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Reincarnation-Chapter 50


Reincarnation-Chapter 50

Theme: Death is not an option


"Wakie wakie, sleeping beauty " a voice rang in Cecilia's head... She felt a harsh tug on her shoulder and eyes immediately snapped open but more darkness welcomed her vision because she couldn't see anything.. She tried to move her hand but couldn't, that was when she realized that her hands and feet had been bonded together and with the way she felt the surface of what she was sitting on, she guessed it would be a wooden chair.

Memories of how she ended up in her present state flashed back into her head like a tsunami mod... Beads of sweat instantly bathed her skin... She tried moving on the chair but all her effort seemed fruitless. A light sob escaped from her lips then another and another.

The rate at which everything happened gagged her and she couldn't breath properly.

'Who did this? ' was the only question ringing in her head.. Because as far as she knew, the Malton brothers were looked far away half a mile underground.
She tried shaking again when a voice stopped her.

"Easy there Missy" it came out cold and goosebumps instantly bathed her skin... Never in her life had she been this scared , her eyes were almost bobbing out of their sockets... Her breathing became raged and she doubted if she would make it to the next minute and more tears washed down her face.

The lights suddenly came up though it was dim, but it was enough to give her a view of the person and how close he was....

Her heart was pounding hard, like it would fly out of her chest in the next second.. Alvarez!!!

"Al.. Alvarez? ". She stuttered,, he was sitting on a stool right in front of her, so close that his breath fanned her.

"Yes, Alvarez, that's my name, sweet to call isn't it? " he breathed icily against her tear streamed face.

"Leo has good taste I must confess ". He sneered leaning back to rake his eyes over her body.

"Delectable " he muttered cocking his head to the side.

"Wwhhat.... What do you want? ". She managed to say between sobs.

"What do I want? Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk... I really don't know.. I came out of the cell to receive some fresh air but I became bored in the process..... Hmm... And now you're here but I don't know what to do to you... Or should call Leo? ". He sneered further and all she did was cry.

"Yeah , I think we should call Leo". He added and sprouted up, he slowly walked round to stand behind her.. For almost a minute he stood still watching her, she started to think he was no longer there but surprisingly, he painfully grabbed a hand full of her hair and tipped her head back almost straining her neck. She yelled in pain and shut her eyes when more tears came gushing out..

"Say cheese ". She heard him say close to her ears and 'click' sound followed prompting her to peel her eyes open and she found that he took a picture of her.

He released his grip on hair and focused his eyes on the phone.
"And send". He muttered before flicking his cold brown eyes back to her.

"Now we wait for Perez "

Cecilia's mum was already looking here and there for her, she asked everyone she knew Cecilia had spoke with but no one knew were she was and fear was slowly creeping in.

"She just went out to receive a phone call and we haven't seen her since, we thought she got hooked up with others ". Alex said to her when she asked about Cecilia's whereabouts.

"That was about an hour ago ". Bella added.

It was dark already but the crowd and chatters had lessened, so it would be easy to spot her anywhere.

She brought out her phone with shaky hands and dialed Owen's number.

"He.. Hello Owen? ". She said, her voice quivering.

"Yeah mum, what's wrong? "

"Is.. Um.. Did Cecilia perhaps come home? "

"No, I thought you guys were coming back together? "

"We were going to come back together but I can't find her! "

"Have you tried calling her? "

"Yes, but her phone is switched off! "

"Are you sure she's not
somewhere around? ".

"She's not here ". She replied but it came out as a sob.

Leo was driving 170 kmph, breaking every traffic rule... He just couldn't bring himself to think of the possibility that Alvarez was going to Cecilia, he felt his blood boil at the thought.

Not knowing what to do, he dialed Allan's number to check if they'd gotten a hold of him.

"Hello general, have you found him yet? "

"No Leo, we're still on his trail "
"God how did he manage to fvcking escape!! ". He half yelled, banging the steering wheel.

"That's what we don't... ". Allan was trying explain but he hanged up with his teeth grounded together..... Anger was an under statement of what he felt at that moment.. Fury, laced with fear was all he felt.

His phoned chimed making his eyes dart to the screen,, a frown creased his forehead almost immediately, the message was from an unknown number.

Hesitantly, he clicked 'open' and almost had a cardiac arrest when he looked at the contents of the message. It was a picture, in it, Cecilia's head was tipped back with her hair, her eyes were closed and Alvarez was leaning close to her with a devilish grin..

"Fvck!!! " he cursed almost crushing the phone.

Loud horns and curses reminded him that he'd parked right in the middle of the road. He took another glance at the image and from the background, it was easy to guess that Alvarez was holding Cecilia hostage in his wrecked hideout in the outskirts of Pomona.

Taking a U turn, he drove in full speed to the abandoned factory..
Thirty minutes later he reached the abandoned factory and flew out of the car into the building, all the high-techs that the Malton brothers used to keep their location hidden had been removed so he knew it would be easy to find them.

