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Reincarnation-Chapter 48


Reincarnation-Chapter 48

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter........

"Josh Campbell? Psionics? ". Sawyer mumbled taking in the info Leo just passed.

"Psionics right? ". Leo questioned further raising his head this time.
"What does that have to do with yours and Cecilia's relationship? "
"It's not exactly related ".
Leonardo answered with a sigh.
"I went to speak to them this morning, they said I'm a carrier of some kind of virus, that's apparently the reason we're still alive, but when I asked how, they mentioned Josh Campbell's theory of life and death, I don't understand "

"Josh Campbell did propose a theory about repelling death, but it kind of sounded stupid and somewhat impossible so it wasn't really recognized. " Sawyer answered turning to the door.
"Let's go check it out in the lab ". He said and Leo wordlessly followed him down to the basement where the to the lab.

"It was proposed about two centuries ago, do you or rather, have you heard about it before? ". Sawyer questioned, while waiting for the computer to boot.

With a sigh Leo strained his memory to remember the details of the whole scene.

"The first time I heard of it or should I say read about it was a few months to my engagement, I laughed about it and like you, the whole idea sounded stupid, The theory seemed impossible. But I guess my friends didn't take it that way, come to think of it, it was after that day they started behaving awkwardly, they wanted at all cost to be the dominant, they wanted to rule and they even went against their parent to get what they want. Before then, I knew they were one way or the other involved in crime but it only grew worse after then... I.. I don't even know, do you think that perhaps they tried using that theory to live forever? ". He finished unsure, with a sudden ache in his heart...

"Let's see ". Sawyer responded typing 'Josh Campbell's theory of life and death ' on the Google web search.

Few seconds later, series of results popped up from different sites. He clicked on the result from Wikipedia, since it was kind of, the most efficient.

Leo felt his throat go dry when his eyes skimmed through. Sawyer knew he was reading too but opted to read it out anyways.

"Josh Campbell's theory of life and death was first proposed in the year 1813. He proposed a theory of repelling death i. e living till infinity and never getting or looking older.

To achieve that, a series of deadly viruses would be injected into a dying person, since the person is weak already, it doesn't really do any damage to the internal organs..

After the injection of the viruses, the body is electrocuted at a current of over 10,000 amperes and a Voltage of 50, 000 V with little or no resistance.

Since viruses survive or exist dependently, the electrocution stimulates the survival of the virus, fusing them together with any living cell available in the body, therefore, making the viruses live. After electrocution, it take about 14 days for the virus to completely fuse with the cells.. This period is known as the window phase.

The person becomes stronger and will continue to live as long as the viruses are attached to the cells of the person. Even if the person is killed, he won't die because the viruses would not be harmed, thereby keeping the cells alive.

This case can only be reversed using the same process which was used to obtain it and the body of the person would be passed through radioactive waves of high frequencies, but the current current and volts would be doubled in other to kill the viruses.

Josh Campbell named this, the theory of life and death because he saw it as a way of dying and living at once.. But unfortunately it was not approved or recognized because the process seemed hectic and a positive result might not yield, though, rumors hold it that it had been tested and it worked..
But no one was sure if it actually happened. "

By the time Sawyer finished reading it, Leo was already shaking, tears were pricking on his eyelids and the hairs on his body were all standing erect.. He didn't really understand what he was feeling... Fear, hurt, betrayal, devastation, were all mixed together leaving him on the edge of exploding..

'Why?!! '. He almost screamed..
What could he have done to deserve this?

Why did they even do it in the first first place?

Couldn't they have just done it to themselves? What was his frigging business?!

And then how did they even manage to make everyone forget him?

"Look at this ". Sawyer said bringing his attention back to the computer screen.

"The real secret behind The theory of life and death is horror..

The theory will scuar you to the bones.

Unknown to people, the viruses will eventually kill you after a long while because their population will eventually put that of your cells extinct..

And he later proposed something about the use time reversal to wipe your existence on this earth, by waves of visible and invisible force.

The reversal of the case may be classified under Psionic medicine. "

"What the fvck is Psionics or psionic medicine? ". Leo questioned between gritted teeth.
"Psionic medicine is the use of paranormal activity to cure illnesses " Sawyer answered getting up from the stool he was sitting on.

"This is an illness? "

"It's a disease Leo, a disease that will eventually kill you ". Sawyer responded.... Opening a drawer, he brought out a syringe, green covered evacuated tubes and a slide.

Wordlessly he walked over to where Leo was sitting with a confused look.

"Your hand ". Sawyer demanded.

He used an alcohol isopropyl swab to clean Leo's fist and collected his sample..

He walked over to the white tiled bench and performed some things on a few droplets of blood before taking it to the microscope.

"Look at this ". Sawyer said, with his eyes still on the ocular.

Leo dragged his feet to where the binocular compound microscope stood.

He slightly bent his head to view what was under the slide.

Unlike the last time he viewed his blood sample on the microscope, it was clearer. All the times he viewed it, the double cells were round but this time the cells exhibited two different shapes. One was crystal like while the other one was the normal spherical shape.

It dawned on him that the crystal like cells were the viruses, while the other ones were his normal blood cells.

"Now I know why Psionics is involved ". He mumbled under muffled breath.

"What do we do now? ". He breathed roughly.

"We reverse your case bro, we have to reverse your case ". Sawyer replied patting Leo's shoulder..

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