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Reincarnation-Chapter 44


Reincarnation-Chapter 44

Theme: Death is not an option


Alvarez immediately turned to Mark
"Set the bombs, in the next hour Orange county should be down ". He said with authority, it was supposed to be tomorrow, but since those bloody officers couldn't keep their whips at bay, then they might as well feel what was about to happen.
"Sir what did you say? ". Mark asked trying to be sure whether he heard him correctly.
"You heard him, set the bombs in orange county off" Alastair snapped.
"Now? Or should I time it? ". Mark questioned again.
"In the next 1 hour and don't make us repeat ourselves! " Alfred yelled at him.
Mark reluctantly left the room, he called one of his men and instructed them to let off the bombs in the next two hours instead... He couldn't help but hope that a miracle would happen and those lunatics will be put to a stop..
He was sick and tired of all these, this lifestyle, he was fed up with killing innocent people.
But right up till this moment, he still wondered, why?
Why were they doing this?
What kind of pleasure do they gain from seeing other people in pain?
Why are they so obsessed with being the rulers of the world.?
He knew their plan, they want to destroy the country and rebuild it into their very own empire. With the help of allies from other countries though.
He dragged his feet into the guard room, he looked at the live feed of the camera on a flat screen on the wall.
Strangely, the car had stopped and the door opened and closed back, but no one was seen coming out.
"Sir no one is coming out, should we just burn down the car? ". One of his men in the room asked.
"No, you will do no such thing, let them come ". He responded with a smirk.
He knew better, the driver was already out and coming in, but he was using an invisible suit to cover himself.... His job was to stop such people from coming in but today,,, he is gonna let them in... Its high time those sadists are put to a stop. !!!!

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Leonardo felt like he was walking right into a Lion's den and the fact that the lions knew he was coming was fretting him out. Though he doubted they knew he was already in the building because of the invisible suit , he could walk freely without being seen, but it doesn't mean hell won't be let loose when he comes out of his cover.. Closing his eyes, he pictured the scanty map Silvia drew to describe the building, before he could get to their lair, he must locate a small switch plastered and made one with the wall.
He opened his eyes and scanned the area, following what he could remember from the map, he walked right over to the wall that separated the shabby hall from another room. Slowly, he traced his hand on the wall and counted the bricks.
"1... 2... 3... 4.. Gotcha!!! ". He exclaimed and pushed the button.
If he hadn't been to such places before, if he hadn't stared at deaths face before and if he wasn't man enough he would have screamed his lungs out at the sight that beheld him...
"Silvia, open the portal and release the gas ". Alfred drawled coldly at her.
She stood frozen at the spot.. What was she expecting?
Her hands will be clean?
They wouldn't involve her?
Of course they would!!
She couldn't even think of an excuse to give, she couldn't walk out and say she wanted to release the gas manually because it was controlled right from the main computer which was standing few feet away from her.
Setting the bomb in an hour is a good idea but the gas?
The gas goes of immediately its opened.. That is a bad idea.
"Silvia!! ". Alastair half yelled bolting her out of her trance.
"Are you deaf, release the gas now ". Alvarez shot at her.
She dragged her feet to where the monster machine stood. With shaky hands she logged into the portal..
'Please Leonardo, where are you' she almost screamed.
But just before she clicked on the RELEASE icon, a knock sounded on the door and it was flung open seconds after.
Never had she been this relieved to see someone and never had see seen her brothers wear a shocked expression.
They looked shocked to the bones as they stared open mouthed at the intruder..
They knew a car was approaching, they knew someone was about to enter the building, but they were not expecting such an entrance, they were expecting the person to be dragged by the neck to their feet... But again they never expected THIS person.
"Perez? ". Alvarez muttered
"Alvarez ". He hissed in return.

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