my life and I promise to spend the rest of my life in your worship,, I love you ". Finished and covered her lips with his...

With tears flowing freely down her face, Cecilia dug her hands into his hair and kissed him like her life depended on it....

Maybe some love stories just have I few twists in it, but surely in the the end they would live happily ... But one thing they promised each other is to love each other with every moment like it was the last..
I found myself dreaming, in silver and gold

Like a scene from a movie, that every broken heart knows

We were walking in the moonlight and you pulled me close, split second and you disappear and then, I was all alone

I woke up in tears, with you by my side, breath of relief and realize, no we're not promised tomorrow
So I'm gonna love, like I'm gonna loose you

I'm gonna hold you, like I'm saying goodbye, where ever we're standing, I won't take you for granted

Coz we'll never know when
When we'll run out of time
I'm gonna love you

Like I'm gonna loose you u
'Sometimes life isn't that friendly, but other times its just great... '.
Those were Leo's thoughts....

Life is just great, despite all the trials,, everything still fell into place.

He found the people behind his problems, he found a solution to it, he found love, he found a life... And.. He was blessed immediately... He found a family.... And just as everything fell into place, their life would be a bed of roses.....

The end....

Death is not an option

This story was written by Musa Nana Rukaiya...
All rights reserved...

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