As he walked further into the building, he started hearing sobs, the whole place was dark so he couldn't see but he recognized the voice.

"Cecilia!! ". He called out painfully, images of things Alvarez could have done to her flashed through his mind making his whole figure tremble with fury.

"Cecilia!! ". He called, harshly this time.

The lights suddenly flicked on and he spotted Cecilia tied on a chair in the middle of the room... She looked scared and messed up... A certain fear tugged at the back of his mind.. 'What if he? No no no ' he shut his mind out.

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"Cecilia? ". He called hoarsely.
She raised her head to meet his gaze and a looked of relief washed over her face but no sooner it was replaced with fear, her eyes grew wide, like she'd seen a ghost...

He was about to take a step forward when he felt a cold metal touch his temple and a hand on his shoulder the next second.

"You're late ". The cold words hit his ear buds a moment later.

'Ghost indeed '. His subconscious snickered at him.

"Alvarez ". He growled with balled fists.

"Perez ". Alvarez replied leaning closer.

"Alvarez, I've always known you're a coward, why did you have to involve her in this? ". Leo growled not minding that a gun was on his temple... He'd grown so un afraid of death that he almost forgot that he was normal now... Though he knew Alvarez was unaware so he wouldn't bother wasting his bullets on him..

"You always amaze me Perez " Alvarez answered roughly pushing him from behind.

"I'm very brutal not a coward". He continued " I use every means to get what I want, I want you down but I know you won't go down easily, so I decided to use your woman to get you and fortunately, it worked perfectly ".

"That still doesn't change the fact that you're a pimp, a loser, you're a motherfucking bitch Alvarez you and your brothers are pathetic bitches! ". Leo spat back... He wanted to get Alvarez angry... So he could distract him.

"You know Alvarez ". He sneered further stepping closer to where Alvarez stood already fuming. "I always knew you guys were stupid unrealistic sadists, your obsession with inflicting pain on others completely clouded your reasoning to the extent you killed your parent and turned your sister stone cold, what a nice way to get what you want pimp, you.. "
"Shut up Perez!! ". Alvarez barked his grip on the gun tighter.

"I won't, you wanted me here right, well, here I am, mister, listen to what I have to say,,, I think you already know that you're a traitor and an international criminal, but you should hear it from me, Alvarez you're a traitor, a good for nothing criminal, you can't even be classified as an animal because animals would reject a demon such as you.... You betrayed your parent, your whole family, your friends, me and.. "

"Shut the fvck up Leonardo!!! "
"I'm not done yet Alvarez you're the one who needs to shut your stink of a mouth and listen,,, you're so full of yourself huh, you're so proud and confident aren't you? You call yourselves gods, hmph gods my frigging schmuck ". No sooner than the words left his mouth, his jaw connected with Alvarez fists.

He staggered back and smiled a mocking smile... Slowly he walked back to Alvarez and spat out blood on his face..

"You think you're intelligent huh? Let me tell you this Alvarez Stars, you're Stupid, nothing but an idiot and you don't deserve to be called a Star ". He said with a smirk and Alvarez launched at him...

"You son of a bitch!! " Alvarez barked sending random punches at Leo..

"You're a Coward Alvarez, you know that ". Leo continued.

Alvarez continued hitting him but stopped abruptly when the sounds of siren filled the area.. Leo took that as a cue and pounced on Alvarez taking him off guard... He retaliated with full force.. Sending heavy punches on every part he came in contact with.

He was suddenly dragged back by strong hands.

"Leave me the fvck alone!! ". He barked.

"Calm down Leo, calm down! ". He heard Sawyer's voice that was when he looked up to see Conan and Sawyer holding him with a number of cops looming about.

"Bastard!! ". He muttered freeing himself from their grip.

He looked back to find Cecilia already untied and standing unmoved, she looked relieved but the fright was still there.

He took long strides her way and caged her in a hug when he was close enough.

"Leo... I.. I.. I.. Was... So.. Scared... " she sobbed onto his chest.

"Shhh.... It's all over now baby cry no more ". He soothes holding her closer.

"But how did he manage to escape? ". She asked after awhile.

"I don't know but I'll make sure I kill him myself this time ". He replied cupping her cheek.

"But they won't die would they? "

"They will definitely die after we... '. He was saying but stopped when a gunshot sounded, his eyes immediately popped out and he sttagered back...

What happened next, happened so fast yet it looked so slow, two more gunshot were heard and Leo's eyes grew wide with each... His shirt became blood stained , it took a moment for Cecilia to realize who'd been shot.

"Leo?!!! ". She screamed barely able to reach him before he fell down to reveal Alvarez standing with a gun and satisfied smile on his face...

The scene looked familiar, Leo felt his sight go blur and a feeling of deja vu overwhelmed him... This happened one and half century ago.

A man in black standing with a gun, time coming to a stand still , shouts of chaos, piercing pain!!
This scene had definitely happened before, only , this time... He was not coming back.....

"Leonardo!!!!!!!!! ""

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