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Reincarnation-Chapter 49


Reincarnation-Chapter 49

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter........

"Cecilia, you're running late!! ". Mrs Gloria Martin's voice resounded from the kitchen.

"Coming mum!! ". Cecilia answered taking one last glance at her reflection in the mirror.
"Beautiful ". She mumbled to herself with a smile before dashing out of the room.

It's been two weeks and two days, 16 days in total, since Leo asked her to leave, 'give him space ' was how she put it, because she couldn't imagine a life without Leo.... Just two weeks and it felt like she hadn't seen him in months and the ache to see him increased with every passing minute.

The two weeks had been tough, but she wouldn't exactly call it torturous because she'd been with her family- her mum and younger brother.

She drove to downtown Los Angeles two days after hers and Leo's issue and she'd been having fun ever since though she missed Leo.

Now she was attending an evening function with her mum a few blocks away from their home.

"You look beautiful hun ". Mrs Gloria cooed sighting Cecilia who was tentatively stalking down the stairs.

"Thanks mum ". She answered with a smile.

"Are you ready? ". She added as she reached the last stair.

"Yeah, let's go, we're running late already ".

She grabbed her purse from the table and made for the door.

"Owen are you sure you're not coming? ". Mrs Gloria asked Owen who was sitting on a sofa with his eyes on his phone and a small smile playing playing at his lips..' Whatever he's reading must be amusing. ' Mrs Gloria thought while waiting for an answer.

His eyes flickered from the phone and rested on Cecilia's figure for a moment before flicking to his mum and back to his phone.

"No mama, I don't feel like, you should go ahead.. And uh nice dress Lia ". He spurred out.

"Thanks ". Cecilia cooed before turning to the door with her mum following behind.

The venue of the function was just a few blocks away but they still went in Cecilia's car anyways..

She began to hotch when they arrived few minutes later... Cool music blaredd from inside the hall, she guessed it was one of Ben Harpers song though she didn't know the tittle...

"Are you okay dear? ". Her mum questioned sensing her uneasiness.

"Yeah I'm okay let's go in " she replied immediately. She didn't really understand why she was feeling jittery but concluded that it might be because she'd be meeting a few of her high school friends she hadn't seen in ages.

The black flay evening dress she was wearing fell right above her knees exposing a small of her thigh and swayed with every step she took
She was welcomed into cheery atmosphere of the hall with loud music, laughter and chatters of pleasure oozed from every corner.

As predicted she sighted a few of her childhood friends, one of whom was Alexander Lopez her first and ex boyfriend.. They started dating a few months into her sophomore year in college but broke right after she graduated.. Their break up didn't really go down well with Alex insisting that they gave the relationship another chance and her, insisting that they had no future together. Alex was hurt and didn't agree with being just friends, he left broken and that made her feel really guilty but there was nothing she could do about it and she never got the chance to apologize to him ever since.

He probably sensed eyes on him because he turned around to meet her gaze.. The look he gave her went in contrast to what she was expecting. She expected a look of disdain but rather he shot a sweet smile her way and slowly started walking up to her.

"Mrs Martin " He greeted with a curt tone never taking his eyes off her.

"Alexander, how are you? ". Cecilia's mum greeted back with a smile.

"I've been great "

"That's good hear, I'll leave you both to talk ". She replied and walked further into the hall, leaving Cecilia all the more jittery. 'Is meeting your ex boyfriend this hard? ' she thought trying to avoid his gaze...

'Not the one whose heart you broke' her subconscious answered outright.

"Lia? ". His deep masculine voice brought her back to the present.


"Hi Moran? ". Leo said into his phone.

Two weeks.... The last two weeks had been the longest and hardest days in his entire existence.

The first few days were the worst, being electrocuted at such a current was devastating, no normal person would survive a second after coming in contact with such... And the electromagnetic waves that was used did not help matters.. Gamma rays itself is not something to joke with.. But his body was fvnking passed through it!!!

The whole process made him sure that those sadist didn't fib when they said viruses were living in him.. After the completion of the process, he became weak and was left to regain his strength, but the need to see Cecilia was escalating fast. He didn't hear from her since that day though he knew she was with her Mother and Brother somewhere in downtown Los Angeles...

Sawyer just took his blood sample to check if the viruses were still alive.

He quietly slipped out of the lab.. He needed to hear Cecilia's voice... But when he tried calling her it was going straight to voice mail.. He couldn't help but worry that something was wrong so he decided to call her friend, Moran

"Leo? What do you want? ". Moran answered from the other end,, she sounded angry, no. She was actually angry at Leo for hurting her friend. She didn't really know the details of their dispute but she knew for sure that Cecilia was hurt.

"Um.. I was wondering if you've heard from Cecilia, I tried calling her but it wasn't going through ". He said lowly.

"She's fine, we spoke yesterday ". Moran sneered back.

"But that was yesterday, what if.. ". He was saying when she cut him off.

"Leonardo if you're so worried about her why don't you go to her, she's in Los Angeles and I'm sure she'd be glad to see you, if you can't then cut the crap and stop bugging me bye!! ". she hissed from the other end before hanging up.

"That was fierce ". He mumbled phased to himself.

"Downtown Los Angeles ". He muttered, putting what Moran said into consideration, he could just give her a surprise visit and if she's angry he'll serenade her and she must take him back.

He was about to call Moran again for Cecilia's home address when the phone started ringing.

"General? ". He muttered looking at the caller ID.

"Hello General? ". He said bringing the phone close to his ears. He wondered why Allan was calling him.

The reply he got from General, commanded all the hairs on his body to stand and sent him racing out of the house like mad hipee.

"Leonardo, Alvarez managed to escape and according to sources he was seen driving towards downtown Los Angeles ".


"Please tell me they didn't see him ". Cecilia choked laughing hard.
She got to know that Alex wasn't mad at her... In fact he told he he was grateful she broke up with him. He wouldn't have met Isabella his fiancee and baby mama.

Her heart melted with the look in his eyes when he mentioned Bella's name and his daughter Tria.

He later introduced her to Isabella Sheridan a fierce redhead from Atlanta... And his three year old daughter Tria.

They'd been discussing for the last hour and she found Bella to be really funny and from different stories she'd narrated to her, she didn't need to be told that Bella was a chronic prankster.

"Oh yes they did, and he was billed too, oh poor Alex, he couldn't even move, because when he tried to , his huge dick was on display. ". Bella continued and Cecilia doubled over.

" that was the most embarrassing moment of my life ". Alex grumbled glaring at Bella.

"Oh I can imagine ". Cecilia replied wiping tears from her cheek.

She couldn't remember the last time she laughed this hard.

"Oh, its not, there was one time when.. ". Bella continued but stopped when Cecilia's phone rang interrupting them.

"Sorry, I need to take this ". Cecilia said excusing herself.

The number calling was Unknown and she wondered who it was.
"Hello? ". She said picking it up... But silence was her reply.. She walked out of the hall away from the music and noise....

"Hello? ". She said again but still there was no reply.. She was about to hang up when she felt a bang at the back of her head and the next moment her vision went blank...

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